Things Betwixt - Full Narrated Walkthrough Part 1 - Dark Souls II SotFS 4k

Terraria steam join gameshark steam mop 3101 DARK SOULS™ II: SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN game hey everyone sweet johnny cage here welcome to part one of my dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin full playthrough walkthrough this is a casual lets play style walkthrough so im going to sort of guide you through the game as i play it and hopefully give you some lore some knowledge some help uh explanation of mechanics and all the good things that come with souls games i will sort of say from the outset dark souls 2 is probably like my least favorite of the series its still a very good game but it just changes so many things from dark souls 1 and demon souls and plays kind of differently from the rest of the games in the series so it can definitely take an adjustment period there are a lot of mechanics in dark souls 2. it has one of the best new game plus systems in gaming i think and unfortunately it was it wasnt brought over to dark souls 3 or bloodborne new game plus and dark souls 2 changes quite a bit you get new enemies different loot the game sort of stays the same but things just get remixed in a way which i want to see in eldon ring hopefully um yeah okay so lets get started this part of the walkthrough were gonna go through things betwixt and then im gonna skip this intro cutscene um and we are going to spawn immediately and things be twixed and dark souls 2 starts off very differently from the rest of the series youll notice that we didnt go through character creation and that is because you do it in a little bit were going to sort of walk through this area towards the light here and then well be able to go through character creation whats kind of funny though is in the intro cutscene the character is obviously male just given the body type and characteristics but if you take off your armor you can see that you are male as well so you spawn as a male but you can change it once you get to character creation its odd how they decided to sort of cut this into pieces um so here things be twixed we start off in this little gazebo here and there are enemies in this area but they are mostly passive they wont actually do anything to you unless you do something to them theyre like little dogs that run around so were gonna come up this hill and then theres an item over here yeah these little rat dog things they wont do much unless you attack them theres an item back here and this is a rusted coin temporarily increases luck one of the first things youll notice about dark souls 2 is the camera is a little weird and what i mean by that is it has like an acceleration so right now i am just lightly holding the joystick to the right and then what im going to do now is im going to go from neutral all the way to the right and youre going to notice that the camera sort of snaps so like sort of has this like a little acceleration period where first it goes kind of slow but then it snaps and goes really fast that is something that youre going to have to get used to i dont know why they changed the camera in dark souls 2 but it it does get a little frustrating especially if youre like me and youre always like tapping to adjust sometimes if you tap for too long it speeds up and then snaps to the wrong place okay so what were going to do now is instead of sort of exploring this area were going to go into this house and were going to begin character creation oddly enough youll notice that im opening this door and then a cut scene starts and then that will bring us into character creation so keeping in line with the other walkthroughs that ive done for the soul series were going to call this character guide and then the starting classes are mostly the same as the rest of the series for class we have warrior knight swordsman bandit cleric sorcerer explorer and deprived deprived you start with absolutely nothing cleric is probably the strongest starting class because it starts with the mace and a chime and a heel however um the warrior is really strong too this is starts off with a broken straight sword and a shield the knight has a long sword that you can two hand and deal some good damage with so were actually going to start with this the swordsman starts with a scimitar as well as a straight sword uh interesting little two-handed action there the bandit is fun it starts with a uh an axe a bow and then some armor uh the bow is actually pretty good starting off youre able to aggro some enemies again the cleric is probably the strongest one in my opinion the sorcerer is really good too starts with a dagger as well as soul arrow the explorer is fun starts with the dagger it starts with bolts for a crossbow but not actually a crossbow which is kind of weird but it starts with so many good items so it starts with the ferrous lockstone this is the item next to the repair powder ferrous lockstones are used in various areas of dark souls 2 to unlock doors secret walls and various other things you are able to buy them and farm them later on um but the explorer is a really really good starting class id say its probably second best to the cleric just because of the items that you get you do pick up all these items pretty quick and you can buy a couple of them so its not like you absolutely must start with this class im going to go with the knight just because i like the starting weapon okay and then our gift um you sort of only have like one choice here so the life ring you get really early on in the game dont pick that human effigy you can buy these and pick these up this is basically dark souls 2s dark souls 2s uh humanity system so you sort of can return to human form gain all your life back so on and so forth healing wears is various levels of life gems as well as green moss life gems are new to dark souls 2. the estus flask does return in this game from dark souls 1 but it works a little differently so life gems if youve played demon souls are very similar to the grass system of demon souls you have different degrees of life gems different strengths and sizes and they restore