How to be OP and SL1 Dark Souls 2 SotFS (Main boss & DLC)

Steamed broccoli seasoningbeta steam DARK SOULS™ II: SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN game POWERWOLF - Blessed and Possesed is playing How to complete Dark Souls 2 on the first level Class - beggar Starting gift - various medicines Escape from here First bonfire Torch Tutorial? Home sweet home Get everything from Majula Chapter 1 Preparations Human figurine Bone of return Forest of fallen giants This bonfire will be needed later To the bonfire in the tower Ax Kill some downs Light a bonfire Explosions Blast your face Slice to Cale S T O P Show that you really love cards Joke, kill a nerd Take his head as a trophy It gives you 1 stamina and 2 dexterity This is very important if you want to use a rapier Agility > sex To the fire To the (not really) Last Giant Chop down a tree OH YY so easy Buy something nice for 10.000 souls Silver Greedy Serpent Ring +1 Stalker Stand next to this barrel Dodge and run 2 shots - o mae wa mou shindeiru (Youre already dead) -NANI(WHAT!?) 2 shots #SLIT Forgotten Fortress Coal *No translation needed here * Large Titanite Shard Antique Key More Large Titanite Shards Blow a huge beautiful hole Great... Commit tactical suicide P.S. : firebombs are cheaper and faster *Again no translation needed* Steal McDuffs merchandise Give the unemployed hickey something to play with Big shards In Majulu Open Lennys workshop Steal his toys Reload the location Card-Crazy Mansion Pharros Stone Get Scared Estus Shard Not-quite-big Titanite Shard Buy a Mace Upgrade it Now you have a mace +6 Chapter 2 Ladle = Imba Kill ALL Enemies Use the Glowing Beetle if youre unsure of your abilities Oil your weapon Kill any enemies that might follow you Kill a dragon Move from one foot to the other dragon rider Wait for it to take 6-7 steps Dodge through the attack Lol Buy a fragrant branch of the past To the petrified hollow Free him Cat ring recommended Almost petrified Jump down, you wont die Estus Shard Kill the BEST enemies in the game Throw them off the bridge Or use mace + 6 Get BETTER weapons in the game ALELUA It gives you tons of stats, including +2 adaptability GG Chapter 3 in trusty hand-hooks Hunters Grove See the royal welcome at Hunters Grove Cats Ring OP Preservation you Frighten Mace so imba Hop on luck And pay the price Try to live Stonefang Tunnel Talk to cobblestone vendor Hloenn Crazy Jump Evasive Maneuvers 2 Titanite Shards Playing Britney Spears - Toxic Forget Healing Dead Running Attack + R1 To Boss OH NO Just Run Away like a coward Watch this Nice Awesome Tail RIP Jabba the Hutt Its going to be FUN Look at how merrily they greet us Light a fire Wait Come on Okay, bam Do you guys even have a brain? Oh __ ! dead * THIS TRANSLATION IS NOW NOW * Bring them out one at a time ZY. : It doesnt work on SL1 Plan B) Good old circling T A C T I C H A M O U D I S T O Mitas fire Hook Hit the mimic to wake him up Poison filled room so wait Hook gives you 5 agility but takes 3 adaptability We wont use it right now Attack type - strike is not the best choice But +6 - +7 should be enough GG Stonefang Tunnel 2-2 Pray you wont be invaded Swordswoman Sharron OH NO -I want to die Its just a regular NPC phantom She cant be complicated And Buy something for 10,000 souls Young white branch Speak to get a golden greedy serpent ring +1 Dennis is easy to backstab GG Chapter 4 Wrapping Use this lever RUN TO the bonfire at the fork Into the colorless mist Get lost because of this glowing __ Oh __ ... - Why is everyone hitting me in the back?! Hit a tree to distract them Grass Ring +1 - Because its easy AND deals a lot of damage *No translation needed* Straight to Nazhka Firetar works wonderfully Attack only when it hits with its tail Safe Zone Repeat to death Lightweight Large Shards and Rough Jewel Tseldora Wear items that increase your search items Farm a set of peasants (Very important) It gives you a wonderful 6 adaptability in total Now time for the hardest boss in the game Joke, just spam R1 dead You didnt see this *Again, no translation needed* Chip #1 