This is How You Dont Play Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin #2

Must buy steam gamescan i connect my epic games account to steam DARK SOULS™ II: SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN review all right on the level up people send us put into vitality I get it - I dont know if I found another soul to do three but Ill do two helps my equipment what just happened I hit what is going on dude Im trying to go to my equipment but then its popping up to level up which I dont want to  __  do what the hell theres the boss now I never I didnt do this my leg did I did I just throw  __  lightning Spears at this guy so I dont know how to do this fight normally its gonna be interesting okay snap the hand wow what the hell I guess there was a hole I didnt even  __  see it I fell right in I fell right to  __  in wow I didnt see that at all I no idea that was there Laughter mm anyone know is there is there any downside to getting these weapons I think I might like to get them just to see them like Id like to get the are today the law center store just to see what it looks like you know its a trade these fighters in tell me Shane Vareen was coming after me are they running away they are why are they running totally not not chosen since the spiders are afraid of fire they wont attack you if youre holding a torch I didnt know that Wow the Fraser bull offs is afraid of Fraser I dont have to say the name King chisel says that blue thing becomes a crystal later later on when ah have to come back after you beat a dragon infiltrations says you dont remember any of this stuff hobo X does if I go talk to that man scorpion tark now that I will get an additional item ok skill youve defeated my monster his master was Trey hell a black scorpion stinger and a second dragon ring mm-hmm I have no guns to Prague but still I pray that your journey will be safe huh you really likes me knives are my buddy all right whats the second dragon ring increases your HP or stamina and your maximum load holy SH a Hamilton I wonder if I go where the have alarm are saying I doubt it lets see no see puts me 73 yeah too heavy what tough boss works off Wow what the holy hell is this um what the  __  who the  __  is that this is a shadows of the first of sinner exclusive really you got a trophy okay so toilet anastasia says you have to talk to him two times a game in two in different locations after this be sure to do so otherwise you wont be able to fight him apparently he is the true secret boss ah oh great hobbles armory serious no God no God please no good night Music and uses twinkling titanite but it gets much better oh my god the weight stays the same too oh my god dude so broken is this it I think this is it right now  __  I dont know how to do this thing how the hell do I get into a castle I thought that was a I dont have the symbol of the chain where the  __  likeits after all whats going on so what happened right I didnt do that the game targeted the other enemy while I was stabbing at one it changed my target I never I never changed the target with right thumbstick just decided to do that by itself oh god its  __  back thats why you know pancake returns back for more how much I could do another enemy  __  robot over of hemolysis fog if I could have one on one that would have been a good fight but the  __  stupid enemy came alive right next to me all the doors over - except for one one towards an open this one ah mom Im not sure maybe another guy can alive it wont open because theyve got no ones coming to like kill I dont get a tie maybe to redo the room and now I have to redo the room and have one of them dying area so the door will open I think so thats how it works if I remember correctly all right let us go back to that room it is oh this is not good Oh service is not good I was up there I was not prepared oh that was not good at all all right got one I got oh my god ah this sucks it seems to me to do this I should have known about it before I opened although the doors but I didnt know that that door needs an extra soul this really sucks this is going to be incredibly hard to do the door open door opens with nothing happening oh my god what the  __  well I was gonna make a crazy run for it tank what why do the door open was there a father why the  __  is there a frog on the door does this look its dark spirit invaded I dont know where that stupidest fog come on I dont care about this just I dont hear just about finish it yeah Ill show you go do it kill me thank you I dont care I want to go to this hole continue with my game in an invasion Im no concern about it whatsoever Ive never been to this area theres nothing I did not do in my original Dark Souls to run because I chilled this guy lets see what this is I have no idea what to expect zero dark chasm of old that didnt go so well what the  __  is that sucks to these holes everywhere normally with this dual wheel style power stance skylight the dodge and counter-attack but Ive heard the dodges it holes everywhere I dont know what to do now I dont know what to do this is terrible for my bill in order to win this I need to be a tank I need to be heavy as  __  I need to have insane poise I need to have a shield to block so I could block his attacks and counter-attack because I cant dodge here Im gonna die no matter what I couldnt try to skip him run by him and see what happens but I dont know thats of course what I wanted to do alright  __  yeah Im gonna skip him Im gonna sort of run by these enemies to see what happens this is really stupid this is really stupid dude I cant see anything in this  __  room I cant see any neck see falling in the holes Chairmans table data temperatures this is Hamels armors useless here equip the new Ferrum