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How to hide game on steamobs steam games CROSSOUT gameplay yo guys and welcome to cross out in this CREB Z here and in this video Im gonna be taking you guys through the ends and outs of guys ins brand new spanking puppy it is cross out maybe you guys have seen some trailers on YouTube already I dont know maybe seen some gameplay but to give you guys a quick gist of what this game is actually like you know the game Robocraft its kind of like Robocraft meat and a pop post-apocalyptic setting or even better Robocraft meat Mad Max so essentially youre building your own Mad Max vehicle and then putting it up into a battle to the test against other peoples creations how cool is that and as a result of these battles and whatnot you want unlock scrap metal and then you can craft new parts and essentially youre just making your own crazy and wacky vehicle so what were gonna do guys Im gonna take you through the ins and out of this game because maybe you want to see every single detail possible and thats what were gonna do were gonna build a vehicle from scratch now that its gonna be fancy at the moment and then were gonna put it up to the test shall we thats what were gonna do alright so this is how were going to start were going to build ourselves our own vehicle were gonna dismantle this notice a few things guys notice a few things each of these components have a purpose alright they all have like different structural integrity like look at this they have different amount of points and that adds two structural points they have a different amount of mass and this all has an effect on the way that your vehicle se accelerates for speed the maximum speed that it has your guns have different fire rates range power that they consume so you can only have a certain amount of guns on your vehicle unless you put on batteries so yeah theres a lot of things to consider when actually playing this game how about we make something really small and dinky okay I think before we had the 4x4 frame so lets go for the 2x2 I havent actually done this yet so this might be a little bit interesting lets loop this around thats my little frame right there I dont know how to actually like copypasta more of them maybe if I hold shift no thats the wrong button no that was the wrong button as well well done Krebbs you just do it the long way shall we just do it the long way all right thats thats starting to look loop that start to look a little bit more like a car not quite uh lets maybe make another one were gonna make it like a really lanky vehicle one that just looks like its gonna die very quickly all right so thats my car now we got to put on a cabin I have a few different cabins here I thought thats a lot or anything you actually get a ton of different things but Im actually only level 3 at the moment so I dont have a lot available to me oh this is my vehicle check us out whoo okay I get it I think I get it I think I get it so Im not a car expert in real life or anything but Im pretty sure you know the frame of the vehicle goes on top of the structural whatever but Im pretty sure it doesnt go in the off the side like that right go up lets put that on right there and then how about we get some wheels on this thing I havent actually put on we medium wheels yet so how about we do that actually whats the difference between small wheels and medium wheels so the small wheels have less structure the big wheels have more mass interesting um okay so lets just attach those right there goddamn it no I accidentally pressed the right mouse button which actually deletes things okay this is going good so far going good going good all right now stuff that right in there this gap right there something tells me that thats not attached huh yeah that is definitely not attached so what if I take a smaller wheel then so let me get the small wheel st whats the difference between the two dont know doesnt matter ah and now it fits so maybe that bigger wheel only fits on like certain sort of frames you got to have like the right frame and maybe at the moment I dont really have that right frame you know okay all right all right thats were not finished building we cant take that out into combat just yet now Im gonna maybe pop down a little more frame here because thats what were kind of needing we need like a back were going to make like a pickup truck kind of thing this is actually starting to look a lot exactly like what I had before Im kind of used to the conception or the idea of what a car looks like so thats what Im trying to recreate here now lets get do we have like I dont know we could do this a van roof we could make like a roof kind of thing I dont see why not let me go up a little bit here ah so I have to attach it like this kind of thing so it goes over like that so be kind of like a covered roof that were making right lets put a bad side a fender where we put an offender so yeah this is starting to look exactly like what we had before and I think I actually have to rotate this a little bit so yeah lets switch that around sweet lets get some more of that going on another fender on this side get in there get my belly alright and now we need some wheels on the back so what do we have before we had the STS right lets fit that in oh yeah shes starting to look pretty isnt she wait oh  __  haha I dont have enough of the same wheel