different amounts of health at different speeds you do get an ss flask however there are you only start with one flask and it heals over time so basically like you drink but then your life bar sort of fills up gradually instead of instantly like in dark souls one and three the healing system in this game takes a little while to get used to and youre also completely vulnerable while using a healing gem or an ss flask you cant like quickly swing it and then roll its a long animation homeward bone absolutely pointless youll pick that up very soon seed of a tree of giants um is a pretty interesting item its a pvp item that makes it so if somebody has invaded you or even if you have an npc invasion you can use this item and then enemies in your world will attack that invader so make some pvp invasions a lot easier bonfire aesthetic is a really interesting item and ill give you i guess ill give you like a brief explanation of these now bonfire aesthetics can be used at bonfires you can burn bonfire aesthetics at bonfires and like i mentioned before dark souls 2 has a really really good new game plus system where if you beat the game and you go to new game plus the areas change a little bit you get some more npc invasions you get different items you get different enemies um and it sort of just refreshes the game and how you go through it a second or third or fourth time bonfire aesthetics allow you to move a specific area to new game plus to get the items and weapons and all that sort of stuff early so basically if you were to use a bonfire aesthetic um in an area and it has a different loot is available on new game plus you will now have access to that loot this allows you to sort of accelerate the way youre playing the game on repeat like new game plus zero playthroughs so if you start with a bonfire aesthetic and you know where like an endgame weapon is maybe like a straight sword plus seven or something like that if you know exactly where that is but it only appears in new game plus go to that bonfire use the aesthetic and loot the weapon i will not be using these throughout my playthrough this is just supposed to be a casual sort of lets play style playthrough so im not going to be using any of these like advanced mechanics in dark souls 2 but if you do use them know that you are going to new game plus in that specific area but once you go past that area it goes back down to the game plus zero and its not like theres a fog wall or anything its not like the world actually changes its just the enemies and loot that would appear there under game plus now appear in your playthrough okay and also when you do fully progress into game plus after defeating the final boss that area would then go to new game plus two or plus three so everything goes up one level including those uh ascetic bonfires okay petrified something is a tradable item so we will take this because we will be visiting the crows to trade very early on here this is what im gonna pick okay great so oddly enough we are now inside this little keebler elf treehouse but the door is closed so even though we opened the door it was closed behind us for some strange reason all right so now that we have a weapon uh we can actually start doing some stuff so were going to come back over here and were going to cross the bridge that we walked across and were going to fight the first enemy of dark souls 2 which is an ogre you can see these big tracks and then the ogre will be sort of patrolling around here and were going to kill this ogre for the stone ring so the ogre is going to wake up this enemy has a really gnarly grab that you want to watch out for heres the grab okay im going to be really careful with that grab the hitbox is kind of frustrating what i mean by that is you can roll out of the way and still get sucked into it and im going to explain why that is in a little bit once we visit the the fire keeper to level up or not the fact uh once we visit the emerald herald to level up youll learn why all right thats the ogre and then he drops the stone ring so the stone ring just gives you some uh it allows you sorry gives you additional reduction of enemy poise so basically that allows you to sort of stagger enemies as youre attacking them more easily and we have a gold pine resin here as well okay let me come over here and then across this bridge before we do that you want to follow this river and you do walk much more slowly in water and dark souls too and then you can actually drop im almost positive if you drop here im not even gonna chance it i might be wrong we can get that treasure much way much safer im pretty sure you just dropped there okay so you can turn right here go down this little ramp yeah i could have dropped and then you get the small smooth and silky stuff all right so thats this first little area thats the ogre um and then we can come back into the kibler elf treehouse and then we can come upstairs and theres a chest for us to open uh using bonfire aesthetics also respawns chests so if i were to go outside and use the bonfire aesthetic on the first bonfire just outside this house this chest would re-spawn all right so we get a human effigy like i said useless starting gift and then if we speak with millibeth a couple times Music i think she gives us an item no one of these fire keepers gives us an item oh well okay cool so now we have our first bonfire teleporting is always available in dark souls 2. if you play dark souls 3 or bloodborne um it works the same way once you light a bonfire youre able to teleport to it dark souls 1 is actually the only game in the series that locks teleporting until the mid game which i always think it makes you a better experience but thats just me okay so this is the travel menu we only have one bonfire here so nothing to do we have these little gravestones that give you hints throughout the game they are 99 of them are in things betwixt i think there might be one or two scattered throughout the world theres a treasure right here be sure to pick that up still the lost undead and a torch the torch is a really important item and the way torches work if you go to your equipment