Crossout Gameplay: Testing the Emily Weapon in PVP - 2022 #crossout

Steamed lobster near mefree steam account with games reddit CROSSOUT gameplay best animated avatars steam Welcome to Beastmans latest Crossout video! In this video, were going to explore the Emily weapon in PVP gameplay.As a new player, I wanted to test the Emily weapon and see if its still worth using in 2022. I bought and crafted three Emilys and put together two builds that suit my playstyle.The first build was submitted by ConFuso with slight modifications, and the second build was made by me with the help of my clan members and the Crossout Exhibition. In this video, youll see me testing the Emily weapon in PVP battles, sharing tips and tricks on how to use it effectively, and showcasing the different builds I used. I also experimented with some editing techniques and effects to enhance the video. Dont forget to leave a comment and share your feedback, and if youre feeling lucky, write Emily in the comments for a chance to win a free premium code. Thanks for watching, and happy building! #crossout #crossout2022 #crossoutстрим #metabuild #crossoutgameplay #pvp #crossoutpromo #crossoutgameplay #crossoutbuilds #crossoutguide #crossoutbuild #crossoutpvp #crossoutpromo #targemgames #gaijin #gaijinentertainment #gameplay #кроссаут how to put your games on steam how to set up ps4 controller on steam steam moving game files to another drive steam sale game answers steam game network