Dark Souls 2 Scholar Of The First Sin Shaded Ruins Walkthrough

Cheat engine on steam gamesbest indie games on steam reddit DARK SOULS™ II: SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN game hello everybody welcome back to dark souls 2 and this one were going to be taking on the shaded ruins which is just after the shade of forests now ive started back in medulla just because i want to show everybody where the cat is uh this uh cat sells a ring called the ring of whispers i want to say its 10 000 or 13 000 souls its kind of pricey but we wanted to continue some of the story stuff and to talk to a scorpion guy should be pretty cool and well get there in a second um but just wanted to mention that before we go through this next area makes the um the boss of this area uh basically a pretty much of a walk over for us so it should be fine um maybe not a walk over but much easier nonetheless so uh were gonna head over to the shaded ruin oh the far the far fire oh fire jitter woods chair ruins were all good stop telling me you want to restart were not restarting right now disturbing us so here we are uh obviously at the end of the previous episode uh we picked up the item thats on top there so if you guys want to pick it up its up to you like maybe ill burn these on you but just it ruins my uh durability on the staff its the biggest problem for me right now i did manage to buy one repair powder from the uh the blacksmith in the jeweler so ive got one opportunity to repair my staff as we as progress through this area you should if you really want to be able to um jump over this way onto there if you want to take the risk feel free theres not really much need in doing so same can be said of this way ive actually managed to jump over this before if i remember rightly kind of kind of attempt to do it just because its cheeky and its funny lets do it and then you can jump straight back over again if you want to go back so its not like you stuck over here uh and it basically saves you having to use a um regular branch on this guy because now we have to get past him im going to come over here where are you here we are youre gonna youre gonna stand there yes guarding there come on show me your sauce but yes yes is going to be sublime bonus so now we get estes plus three healing now uh much better for us i also feel well way better once we get 10 estus um and any amount of plus is right its just its just dandy i think thats everything from this end we are probably going to get to the back end of that um comment record now people like lion mages or something but theyre not actually majors they dont really cast my chat yet um it just means you dont have to use a fragra branch on this guy uh i mean you can if you want to there is the precise amount of fragrant branches for the amount of statues so theres no real like kind of choice but um just no real need for us do so habit and then i guess we cant go that way definitely going to fall if you go on that Music uh so okay rather than using a fragrant branch were going to homewood bone back up dont know why i thought we could get back up normally but uh no we can do that i mean i might just waste a freight uh saving a fragrant branch for nothing like i was saying before but it just makes me feel better to save it uh enemies respawn but it doesnt resent you so you want to rest you could obviously go back and use the sublime bone dust right now as well if you wanted but in the interest of trying to save time i can do that right now comment how much uh casts i have to use on you i really really really need to do something about my damage i just forget about things like that obviously those are uh curse earns which is pretty bad mostly bad for me because obviously i intend to try and be um mostly human as we go through the play through so im going to be using a lot of effigies if i dont take care of myself because that just takes that room out of range and that should inform you that the uh the jar itself is above you you probably use these actually strong progression through the area uh wheres the line majors why are we getting the um i was supposed to get like a raw sound you mind i cant remember what im says im gonna find out could be their set for all i know uh so these guys hit like a truck but they hit rather slowly im not that that much range oh my god im really beginning to wish that wed have gone the dark fruit now wow thats with the heavy as well you want a saucepan lets try saucepan pathetic oh my god huh its quite funny who used dark magic hed probably be down like three casts are they uh its not a mimic thatd be really cruel to me that mimic and then we have uh repair spell pretty good i dont think you can actually repair the catalyst itself for that may have to look into that three effigies there pretty good is he worth having to fight every time now though probably not there is one of those in here thats a couple of those one below as well so weve got to be gonna be wary i think theres another line below as well hey what youre not gonna let me through there oh stuff is everywhere hello shade i shouldnt have come around here really but i dont think we have to get much out of fighting luckily ive got the stone ring on still so i can just stagger you to death its kind of funny that stone rings has been a lifesaver to be honest um grab you main butterfly and torch i dont think thats actually really uh oh yeah there are a couple of areas where the torch is useful as we go forward i just see something there i dont know were gonna be over on that cave in a minute were just dealing with this left side for now so if you want to get in here without being cursed we have to quick online its not like me just one of them okay youre gonna youre gonna follow me youre gonna follow me thatd be nice if you would try not to get cursed come on yeah yeah you stand there change degree come on do you say for you oh yeah accidental headshot thats exactly what i meant to do all right hey break the law where is it oh heres the saucepan there it is called the saucepan didnt even penetrate the virus literally just using it there uh sorry for such stone and then down to this way so here were going to want to equip the the ring in a second once we get down there give us some of this