oh I hope that doesnt make a difference they look they look the same yeah I guess they kind of look the same and there we go thats my vehicle I can leave with this top but that would look a little bit stupid so how about instead I put this over here and then that kind of looks more connected I suppose I dont know dude this is just me improvising right now and now we put on the guns so yeah this is exactly what we had before well done krabsy light machine gun start a minigun how much do they consume and whats the difference between two power score I dont know were going whatever has the higher power score power seems nice well fit one just over here on the side its kind of like dangling a little bit but you know who cares in fact Ill maybe move it back a little bit so it looks a bit better they told me to move a bit closer in can I do that I can there we go so we got two mini guns right in the front I dont know how my driver is gonna look past them but you know were just good like that and then well sit a minigun right on the top over here like right centrally located yeah that looks pretty good to me damn it creme Z what are you doing here we go centrally will create a gun its not pretty much gives you an idea of like the crafting or the home or so the building in this game and now I can even take like the spray can I will make this a mean kind of green yeah we are the Mean Green Machine haha thats what we are were the Mean Green Machine and in fact I think theres one more thing I want to put on just in case just in case a car jack this device can overturn your car without the help of other players so just in case you never know well fit that into the back over here and so weve basically recreated what I had before well though for some reason this feels like its a bit more narrow I dont know thats my impression right now but whatever well deal with it so quickly the other stuff in the game if youre wondering about it if you go into factions this is where you get to see your progress I suppose so at level 5 I unlocked or workhorse 10 this route 63 Purple Haze of 15 and I lock various different parts and at level 7 I unlock this as well and I get the ability to build pieces more pieces than I had before now this game operates on a market system if you want to buy pieces you can actually go into the market and you can actually put your own pieces onto the market as well if you want to sell them for the games currency then you can go ahead and do that like see checks out this truck cabin here I can buy it for Im presuming thats two hundred ninety-eight right there look at that see I can buy this if I want if I had enough gold or whatever I think this is the currency that you actually buy with real-life money I presume so lets go back into here storage store exhibition oh my god oh my this is what other people have built so far my god some people are so advanced look at that thats pretty awesome see yeah theres a lot of potential to this game definitely all right guys lets go ahead into a battle so at the moment because this game is kind of like closed beta testing theres not a lot of people playing so its mostly bots but oh my god I was back to you this one dude right there right now look at that Wow you just shot off like components off of that dudes vehicle and I think thats the kind of cool thing about this game its like you can shoot off pieces off enemy vehicles and it affects them like you can shoot off their wheel and there start spinning out its like Robocraft robo robo bro go not Rumble craft meat Mad Max pretty cool and the maps are really nice as well I like it so far okay so heres krabsy and theres actually I presume some real people on the enemy team this is this is my car the green the Mean Green swag machine thats right were the Mean Green swag machine so were going to stay behind Ryan over here which is an AI presumably Ryan where the hell are you going this AI man Oh fire fire that might be real-life players I dont think in AI would be doing that right now but I dont care Im going to keep firing at them anyway we got the protection am i doing damage here I think I am I think we severely damaged him notice how they dont highlight until its a lot closer I got to get a lot closer before they start highlighting come on do some damage krabsy oh  __  thats a real player oh no what is he doing I think I forgot all of his guns I think I did grab see you maniac you yeah I did I killed the real player there thats amazing he got sniped all right just situate ourselves over here well snipe down into the valley kind of thing lets try to shoot out his guns we okay here that guys almost dead yes krebs EU absolute maniac my tire you bastard No Oh No okay guys this is this was the disadvantage yeah this was the disadvantage of having um how should I put it narrow-body okay I still got some guns functioning here yo yo yo yo get get closer to me please guys I wish somebody would shoot out my front wheel so then I can balance out a little bit here die die oh my god wait can I move them Im kind of stuck here I cant do anything so actually thats pretty cool thats actually pretty cool thats thats a nice thing to bring up its kind of like you dont have to directly kill your enemies you could disable them like how Im disabled at the moment and then go capture base I mean youll probably get more points like killing them outright lets try to shoot