Dark Souls 2 Scholar of The First Sin : Conferindo o Game (DLC)

Steam overlay in non steam gameadd heroic games to steam deck DARK SOULS™ II: SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN game and then here are the legacies of checking out the game that today, not for the first time, the team even made a half hour video of its original version, I just didnt do the analysis when I was still young, today I bring you dark souls 2 off school for a remastered version being torn apart young people is initially presented as a dlc so much so that if you already have dark souls 2 the value is not for a complete game this must be it brings a graphic remastering so much so that I had to do that thing split the screen to compare what I always do but in addition to the remastering, this must also bring some news that I will talk about in the course of this video, in addition to giving a position on the analysis of born and dark souls itself, well, without getting carried away, remembering that the useful loadings will be more dynamic from itapevi, so leave it scrolling as you may remember now at the beginning there will be a sensational cinematic the version that Im putting in split screen is the pc that was already improved in relation to to the 360 when I made the dark souls 2 half-hour video it was 360 I will be the dark 1 and 2 on the xbox and the demons souls on the playstation 3 so the peach version was that played on the pc it was already a version with graphics best of all only that this beginning of the cinematics should make no difference what we will really see is when the game starts dagans onion the omnia 9 hours and the cost and the filter am and another one in the night I dont bow minem aneel Where do you want peace from? Its at the Santos hub in Alta Dilma. Theres a lot of pizza, or its not Ronan Dom Negão and No. man the soundtrack that is in the background and even mainly even i think the narrative telling like this your having prepared for what comes ahead is __ garay goes from one more youre crazy cell or life of john the burning moth piauí again and again new you will move and hans ednam 15 or 20 mu Ito thanks to the roses it put the battery on it makes me more nervous than I am already looking at it now compared to the console version it is having a considerable improvement but if you compare the sector version itself playing on the pc also the death of jack there is not so much like that but beauty this must be in addition to this graphic remastering according to her description it will bring a body of up to six players now the enemies and items will be repositioned so if you remember that it is decorated here there will be that type of enemy there will not be or there will be two or there will be three changes, you know they repositioned the enemies they repositioned the items they repositioned the rapids where we used to have a checkpoint what I cant say for you is about the difficulty because dark souls 2 when it came out even so its first week was there in the middle of the field and he left half an hour when he left he was in the same groove as always where you keep dying a million times only after Just a few weeks ago, the game went through an update where there was a reduction in difficulty, which angered a lot of people because the profile of demons souls the advertisement for the brother of art and borns games is because of the __ difficulties and you know you re going to play it was just the difficulty of those who are too big to be able to complete it is not impossible for those who are not but the difficulty is aggressive especially compared to games nowadays that are usually free and you just sit down to play and it was good and it will generate smoothly the had then had a reduction in difficulty and that revolted everything else so I dont know that the difficulty of this version that will be the same as dark souls already reduced or give its first week this cant be said for you I see the name we think there are six from the front attacking the river is not a career and by the way there will be the customization thing of creating the character as always everyone has given to rive waiters there is no way you can do it and if you have er sorry you are a very faithful person let me see here this new week that comes in should happen until next saturday I believe warners analysis will be done in isolation from born he has differences in terms of difficulty in terms of gameplay in in relation to giving shows that already have a difference in relation to demons souls Im going to do an analysis of the boot not to roll so as not to waste time as I wasted helping souza asked for time to do nothing so from the boys it will not happen next week its already in analysis the dark souls analysis I should do one and two right also so I dont get too carried away because there are already a bunch of people asking for it they want to see it isnt it that the guys want to know if dark souls is good isnt that everyone knows that dark souls its cool and really cool she wants to know some information about the story about the enemies about some secrets who knows some tips things like that understood that the game is good everyone knows k demons souls and dark souls have its differences sure but blue born for dark souls there are even bigger differences when you do the analysis of born Im already going to point out some things about the art and the day - were trying to love you a lot there, dont you like its old but I think its funny when the endangered group where the years the manual flowed in place and humble sir just how cool she saying the other go to war thanks old man can go very funny right here I can interact as you may remember I did this actually in half an hour I talked with everyone who was here, come and sit there, theres a lady from the beginning near the chain, according to the description, the items will be repositioned, so lets see if she had a trunk in this one. enemy he goes up the stairs calmly, let it heat up because I hate vases I have is the boot