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Survivor game steamsteam vapor machine CROSSOUT gameplay music music music music music music music music and with that a warm hello and welcome to a new lets play here on a channel my name is roja and for that big is a new one free-to-play action mmo by using really interesting tuned vehicles so we cant stay banging our ears and I can already say its blue damn it so Ive got it in the east Ive got a bit of control coming up briefly in and then i realized it comes up and finally takes hope so pays and thats exactly what im doing now and i think that when we play in a group soon i think that our couple of people have the air and then that would be it doing it here in a team and then I imagine it would be really fun at the beginning it is of course a bit of banter again here also against npc opponents of the same to get in there we would see in a moment but would be wah relatively soon apparently also get serious opponents and then get a good kick in the mouth if you also want to take part you have the opportunity to do so my friend list is still empty yes you are of course welcome to come in and then we will probably also clear one lets play a year or what also always customers you will find a link to crawford below in the video description if you want to participate please use this link on the one hand you can get this game for free and without any disadvantage and on the other hand you would support me a little speaks download install again participate everything via this link then half me a little bit further financing the channel here is nothing big but here I am sponsored a little again by gaijin who here this game publishers so that it is so far in advance so what it is about I have times roughly searched I think well take a quick look at it we have practice r vehicles a a little lookup today me then if you are looking for my name at the top cola lets play everything is written together as always and everywhere whether this is now on twitter on facebook or just youtube everywhere i try to register with this name accordingly names are no in the friends list effect and the next time i will ask your friendship on him and when i pick up which ones just keep watching but martin get it that you just that i watch the world online and then you say yes in light so to speak then climate the team full and get started thats my plan so that we can play together again and again then not record actually not expected in the run-up to my vacation a bit more often the next day and then Ill be on vacation from third june to july 19 vegas other from june to mid july and so a relatively long time then it wont be visible here in the game, but after that youll be active and youll probably do some community rounds in queens and the like, so its worth participating in. Id be happy if you were there from 80 times and fits in there makes me feel like we have our our moped here what you can see that our starter moped is allowed everyone has to start and that can be equipped with a few weapons we have the option here voluntarily we have the option here to build there we have our workshop and basically we can actually dismantle every part that we have here we can even theoretically dismantle here our question the individual tires and the like all parts that we have here that are being upgraded there are new parts that reverse that there are new parts that you can find that you can assemble yourself using resources that you can find here you can get such a mop ed together football is mostly very individual and then maybe we have something that is good and sometimes not you can do that with test drives, we have seen that scaled back here wherever we go first let’s see if it works at all, then you can do a test drive here, but that’s fine into battle and atlanta real conditions to build if we see here that we are here with top exactly then we come here to the parts that i have already found in some cases already received as a reward in the battles and i still doubt a weapon that i no longer have need or want to install a little i said you need two more energy units so you also have to make sure that you possibly sell the cockpit, so to speak it carries energy with sometimes more you have to install a generator you have to get the generator somehow somehow so insofar as all indications speak dare you can install lifters that straighten up if you land on your head i made it right in the first match it was good to have the final rank here there is already an additional one mounted i can sometimes i can your sides but you can also brace for additional reinforcement and the like contribute to the teams, for example, possible earning petrol pvp battles several barrels act their effect does not explode but further disturbances caused new damage in a radius lost yourself so if you urgently need it then you can get petrol from the network but almost but the danger that we the thing flies just gets shot and what do you need petrol for do that now at the beginning it was probably a bit of theory before the way into the fight so that you can be roughly killed up here but petrol and about the petrol you can take part in races there have really seen all the missions then can also experience begin NEN, however, sometimes in a standard you can then so well take a look at it soon here I can give up a lot and then take part in three to four games and then get special rewards often weigh years happens so then correspondingly cool boxes like that there s also paris so theres such speeders right household who to fill something with a special betting wrestler once everyone against everyone then there is a storm warning wish storm is coming up and somehow understands vehicles recorded accordingly and there are classic races where, however, without weapons thats a bit of a pity with weapons this maybe got a little worse was longer at long an alfers with weapons even much cooler yes but good anyway i think running is quite funny one is quite funny special rewards with sport there are some boxes with messages like that we are doing now First the missions I have to do so you rch do for the next level brown was level 3 so if you three Ive got that far and then there are other rewards in this mission well just go through it and then when we see that hopefully well go into the fake there well see ours overview of our players and the opposing players you cant hope for an opposing player i have to be honest i dont know if im playing with pva and therefore with npcs or and was against npd ive finished it could be that all of them here anyway developed away from it you move the cars into all the individual parts so now you shouldn’t that you just put a little bit on top of where there are first the tires come to light you can also quite specifically hit the cannons then correspondingly more often under www therefore has with the jack back heard enemy bases and are marked by these fire but no take and dor t now gather accordingly then or if we defeat all opponents then we have won this match there are also there are also awards this is often done too little and talked too much at the petrol almost received and a bit of metal sports could now by citizen hare or simply carry on im going back to the garage because then we can now say weve increased the maximum number of components to 25 in the next battle made progress with the blueprint if fans get the cooler grille fenders ok blueprint again ok and november is doing well hikers there already a few survived and a storage full of parts time to learn something new or some parts can be put in scrap metal cool or ok is sometimes better than cluttering up your storage with useless trinkets just pick a part and add to it now might not be the best time to tell but you can waste