armor its less protective but its good enough your stamina recovery and rolls will be better lets equipment load and torches are good yes where theres a good but Im not handing a rapier is terrible were very low damage output what is this I dont know its some kind of a cauldron or something can i light this on fire maybe yes so what did that do I dont know  __  yes I think they gave him him finished stamina but you shouldnt have after attacking twice we should have no stamina to swing again but I did they gave them to infinite stamina I got invaded here they can seriously invade me here you gotta be kidding well I guess the invasion didnt really matter kidding fall you  __  you wont fall I think it behind him he like cracks mean come on fall in you  __  fall in fall in the holes you  __  you cant jump across you cant jump across they prevent you even though its on the same level they dont forget let you jump across why huh why he dropped the torch I didnt do that oh my god again good theyre fighting him theyre beating his ass oh they gave him a backstab they actually give them a backstab Im so stupid dude Im not doing this knocking this  __  gonna keep invading because its not worth it this is a complete waste of my time because this  __  stupid Shay a dumb  __  troll a dumb  __  piece of  __  limp dick probably a  __  lose-lose parents basement drinking Fanta and  __  Doritos never had his dick sucked by a woman probably get butt-fucked by his dad noelite piece of  __  they still say somethings broken what is that with the line through it right there it looks like somethings still broken am i blind or is that when you see that icon with a line through it doesnt I mean somethings broken all my equipments showing full all my rings are showing full huh oh its the human effigy that I burned it means no invasions oh well I wouldnt know now all right I got nervous there for a second oh my god I dont care I dont want to duel this guy I dont care about dying to him hes just a  __  annoyance of an idiot troll what so stupid what I didnt have my back to him yet he backstab me to see what I dont want to  __  do this this stupid  __  with this guy because we all know the invasion combat is garbage in this game and keep it me backstab when I was facing him as soon as my dreamers did a fifty bit serious a nice Havel set by the way you could go offline and well where I could go offline I have to I have to wow that was fun wasnt that was definitely meaning full of worthwhile havent I rub and gank me from behind or stab me from the line when I was supposed to be going up the list wasnt that nice Oh Music theres the elevator to be elevated to be elevator yes please the underneath all of us oh yes worries me to the heavens I demand a raise me off just I want to be raised work I want to be raised all yes yes please Music praise the ring praise the raise there you go freeze the race to raise the race why not queue the Kings passage I need to find the Kings passage where the hell is that could it be those doors that say you need the seal of the king one of those two doors maybe Oh everyones name is just a book its the door at the bottom of the elevator oh its way more straightforward than I expected I thought it would be way more complicated than that okay alls secret do it with a secret room there did you see that is a secret room wait a minute this is in a secret room this is the room I was in already ah  __  lets through it lets level the Havels Im doing it Im leveling apples armor right now were doing it folks Im going to becoming its a monster why am i doing it because I can what wow talk about buggy mechanics there was even near me he seriously wasnt even near me and they think Lindy hit me well thats it Im going offline Im going offline or else Ill never get to places you know this guys gonna keep  __  troll there you go I guess I could burn I could burn the human effigy Ill burn a human advocating cosplay I remember correctly if I kill those enemies did you get to me through Fight Night did you can all right believe this is gonna open up the next big room yelp this is it this is the mother  __  room I remember this room its huge I believe that theres a tons of  __  sitting on the walls and theres a bunch of  __  mages that are just constantly spamming magic I remember this  __  is it just me or does their magic seem slower right I swear theyre magic used to be way more threatening that didnt seem threatening at all I just walked right around it loose of friends says this area has been nerfed a billion times seriously I wonder why they nerf it so many people actually complain that they just nerfed it thats such a hard time with this cuz I mean I agree it was very tough but it was fun to have a super challenging part of the game you know nice urns smart ah goddamnit I remember I view the last time I spend them with magic which I cannot do here so its gonna be difficult to be them well this has an  __  Wow oh my god oh my god the targeting  __  up Im done the target is all  __  up yep for some reason it stopped stabbing the truth of age I wanted to kill the mage of the super  __  game Auto changed my target over to the  __  other guy which I didnt want to do so even when nerf this area is annoying his ha Wow whats insane about this is that hes wearing light armor just think about this hes wearing light armor right he said like a maze robe on so hes got like no defense at all well Im stabbing he repeatedly was been  __  with the power stance and its not even killing him that means he must have insanely high HP hes probably like level 2 300 insanely overpowered so now I got to waste another  __  human effigy to do this what  __  wait whats up I couldnt even tell it whats happening is that my passing