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How to buy rust skins on steampersona 3 fes steam CROSSOUT gameplay Applause on eba your games are very good training everyone guys I hear the premiere around here as you know lately I was at the top with work thunder ok so I decided to try the suggestion of subscribers this other game and they have contacted the same company that Its gaijin because theyre one of the same ones so that they let me make this sponsored video that has effectively allowed us to test the cross out. Its a game thats less peculiar, okay. Its a vehicle shooter where all the vehicles are created by players. give and it is also a free to play you can not play it completely free on pc playstation 4x mosley is 105 and xbox x ipc logically and you have the link in the video description ok if you register with the link they give you a bonus a selection with three weapons and a super separate vehicle cabin so that you can create your own as you can see at the beginning of the game that ends with an ally as you can see r at the beginning the game did not understand very well how the game worked ok I had to do the tutorials and the truth is that it surprised me for good it is fun it is a very curious game very different from what I expected it is very similar to war thunder with the tanks but at full speed it is super frantic and with super different and super personalized things because as I told you everyone creates their own vehicle with which there are the strangest things from atheists that I have seen walking around to style tanks cyber i played sting punk and tag the game also includes thousands of weapon options blueprints propulsion systems structures statements to people hands ice your own vehicles and as you can see well sometimes baby center the vehicles dont go so well you have to do a little research to do something nice and it also includes two modes okay well you really have the pvp mode and the pv and the bv includes raids against enemies that can be They can play in cooperative mode and another, on the other hand, which is what they usually say. The third mode is a campaign mode, a story mode with an adventure that has an open world and can only be played organically, well, guys, as you can see at the beginning I was destroying and it would be good for us because why and Ive played them pretty good well do the tutorial people who did so I accepted because basically the game gives like various vehicles with different styles different life points and you can make them more armored or less worth in In this case, I have opted for a tank, we are here, you know, this is a history and strategy channel with which we are going to get a First World War style tank to see if with this kind of mk5 we can advance among the enemy ranks and wreak havoc on their troops and weapons that you can put their super different worth you have from how some mechanical rakes that do that to all that I have done that after it blows him up in which case you are going to act with body in this case I have a cannon with relatively few bullets I could give it a bad position because with the ammunition deposit I have to give it a submachine gun and basically you can do from lasers artillery detail and then I will teach you too How is the artillery going? Its beautiful. I just realized right now that there is a bullet drop, so be careful with the cannon because the bullets dry up and you lose ammunition foolishly, but as you can see, communication is in a vulnerable point of the enemy tank. you do strong and indeed it is a little what we are going to try here not to look for an enemy that is exposed like this for example that is to say we are going to hit it everywhere as you can see here where it shoots a vice lake but they have done practically nothing to me I am tip that is super heavy with which I can withstand many blows they are doing damage does not feel in the back I think they are some machine gun letas or so that they have been left but hey we have destroyed the enemy vehicle and with my exit where I cure the rear we should be able to do little things because nothing advanced a little I realize that there is another enemy there so I am going to throw again Go back, __ , theyll see if we cant hide, but hey, weve damaged it, we ve left that guy quite touched and we re going to turn the vehicle again to try to find another objective, as you can see, it depends on what you get. You see the flying vehicles that are made. invisible and such the game system changes completely it has nothing to do and I have discovered that there are two types of vehicles that are super handsome one is this stand that you can burst into vehicles at a great distance and also withstand a lot of damage and another is the artillery that you have after the one that just entered us from behind in osaka little bombs around here is also super annoying because they are diets that make you fixed dust How my life is going to lower me, they do a lot of damage per second so they are easily destructible but come on, there are these two vehicles in the artillery and the heavy tanks and I love it, I dont know what to do heavy vehicles are super cool but they are also very handsome what they have little legs and that was a video now if you want to see it but come on guys and the truth is that the game had it for me I hope it will protect you and I think it makes a little surprise it has been good even fun very funny and well well indeed we have achieved victory in this first game so guys after the first disasters in this one I got inspired and they say we are going to try more beautiful things and we are going to move on from this tank and we are going to get something that really bothers like this no this is it We are going to take this out, it is beautiful for the personalized ones, but well, what we are going to do is take out the artillery and the artillery is also enchanting because it reminds me of a mon I dont know if I remember you but come on, even the empire logo and such is very similar, the legs are very similar and everything is super beautiful. I say this in the game, something can be done with it. try projects if you dont know it you can upload your tanks and your attractions as an exhibition is worth in that exhibition you can share the tanks with others and others you can download but this one is all handsome and now you are going to see why pay the nikita this one left the vice the uag and you go super far also here I dropped a test and you go super far the missile a with this one and it reminds me a lot it wouldnt be my player metal gear solid there was a missile text that were the ones that take away from me that you had to use it to burst I dont know who and I remember a lot how it was controlled exactly the same but well besides that we have an artillery cannon that does area damage and put in a lot of year and with which to go from suppose this this tank is marvellous and well we are going to try to use it in close combat first good share close semi close combat first we are going to try to send activity artillery attacks in the distance the tanks you have do not look