menu just below the rings area youll see a timer and that timer says that we have five minutes of torch time every time you pick up a torch five minutes gets added to that timer in dark souls 2 a little bit of a history lesson for you when the game is first revealed you have this really impressive lighting system and darkness was supposed to play a really big role in this game it was designed to be a really dark game lighting-wise so the idea was that you would have a torch in one hand and a sword in the other or a sword and shield so you would sacrifice your shield for a torch and be able to see better and you know suss out any traps or enemies that might be lurking in the darkness and then you can use that torch to light lanterns or braziers or you know things like that but unfortunately that lighting engine was too strong or it required too many too much resources to get it to run on the ps3 and xbox 360 when the game first came out so it was removed and the game was made brighter there are still some dark sections um but the torch is never necessary in terms of like needing to light your path or anything like that um its still cool to use the game is kind of beautiful and it does let the tour having a torch does lend itself to that beauty um but for the most part the torch is kind of pointless that said however in scholar of the first sin which is the version of the game that were playing the lighting engine was not necessarily brought back but some areas were made darker to make the torch a bit more useful but still not necessary however one other thing happened and in areas where there were a lot of razors to light in the original version of the game you would light them and nothing happens its just to make the area more visible in scholar the first sin if you light all the braziers in an area youll usually get an npc invasion so thats what were gonna do what you can do is at every bonfire you can press triangle and light your torch just like that so were gonna light the torch and head out and then theres gonna be a brazier for us to light right here and then were gonna light all these on the ground here okay and then ill light this one as well and then were going to go backwards because were going to go through the rest of this place all right so theres a couple things that i want to talk about here and things betwixt two of them are actually really close to each other so youll see here theres an ogre on the beach and its sort of hovering over a coffin in the water we cannot reach this ogre yet theres actually two in the area one is not visible to us right now but this coffin changes your characters gender i hate this joke but this is how the game is it changes you are in an area called things be twixed and that coffin changes your things betwixt your legs its an awful play on words i think its so lame but thats dark souls 2. now so if you ever want to change your gender just go to that coffin and you can do so i yeah so that really confused me the first time through um i used the coffin and couldnt tell what happened and then i noticed that my character when it would when it would die it now had a female scream and i was like wait i definitely created a male character why is that happening and its because of that coffin the other thing i want to explain here is a statue blocks your way this is a petrified statue theres an item in the game that you can get theres a lot of them called a branch a fragrant branch of yore and you can use a fragrant branch of your on petrified statues theyre actually usually petrified npcs or enemies and you can use a fragrant bench of your on them and they will get out of your way theyll sort of reanimate and come out of petrification unfortunately i dont have one yet and the first one that you can find is like really expensive so we will come back to things betwixt later on in the walkthrough and get through this last little section for now however we are going to go this way im just going to go through a little tutorial here uh if you want to skip all this just run out uh just go towards that light and youll end up in majula this is completely optional all right so lets light the torch again and go through the fog door theres going to be several enemies in here just some struggling undead guys nothing crazy just go ahead and kill them and then light the torch so this area is literally just telling you press r1 to swing your sword r2 to do a bigger attack yada yada really nothing great and its also telling you enemies can lurk in the shadows nothing major all right so the backstab animation in dark souls 2 is in my opinion over animated and what i mean by that is you sort of get like this uh you you go up to an enemy you press r1 and then you sort of like punch them in the back and then do some twirly animation it makes it so you are not immediately invulnerable during backstabs and so essentially what that means is you need to make sure that theres no one else around you when youre backstabbing this can be frustrating because i dont know its very video game ask for you to be invulnerable at any time opening doors backstabbing doing something thats a video game thing in real life you would not be vulnerable so its sort of to add to the realism of things um but its not as fun so they sort of sacrifice fun for realism in dark souls 2 a little bit but heres that coffin again with that ogre and theres another ogre like where my head is but you cant see all right so lets light the torch again well come up this hill again we only have three minutes and 40 seconds left on the timer for the torch so we got to be quick and if you run out of time its not at all a big deal but i dont want to so we get the dagger again like you know one of the starting classes started with a dagger which is very nice but you get the dagger really fast anyway so you get all the starting weapons really fast actually all right so were going to come out here now a couple enemies all ready cool that last guy had a uh had a bow which can be a little tough to deal with get a life jam come out here see the timer still running even though were walking through the kind of