the Pharos lock stone door where is it guys cuz I want to do it driving no recollection of where it is oh why am I missing right in front of me Im gonna die again yep executed temperatures the Fallas lock stone its not fellas its Pharaohs its on the floor walk along the wall with a torch or something until you see it where walk along the wall what wall okay what boy says its near the pillar that I tried to jump up a bunch of times there I know where that is goddammit spinning my ass at least they didnt break  __  am I gonna be past the stupid thing how many range I mightve passed it without having my ship break hmm Im gonna hike dejes haha I guess I gotta turn these arrows on this  __  huh what the  __  oh my  __  bro take a look all my equipment bro are you  __  serious look it didnt say it bro because you said it was a tryst it did it bro he never actually told me it broke but it broke oh my god well you missed Oh Laughter oh my gosh give me this is actually pretty annoying  __  mistake supposed to be there we go what why should I use the bonfire what the  __  what is going on people are saying pancake is back light how could he be back how the  __  did he manage to invade during us NPC speech does it make sense do I have a seat of the Giants yes I do why are you asking enemys reactive invaders from other worlds oh  __  alright  __  Im using a there take that  __  lets see how you like that pancake all this ladys enemies are gonna turn around start beating the  __  out of them well enemies attack him Im not attacking him stupid there Im dead now I can play the game again hooray now this is the coffin if you sleep in it you change your gender well I dont think I want to change my gender actually is there a trophy for doing this this is a trophy Ill do it Ill do it change genders very nice the nature of your being has changed you now have two teas and theres no trophy thats lame oh my god who the hell cash should have been the trophy for this come on oh so one said youre hollow open the door now so Ill just said that its true I am hollow arent I maybe I could over the other door aha heres how you get over there cool pretty really hard to be hollow to open the door this idiot are you doing Judy just dropped 99 petrified some things I cant pick him up I said think about my inventory bag is full hes dropping all kinds of items what the hell is he dropping hes just dropping items for no reason hes dropping duty 99 she to the tree of giants whose job and duties alright thanks thanks a lot for the items I dont want here come and get out of my game you  __  hello it looks is totally not kidding me and its obviously isnt but the game is so stupid its use of the hits anyway the online divisions are so  __  and broken in distinction theres not even near beam theres no chip box there and hes  __  kidding me from halfway across the  __  room ok dude Wow did you think you guys do enough damage what the  __  they doing same damage with those  __  weapon there it is how long youre supposed to ring the bells or not I dont remember ah King Jaisal that 100  __  here you just dont ring the bell for some of the Reaper guys but if you break the statues yuichi they wont be summoned anymore all right if you bring the goddamn Bell stuff that this  __  well now look I could even see what was going on the Tings rain got it so now with that Kings ring ah look a dream are you getting to those other doors so yeah this Kings ring will open up those two doors right isnt it two doors because theres one Im trying to remember theres one in the fourth the shaded woods theres a door right um and theres one back at the very beginning thats a giant area remember theres one there I think theres three though arent there are only two because the one of the giant area I remember he takes you back in time I believe fight the giant from the past if I remember correctly I dont remember where the third door is wheres the third door oh theres woman drink Glade Castle says King Jaisal ah I must have fasted I believe alright so I remember that this guy over here sells the boss armors but I dont know what triggers him to have them in his inventory oh hello see right now he doesnt have anything what do I have anyone know what I have to do to get them to have the boss armors I have to buy  __  from him or what its been 16 thousand sold someone said there I bought it theyll stat set and it was the most expensive said he had right yeah it costs more than any other sell the pedo maps has equipment little floss yeah it does look Ive put my little plots huh smelter helmet I should buy it alright whatever Ill buy it I dont care its funny because look the helmet is worse but its only slightly worse than the upgraded aw Pavel said right Music its worth to keep in mind this is plus five if I were to upgrade this to plus five itd probably be like really badass and its lighter too chairman Caleb says as you go to the vendor when you have zero Souls he gives me a pair of armor thats pretty cool really should I just tell myself then because I saw I only have three thousand souls I dont give a  __  if I lose them all right you listen just fall off the cliff and then go talk to him all right I say take the plunge hahaha its me in the kitchen isnt there blocking interesting trying to combo means that theyre trying to do they speed lets us try the shaded wood store I dont remember what the scene in woods or a is I know where it is I dont remember whats behind it shaded would sing doors where the game progresses is all these cheap the final area people whistling its uh okay ah Bendrick used to be vulnerable right before you still velstadt but that was fixed before scholar of the first sin came out ah greatest story never told to the temperature in