You can also sell parts on the black market or there are markets here and there, you can earn according to the credits and you can theoretically buy them in the shop or by selling parts and then go shopping again with this credit so go with holford, for example, there are 1000 and eleven offers for a minimum of 11.9 and a maximum sold for a minimum he can say he just wants to look at the weapons for me then probably a little more expensive he was already quite a few coins there are then different classes rarely give me music reykjavik get june no idea there is a lot you can do and in my camp i could now what he say entry petrol barrels how do i get there if pull if right click king disassemble but you are misplacing a piece of petrol i think its scrap I do not want to sell if I sell remix trade 78 purchase requests on a plus of 0.02 and less than o but it will be cut lets have a look now here a new one if window right piece of the cake on two new fender credits we could have a look with the new blueprint fusion also works then offer also not in the garage where I the blueprints i have tended to win here moment these are the packages or exactly that there are different packages packages there i can say here come i want to buy the midgard package then i get a run here are armored something else thing so maybe a bit of petting in it if you I really want to look at the negative but I think you can get along quite well I love the blueprint but this vehicle lives up to its name - especially effective from an ambush okay not that the weapons and low speed a dream how many more components that means lets have a look, the components are there, christian shows the machine npistol im missing the third so to say okay music give that have what not all components build this flight tell the team with the parts load available attention by loading the process the current father is removed from the garage space leaves home let it happen oh come on lets build a little something like that whats missing were missing the front actually only the cannon well get it you can also save blueprints again and again I have social hornets here now its okay to watch children maybe thats more zad the car away there is missing I also have the energy the man is quite good like that and the thing here is sometimes very well placed in the center or now we think I can say somehow that will want to save this blueprint where was I had up music mid hh will undo rösler plane here goes although this was me here i believe that you saved here exactly then and then i could I say that overwrite the starter packaged here, then that is accordingly in there café four slots where I can insert appropriate running pants only I have all the old parts from my vehicle is no longer needed in here the old window 3 x factor frames are roland mohr say takes on itself here wanted the shotgun by winning the battle first chance to reach one of the items listed and then we even enlightened a small wheel even the radius in the opponent the super it is cooler the tolerance for heating to 30 percent good and of course you paradise shotgun extremely deadly at god distance we still have the option later i will do that now that does nt make any sense right now but we also have the option of dividing weapons into groups and then firing them with different mouse buttons or whatever is assigned Of course thats what they make up for at a short distance he up to 500 v or right and somehow wanted to go to the opponent i heard like this just the beginning of the current season is long in which the whole network is still at the moment we fire with the left that just wake up hello yes the weather is probably cannon fodder Incidentally, friendly fire doesnt seem to exist as it seems, where else does a lot help and is there correspondingly thicker with the reserve of three opponents helped without destroyed or spectators of four opponents I was something I could actually integrate the students directly and in the next battle or come we do another deal do it as soon as possible i think if you go on missions and then do your aids it will take a little longer here thats really nice before it starts you kind of have to get to know your opponent to get the waste no there is nothing to shoot at yet he has already inflated his moped a bit ttert smells cheeky and pushes his way here in front of red first of all nicely apart so space and another one there hes waiting another million lady so sometimes bikes get dredged away and the like and then or so a moving question burns you maybe only have one left cannon instead of three or none at all if you re unlucky but the first one was already one enemy battles instead look at one enemy 50 components from two enemies with less than ten seconds between completion more destroyed and I managed to get the big linden tree I think even if that becomes the standard I think if it really pops with you and above all you have real opponents and maybe even later when you’re in a group you approach the whole thing a bit strategically and the vehicles maybe different from building blocks more up close combat through these handful shotguns more ranged combat a strong gep Anzert the others less strongly but faster that was certainly correct in horn a bit taken apart like sandra the arms still the last remaining ones where ever was back there back there is their base up there fruits the whole thing will be done that I am there I guess yes nice in combat more we only succeed if we when i was here in npcs jürgen to build over here something should be removed and for that you just have to take a shotgun here in front of course russia is also there are the weak weapon and then did we get the magnifying glass the good one on it the music another energy one because energy passive students also energy in the end nothing works anymore you have to go jack and well turn the one in which well turn the passive student in there and then I would like to have the car like this and the back was a bit too low when it was taken away from me, but it fits so well but now i just have to look if i want to i want my luca probably what i need just now have two needed two more units limited dismantling and then in bauer that goes delivers energy for seven points and i also have energy the question if that works whether thats a good thing with only two weapons youre welcome to test it but in the next episode im pregnant will make a comment from the middle of the year writing room rhein is as i said free to play i think its fun i just imagined above all things said in groups would be interesting before would be happy if as many of you as possible meet here accordingly my joy is open see you in this game in this lets play or in another final Watching is encouraging steamed jasmine rice Crossout - Free To Play - Der Link zum Mitzocken: *Crossout German Gameplay. Lets Play von Crossout auf Deutsch. Mit der frisierten Schrottmöhre auf ins Gefecht! :-) Beim neuen Free To Play Titel Crossout erstellt man aus unzähligen Bauteilen und Waffen ein Fahrezug, mit dem man dann in PvP Gefechten antritt und die gegnerische Basis einnehmen muss. Crossout möchte ich als neues Community-Game vorstellen und hoffe ihr habt daran Gefallen und macht mit! Mein Ingame Name: CoyaLetsPlay, kommt mit auf die Freundesliste und seid bei der nächsten Aufnahme als Gruppenmitglied am Start :-) ____________________________ ▶️ PLAYLIST von CROSSOUT: ____________________________ ❗️ Mehr Infos zum Spiel: * ____________________________ 🔴 LIVE! Di. und Do. ab 20 Uhr: 💝 Coya unterstützen: 👕 Coya Merch-Shop: * 🎮 Mein PC-Setup: * 📣 Social Media: • • 🌐 Homepage: 📺 Kanäle: • • Bei den mit * versehenen Links hast Du die Möglichkeit mich mit deinen Einkäufen oder Downloads zu unterstützen. 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