Crossout Show: Untouchable

Total game time steambissell steam shot fabric steamer tool CROSSOUT game writers of the Apocalypse we welcome you to our weekly show when you leave a comment competing for the best comment of the week dont forget to include your account name with all the right capital and lowercase letters so that we can find you and give you your well-earned gold in this episode all around defense untouchable double double together forever a few days ago a random stranger I met at the bar asked me if its better to attack a cobra game master head on or from the side obviously my answer was that first I dont go to Meg rat to answer random questions and second better not attract them at all as we see this Survivor makes sure work of enemies regardless of their direction of attack dont do it heres some gold by the way good job Music two options either this Survivor is the luckiest person in the wastes or they are just a straight up genius when it comes to evading enemy movement just look at the way this half wrecked burning car graciously finds a way out of a bloodthirsty horde of enemies and right into safety at just the right time we can watch it all day its a thing of pure beauty thundershock 4 respect heres your gold Music a Survivor known as m420 has no time to waste they are way too busy to even move their vehicle around the map thats why they instantly blow two opponents to Smithereens from a mile away and then without skipping as much as a beat fire another barrage to eliminate two more players sending them straight to Wasteland heaven and off they went to the next business meeting dont forget your reward Music the valley is not a very friendly place that doesnt mean though that you cant find loyalty teamwork and yeah even true friendship here s a good example provided by Mr scoots when enemies crippled their vehicle an ally helped them to turn around so they could use their weapons and then just simply started to push their Survivor around the map as a turret of sorts things like this really warm our hearts and no thats not the heat from the burning vehicle I swear Music Applause Music Music thank you steam sniper games πŸ”₯ PLAY CROSSOUT FOR FREE β€” Riders of the Apocalypse! We welcome you beneath the dome of Youtube, to our new weekly Show, made so that you - the Waste’s best mechanics and riders can win the Prize! New episodes every Friday! Anyone willing to submit a video, must send a letter to containing the link to your video, your in-game nickname and the email address registered with your game account, so we can send you the Prize should your video win! In this episode: β€’ All-around Defense β€’ Untouchable β€’ Double Double β€’ Together Forever πŸ”˜ Site: πŸ”˜ Facebook: πŸ”˜ Twitter: πŸ”˜ Discord: #Crossout best idle game steam can you copy steam games to another computer baseball glove steamer can steam games be played on xbox steam deck processing