Crossout - Double whirlwind Auto cannon sniping (Crossout Gameplay)

Steam games for 3 year oldsdry steamer CROSSOUT gameplay hey guys gb right here welcome back to the channel its been a while I was a bit sick girlfriends back home everythings okay so Im back to recording now I had some requests of a few players that they wanted me to show off the new stuff and the new items stuff like that but I dont have a promo account yet and someone else told me just to ask guidance from Provo account so Ill ask them and see what happens and Ill keep you guys notified but today we are gonna play with something that is not you know not loved a lot I dont see a lot of people use it but these things do a lot of damage now oops now if you look at the special ability the furthering target the higher the damage for every hundred meters damage increased by 45% now these are a bit fun to use not really my play style you have to be a far away of the reason I wanted to make this video is because Im planning to build my second Reaper and I need to have two whirlwind so before I use them up because I dont think Im gonna build them again I wanted to show you guys how they perform lets test it out in a test drive actually I should shoot from a distance it fluctuates between my 50-ish damage to 150 but if you go closer it wont do us much damage I mean you can still fire but its not that effective like if someones up close and personal yeah you dont even reach a hundred damage it still doesnt amount of damage but thats a really pack a punch anymore now if youre like way out there somewhere in a distant and snapping someones weapon and a few shots its already gone oh yeah and I also have a little scope barely use scopes in the game but I have one alright lets test this out okay we are at the fortress and for some reason we have a tent king with us why Im at six man yeah Im at six triple nine oh well at least is on our side its that guy right here yes - fat man pretty fast belt and four things right so Im gonna go on sniper Hill from our side I called this one our side because its cool it looks like someones already on the cab yep two flares lets take out some wheels very good now if you fire rapidly its not that accurate as you can see but if you click once its pretty accurate so yeah Im not seeing anything actually dont like to use scope I just like to shoot like this thats a lot of place oh man we had like a fire puddle weapon or a man tree Im getting shot but I have enough front armor so with that guys a mammoth to get rid of him first actually no vision Roger oh my god man lost everything down below man okay we are desert valley the perfect map for this already see players not a lot of goods hit nice okay I think I need to go left side looks like there was one Clary up there is once were trying to flank right side all our people are almost all of them are the left side who like someones in trouble here I was like hes a drone carry on oh no yes drills come on help guys Oh nice thank you see up close they do a decent amount of damage to defend yourself crazy I moms not much without that dad thats dangerous guy the mammoth got a stake here I have somehow actually Im just gonna stay here everybodys pushing up like crazy the only ones firing oh my God look at that what were you guys thinking oh my gosh look like that and theres still one over there some are shooting to the right mature why my keys over here yep killing people but I dont see a period guys here at the power plant the fencing holding back or whatever its called I dont have a man let me know if you guys have the new Valentine thing vehicle fire so looks like I get to do some sniping that should really work on getting them to tree no you should be good test it out and no ones coming here hip all left side in the middle oh its nice when players have when your teammates have radar please see whats going on as you can see these are my go-to weapons were gonna form either cant afford to play but since I had them and I havent made a video about the net and Im gonna use them for my Reaper and Im not planning to build these again unless I get them in the purple great but so Ill sell them so I can get some parts lose kind of dangerous to  __  out a little early this week lets poke out sorry still your kill okay poking out oh my god oh he doesnt have enough depression so nice going down this fat man looks disabled lets just full burst Bobbie full auto fire on the scanner there we go oh okay well doesnt matter here we got both come on help yeah dude these did surprisingly well even at close range I took out a maam at the fat man and the hump back Kappa okay lets fish up oh my god backless much tacklers come on man yeah backers are still OFI men I can deal with the mammoth can deal with a fat man but tactless Ive got suicide and that much I can do here Ill soon be alone so Ill just struck down rough match keywords the fortress this time Im gonna go left side left sniper I cant wait to get the Phoenixs Phoenix Enix crossbow Im currently building one I wish it only took like four energy but I think five five is easy and its pretty old bean what the heck street just rushing into that any spawn but through these bunches what case hes not a new piece of veteran player chill what an idealist Im not sure with my ideas either so Im just gonna back up I was planning to go on sniper Hill kind of got tunnel fish in there its like we have someone else in our spawn Oh lost my scope man that guys having a lot of trouble with a guy looks like a shotgun still there we go glad I could help out I like the I really like the drone and turret nerve we dont kill you like crazy anymore once they drop you cant get away you can still get away you set up a lot of time to react you know the turrets the drones the the one with the rocket forgot the name I think it was a Holly a towel still does a lot of damage but its not crazy a month oh no no no I should yes crickets gotta get rid of them so they have six players left we have six okay its even now I need to get a better spot so I can smile I think Im gonna go down here see if we can get that guy never mind Ill get this guy for ya everyone the hall still hurts a lot that guys hurricanes come on come on I dont want I dont want that guy sneaking up behind me Spyder build is almost dead I think sorry guy how do we hide it away gotta get his frickin oh no no should dont know what guys have guns left guess not I should suicide on my suicide Adam nope too many people have Rockets I dont get them though oh alright guys there you have it the whirlwind autocannons not my favorite weapon I mean theyre good I think I have two radiators yeah I have two radiators with this I think it they will work better with a cooler and a radiator the purple ones but theyre good I mean if you get them for free I got one out of the purple box and the other one I built so I could make my second reaper so you know its its fun to use them once in a while but you know not my favorite weapon now the other ones the blue ones these cost for energy and theyre pretty decent oh I think its the engineer the engineer built on Wow yeah these are pretty good too you know these yes I dont have a bonus or anything but they could really take out they did a lot of damage and guys thanks for all the love and support Ive been getting in game and on my videos really really appreciate it and it it makes me feel good you know I really appreciate it you guys are you guys are just awesome but I hope you guys enjoyed the video leave to like them subscribe to my channel for more and as always Ill see you guys in the next one Music Music steam don't show game In this episode im playing with the Whirlwind auto cannon before i turn them into scrap for my second reaper. 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