giggling shall we giggling earns hello you give me your loot kukani oh ty knight shunk i hope it guarantees that were on a pretty good amount of chunks right now actually uh so as soon as we get the wisdom staff which is the best the most damaging thing in the game get straight plus 10 to make it magic its going like damage dark scythe i mean maybe thats the problem right we dont have a uh the best catalyst in the world that takes us back that way uh just edge all the way around and then we have this guy so dont be tempted to kill him just yet i think we can come back and kill him later grab his stuff but now you just want to switch anyway doesnt really matter because im just going to switch straight back anyway but for now we want this one and we should have talked to this guy human are we this is no place for you be gone talk again are you not afraid of me no humans rarely come here those who do turn back when they see me or make an attempt on my life yeah maybe well try that later but you are different we once had a master his names talk as well which uh makes a lot of people kind of link him to targets from the uh Music yeah sure it should helps out maybe we have to come back and talk to him again because i think he usually ends up saying something like hell help us against his uh ex-lover and then yeah we can use you is there an item down here worth getting Music well check so this uh is effectively backing on to the other one that i said we basically saved the uh the fragrant branch from using so well just double check to see if oh god lock on completely like uh whats the word high problem look cant stagger them at all lets get some of this on save some uh fuji durability oh god i dont wanna hit talk stop it right so i think theres actually quite a few enemies down here so we need to be careful thats the noise i was just pretending to be making earlier oh when did you move there oh my god what i thought that was behind the spider damn okay lets find a place to choose this it must have a leash point i mean youll stay there ill do ill use that to my advantage thats the uh the head the heads body i thought that was way later than this and gods armor pretty good set actually from ronnie i wasnt expecting that to be there torch thank you and then yeah use a branch on that but no real need okay technically not worth it for us uh i guess you got some souls thats really all im getting out of this ah lets do this way head on back up so i guess the main thing weve got out of this is just getting talk on side okay im back what that one was theres a lot of spots on top of there which we want to take out before we head on across thats one that was getting us while were under there look um yes lets do this and take kind of sorts out the bridge area lets get you as well do this so i dont hit the chest okay so check on this it is not a mimic that chunk again this is pretty much the game saying you should have a plus 9 weapon but its just not convenient for us to do so right now uh so i think there is a already aggroable lion thing here so we need to be careful of that im going to im going to have to see if repair is going to work on my uh catalyst here because were looking pretty bad right now arent we its kind of crazy theres like line majors but it makes more of a more of a goat sound in my opinion i suppose i could put the uh the ring on that reduces the amount that uh our items degrade i believe yeah golden one do you after this one shall we im gonna have to use a repair though otherwise im not gonna continue my just get it uh where are we so slow luckily for me yes yes yes all right lets get you doing i cant do an attack then come on let me grow that do that thats why i went back and get it suppose ive only got one though so if i have to have to like clear all this again then well its not going to be good im willing to try that repair spell definitely on 15 50 minutes actually done right and just creates all arrows i feel like this one actually drops its uh thats the line in each set could be wrong there my gut tells me there should have been a um another one of the statues here but im wrong yeah im on slow but surely and i have to have a resell on i i know this just doesnt uh continually aggro me that have unfrozen all right deals with you uh red lion warrior cape let me check that oh is it what i think it is reduces falling damage its not the one interesting actually just one damage such a strange ability to have on a okay so is it you might be you did that a second soul item yeah i think it is im gonna have to do it im so close to being hot spells thing lets rush away do not have a thing oh no oh lets come up with the freaking branch fine oh im just gonna kill that again slightly annoying im hoping these pots dont respawn like the uh thingy ones ones in black gulch im just going to go through these around um going to the middle over here is a trap into a room full of uh aslesks we are going to trigger it because actually stuff down they dont want so its kind of funny how this game makes sometimes makes you want to trigger traps because it rewards you its like a rewarding trap thats strange probably shouldnt have already dealt with this right now but we will anyway but im gonna have the spells to finish you off do i oh gosh oh god theres another one its my side it must be i am completely out of spills no and we have to attempt to de-aggro them and rest i dont really have much other option im also going to attune that repair spell could be a game changer for me hey see ya so lets try changing this for this and well try it out lets hope it works oh id like it to which is there i mean three is more than enough for any run if it does work how i think its gonna work lets just borrow some stuff at you cool so its damaged excellent thats going to save me some problems tell me on 20 minutes okay cool looks another five uh up to another five to ten minutes if you need it so thats all good youre gonna grow me from here yes you are this is the problem with you thats why uh you may end up wanting to um basically from from the ones out that are gonna do this to you father being cursed there means the jaws have respawned which is bad news thats not what i wanted its a shame hoping we could uh nope that one hasnt