annoying all right go ahead and drop this ladder and then what im going to do is im going to ignore the crows for now and were going to drop here and light this razor and then were going to put our torch away get a soul of the nameless silver okay cool so lets go back up the ladder and were gonna make a couple of trades with the crows and the crows have different names in this game but i will always refer to this as sparkly of the crow i think its like d and t or something like that um what are these things called dinah and tillo for their names um im sure that has some latin root that i dont know about anyway what were going to do is were going to drop a small smooth and silky stone leave it here and then in dark souls 2 you do not need to reload the treasures are given to you right there so you get a titanic chart for that and then go ahead and drop your starting gift which was the petrified something the only purpose of this item is to leave it with the crows and then you get the channelers trident wow cool so thats actually like a rare drop um the petrified something has random rewards so again a strange change from demon souls and dark souls 1 to make it so their rewards change or their rewards are rng based in some cases thats the way it is pretty cool though challenge tridents really rare go ahead light your torch again and then were going to go into this right tree so these guys have swords now so they they can they can defend themselves a little bit but youre faster lets go ahead and like this and then what were going to do is were going to jump dark souls 2s jumping system isnt that great and its dependent upon your weight so youll notice here that my jump is like a little hop however to take off some of my armor i am able to run a little bit faster there we go i recommend taking off your armor for that jump ive died to it several times anyway you get an amber herb for the jump and then just go on back dont forget to put your equipment back on its weird you start off with one armor set and then when you do character creation you get another armor set strange and also this was i just noticed this so you start off with the imported set but the starting class i picked the knight does not have a helm that comes with it so my helm gets unequipped weird anyway go ahead and light your torch on the brazier and then youre going to go up the ladder unfortunately quick climbing ladders uses your stamina so be very careful if theres ever an enemy on top of a ladder dont click climate all right so this teaches us about plunging attacks just press r1 while falling hello and then there is a door over there but i want to light this last crazier here just wanted to save time on my torch so there is a door in this room make sure to open this and then inside is a corpse with a cracked red eye or in case you want to do any invasions go ahead and go for it ready so re-light your torch and then run in here and then you can like this one and you can see theres a basilisk there is a basilisk there and then theres an enemy on the other side of this little ravine this is however the tree with the petrified statue or petrified npc in front of it i actually think its an enemy so you cant really do much um but that is things be twixed up until this point so make sure you have traded with the crows make sure youve done all you need to do looted all your treasure and then its time to go to majula uh majula is dark souls 2s thats a weird phrase to say majula is the hub of dark souls 2. similar to demon souls you can only level up at the hub with the i call it the maiden in green and i cant even take credit for that the maiden in green was a joke made by another youtuber named matthew mitosis who did a really long critique on this game back when it first came out um but i actually dont even remember her name um anyway so before you sort of head over to where you need to go you want to drop here im gonna need the binoculars and we will also get a mace so you get the morning star and the clerics sacred chime so thats the clerics starting set without the the heel excerpt so go figure and you get the binoculars off of that corpse there alrighty so here is the majula bonfire and then we have homegirl over here and she has a lot to say im going to skip it all shes just really chatty but she gives you the first estes flask this is the emerald herald thats her name i always forget it um and you can level up with the emerald herald and now you can also yeah i think you can also increase your s this last compare i want to talk about the level up menu because there is a really important difference in dark souls 2 when compared to the rest of the series and that is a new stat called adaptability okay so im going to press the options button to bring up the help menu which is just some helpful tips adaptability raises various attributes to ensure one survival boosts agility in various resistances agility is described as boosts ease of evasion and other actions this does not begin to describe what agility is so evasion can mean a million different things but increasing your adaptability gives you additional invincibility frames on your roll so if youve noticed so far when playing this game youre rolling out of the way of attacks and it looks like youre out of the way but youre still getting hit that is because dark souls 2 makes you level up in order to give you a good roll its a really bizarre choice and it is not explained well at all so what were going to do is i am going to go to the wiki and im going to look up agility and then we are going to use a really helpful table um that tells us the sort of like upper limit of invincibility frames with agility so our adaptability right now is at nine if we go to 10 we get 88 agility at 88 agility we have nine iframes or 0.3 seconds of invincibility on our roll starting off at 87 we only have eight iframes so what we effectively need to do is get to somewhere between 114 and 116 agility um its really up to you but the agility cap is 116. dont level up your adaptability any higher than when agility goes to 116. its not worth it at all uh and for some reason attunement