a tire come on let me shoot out your tire bro yeah his tire shot out oh nice he even did out now see okay were gonna aim for the top side lets try to go for the presume the worst engine is this is me now yes Im beautiful Ive only got 23 HP left so apparently theres one guy alive and thats the enemy park as ah we lost yeah I couldnt do anything I got disabled so lets go back into the garage what were gonna do is well tricks out I leveled up oh cool so I got a bunch of free stuff on top thats pretty nice frankly Im a bit scared by your progress of Engineers perhaps you were a politician the old world this is all backwards these days those who had nothing have everything hahaha are not just missions rewards fireside were also building new parts from scrap ok kukuku so I think what I want to do is I would definitely wanna like expand or make my vehicle less narrow kind of thing so how about what we do is we move this out a little bit okay well Im gonna have to do I think its cuz Im using this sort of narrow frame so what Im gonna do here lets go into this frame and lets get rid of that stick this out here yeah so you guys get what Im doing here now dont you gonna put this out and then the wheels are gonna go on to the end probably a stupid idea doesnt really look safe but you know what this is Mad Max kind of esque and things are meant to be ridiculous how about that how about that alright oh  __  I think I could put it even on the medium wheels could I do that oh my god I think I can hold on how am I gonna fit this yeah this is looking so so not ah so not good alright we still got more wheels put that on and put this on yeah something tells me that this isnt a good design mmm what we need to do though van window check that  __  out what I want to do is put a little bit more protection now just in case Im not sure if I can fit this on mmm its a bit of a shame wait oh oh here we go yes we have a bit more structural integrity I think we have to just put it on the front you know you dont need to worry about anything else strap it on there and we need one more strap it on here thats a little bit protection you know we just need on the front were kind of like a tank you see all right now lets get out of here whos that GM GM Australia its so bad I have 1/2 second delay with battle action what hes a GM and whos complaining I dont have no idea whats going on anyway lets go all right so were going to spectate somebody how about we go on a real player Daniel Alek honor Joshua Peter this is a real guy dr. strum how about we go on Bauer he seems to be killing more people ooh look at his vehicle oh thats sweet hes got like these flappy sort of bits on the side kind of like move it seems with momentum presume thats nice yeah hes got like a wide vehicle I think hes probably a little bit higher level than I am thats for sure hes got like parts that I havent really seen yet look at that okay thats pretty cool all right here goes Krebs II here goes Krebs II and Im up against Ive got two real players on my side and yeah were pretty much up against up a box so its probably going to be pretty easy to say at least here goes Krebs these amazing design Oh God my turning feels so wide what if you can actually damage players Im not going to how about we do it on the box theres no box near me I wonder if you can damage players alright lets go lets go lets go oh the players confrontation I think the important thing is to shoot like the front of the vehicle I presume yeah its circuit destroyed get rekt surrogate oh my god this is a massacre whoo as Krebs he killed anything I killed one oh my god my turning is so wide hows it I think this is a good idea holy crap this is terrible which is actually terrible while the game is over I did literally nothing take a fuel barrel to get petrol okay so lets go back I think I might have leveled up did I level up no I didnt get a shotgun victory so they have like different things kind of like dailies that you can deal deal 1000 explosive damage and then you get 50 credits I guess so yeah definitely something to take home the take-home message that I learned from that round was that the stupid design with these wide wheels does not lead to good sort of mobility thats for sure CREB z needs to change this around yeah definitely but I think that gives you pretty good gist of the game guys Im liking it to be honest with you guys I find a pretty damn fun now I could imagine it as I level up and get more parts its going to be even more fun so what Im gonna try to aim for is like at least a daily video on this because you know its a new game get out there really cool really nice I hope they add in a lot more features the nice thing about doing a Mad Max scenario or environment atmosphere whatever is that the possibilities of ridiculousness is endless I think the more ridiculous the better and if youve ever seen Mad Max and you know how ridiculous it can get you know your flames being spouted out to vehicles and spikes spike strips and all that Ill be AB see awful awesome not awful awesome awesome awesome is what Im saying anyway guys hope you enjoyed until next one this is krabsy I think well do some more like higher-level vehicles next video until then this is Krebs II and Ill catch you guys later bamboo steamer basket recipes Gaijins new game Crossout has hit Closed Beta Testing. 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