When Giant Mechanical Scorpions Really Sting in Crossout

Best steam games for surface pro 6how to steam vegetables in microwave CROSSOUT gameplay welcome back to another video on a game called cross out this is one of the free-to-play games where you build and design your own vehicles and then battle them across the different Maps to attack and defend your bases attack enemy bases in it defense your own anyway this is a sponsored video and to go along with that theres a link in the video description that you guys can check out you can get yourself a cab or three new guns to start a brand new account with so you can go ahead and check that out and help support the channel now with that said theres also been an update to the game and the engineers have a couple new weapons and were gonna be using our press account today to maybe take a look at some of this a giant cannon called the typhoon basically a tank gun and we have a breaker which is a new shotgun and a Punisher and the motion gun I like all three of those we might we might have some fun with these there are a couple new builds in the exhibition that makes good use to them like we have an Abrams tank check that thing out thats amazing looking I think thats a typhoon its at the typhoon yeah the typhoons on there there was also a tiger tank that seems to be missing now I think this one too has yeah this one has two of the typhoons on it a so we can maybe try that out look at this thing just looks fantastic but I wanted to start with this little vehicle today now this one is interesting this one is very interesting it has what nine of these things eight eight of them and these are booms their explosives this thing has no weapons other than ramming so its kind of an interesting concept to it you literally just ran into people theres no machine gun no shotgun no cannon just the boom sticks now bad we got into a battle now the important thing is this is a very low-power score vehicle 3700 so were with low-level people and if we just basically just pop them like right right in the cab they explode so we actually have someone coming after us its oh its a bot thats not nearly as exciting but well well practice there we go can we wrap - this one - you dont even know about me  __  oh we got to God now we got to gun see if the other problem is theyre just gonna pick me apart and if they oh no oh no no no no no no no no no no no oh okay well that wasnt good but were gonna make this guy laugh were gonna make him laugh oh really I missed I missed make them laugh make them laugh ha come on come on Joe no no no Im gonna make him laugh no no no no dont blow it up ready I didnt get to though that was good that was exciting I almost had a third one always nice to get defeated especially when Im the only person on her team to get a kill like I got to I had to and nobody else got any outfit no lets see if I can be a little more selective this time see if I can hide and then and then wait pray on them like a wildebeest gets no other way around like a lion preys on a wildebeest look at this little do to the cannon on the front of them oh no oh I dont want to get hit Im too young to get hit okay is that guy just gonna waste them Oh nope you missed you missed oh oh hello there nice of you to drop by devil devil Baird its gonna explode the frightening get two on one all right that worked well hey somebody else got a killer than me that was good news hello Kenneth bonk this thing is too powerful okay lets go lets Drago try to spear one of these other dudes maybe maybe if Im lucky I can get two oh I can go invisible right before I get behind him - ready and invisible gateleg oh yeah this will work he doesnt know about me he doesnt know about me okay right away right away run away uh-oh running away running away has never been easier I need to go capture their base Oh abort mission go back go capture base this things kind of hard to control Oh our base is being captured so is theirs though maybe just maybe I can get it if my teammate blow them up theres one of them and oh nevermind were gonna lose again at least Im getting some sektor capture points I got a cool third of it theres no way yeah no I cant like I have no weapons and theyre shooting over there Ive got nothing I aint got no guns maybe Ill get two maybe Ill get it maybe Ill get a third of them I know I did get a unyielding thats good ten fifteen hundred score thats awesome well Im convinced to me gonna win this time it smells like vapors of winning if winning can smell like things thats what were gonna do mark hog no dont shoot me okay we dont need to be we dont all that dude you just got evaporated wow you got a shredded so bad and Im the only one capturing this point I think the I think the AI goal theres two more Oh someones gonna try to flank around behind me are they really are they really they dont know Im here they dont know Im here they dont know Im here oh no oh no that was bad that was bad they hit me they hit me where it hurt Oh in my in my blowing up you parts that was good though I got one guy and he didnt even know existed Im missing a wheel though Im stuck Im stuck Im good Im not stuck anymore there we go Ill just camp out for a couple days and just hang out here with my friends I mean all by myself same difference anyway thats the last dude thats the last dude Wow someone got on our team about four kills those are quick matches man so I found this other really cool vehicle in the whats it called the exhibition somebody else made it they made it look like a scorpion check that up thats amazing its not yeah well I mean lets just test drive it it doesnt have any weapons so I was thinking this would be a good one to test one of those new shotguns out on maybe if I can if I can fit them in properly so theres the breaker I dont I dont know if Im gonna be able to do this good night can it fit anywhere do we have enough power for it I have a bad feeling about that though maybe I dont know I feel like were our power scorers just like amazingly high I dont know its worth attempting so lets see how bad this does okay these are Oh too bad so everyones gonna assume that our our turret up top is where the guns are but no its on our claws and I just totally went where my team didnt go that was not a good idea Im very slow getting shot in the butt oh boy this isnt good hi you missed me oh is this guy gonna