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Steam charts dnf duelhow to check steam wallet CROSSOUT gameplay you spawned in late there we go Lances to the side everybody ends AG here welcome back to cross out today or go in Manly who you got a harvester two augers to Lances and this thing looks freakin sweet I am really excited to check this out today and see what we can do with it we have to really really really be patient and be opportunistic and strike when the strike is good because we can do a lot of damage really fast and if we have the ability to get up on somebody and then just grind the crap out of them I mean look at this the alders kind of lock them in place in the harvester does the majority of the damage now heres the only piercingly downside the the hardest are its 550 HP or something like that the augers only have like 142 or something and so they can get blown off really easily thats why we need to make sure that were being very patient and we strike when the strike is good so lets go ahead hop into the battle and see what we can do with the same alright here we go first match desert valley lets be very patient here now a lot of people usually go to the left and so I should say a lot of their team goes to the left and we we kind of do as well but I think this time were not going to counter that because it looks like everyones kind of spread out now heres heres the biggest thing Ive got these lenses and they deal a ton of get low some of that our base alright this is this guys going first lets do lets do it were gonna we got a chameleon mark too so we can really cloak up for a long time here right now two guys three guys oh yeah boy thats what its all about right there get that nice damage Im gonna go for this guy hes just driving around like a maniac he doesnt have I dont think this guys and he oh hes got drones there we go hes popping him get him out of the base well go to this guy cuz hes getting attack now multiple people hes dead the drone to reckon me right now lets see if we can catch this guy actually her cloak is almost up so lets here he comes here he comes hes coming this way coming around oh hes his fleeting you know yeah hes flame hes out of here sweet sweet sweet so reset the cap he actually hes probably gonna come around this way I bet lets just wait lets just wait in the base cuz I bet you hes coming to come this way see if we can pick him off is he coming hes not coming we got that nice land to lodge strike I really kind of want to have a whole build of Lances because the cool thing with the Lances is that they will some of them like wont blow up theyll only the ones that will do the damage will blow off and then the other ones will stay and so you can use them multiple times its very theyre very effective very cool very cool weapons lots of drones here we go got them flipped over sweet lets grind them up if we can got drones hitting us there we go oh were getting grinded - oh crap Ill just get this guys weaken those drones man those drones there we go got them and were dead okay - all theres three guys left those freaking drones are devastating okay two guys left yeah dude get him get him always got an autocannon nice you went for the drone - I think all times up times up dang good first match it was a lot of fun we got a nice like one-shot kill we should - what you got a love with these boats the only thing Im concerned about is its the harvester too low the harvester might be a little too low perhaps well do another match and if we have something similar then well switch it out and change up the direction or maybe just load the whole thing up with augers and buzz saws or something oh man fortress is great if we can if we can manage to like get a good path and like get in that area with not many other people we should be very very well off because sometimes you can catch people like if no one goes to the right here Ill be really golden to just kind of pick the kills that I want lets see if thats the case this time around and that mark 2 will last us a long time were also really fast we got I dont have any light engine so I must have used them well but I have like a like a regular engine oh hes this guys just afk here you spawned in late here we go Lances to the side oh yeah short-lived match for that guy alright here we go now we get into some action theres a guy by himself theres a couple guys here lets lets see if we can get right up on this guy thats right here and just grind him up get him lets get him random take his wheels thatd be great see that that that might be great for the harvester being low is that we can shack shank wheels off like that theres a guy right up in here are we blowing up oh my gosh Im gonna see damage to me alright cloak is up lets uh hook up right now were gonna go for this guy oh this is the guy that I grinded all his wheels off and Ill just get some more wheels there we go just get some more of those wheels alright all that were snagged on each other lets go guys all these guys with drone Bills man makes it look like theres way more people than there actually are on the battlefield you coming oh hes like come oh hes dead I couldnt even get off that frickin wall and get around and get them another good match I think the harvesters find out is because it like allows us to get wheels really easily alright Factory okay so heres the thing with factory I most times just kind of wait around for a because people will kind of move around and get into their positions were going to mistake us unless they go to the left side here they kinda are stagnant theyll stay in one spot and then we can pick off some kills so I give it a little bit of time and people can get into position and then you can kind of roll up on them especially we take a melee build and so Im going to go this way and hopes okay theres a couple people over here couple people on this towers now I might have been spotted if somebody has a nice radar there but lets just go around the backside here and see somebody in our base walk alright lets do it right now were in a good spot where we can do it oh heres a guy oh is it that same guy that I killed last time oh man our chameleon might run out yep but hes got cannons and hes turned around oh man oh man oh man oh man oh yeah I got two of them that oh theres this generator yes what up bars oh crap zigzag bob and weave bob and weave bob and weave lots of guys lots of guys if I can just get around this corner cloak up oh you took my cloak right the last second holy crap what is this build wow what is that build its like a massive what is happening I said thats the craziest