blank there the artery attack, but rather you have to shoot with vision of the area to be able to make an impact. Im looking to see where we can find two and I open fire to see if it manages to hit them and we actually hit them, that is, great, we managed to put a lot of damage around here, you can take out the missile here the problem is that I have a super ability and youll see to give it to my allies you dont do friendly fire but its a secret superpower to give it to my allies I started the technical workshops but well you see from a vice lake it takes away a large part of the armor, which is very good, but well, we are going to shoot around the area to see if we can expel them from the area from where they are safe and continue sending missiles and when we do not give the allies to try to get off these two vehicles that have been located behind here command game also beforehand to get them out the problem is that I found one that prevented it has slipped if it has started to come for me in melee because it has a melee vehicle that there are also cannons there with the blades so nothing good because its trying to damage it and I cant shoot up there but look here I have to go touch them whats going on It is that discovered there you can see that the legs also work quite well to destroy vehicles and well, indeed, we can step on them and mess with the party. An ally is also helping us from behind, so while they are focused on I am interested in coming for me, well my ally is bursting control so perfect things have gone relatively well for us I charge another vehicle by stepping on him so he doesnt stop The thing may be surprising, but hey, me, meanwhile, as much Carles as you can propose, theres very little life left. In fact, what weve been able to do and we ended up dying, they can destroy the weapons, which is a __ because theyve broken the weapons, so they couldnt shoot the guns. missiles against them but well indeed my allies have taken the advantage thanks to the deaths those that we have made are right now against numerical superiority and well all you have to do is ventilate little by little there are the enemy vehicles and I we have the editorial surprising game the artillery is when the approved said eye of how beautiful it is I have finished quite well it has charged me it has made three assists and well then come on lets try it again we arrived at another battle the map that is going to attack us now it is very handsome for the battle because it is very good for the artillery, it has very good areas like this where p I can do damage I am going to play more support this time in the other more violent judge people volunteer today voluntarily but this time we are going to try to play a little more support not using missiles the artillery a little more distance to help the allies the tank this seems to me very handsome but very handsome it is a very peculiar wall of tanks war fander this game so we owe it a lot good indeed we are going to move forward with it and we are going to place ourselves at a capture point not only to get the little points that they give us to capture but also to be able to help from here in the distance you dont hide a little and it can be epic is the one in front of us is walking like a crab as well as to the sides stato wow this can be done for us by mine but I want I want to make a vehicle that can always walk the crab, its very cool, but hey, were going to fire preventive artillery in case There is no case there, it seems that we have not hit anyone, so we have hit it, I am his simile halfway through, first attack, demolition, capture of the sector. corner so his thing would be to try to investigate with the missiles and there is the problem is that it moves super fast I think the gasoline has run out, the rest we are going to try to launch one of the squares where we are actually as you can see the enemy vehicle is in the zone but they move too fast and they text me a visit and that they are too fast to hit them an ally now it hits me and the other missile stops me Im having spectacular bad luck lets try again there it is we launch the artillery attack take help to kill me loaded and lets go hit the heavy vehicles for that youre worth the missiles and going down from being fair dies when it hits so hit it We will remove part of the protection next time, perfect and we will continue doing the same, this is very nice, the mechanics of how you can support the team members, how it breaks the parts of the tanks to leave them vulnerable to other lighter weapons. they can do damage is very well thought out I really like the mechanics I dont know how the hell they do to make it balanced with all the tanks and vehicles that you can create because of course you can create whatever you want is that its outrageous I imagine there are some points of life to those that the vehicle has that there are some total points when they start the battle is like that each food has its points and the sum of all of them well still make the score what it has is to find us so interesting but good or less broken with the submachine guns that one had fixed on that when I recorded it what a barbarity turn with the submachine gun poorly thrown the visible the guy that good Well, guys, were going to continue firing artillery trying to lower these tanks that are standing still, little berries, and meanwhile were going to take the position and here were going to another one, were going to say hello there. I have to dodge a little bit because the ally has put himself in front Im looking for the other one but he has also dodged us so nothing is tennis and we lose him I was trying to do our job he knows if we can hook him Applause discovered and now if we give him valerian we are increasing I cant shoot that I have in the building here, move forward a little, there s a little that can be done, perfect knowing that we hit and it reaches the other one, my sincere just hit it, so there s no problem, we keep advancing and lets see if we can get the last capture point. Well, in Actually it has been achieved because I just noticed that there is only one enemy tank left, you can see it in the upper right and we There are 4 of us, we are not 5, the same right now, the guy knows where it is. Its so fun with vehicle battles that you think of, so being free to play, you had to bring it to us. __ Lobo says 6 about it. amount of players that has to have quite a few and I leave you the link in the description I remind you that you have a bonus for registering a solution of three weapons and a super strong vehicle cockpit so guys it is creating the video grinders if you want to see more just You have to ask them to subscribe is a subscriber and well see you in the next episode see you later old bay steamer fort walton Juega a CROSSOUT GRATIS en PC, PS5 y Xbox Series X|S: Utiliza mi link y consigue un BONUS exclusivo ahora. ¡Te veo en el juego! Juegos baratos en Eneba ► @hugothesterYT #Crossout #Hugothester Specs de mi PC: NVIDIA RTX2070 32Gb de RAM I9900KF top 10 steam deck games steam not running games my steam game list how to steam open an envelope sexual games on steam