Dark Souls 2 Rant - Difficulty/SotFS Changes

How to refund gifts on steamhow to fully uninstall games on steam DARK SOULS™ II: SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN game hi guys so theres a little thing I want to say to set up these clips since the following clips have exclusively live commentary its not going to be as coherent and pieced together as it otherwise would be but what Im going to be doing is Im going to put some stuff in the description one of the things is I gave the first the original release of Dark Souls 2 a positive review and then I gave its called the first in a negative review so Im going to put links to those reviews if anyone wants to read them I realized with this setup I talked longer than I was going to so Im going to put some of this later in the video I forgot to buy lightning spear from Leisha so I had to go all the way down to earth and peak to get lightning spear which is a real pain installed the first day and Id Im guessing a lot of people played both versions but for anyone who has an earth earth and peak if you want to just go round and explore the area dont do a rush to the boss its really obnoxious they just put a ton of those mannequin guys everywhere even if you know exactly where the ambush is youre still going to get rekt half the time and this might piss off some people but I gave scholar the first in a negative review on Steam now if steam allow the neutral review I would have given it neutral or mixed review but I gave the original Scott stark souls to a positive review and I think in terms of gameplay Dark Souls 2 is as good as the first one theres some other things like NPC stuff and whatnot that are handled is good idea now I have revised my opinion of Dark Souls 2 a bit since writing those reviews one is about Dark Souls 2 being significantly more unfair than the first Dark Souls I dont really think that anymore after going back and forth in the games maybe I just got maybe its just because I got a lot better at Dark Souls 2 and got rusty at ds1 but I think maybe overall the Dark Souls 1 is maybe a little bit more fair but compared to the normal opinion in the community I definitely I dont agree I think the first Dark Souls is a better game overall but Dark Souls 2 not nearly as bad as some people think and I actually am going to be doing I have some clips from the Dark Souls 1 play for you I did a while back which Im kind of complaining about a difficulty and also just the comparisons between Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 2 so I am critiquing both Dark Souls so either people are going to think on balance for doing both or everyones going to hate me I dont know and once again just keep in mind that these clips theyre live commentaries so its kind of rambling and disjointed to a certain extent Ill put more coherent information in the description so be sure to check that and as soon as I get to ds1 video the rants about that Ill push the link to that in the description as well I really hate this fight its not a fun fight it just theres like its an interesting fight but its thats the thing with a lot of a lot of people complained about Dark Souls 2 having too many humanoid bosses and gets kind of boring but I think about Dark Souls 1 like the nonhumanoid bosses were interesting but a lot of them werent very good boss fights just in terms of gameplay I mean everyone has different opinions Im not thats just my opinion Im I mean theres plenty of AI this could have good could have been better I think I think it could have been done better thats basically all Im saying yeah see the thing is like the reason why Im hanging out in the corners because those things actually clip you even if youre standing in the alcove they still go to the side and they clip you so they dont even let you fight the skeletons basically I guess having a shield Ive been good but even those is my opinion and I dislike the boss fight I do believe that its poorly designed its not just I mean a lot of people in the Dark Souls community have this idea that hard equals good challenge is good if it makes it can make the game more engaging but thats not always the case yeah I dont like this slide either because its like if you have enough damage its super easy but if you dont have a lot of damage its significantly harder I mean so its basically dps race which this is I misses an RPG you should be able to do different builds I mean its a hard game plate its supposed to be hard but they try to do it again in Dark Souls 2 with ruin sentinels thats even a better example of how dealing with multiple sets of AI is just its a I dont want to use a term artificial difficulty because that well partially just because people get really pissed off if you mention artificial difficulty well less is people criticizing Dark Souls 2 complimenting Dark Souls 1 but 3 a truck ruins that fight ruin sentinels one-on-one its pretty easy I mean if youre new to Dark Souls are still getting pretty tough but compared to fighting 2 or 3 if you fall off the thing you might as well just reset and thats what lobosjr does he hell just quit and reload then you start outside the fog gauge so if you do if you are doing ruin centels and you fall down just quit and reload and youll start at the fog gate I mean youll lose any Estes you have but youre going to almost for sure die otherwise yeah these I dont know why they added so many and they added these guys probably just parsing over speedrunners theres so many enemies its theres a guy shooting you I actually I gave Scala the first send a negative review on steam between this and the NPC invaders and this was already a problem in the base game about just the huge gangbangs and so hopefully we can knock this guy in the water no I think they went overboard the high nights here I dont they really denied it really didnt need this many this is one of the reasons why games call the firsts in negative review I mean that the NPC invaders is probably the biggest reason another chainmail okay some people are going to anyone whos been farming the chainmail is going to be super pissed now this is going to stuff with low endurance this is another thing I think they went overboard was called the first sin and I know why they did this to be I had a hitbox of Sullivan they were trying to promote Scala first in so they made some interesting changes to the early levels they had the ogres and Forsyth fallen Giants and yeah theres really not much you can do except just stand in the middle and hope he doesnt they also have but they also have the turtle guys appear earlier and forth so the fall Giants again are you serious and yeah just make sure you drink something right or heal up but then there is also the height Knights and the dragon here so yeah they just Im sure some people enjoyed the change but for people who have never played Dark Souls before its kind of obnoxious they basically made this for they were marketing this towards people who had already played Dark Souls I dont how I survived that Im dead yeah did you fall in yeah all right lets lets just do this way okay that doesnt work as well as I I love Im off my game or what but yeah this is just right past them I think is the way to do it and they like added some guys up there so you can do that whole speedrunner trick people usually do you know what some lets die now well this is where you get the lightning spear Im probably not going to survive because we added a bunch of guys here yeah but yeah you come up here go down here thats not it a guy that drops down here yeah then you drop down here and here so yeah oh hey I did know alright lets just  __  power boom oh ok nevermind yeah these guys are fun theyre like I think theyre one of the worst enemies in the game if this was blood-borne it would be fine because they give you they give you the tools to deal with enemies like this but these guys its just theres a lot of rng involved like here Im just going Im not doing anything good Im not Im not true Im just getting lucky they dont do the didnt lose it yeah Im sure a lot of people are happy guard great goes back to kick what happens if I what clear I got a chime really I have I have to I have to clear chimes 2d platformer games steam Ive defended Dark Souls 2 on many occasions, but I get salty from time to time. At one point, I agreed with the popular opinion in the Dark Souls community that Dark Souls 2 was significantly more unfair than the first game. I no longer think that. It might be slightly worse than the first game, but not much more. There are also some unnecessarily difficult areas and enemies in the first Dark Souls which rival its sequel. steam achievements manager how to download steam games on phone fallout 1 steam deck steam redownload game a game of thrones the board game steam