plank around this way oh they all came down this is not good this is not good maybe oh theyre all gonna be back to me all of their backs is gonna be turned to me lets get this guy my range isnt good enough there we go around the corner there yeah that was better al they just destroyed my armor I feel like my team is just getting wrecked but were still alive there we go got a couple damage points it would be nice if I Oh No happy I havent crawled over you oh he died he done did die Im just gonna crawl my way all the way over to their base now dude dude dont mind me never mind we already won okay so shotguns are gonna go away we ready get the Punishers instead putter sure machine guns I really wish I could put them down in there but maybe if I modify it just right it could ah theres no weld points on the top of that either oh shoot I guess thats the same thing as I did before whoops there we go Ive got weld points finally ha Oh No get on there there we go yes I did it and thats like the worst place like no joke thats like the worst place to put a gun in this game but we have to do it for science purposes Oh only only as 79 to 74 power score can I put a third one on would that be fun hey I cant put one way up top I think why cant I oh no more energy Oh No well I guess we will only do two then so here we go this will be good this will be good we got some Oh medium long-range attacks got to keep remembering we cant let these things overheat thisll be fun theres something good where the Scorpion of death stop shooting that way though you dork hey whoa whoa whoa whoa buddy okay see this Maps gonna be hard too oh whats that a mine left hi hi its me here hey thats a cool build okay ready a theres gonna be two coming out of the corner I can melon oh there you go ice man I wasnt smelling him I just I just saw there I cant I cant even see inside we go hey those some good good shredding hits hey dont let it overheat dont let her number heat there we go maybe I should go up top my spot I like it a lot all good hits theyre good hits is there someone down here if you like theres someone right below me maybe Ill crunch up can I jump on their head Im a spider Im a scorpion oh that was bad idea that was a really bad idea oh thank you buddy thank you buddy you take his stuff away oh no he just crawled under me ow ow get hit run away run away there we go nice oh Im still getting to the missile Im ok ok can I shoot missiles Oh to the air wonder now bad idea really stop shooting me with missiles Thank You pilot it just hit the wall thatll work ok lets go in the corner or in a flank were gonna win hi you took my nose up that doesnt look like a scorpion any Powell Im going up Im going up pilot you all right this guys got a really good advantage point there oh hes not all right good that was good keep it up trying to blow this up yes I got him okay hes not much trouble anymore read some bullets in there no killjoy I cant thread any good hits good hits hi take your guns take your guns oh Im out over here hey were good were good youre in trouble now buddy oh no you rammed me ah yeah get underneath me yeah bring him back into the get him drone get up drone Ill keep him here oh no hes gonna explode run away run away shes got exploded juice got him him in the back need im not interacted I only have six legs I reckon ins have eight aha nobody has weapons anymore hey Im gonna Im gonna destroy this to you by running into him I know what ah yes crawl on his face I just need to stay out of the line of sight of that turret thats hitting right over here hey kill assist even though I did four damage ah victory well lets see what we can do this time Ive learned after like losing a bunch of battles that this thing is not very good build at all we have really powerful weapons that boost us into high power score which means we can get shredded really easily hi nice of you two should i just crawl under there yep but yeah I get I get shredded every time so Im just gonna poke forward with my machine guns and then leave them were just gonna hi yeah hello would you what were you why are you following me its too tall too its hard time seeing okay here we go haha oh thats pretty good pretty good is the Shred i want to take your weapon up oh thats not where your weapon is Oh bad idea theres two of them though Oh watch out watch out yes nice okay why is he just staying there why didnt he move oh there goes his gun oh thats a big gun Oh a the stuff just got destroyed hi Wyatt Earp we have people behind us a ghost I must go up another kill assist nice did we just get rid of both those guys yeah everyones just camped out right there on top of each other yeah I dont have a different horn are we waiting oh were dominating there we go here we go what am i out of bullets no yeah well theyre capturing oh theyre capturing the middle base ready nice try to blow those things up maybe bad idea I know I see someone over there so I think yeah I saw the lights oh yeah get that no assist Bri I havent gotten any kills but Im still doing okay I feel like theres someone dropping those mines over here oh hi there hi nice unit oh come on Chloe jugo one of my guns there goes the other one come on take it oh hes good yes I got his gun oh hes gonna try to push me off - oh Im I spied out my back I gotta wait for the rest of the battle its right above me oh this is gonna be bad oh come on shoot him I cant I cant shoot him this is not good serial killers stay alive for 10 seconds no too young no bad bad flip me flip me there we go clip me Ill shot my leg off one second are flipping yes I got it Im alive Im gonna snip on him Im gonna step on it like a thug or make him stuck yes ha ha ha now Im gonna capture the point Oh No hi Zack Ill get you buddy Ill get you well be friends there we go and our flippin Ally thank you ha ha yeah weve won the game and of course I am DMV Im kidding Im not the MVP ah here we go I mean it looks amazing doesnt it its kind of invisible because its all camouflage and stuff hey stop shoot your friend the button its not nice but I got two of those new tsunami cannons on top I thought this would be fun to test out today I mean theyre already going to take seat this things kind of difficult to drive and aim since the the turrets are a little bit independent of each other they can go good in the center so if I crest the hill their full weight yes well