levels up agility as well i dont i dont really get that um which i guess is helpful you know and its helpful um but and adaptability also increases you know resistances which is nice um but adaptability is going to be the first step that i level throughout the game okay so that is the new stats explained everything else is basically the same uh the emerald herald gives us our mission to find the king or seek the king as she properly says the king is in this building here this is during lake castle however we cannot reach during lake castle if you head in this direction you will come across a building called the shrine of winter the shrine of winter cannot be opened unless you have the four old souls or souls of the old ones or something like that and basically you get these from bosses at the end of certain areas so theres the rotten theres the uh old demon king i think theres a a couple other bosses um the the last center and something else um im like racking my brain really fast to figure out what they were last center rotten demon king i cannot remember the fourth off hand uh basically the shrine of winter will not open unless you have those four boss souls in your inventory or i think you could have them yeah i think you could have used them but you basically just had to have gotten them but the shrine of winter can also be opened based on your soul memory lets talk about that now so if we go to our player status the number so we have level actually lets just do this so this number in the top right this is soul memory and its explained as souls that once dwelled within the flesh will always remain in memory could this be a blessing or a curse its deliberately obtuse soul memory is the total number of souls that you have ever looted so youll see here that it says 1 610 and if you remember when i went to the maiden and green to level up i had 1 610 souls but i spent a bunch and now i only have 662 left over but the soul memory is retained this is how the online bracketing is done its done by soul memory its no longer done by level so you can be level one and have 10 million soul memory and effectively be matched with people who are like level 300 or something this is good and bad i think it was an interesting choice i personally dont really like it because soul memory is a little annoying to control it basically means that you just have to stop killing things at a certain point which isnt great um but thats soul memory so if you notice that youre in an endgame area and you know youre only like level 60 or something you just chose not to level up in a long time but you have 15 million soul memory chances are youre not going to find anybody to play with and that is what ended up happening as this game got older so if you notice thats whats happening chances are its your soul memory and unfortunately i dont think theres any way to expunge it or do anything about it but let me just double check the wiki here um no nope no it cannot be reduced um anyway kind of annoying but thats soul memory so thats a new mechanic the dark souls 2. thankfully it wasnt brought back but yeah okay so those are the new mechanics and i should explain majula now so over here we have this monument and this monument basically sums up dark souls 2 in a nutshell the marketing behind dark souls 2 when it was first coming out was prepare to die again and again and again and again and again and again and again and so theres a monument here that if youre connected to the internet it tells you the amount of times people have died in the world and right now we are 366 million 750 107 deaths worldwide if you are not connected to the internet this will just be your personal death counter so the game is built around death and theres a lot of cheap deaths in dark souls 2 that we will cover as we go through the game this is the crest fallen warrior uh salden is his name if we speak with him enough uh he will give us a covenant item for the way of the blue and you gotta talk to him a bunch if that this is for those blue sentinels and then you can join his covenant right away and basically this is if you ever get invaded and you have and youre in this covenant blue sentinels will come and help you out there is another covenant that well talk about in a moment but first right here this is blacksmith lenograst hes locked out of his house and you need the key which we will actually buy in the next area so well be able to get a blacksmith functioning in the next part of the walkthrough coming over here going up this hill there is another covenant that is actually interesting but not explained at all theres a monument up here and this monument is the victor stone and it just straight up asks you do you want to enter the covenant offer an all stone or leave and like any good player youre going to say enter the covenant i want to know what this is says this will set you up on an arduous path okay to join his covenant press yes press yes again and then you join the covenant and nothing happens you get a champions tablet great job but what is going on what does this mean the covenant of champions is a pretty interesting covenant i actually think its a good covenant i just wish it was explained better okay in dark souls 2 uh well let me say this starting off the first thing this covenant does is give enemies more health and i think they deal more damage to you um so it just makes the game a little harder the other thing this covenant does is change a mechanic or disable a mechanic that is in dark souls 2. if you were to kill a specific enemy seven times the enemy will despawn but it will despawn permanently unless you use a bonfire aesthetic or go to new game plus however if you join the covenant of champions that doesnt happen that enemy will respawn forever so this makes it so you can just farm enemies over and over and over which is helpful but again they are harder so thats the covenant of champions i dont recommend it for a first-time player or really for anyone all right so over here we have a house with a really interesting vendor so this is mullen and he is like a really timid shopkeeper starting out he doesnt have much