thing Ive ever seen its like completely exposed and it is like generator right underneath all of his cut oh man thats awesome well that kind of sucked we did get one guy though which is good the same guy I keep killing this same dude get that vase oh yeah so were at like I never even said the PowerSchool 50 100 hours course were just kind of surprising that we can have so many good melee things at such a low power score okay I think its safe to say that weve lost this match I think thats definitely definitely the case this guys right up on these guys at the freakin cannons Wow good job dude hes not going down without a fight do it man there it is its over all right ship Gregory burnin different match I backed out and changed some things up I changed out the driver so I can actually get bulldog in here get some get some grindage stuff going on all right lets see what happens I I never know whats going to happen on this map its like its like another bridge in terms of I either die immediately or I do pretty good every time all right I could catch somebody right there theres a lot of people there Im so glad that the the Spears dont break off now all right lets lets see what we can do here theres gonna be somebody hanging out I dont want to trigger cab all right lets see whos over here hello oh my gosh oh my gosh yep well how did he not see me I thought for sure he would see me right there that guy yeah I thought for sure he would see me just not a no hes not even looking at me okay its too slow too slow Kanan I can back up faster than I can drive forward yeah you missed sucka you missed you go knocking already loading time yeah thats it turn your side to me give me all your wheels thanks thanks dude all right time to time to book it out of here ouch I was going to hopefully try to save my chameleon but not anymore can we get me coppers telling give me suckers oh theyre still going oh hurricanes okay Meredydd hurricanes and Pyrus oh generator and generator and uh uh fuel take right in the back oh man that was glorious cheeping get this guy coming right at me there he is this is that oh this is the the wheel list guy yeah good job shooting that drone alright we would see what I couldnt like hit this guy and kill him oh yeah cool kills is this one dude man that guy with the generator and the fuel Bear Hawk right next to each other wheres wrong with them okay um hmm lets see Im gonna go this way maybe yeah what okay lets see what happens I have a feeling people are gonna rush like crazy lets see what happens so your might your might get you guys are my guinea pigs Im not going down there I got light stuff whole week what the heck theres somebody in our face what no world did they change this what the heck why are there so many guys just rolling out with their freaking drone bill dude talk about crazy rushing ah I just missed that guy I just missed him Im not going for that guy Im gonna go Im gonna go this over here theres so many guys over here oh you had cannons you had cannons oh crap this guys got cans right up oh Im dead holy freaking drones dude give me somebody to kill dude the drones these guys are just Russian like Batman what the heck dude these guys are just rushing like crazy I knew it I knew they were going to rush like these guys this mountain Jew and the low rollers guy they both have those wait I think its the low rows guy hes got that tiny build and he just rushes like a madman every time look at this were getting destroyed absolutely dominate his building so fast hes a serpent dude look at him all he is is a cab a couple things in a bunch of job as the best the best man thats so awesome all gosh we got Dom okay here we go got you guys rush oh you know what were doing it this time theyre Russian theyre gonna rush again so were going to go this way and were going to freaking kill one of those guys who are going berserk but I might get hit by somebody with a drone because these guys are behind me yeah yeah yeah yeah where are you oh wow they didnt actually rush this time great do you guys not see me right here hello hi hi do not do not notice me behind you coming right up behind you with freaking grinding you up dude there we go give me that generator err you had you you survived for about two seconds didnt you yeah yeah great there it is all right there in the middle thats probably thats that low rose guy see if we can get in here here we go yep yep yep here they come here they come Im going to get right up in here give me that wheel give me that wheel give me that with give me your everything ah okay that guys incapacitated Im good for about like two seconds this the drones are like the like absolute like nemesis of this build because they just tear me up and they tear it tear off everything because it like I have lightweight stuff and they just get tossed in the fire and theyre so dude man please win guys please win there we go okay we got two guys we got a guy in the middle Ive got guys with autocannons oh look behind you behind you oh gosh oh goodness hes just sitting here oh wait theres somebody behind me as I freakin destroy dont keep moving state shouldve just stayed there he couldve did some nice damage that guy oh my gosh oh my gosh its a little bit its over its over here comes the low rose couple to getting this guy its over well guys thank you so much for watching tell me what you think of this beast I think it is I think its a lot of fun but I once again do not think that melee is my strong suit because act this thing is very easy to control but I dont think melee is my strong suit because Im too aggressive sometimes I dont I dont pick my fights well enough and so I wind up getting you know killed pretty easily but Id be interested to know what you think of the build hope these guys are having a great day things are going well let me know what you would like to see next Im always like up to suggestions people leaving you know build ideas and stuff for me in the comments below Id really like to hear what you guys have Im really into like these massive weird things lately like the ICBM and the Latin the one episode and then we did like the massive Leviathan eater thing which that was just something I found the exhibition but you know points dance if you have something cool and massive like that that youd like me to check out definitely leave that in the comment section below and Ill see if I could take it out and we can have some fun with it so thank you guys so much for watching I will see it into the next one Music you scarlet nexus steam deck Welcome to Crossout! 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