says theres a ring in the subject sing deal see that gives you 50 damage if your vitality status 9 or less now thats a glass Shannon bill okay then three pumps oh my god Wow not did I just lose all that hell then I have a full health bar I love all that for time you  __  serious petrification maxes out here hallo according to Ching gentle course makes perfect sense that was explained in the game right just like everything else in this game it was fully explained thats why it makes perfect sense get in the chest its a mimic ok this slice of cheesy flavor a lot of combination of those kind of mellow TV flavors its a sloppy L of mera oh  __  king gentle says Davos Lucarios brother remember she had mentioned him earlier that was apparently her brother pull back pull back pull back pull back pull back pull back dont you dare that do marry gods a few dozen you crazy done youll never escape a steep hill hes a sorcerer I dont know what I just did oh well oh well a really heart of a derp will evade me at certain parts of the game our vase I released a crazy sorcerer oh well the  __  its not alive it is I know comes alive for a fact oh and only good stuff once the torches are lit if the light torches for to come alive Wow rainbow not good why is this guy not red why is he wisey normal colors this is weird you show me the items I dont want your items dude I dont want your items touch qtv items I have extra branches Ill do it hit me killed me so what was the point of all that besides to completely waste my  __  time I didnt want your items and you wouldnt fight Mila Jane wait for me to be attacking the  __  troll to sit to hit me cheaply was that really worth it was that it be no saying lets see it wasnt entertaining it wasnt fun the evasion system is stupid it really is and he tosses everything look one wide only one hand oh my god what the  __  why be attacking the wall detecting the goddamn wall oh my god dude come on thats it Im done Im not playing this online no more I cant  __  up falling I just want to play the goddamn game Ill million  __  invader  __  Im tired of this shame Im so tired of this  __  dude Im done Im seriously next time I play this Im unplugging my ps4 what the  __  is that what the  __  is that ah not another one Melissa spawn and he parries again what the help you compete look a giant piece of meat I still die little worthless waste a  __  tie Im serious next time I play this Im not going to  __  be online anymore Im tired today come on say hello oh no I got butter and I got cheese now I couldnt take anything else but butter and cheese in that fight god damn it what a  __   __  the  __  actually hit me you know whos nowhere near me I hit this door there we go wow that works I hope I got a role well write a full ugly hate and salt I  __  roll a malformed shell it says he landed on me even though he didnt I cant look and let me out I couldnt move it will let me out come on well Im dead again yep I like irony why I know I want to kill this guard oiler now I dont remember anything about II dont know why would you be sitting there like that oh my god is doing hell as zero funny health and he still kills me very flavorful zero hell oh oh well oh my god I beat a  __  that boy I mean he god I roll it wouldnt do it he wouldnt do it after the third swing he  __  got stuck in place and refused to roll Wow third other Thursdays go back down theres something cool to see if I go back down right now really alright Ill go back down okay nothing there what about the many meetings over here what is that wait a minute women invisible die theres literally invisible guy I saw his shadow oh I was interesting oh sweet night-night oh wait a minute how do I get out of here I see it theres no way to escape there is he I ask you the homework phone so the hex attunements a dead end thats kind of  __  up Im forced to use a hungry phone ah man youre right Mads six perps has used the feather apparently the feather is an infinite overflow yep each feather okay Swisher knobs on Oh people are saying thats the guy I freed from the cell earlier apparently hes really badass okoma haha okay this may keep its funny after now well all my rings are broken now great what I cant use it Im  __  I have to die I have to die such as an invader I have to kill myself and hope alpha souls something I can do about it oh well one of those shoddy game mechanics data looking the game developers didnt think about if youre dead invaded but youre in an area here where you cant use the feather youre completely spot how stupid is that perhaps amenities youll be ok what a great invader I was in a menu youre still killing what a great player hey zombie  __  sword Jesus  __  you oh wow it still reached even though the obvious visible hitbox bidding because the game is  __  stupid and look at evading is dumb our totem I dont fight these guys not a grope I swear by them theyre just watch me half it left me feeling so the big guys will fight without the little guys yeah look theyre all bowing hi the control Wow three times of the row I tried the world would introduce to let me roll thats nice were still not fighting me well this certainly wasnt like this in the first game and the first game they all attack you here theyre living it alone while listening through this area is way easier now they dont attack you you just walk right the  __  through oh here we go its going to take you back to the past to fight the giant thats uh gasps they swing the club they stop around through a bunch of overgrown dicks ah hello and insta-kill even though he was standard thats interesting apparently I gotta go but I gotta go back again I should go back like three times people are saying O king gentle says you go to other trees when we run with fear for