to offer but the more money you spend with him the more items he goes and procures for you so you got to spend money to expand his inventory but the more money you spend with him the cockier he becomes so right now hes this poor timid man who has no souls no currency and is just begging you to buy something but if you spend more and more souls his his posture even changes so like hes sitting here cross-legged just like sort of in a beggars stance almost but if you spend a lot of money with him hell be leaning against this bench like hey whats up um so pretty interesting character i like him a lot you can kill him and get his armor set and his armor set increases the amount of souls you get so what a lot of speed runners will do is theyll kill him right away theyll get his armor and then every time they kill a boss once they deliver the killing blow to the boss they will quickly equip his armor get the bonus souls and then unequip them so pretty interesting dont forget here though there is a ladder for you to go up and inside is a tight knight chart all right so this pit here is really interesting you do need the uh the cat ring in order to survive the fall this will lead to a couple areas as well as one of the keys to the dlc however there is another npc that you can come across throughout the world named ladder smith gilligan and ladder smith gilligan you can pay him to build ladders that go down into the pit and make it so you dont have to jump to all the treasures oh okay so we can open this door and inside is a really nice npc npc named xiao qua xiao qua is a cat who cannot be killed at least i dont think she can be killed but she allows you to abandon your covenant so if you have joy in the covenant of champions just speak with xiaohua and you can abandon it she also allows you to rejoin covenants or at least actually i dont think you rejoin them with her but you can check your rank and of course abandon the covenant abandoning covenants in dark souls 2 has no penalty unlike dark souls 1. dark souls 1 if you had a covenant leveled up to plus 2 and you left it that rank went back down to 0. i think it went all the way down to zero it could have just been minus one level but either way there was a penalty dark souls 2 that is not the case she also sells some items she sells the silver cat ring which like i said reduces fall damage bringing the evil eye which absorbs hp from each defeated foe red eye ring which increases the aggro range of enemies she also sells the name engraved ring dark souls 2 does not have a password system like dark souls 1 remastered or dark souls 3 or bloodborne or demon souls remake so instead it has a ring system where with the name engraved ring once you equip it youre able to select a password actually i think that might be an option with chao claw while you have the ring equipped but basically this ring is the password system for the game so if you ever want to play with a specific person go ahead and equip the ring set a password have them do the same and you should be able to connect more easily the ring of whispers is a really interesting ring its description is pretty apt it says can hear the voices of foes no joke it basically makes it so you can hear enemies from further away kind of nice she also sells homeward bones prism stones alluring skulls and lloyds talismans but we dont really need to deal with here just yet there is a locked door right here this is known as the majula mansion however the key is given to us by an npc named kale the cartographer who we will find in the next area in the next part of the walker so you cannot open that just yet okay so that is majula majula oblongata and from here we have two choices you can go this way i dont know why i ran so far you can go this way down this path here through this archway that will bring you to hydes tower of flame hydes tower flame has a trivial boss however the enemies are a little bit tough this way right here down this path this will bring you to the forest of fallen giants forests of fallen giants in my opinion is sort of the intended first area of the game so thats where we will go first dark souls 2 functions similarly to dark souls 3 and that the world is not recursive like in dark souls 1 at least for the most part its a its like a tree theres a lot of branches some paths lead to other areas some paths are dead ends and so what were going to be doing a lot luckily since warping is enabled from the start were basically going to go down one path for a while and then hit a dead end or choose to go a different way if thats where like the level of the game is kind of guiding you to um so thats what were gonna do i guess your third option too is to go towards during lake castle uh towards the shaded woods and shrine of winter but that is a hard dead end unless you have those old souls or one million soul memory so were not going to go there for a while but thats it i think ive covered everything in the julia okay so in part two were going to go through the forest the fallen giants i will warn you that is a really long walk through its going to be something close to three hours two and a half three hours uh theres one boss but the area is huge and lots of choices to make um so we will cover that next but for now if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment ill do my best to help you out if youre looking for more guides for dark souls 2 please subscribe to the channel so you get alerted when you guys go live if youre interested in supporting the channel monetarily please consider becoming a channel member by clicking the blue join button below this video dont forget to follow me on twitter and on twitch and as always ill speak johnny cage thanks so much for watching and ill see you next time bye Music Music you can you move steam games to an external hard drive Support the Channel ❤️ Donate to the Channel 💸 Personalized Game Help 🏆 Follow on Twitter 🐦 Follow on Twitch 🕹 Join the Discord 💬 - --- 0;00 - Intro 1:15 - Character Creation & Mechanic Introduction 10:00 - Killing the Ogre & Stone Ring, Small Smooth & 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