Crossout 2.0 - Buscando em um Carro de MG13 a inspiração para voltar (Gameplay PT BR)

Recipe for steamed zucchinikilling floor 2 steam is required to play the game CROSSOUT gameplay Hey guys, all right, all right starting another little video, jump in the area Guys, you asked me a lot to go back to playing with Salt Im coming back but first I have to apologize to you because I havent spoken for a long time game and completely missed out on buying the game Im having to update myself, you have an idea yesterday I played for 6 hours straight without stopping to get to know everything thats new in the Game everything and Im still completely out of it because I have to find out what are the current goal weapons what is the current goal build the new factions what they are bringing what has changed in merging weapons in creating weapons the market price of weapons has changed co-pilots i have to relearn how the issue of copilots works there is a lot to learn So it will take time for me to acquire all this knowledge and then with time but I took advantage of it, I did several tests I tested my mammoth I tested all my study BIOSes and then I got a bild here that is satisfactory, lets say so, I ve been seeing that there are a lot of people using the mg14, you know, its an evolution of the mg13, which is a new weapon at my point From the look of it, its normal because in my time I didnt have it yet, it may have appeared a little longer, but they are using mg14, which is the evolution of mg13, the difference of mg13 to move 14 is nothing more than durability, a special skill also from Fahrenheit Ranger accuracy time to over is very p it is very difficult very little difference the team that the other has a difference because the bigger one but the rest the difference very little I kept thinking I dont have the mg14 I have FGTS And for a long time I played until at noon three and it did a lot of damage kmg 13 the mountain a hobby a build jersey 13 i had a bild already assembled using am26, right? a sword youre main four paws six spider paws there are two radiators here down here and theres still a Zinho radar and a power generator I put them here to give more energy to the car and protect the top part because mg13 despite being very good has little durability it is a very good weapon for medium distance you can be good also for close range but you have to disarm your enemy very quickly otherwise you will lose these weapons quickly because I put this protection on top for because of the guided missiles that come from above that can easily destroy it with that protection on top you can get a little more life for mg13. Weak if the cable turns I cant turn the guns that everything is closed so I have to accompany the car with mine always leave it in front of my car thats why I opted to use the sand paws it has this freer movement if If I used wheels I wouldnt be able to do this person who has some turns that go to the side too now, right, but anyway, heres my first video that I made, its been working for you so far, lets see how it goes with the long one at least yesterday at dawn when I was playing I was doing very well but Im catching up there, there s still a lot to learn the guys are helping me but theres still a lot to learn Lets get to what matters Lets go to the our matches and putting our skills into play its no use having a good Build if you dont know how to play so you have to go put your skills into action Hey guys while youre looking for the battle Ill ask you to If you subscribe to the channel if you describe it, mark the like, follow me on the social networks so you dont miss anything that happens here to keep an eye on. with my wifes support I was putting this food at there and I cant find my developer account that I had here but Siri the game starts to pay off a lot on the channel Im going back to investing in my personal account which is here and Im trying to get the developer account again but I need your support to see this thing succeed, right ? guys its faster than I am Hello everyone in my way over there Andthere you are where I came from above O And there And there And there the mistake Cuba not me and clothes and and I thank you you like it and Andthere sica And then Jesus and And then the brokerage here, look, andthen the woofer I learned, no brother, you think I m stupid, you with that gun, lets get that one, theyll win, get it from the base, and oh gosh, I almost chipped in this one bro Oh, I didnt even do something. Its a good start. the part I did help the team when we continue while we are bad the objective is to help the team When we have a good objective is to take general meanwhile we will help the team and when it was your team positioning we eat and Andthen Andthen And then in todays video and go __ lost the weapons and and let me falter Its a bug, its scared, its giving, withdrawing on the ground it was already fine we took a boat we took a player just holding it here keeping the 1 of the team there is 4 Against 3 as it is worth still having we are still in the game and the extension boat catches us And there is a three that guy over there then help 13 Core i and if This one here is shooting from afar and I managed to hit it, its great, look, my son, Ill catch you. that I was going to have that I had gone so well I just called the boat let him pass that way my old strategy hasnt changed, right if the boat comes dont waste time killing him disarm him so he doesnt get in the way and let him go let him go him go after if you see that there is no enemy nearby you go there and kill him if you dont disarm him and let him go because I did I disarmed I let go of that came a Player And then I went after the player because the player is whats going to be a problem I managed to get on top of Play I managed to circle around him until he saw that it wasnt going to work and kept spinning around me and tried to go to the base then a player came to help me we get an injunction today and no, the old strategy is still working, right, thats why. Why am I going there? It was already a hello here is the player the player queue a And then unarmed it was enough for the mass lets go soon there s a flyer there here I go now here look and to know the patron saint there I used unpleasant beauty two weapons came out beauty the beauty to go three is Player a bot and see and little clothes the pot video design both the exam bot Oops Player here disarm disarm and this little block here to kill there doesnt fight come here otherwise try r enter base thats it And then the lawn is gone now kills it was already one and this one was good bro I arrived More talking to take an easy game that was good and on the second we took 53 assistance ok well follow along guys where to fall the guys go we go do nt boat went there the players went here coming back home already And there Jesus and And there And there And there And there the Bosch newspaper in Andthere the larva a And there around the command of side right, the coverage is Music and by the way youre disarming this guy that Ive been there for a long time to be a lot of business there look And up there Ill be able to hit the And then I m going to send it there lets love Thats Jesus a And there Andthere And then And then and already coverage and plugging in his beard was the And then the other one was man is And then it doesnt load And then you bought a purchase on top uncle Andthen the __ already got it right down there bro its the daughter of the mother and it hit the part of me that was the most upset bro, then it got the energy thing it was the space how lucky I went to see you thats the one this guy was lucky it was lucky that there Leo you are the guy it happens I already know that I fill you up below I could a beauty it was still good mine it was good five assists I killed a 1500 and the point is helping the team well because there mg13 medium distance stays with the team and avoiding one-on-one is all the time there looking for cover and shooting Thats the way I think Ill finish here already said three little game if you could see a little the car with the mg13 working Its possible to play its not impossible to play or I have PS 13,000 then I took some reasonably easy starts but difficult start If you know how to position yourself you play its no use for you to go with everything to the top because youre going to get the worst of it theres no point in having to be in the morning but thats it I hope you enjoyed this video I hope I have your support If you want me to buy Salt there on the channel lets see lets see hit a lot of like there share a lot for people to see Im going to be there with the game if I can get carried away with the game the game like this it excites me the problem is developer developers she likes not to tell me best free to play games on steam single player Eu amo muito esse jogo, mas continuo ainda muito desanimado com o game, quem tem me motivado mais a voltar são vocês. inscritos do canal, então resolvi jogar um pouco mais para despertar o amor que se esconde pelo CROSSOUT no meu coração.Mesmo vendo que fiquei bem atrás em relação a equipamento e armas, resolvi montar um carro de MG13 e ficar de suporte da equipe----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------- MEU SETUP 🎤 Microfone FIFINE A6V - 📷 Webcam Spedal - 🎹 Teclado K617-RGB-W - 🐭 Mouse Logitech G305 - 🎧 Headset G935 - ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------- REDES SOCIAIS 🎮Lives: 👾Discord: 🐦Twitter: 📸Instagram: 📰Site: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------- #crossout #crossout2022 #gameplay best free games to play on steam deck best steam multiplayer games best steam horror multiplayer games steam punk bathroom steam vac was unable to verify your game session