Using the Scorpion Gunship from AVATAR II in the off we go helicopter brawl • GOD Imps •Crossout

Besiege game steamkempton park steam engine CROSSOUT gameplay Music yeah boy Music Music are you running he needs some milk Applause Music that was the last one whats up guys GB right here welcome back to the channel welcome back to crossout hope you guys are doing well today were doing some more Alfie go brawl and this build looks amazing apparently its from the Avatar 2 movie I know what the builds looked like this they have like hover copters or something and I think this build is really gorgeous it looked absolutely wonderful uh this build uses imp so I havent used imps yet in the helicopter ball imps have a very high fire rate a very high spread and the range is not that great so I hope this build works out but yeah were just gonna have some fun with it it looks very beautiful and it has these expensive Eagle Parts here king of birds which fits with this uh game mode so this is the build were gonna run today guys its just the art build so nothing too special I hope but I hope it doesnt get one shot it now you guys just sit back relax and enjoy the video but before you guys do that if you do enjoy this video leave a like subscribe to the channel if youre new and leave me a comment also helps out of done really it like just leaving a like after five minutes already helps this video out a lot so I really appreciate it if you did that and if you have some spare change and want to support me more directly you can also become a member and it would also be really appreciated now you guys just sit back relax and enjoy all right guys Welcome to Dead City we got in coming over here oh hes using machine guns or mini guns Im not sure if our our imps can compete against that we can just pray and pray but I need to there we go were be gutting him a little bit I think hes going way too far out of Dodge yep there he goes do we have sparking guns we do not awesome this build might actually be uh something stir on the lights is this just a dedicated ground never mind got Sofia in the garage actually go for something oh what all drones oh come on come on come on come on come on finish him off the spread is so much on this gun the range is nice because we are using few stems there we go yeah that is a dedicated ground build oh this guy got hit by Kaiju and Avalanche and now Im touching him with my imps really dont like imps anymore I used to love imps just the idea and the perk and everything but they are so hard to use I personally whoa Im ripped Im ripped oh we can still fire so thats good at least hmm I need to double check what the propeller is mounted on uh we can still fire so thats good there we go after we get this spot were gonna SD so we can move around again so far so good we are with Wow 6K the enemy team only 1800 1600. all right lets see where our prop is mounted on okay I see our prop is mounted on one of the gun uh this mounting pieces yeah that sucks Were not gonna do that this guy using Catalina cap but oh you got Bob oh no come on dude he probably has a nice charge going on as well Flip Flip Flip there we go we gotta assist oh lets finish him off there we go we got one gun get the second one oh come on get the second one off there we go we got a second one out beautiful hes testing as well aha Scorpion King lets get this guy dedicated ground built using two dopplers oh hes like a radar for the enemy team or something okay lets get this Arbiter thing here there we go we got a memorial or something here we go rip you are getting shot by a different machine gun build and we lost there we go nice beautiful all right guys we are at East quarter we got Mr Tick Tock over here using missile oh we gotta get rid of him yeah beautiful got him uh okay we got some manthal you not the interesting Target but it helps with the points and as long as nobody is here we can easily take care of Samantha but its aggroed on me but its fine there we go beautiful Im not sure how we popped her or that bot but there we go oh yeah I see made in Brazil using a ground build just to farm points quick and it works but not against all teams some some teams just have full missiles and you get ground pounded pretty pretty hard I just dont want to use a ground build you know just a helicopter mode just uh use the helicopter if you get the chance you know guys using parsers but not an annoying build like the other guys ow you did get one of my guns though dude what is going on I think Im pressing the wrong buttons I think I was pressing wrong but I was uh pressing the button to do a barrel roll which really messed me up they only have two imps so if you lose one more were gonna SD and get the third one back oh nice got a sister lets go behind Brazil and its gonna be rough I lost lost my gun yeah so see the ground build works but not against rockets but against most other targets it works I gotta start Tick-Tock here again as being nice beautiful shot Avalanche build foreign lets finish off Brazil so we can get our third gun back all right we got um Sammy something over here Samantha we got Oola Auto Cannon user what a chad to bring Auto cannonss in ski mode such a squishy build Ill be almost one lets finish off mate and never mind all right get well there you have it this build was actually surprisingly kind of fun a bit rough to use with the imps the imps arent the best but this build actually works apart from this spot right here I put the blade a little bit in the front so it at least has some extra support because if you lose this this and your prop is gone uh yep so that is the only downside about this build but yeah it is hard to hit it wont go unless you get a hit from the top with a bunch of rockets but other than that this builds fun you should definitely try it out have you guys seen Avatar 2 yet I havent seen it yet theaters are expensive right now uh but yeah Ill see you guys in the next one thanks for watching really appreciate it have a great day peace out foreign gamepass steam deck Join this 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