responded okay thats fine that is fine does that golden armored one respawn i wont tell well i know where i want to spend at least one uh fragrant branch because im im fairly certain thats where youre supposed to get the uh the line mage set from which is just a good option to make sure you have because um well its gonna make cast faster in fact if youre technically following this as a walk-through and you are in a similar position as me with the fragrant branches you may want to do that instead of uh fighting against vengal because you didnt really get much out of that come on magic resistance on enemies is insane thats thats my strongest solar as well doing that the trash can sucks a bit because youre gonna have to clear these out because you go down there theres all aggros on you wheres that third one wheres that was the third one lets go to you and then we got that one over there uh i think its a really awkward jump here that we can do yes there is so that would obviously require a fragrant branch but i think this is actually jumpable where is it i cant remember its this side or the other one might be that side and they will have patched it for all i know but im sure theres a way of jumping in there someone signed whos this this talk oh bradley theres talk because this is where the boss is going to be definitely rested so our yeah interaction with him thats good being talk so were gonna get two sums for this boss fight when we go in there gorgeous we could do it now but i want to do the uh the trap bit and weve got to go up there looks theres um the guy thats chasing paint so keeping this in order then im gonna come over to this left side its nighttime over here no whoa uh oh yeah thats to the uh the dark guy so the dude we unlocked uh with the key in the previous episode should now be down there talked about dude quite like this guy i remember you dont you scare me so you want to make sure you talk to this guy uh therell be like a special event that we see in the uh well the next areas theyll be like fine its kind of cool spice soul within the barrels dont think well check right you do it here hes really gonna bend our vengeance which is fine by me somebody screwed me up like that id be like hey you go and get it life jam down here and we already see the theres one kind of nice actually they can see that one theres more than one but we might get it out of the way oh something that actually cares when i shoot it with a spell interesting thats aggro drew over there makes me kind of happy as you can see one of the the biggest problems down there is that its full of um not only basilisks but acid which is going to degrade your armor are they come on theres one theres another theres this one you theyre not gonna be really aggressive well theyre not accurate yeah all right give me that do i need a key for this i cant remember if i do it is locked where do we get the key okay so there is one fx who is someone else that can trade lost souls for weapons shes gonna be pretty important because i think we get um i think its the moon like great sword you can get from her so the the hole we made earlier drops out into that ledge so were gonna do that in a second ouch do you mind stop it so thats where that legend like good job you probably could have made that jump i really dont know why must drop something theres so many frequent branch items here though uh see well go ahead and run back around so well get the other drop off uh wrong way at the end of this area weve got four minutes left i wonder if we can smash the boss out good enough casts probably jump there ive done down there need to speak to the dog dude the heel i dont know where the key was so many things to fetch you should cut down to this i mean so thats oh its not crystal its good cool yes that passes him on to his next area eventually hes going to give us a lot of cool stuff that we can do uh thats that bit done so i can head back out dont stand in that such a bad idea it doesnt have to be such a death sentence for me now now my heavy stall arrows are really depleted im going to have to use a herb if we want to actually continue whats that give me back 22 yeah it should be enough okay lets go for the boss and then thatll be the end of this episode its anything else to think of that we can clean up right now thats what well do before we continue and then well head on into into probably the faros area oh yeah i didnt rest are you back cheating thats what that is stop it probably the one that i grow before and i couldnt find come on oh didnt change the ring back look at the difference that makes well i just noticed thats quite a big difference in terms of stagger potential theres that stone ring well this is stingraying plus one maybe even better register protection if you want to take a bit less damage but yeah why cant i see its like a square one should be obvious uh so other than having a lot of health this boss should be fine i think they yeah i feel like weve got all the items that i can think of mostly need a key and need three free branches which pretty much come from all over the place so and well certainly get them double summoned weve got bradley the old guard hes pretty good and we got tag so weve just got to basically avoid your attacks and uh someone will take care of it yep i know i know uh no thank you oh my isnt she crazy which is pretty cool such little damage so eventually she should start doing like this weird underground thing which is what makes it the most dangerous so ghsa definitely better there its arc hitting like a boss or is it bradley hearing like a boss it might be bradley pretty much taking one on his own i knew you could do that itself which was looking back at me like hell yeah right they might hear which is pretty mean see these saw spiders on the gas uh chunk some of that health off no you want to restart stop it i have to restart my computer after this episode i think oh that staggered cost you there didnt it there you go nice simple uh if im right that item there is a pain in the ass we have to remember that theres a drop off through a hole to grab it and you have to get the uh the drop off correct or do you have to get her to break it i hope you dont have to get her to break it otherwise ive just completely