that there are still times they also improved the connection to the servers because when I played dark soul s man it was terrible especially the first one from the bonfire capsule is here too the first one was terrible type of summoning seal that you and your friend let serve vocation on you to light explain because of your game man i played on 360 and it was our carrion to be able to play so here in this version it must be stressed over power x e y 45 3ds of life is improving the best well it can finally go wow its productive potential these tombstones here they teach the commands Nené to lock the aim to defend to hit to scroll to run cubanas de bananas you can notice that since I was born not long ago its also fresh in your memory you can notice that the dynamics from one game to the next is already quite different already its a brutal difference already demonstrated to give that it already exists like that we can its very slow man like that the speed of the prison beats for you to move its all very slow ages the zoom has already taken a right is to give an onslaught about speed and everything else and born is very fast car very is another dynamic is another philosophy of combat is something that I talk about in the analysis I think that in nude muccino dark souls you are intimidated by the creatures that you see a giant creature of people talking football is a fan gave power offended in born there are the giant creatures so that you are amazed at the same time in awe of how it can be so badass as well as how it can have such an incredible art direction these games have cycles creatures like this armor like this sensational but in bodyboard you dont get intimidated you have to go up you have to fight its different you have to be the first to hit the first to dodge and you know how to perform sequences you cant be intimidated with black box you have to be braver than you youre used to the slowness and I think you fall more to be able to face it I m going to be a little clearer in the analysis for those who couldnt understand that only those who didnt played right you will not be able to understand completely understand understand but completely what Im saying that the chances of hot creatures deal with you being the first to hit or so far I havent seen a difference but it just started here you have to put the bell items I remember here there is an item and its still here but they must have really improved multiplayer if they expanded it from four code squares its just malice but if they expanded it from four people to six people and surely it must have been guaranteed in the server bid of the connection and everything else for going with six people its like to roll up right agree __ it already broke it was my soul damn the evil started when I held the sword with both hands for those who dont know it is I change how can I say a a power of my attacks because here Im a warrior and a little butt Im still a weak little man I have but padilha that is broken to get more and more sock time for bread and a plastic scud that pay attention not to fall and die Im going to do that jump because it gets nervous falling into the hole over there calm down hes talking now I remembered when I put the shield away and positioned myself with both hands holding the sword this means that Im executing more strength in the attack, more histamine than that bar there that is under the red belly, which is dhpp as you also know that this mine is very low and you execute a very strong attack, he didnt execute the attack correctly here he ranks - hp doesnt have so much stamina to execute that attack perfectly so it comes out weaker if you finish at zero you cant stall you can run so administration of this mines is a very important thing also that in this game we only have messages here from the players on the ground these messages have been available since the 11th at demons souls there were a lot of messages mocked face like you arrived there had to a message on the floor you warned the owner to be careful there he was all __ scared that he was going to appear it still looked like __ no care trap there was nothing or rest assured that then youre going to go relax take an orange juice suddenly to hit the head with a sledgehammer and the dae apple made the euro here only those blood bags that show is that other players made this place here they died and finally in the bodyboard there are also more tombstones that you find and you see the silhouette of the other player make you be surprised I dont know when something bad Im taking this other path just to be different from the half hour its my time you remember that I went straight and there at the front I saw the npc I talked to the cnpc without other types of enemies the training here just to catch a different way even to know that to talk to the 66 years old to the design button for each despite notifying the resort that day the idea of ​​​​ the plaque or not this npcs that they are spread out in demons souls dark souls reborn they somehow give you a secondary day care center right because if they ask for a favor you can solve it with them and find an item for me there you can deliver the item not deliver you can kill it usually have some type of consequence in games and they also help you tell a story because people think that in dark blood it has no history it is an rpg it is actually a reflection with strong elements rpg that has no history but trying is that the form of contagion is different or from iowa to oak i completely forgot with a million of their friends i m going to kill this one here the people who show up the rest a month broken paw will treat nothing there is the area lost bon jovi is taking a break there so dont forget bodyboard analysis coming soon next week this thump big hug all the best always thank you so much for everything and he staggered said and see you later supercritical steam Conferindo a DLC do game.Camisetas e mousepads do Tio e o PC gamer dos seus sonhos estão na Rocketz - 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