I hit one that was good Christopher oh its a bot doesnt matter too much I mean it wouldnt make sense that the bots would just stupidly roll it Hey look a sandwich tires where did they come from you ready hi there hi there Oh oh I got one hit oh look a robot though it was good I just crawl up here maybe maybe oh ok well hes getting flanked from behind oh good Eric go Brazil get up there whoa ok here we go here we go Im gonna take it oh I hit him I hit him good just one side though kind of to these things is difficult youre ready from right in the face right in the photos okay this is awesome now can someone come through here or could I just swing her out or someone down below where are they all right there ewwww theres one theres Barron Im here Baird up nice good hits there hi Ill take your hits well blast that guy oh my god Im good okay good I got one kill assist were all right were all right Im coming around the corner coming around the corner come on youre gonna die youre gonna die let me thread one in here here we go on my way on my way Mike oh no I was kidding that was it might get robbed that was good hit would you not just for real this time would you not over here you yeah go to visible Ill just shoot this guy instead hello yeah nice that wasnt a very good hit but Ill take it anyway Ill continue capturing okay ah that was in mine yeah well just capture beat it this would be fine Oh is someone gonna come over the corner Ill be ready for him if he does wait a minute is someone else here on B they are yeah that was cool that was really good thats thats amazing am I the only one alive no hello hello I dont have any ammo left so thats weve got that going for us yes you can just keep shooting me I literally cant do anything to you except walk over your face oh yeah hi yeah that was good job droplets you didnt do very good hey destroy so lets try this again oh I love that little glow in the dark red thing wow thats a pretty high power score wonder what that guys got for guns interesting they werent like 9,000 power score here and they look kind of tiny so our entire team is capturing our objective point yeah were gonna have to move up to be pretty soon or theyre gonna capture it which wouldnt be good because we lose in the first like 30 seconds to the game so lets move up its like death is raining in oh oh theres someone I saw you yeah what those are cool looking its like fireworks hi there bump nice good hit boo oh you dont even know about me oh Ill get destroyed I just messed up half of his life oh then the here goes the rest of it oh yeah tell you aint got no tires how does that make you feel makes to feel pretty squish like a little  __  doesnt Bob did all of myself now the problem we got we got Genghis Khan up here and hi hi hi please please go down bullets please nope thats not right oh this is a bad place to be again Im getting rocketed yes get off me oh you got take it to the ground high and hit him okay Peter take free why do I have one gun up in the sky theyre black take care of your guns exponent capture be capture B Im gonna capture B maybe if I can snipe over there thatd be a good idea Kent I cant see all the way over there I know theres fightin happening theres only three people left theres two on C Ill let these guys camp lets go fight for a second maybe we can get a another kill you know what games gonna be over yep theres the victory to base is captured so thats gonna wrap it up for todays video of cross so I hope you enjoyed our adventure today if you did go ahead and check out the link in the video description to get yourself a cab or some guns if you sign up on a brand new account and thanks again for the developers to sponsor this video so keep your stick on the ice well catch you next time Music how to get xbox game pass on steam deck Check out Crossout for free using this link and get three extraweapons or a cool vehicle cabin as a bonus: - - - - Crossout Gameplay Overview: Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game! Craft your unique battle machines from dozens of interchangeable parts and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles! Free-to-play on Xbox One, PS4, and PC! - - - - - Crossout Gameplay Features: ►Unique vehicles, crafted by the players using a wide range of available parts: From nimble buggies to heavily tracked off-road vehicles or combat platforms on antigrav fields. ►Complete freedom of creativity and thousands of possible combinations: Create vehicles of any shape using dozens of parts, wide variety of armor and tools as well as support systems. ►Advanced damage model: Destroy any part of an enemy machine and it will affect the vehicles performance immediately. ►Huge arsenal of weapons: From chain saws, power-drills over machine guns to rocket launchers, flying drones and stealth generators. ►Your own workshop: Create new, advanced parts and auction them at the in-game marketplace. ►Trading options between players: Every piece that you have gathered in the battle can be sold to other players. ►Choose your own battle strategy: The only thing that matters is the Survival and Victory! - - - - - CROSSOUT - The Road to Apocalypse In 2021 a mysterious viral epidemic known as the ‘Crossout’ swept the planet, countries and populations simultaneously began to fall at an alarming rate all over the Earth. Those who did not die in the first few days, were plagued by hallucinations and headaches, many people went mad, others and committed suicide. The source of the disease could not be detected but the cities that were once the vibrant social and economic beacons of humanity were left ravaged and deserted. Survivors gradually began to change — after fifteen years of transformation, the changes became visible. The most noticeable metamorphosis occurred in the eyes of the affected — some began to glow, while others resembled black holes. To hide their unnatural looks and conceal the mutation, people started wearing padded clothing and sunglasses. Twenty years have passed after ‘Crossout’. Humans still remember their life before the disaster. As always, there are groups trying to recover the old world, while others enjoy the chaos and destruction. But there are those who are not human any more. They hide their faces behind masks, and their motives are unknown. Q. What is a supported video? 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