screwed it up im fairly confident we end up above where we are now you can drop back off onto that um yeah i cant actually remember what it is so uh yeah anyway we get to pass on through here i think theres an enemy hidden behind one of these be careful where is it where is it im just gonna walk through brazen you can attack me and you guys can see doors of pharaohs okay good thing here is these dont like magic ah look at those souls 1300 you sir are going to execute it uh bonfire underneath there i believe and from here you can kind of go in two directions so uh we have basically straight ahead from the bonfire for bills of varus and we have uh with this guys garden where we should see gum i think okay uh gavlan who is a gamer where no thats not thats not the one well take you out there not mimic i can try im not going to need it ive got it uh can you like shot on that you can not you need to its just interesting where is he happened other than his stuff cost more uh but this is where hes going to stay now so if you ever want to sell some stuff uh heres going to be a good place to do it dont have anything worth selling that i dont want like i could get rid of some of these because i dont use them uh i feel like you can give them to someone though so keep those for now we got crimson waters i got uh what else weve got that could probably sell for good good measure rat tail dont think so definitely not uh temporarily increases the intelligence interested probably doesnt give you as much of a boost as youd like thats pretty good just sounds good inflict more damage and receive less at the same time what a strange like strangely overpowered sounding item that ive never i used tell color stuff nothing that i want to sell though nothing that i really want to say whats that wicked i agree ive got some cool looking stuff now uh you live jim doesnt head down to the bonfire spend these souls supposed to check what uh our new soul gives us lets get to get to majula her soul was a dahlia bash the soul was was najka magic soul shower which is really not a good spell uh which bass like fires the light to the air and then rains a little bit of like soul arrow stuff down and it hurts less than soul arrow and its really hard to hit with um quite good for pvp thats not really participating so im just going to chop it its fine if i want another one i can always do it again thats what i bought firestatics before right ive got plenty of these so what were like 30 something k souls level so we may get three here if im lucky probably im going to go on to two dang damn soon well the cool thing is got that elephant thing thats gonna be right outside where the bonfire is that could grind out probably gonna do it between this episode the next one might do it before we leave the area though um just because thats 13k souls really easy to get so dont bother with that that would be terrible but two two supply bonds though tasty theres now like more healing from the estus another now that our uh agility is high enough to actually use esters in a fight its actually a uh a decent heel for us to use now its kind of weird how it starts out life jams are better and then estes becomes better later but uh yeah looking all right i kind of worked out when uh to become like the the crazy faith builder dark build of doom uh whilst getting vigorous endurance up as well its gonna be like level 250. i dont mind got plenty of time in the game to uh to gain some extra levels so it should shouldnt be that big a problem anyway its gonna be the end of this episode hopefully ill see you all again soon until then have a good one how to enter a steam gift card Dark Souls 2 Scholar Of The First Sin Shaded Ruins WalkthroughWe are back! with my dark souls 2 walkthrough. Which will walk you through from the beginning to the dark souls 2 ending. My dark souls 2 gameplay is 100% mine and will 100% help you through Dark souls 2. dark souls 2 ps3, Dark souls 2 PS4, Dark souls 2 on PC all in included. This will be for the dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin version. we will aim to 100% complete dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin 100 percent walkthrough. If you enjoy please share this dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin walkthrough with friends to help it grow. Prepare to die....again. Developed by From Software, Dark Souls 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the punishing 2011 hit Dark Souls. The unique old-school action RPG experience captivated imaginations of gamers worldwide with incredible challenge and intense emotional reward. Dark Souls 2 brings the franchises renowned difficulty and gripping gameplay to new levels with both single and multiplayer experiences. Join The Hammer Squad on: discord Minds Dark Souls 2 is an action role-playing video game set in an open world environment, developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 by From Software. From Software will also publish the game in Japan, while Namco Bandai Games will do it in other regions. The story of Dark Souls 2 will revolve around a cursed undead character trying to find a cure for their curse. It will be emotional and involved in the fashion of Demons Souls story. The games director has mentioned that the sequel is not directly linked to its predecessor story-wise, although they are set in the same world. The director also stated that the concept of time will factor into the story. Currently, the main storyline is attributed to the legendary land of Dranglaec, full of souls to help undead maintain their humanity while fighting the curse of the undead. Darks Souls 2 Bosses include: Pursuer, Last Giant, Dragonrider, Old Dragonslayer, Flexile Sentry, Ruin Sentinel, Lost Sinner, Executioners Chariot, Skeleton Lords, Covetous Demon, Mytha the Baneful Queen, Smelter Demon, Old Iron King, Royal Rat Vanguard, Rotten Scorpioness, Najka, Royal Rat Authority, Dukes Dear, Freja, Looking Glass Knight (Mirror Knight), Demon of Song, Velstadt, King Guardian Dragon, Ancient Dragon, Giant Lord, Nashandra Throne Defender, Throne Watcher, Darklurker, Belfry Gargoyle, Old Witch, Old King, Old Dead One, Old Paledrake steam consol steam pubg great steam games under 10 free games on steam 2022 steam engine significance