Large Titanite Shards Fragment #2 Fragment #3 Fragment #4, 5 & 6 To Majulu +10 You can now use a rapier +10 Chapter 5 Dexterity > sex Reckoning Keep your distance And drive her into this small corridor Rapier +10 recommended You can take them out one at a time Which would be pretty smart Or you can do like SANICK Have full HP or put on a cat ring for that Dont fall with it Ring of life for life Flip the lever jump back in now the fire is gone and all those alon guys cant climb ladders pass the demon from the smelter to the bonfire in the bell tower but dont go to the bonfire take your enemies into the lava instead and kill that guy crazy jump attack turn the lever so the rest of them die in Lava And back The road is clear Press all the buttons as you go 1v1 Finish off this guy Crazy_dodges.mp4 Aim and drop the bomb More ladders Finally Turn off the power Great Realize that you forgot to put on the cat ring Great Put on the cat ring Fall down Heavy iron key Now is the time for the God of Dragons You have time to heal and oil your weapons after entering the arena The safe place in front It protects from everything but the laser attack It goes into the lava = bring it back And back to the safe zone The laser is the best time to attack GG, very easy Now in DLC Tower of Mist Ring of Agility 12 Agility, 14 Adaptability You can now use a rapier with one hand O awesome Chapter 6 Flynns Ring Enter that big black hole More jumping puzzles Tactical actions with a bow Refined bone dust Into the trash If you have an agility ring, you can take a torch Follow the road Go through 2 bridges Poison arrows More ladders Kill them before how they explode Huge club 20 gems of life Break all your __ on this crap PICHALKA Fragrant branch of the past Black cleft Hidden bonfire Last giants Use poisoned arrows from here Finish them off DLS key Robbie Rotten Very easy with a rapier +10 Shulva, Holy City With a bow all the easier Run to the sanctuary Use the bow on the switch Flynns ring Replace the weak ring of blades Go back Open the fire for the sake of maximum damage Run from head to head GG, lightness Do not forget the great soul Fragrant branch of the past Now to the Forgotten Sinner Purified Bone Dust Desert Wharf Grab a torch if you have a Ring of Agility These guys love torches Ring the awakening bell Destroy the Flexible Sentinel Ruin Guardian Pass PICHALKA Ruin Guardian Pass 8 Gems of Life best adaptability items Easy anyway Fragrant branch Home sweet home AH YES Back home Chapter 8 Drangleic Castle Temple of Winter And to Drangleic Castle Scraps and a piece of Titanite for later Buy all the old radiant gems you can find To the bonfire First door Right DLC Key Talk to Nashadra to show all fires in the menu Archers Double Trouble First Same as regular Dragon Rider *No translation needed* Playing Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater OST : Snake Eater Activate the elevator Gowers Ring Powder Estus Shard Burnt Ivory King DLC She says get the __ outta here Wear Gowers Ring To take hits while you heal And for suicide runs Easy Prisoners Chain It grants 7 Vitality, Stamina and Physical Power Chapter 9 The Kings Ring Return to Drangleic Buff BEFORE entering the Kings Passage Run towards the Fog Gate Try not to be in mirror Any weapon that hits the shield will bounce Finish the battle before it becomes 2 v 1 Quartz Ring of Magic +2 Temple of Amana Dont forget to grab 100+ arrows 1st part is pretty easy Hope you have an upgraded bow Kill them from a distance Attack in the fall Or just run like a __ No morons Aggress them one at a time *No translation needed* Attack with a bow or your __ will break Run to the boss You have time to heal, oil your weapons after entering the arena Stay clean, move away from these hand strikes Nothing else, super easy GG boss, very easy Love each other, dont fight Normal campfire NO Everyone gets parried Kill Hollow with a torch Hollow with a torch 20 18 - 2018 how many people own elden ring on steam steam crab time steam hair how to use xbox 360 controller on steam games what do steam mean ds3 steam charts