Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin - Walkthrough Part 24: Scorpioness Najka

Zombie survival games steamsteam game awards give away DARK SOULS™ II: SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN game what is happening gaiz cowboy here and we are back with a more scholar of the first sin for you so I do got to say this area has been a whole hell of a lot easier thus far with the for the most part the removal of The Lying guys its been a much much easier time to go through this area because those guys I can actually kill you know The Lying guys there was something else man just the dn8 resistances they have against elemental attacks made them a real pain in the ass so before we go and take on all the stuff to the right its like another one of you wants to die so obviously be very cautious around the cursed pots I suggest breaking them as soon as you possibly can last thing you want to deal with is the curse now before we go over there couple other things were going to get this looks like this says theres an enemy inside me written all over it so were going to wait for that guy to come over hes like poised whats that I have infinite amounts really nothing inside a giant barrel like that with no enemy I gotta say Im a bit surprised so if you have a fragrant branch and use one right here I remember correctly some decent loot want to say its decent so were going to actually were gonna use the branch on this guy were going to back on up because obviously there is a couple cursors right there and we dont want to deal with all that so back up let them chase after us and if youre playing a pure sorcerer these guys are really hard as you can see physical damage under their hand its quite powerful against them Im actually surprised the silver black spear is as effective as it is here because I figured with the innate higher dark damage to it it wouldnt be okay lime age and another fragrant range so for those that dont know lion mage is a really really good set for casters now the hexer foot is pretty much a staple of casting because on top of giving us one to intellect or one to intelligence excuse me and one to faith it also increases the number of casts for spells making it very very powerful the hexes robe and the gloves and all that on the other hand you know no real benefit from those however the lion maids robe despite the significantly lower defenses as you can see it improves our casting speed and that applies to cuffs and the skirt as well so just to put it all in perspective right now you can see and give them were 28 attunement so were not you know done with our build yet but right now our casting speed is at 155 you know its pretty good toss this stuff on and were up to 180 so thats obviously a you know pretty significant increase there will help out our cast speed quite a bit just to visualize it better that is with the gear so you can see it is a very very small difference but regardless a difference nonetheless and in a game where frequently things come down to the wire every little bit of casting speed does help where you hold the holes what we want there we go all right this is the hole were looking for open that up good old homing soul mess and heres our buddy to a guy like my god so basically this is the guy that you need to talk to to join the Dark Covenant and Ill remember what the damn Covenant is but its the one where you basically kill dark lurker on top of that thats the Covenant you go through to get stuff like well you already have great resonant soul but you get some really high-end hexes from the Covenant making it a very worthwhile for a hex are however you got to find him in three separate locations one being right here one in drank castle and one down in kind of tremor what the name is down in the black Gulch find them down in the black Gulch very similar to the spot where you pick up the whats a McCall I cant  __  think right now are youre right right very similar to where you would fight the the giants the giants there we go I dont know why I was having so much trouble remembering what they were called but yes so before we get that guy Im gonna check over here for these very large barrels god those guys hit so hard its absurd so we are going to reinsure I feel like they might have messed with their resistance is a bit they dont seem to be as difficult as the lock stone thats actually just a look at you with your big shiny gold mane oh shes special looking youre dead seems like just about everything here they really did drastically increase the number of things affected by an fragrant branch I know I have one more left but I dont know of any other areas that are locked off without a branch so instead of getting that guy because I dont know I mean he might drop an item Im not a hundred percent Im not willing to waste the branch to find out Id much rather see what is in the chest that this guys blocking god damn it piece of  __  all three backstab is just completely whiffed not going through repair human effigy and making serum alright so not the the best use of a branch in all honesty but the very least three effigies is pretty good so fatty is the first time I actually think the fatty message was place well before we run in if at all possible I would like to maintain my status all right got that urn for Pharos lock stone get rid of that guy right there is our main man more things you got to break though give me goodies chunk shard and bolts toe if I remember correctly thats actually one of the first bolt stones you can find in the game dark scythe tronie which the regular site isnt chainable dont hit this guy hes chill say says nothing however on our ring of whispers and dented a diamond are we a season no place for you become are you not afraid of humans as who do turn back when they see me but you we once had a mask he was born with a fatal he resented those who had what he and became fully eventually it was at the peak of this madness that he conjured up mama sausage eventually his in the nd what it was did he nobody knows where Im not the only one to even speak a human tongue my cell phone what I always found her at my she became father eventually she came weve been locked in combat we seem to be at a standstill I was born my masters man I will be sure the past my name was the past okay so now that we were through with his dialogue shame basically hell come and assist us with the boss and so Im not sure how much they change but I know previously you would go to get the Black Knight halberd back that way that may or may not still be the case you know all in all its an all right weapon really not amazing but if youre focusing on a halberd and youre doing kind of a split stat deal it does pretty well so either way we do have him on our side now so we are positioned to go take on the boss of course dont forget to change your ring back heres something its probably those guys down there thought maybe another invisible guy was coming after me all right click check for loot nothing well this one does have something but you gotta run up the stairs Harmon right see if that remains hey whats up buddy dont you scare me not that bastard with a ring theres bright Im gonna find them and settle the score for a good matter boss alright I actually despite all the hundreds and hundreds of hours I put into the Dark Souls 2 back on xbox 360 i actually never finished up that question i think that may have been the one spot where I never found him thats right alright I think we got all of our loot this point lets go take on a boss of course after talking to him man scorpion talk is now summonable its pretty badass to does a good job top of that hes huge so lets get buffed up here focus son shes probably big enough for no actually shes probably not big enough for his focus at dark work so this boss can be a little bit tricky see her right there now one thing were gonna do is to get this item here were gonna come on over this way and we want her to basically burrow towards us it looks like shes going straight for Vance Scorpion tark instead my warp is arent even connected we got our attention you obviously dont wanna let those head now we need her to go underground she usually has a there we go okay so now that shes on the ground run over here to this tree should you can kind of see her moving right here for her she should pop up and take this tree down dammit maybe its not gonna happen because Vance Scorpion charges here in the worst case scenario I think its just a flame butterfly so nothing really spectacular there no youre not not losing out on anything insanely awesome by not having her do that so no worrys score penis falls if you are having trouble with the boss when shes burrowing around you cant stand right here this is basically the safe spot where she wont burrow but their way another one bites the dust so you on man my spirit is just about broken too obviously this is the fun area hopefully well get a couple invasions while were here trying to avoid using my avoid using my spear since its the verge of breaking here kill that one kill this one now this entire area is a tricky dont know what youre doing this way it got blood from here on out yeah bland will be here soon you found him in the other areas now this area is optional you dont have to go through it as you saw right there if I go straight this way and go on up thatll leave me bright stone Cove tseldora however we are accomplishing everything so we will be going through there was guy grabbed his chest real fast dragon chime and then we run on down as Im staring all right so next episode were going to be taking on the doors of Pharos well go all the way through that area and kill a boss obviously this one was a little short but theres not all that much to the shaded ruins in the score penis I had another fragrant branch of your would have been a little bit longer but it seems like the game is just tossing on of those out right now to basically unpatch Rifai those other dudes so the way guys make sure to stay tuned and well catch you a couple hours with a next episode hotel game steam Prepare to die....again. 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