the masseur boss along oh okay and over here ah our UFO ate my chat says in the pursuer area theres one and someone says um someone said there was one by by the police of room okay I not allow students by the beliefs the room I know where that is I remember that Wow today that was fair why are you attacking the wrong way  __  why are you still attacking the wrong way  __  youre locked onto the enemy so stupid oh my god I dont want to place this  __  idiot so pointless wow that was so meaningful please  __  invader okay please go back to the  __  tree what a waste of time what the  __  is he doing here see you just remember the  __  you doing in the memory thats weird about work no sir that did not work at all I thought it was going to be a legends closer there was not  __  Wow you know its rolling anyway for massive damage I take it up Im in hock I died back snap oh thats fair thats  __  fair you lose craziest  __  flirty attack of the vagina tree from behind thats fair oh my god what the flop to me shes excited a  __  damage with two folks oh my god is ridiculous good zero damage step sorry hello other shield magically blocked every day theyre obviously opening if this room actually blocks everything look I cant hit though again will not allow me to hit them finally what a nice person out to break all my armor what a nice person all right so does anyone remember where the something Ching DLC is I know its at one of the primal BOTS theyre all the primal bonfires right oh wait one of them is at the Kings door that leads to the drangleic castle right one of them on two of them I think were primal bonfires does anyone remember where I should go in order to get to these dlci down its in black gold rotten black belts bonfire Oh what would I its annoying because the problem I dont like theyre not staggering they should be apparently they have insane ploys such as I change the rope their innovations are getting cheap hits on me Music oh my god brother Music all right Music holy  __  how do I fight these  __  ah how do I fight these guys I cant hit them fine ah King Jaisal did 100 cheering says if you if you attack their coffins in the room nearby they all becomes hittable ah Music lets say Im done yeah so I got to redo the whole  __  thing Ill look up the key though stupid  __  invaders wasting my  __  time a stupid game mechanic that should be in the  __  game go all the  __  way oh my god okay so anything thats blooming red if I hit academic okay look guys we look I drew a less damaged off with my ring is broken I got to go fix a at was  __   __  off this guys fathers without  __  side youve got to be  __  me from outside they followed me all the way in here please  __  goddamn it well this is fair totally fair  __  suck let me solve a human now Bishs of exchange Oh and youre down there oh look the tortoise up there the door opens yeah at or above me so I have to go up now whats that ladder I missed three times what does she  __  is that  __  annoying Wow this is incredibly  __  annoying I cant ever attack what its evil abashed out even though he wasnt behind me what a great game the urge an unearthed Jill because in terms of a backstab when Im facing him yeah what a great game yeah the duel and invasion system is so great in Dark Souls 2 uh-uh its totally not meant for the mentally challenged what the  __  stupid need an update there dude next step Oh Stephanie and your chest backstab yes great game well actually hit me half now hit me two places Applause Wow it wasnt even near me and it hit me not even close again not even here me all the way well whatever oh my  __  god oh my god you gotta be  __  with me Arles to kill what everybody oops well I miss dragons rest everyone Im 80 Here I am King Jessel did 140 reasons go back to the square block and mash X along the walls Oh King gentle says it was upper floor well I cant go up a floor is this and by the way I was mashing X the entire time I was up there everyone I was against I was mashing ax I cant go up a floor Im gone Music I dont remember this boss at all I missed somehow well that was quick I was quick and curly  __  stupid what the  __  he survived through see like no damage are you kidding me he felt from that height he took no damage what the  __  is with this game man alright I think the save point is in this area the bonfire or not getting nothing some people are saying Im in the wrong area what the  __  how in the wrong  __  area again how am I in the wrong area exam smells lets go down the floor but thats what I did before and thats not where it is oh good this  __  song so stupid its so stupid one tennety alaikum here there is what a ping what the oh what an accurate hitbox what an accurate hitbox that was oh it didnt even touch me so stupid whatever Im rolling Jesus I cant see the super camera flushes ass instead of its  __  torso of course Im a there we go ah human touch me - damage what Im trying to heal oh my god hes not hes not even talk its just stupid the tip box is a  __  dog Im rolling hes hitting me through it for 90%  __  damage stupid and really dumb because if I had a different build Id be completely rockin invited offensive build with a shield he was doing like no damage I already wouldve beat him this is Wi-Fi bill doesnt have any defense no reason Im dying and Lee no were here to do that when he does not attack Im going to get hit no matter what hey hey its  __  the  __  attack thats rolling snow there Norris Music so Dom all nude is a defensive bill I would have beep it I would have one shot at this  __  boss but because I have a build thats based around dodging and to handing it makes the boss hard because its  __  hit boxes are insane and you cant  __  dodge them properly because they  __  up the boss fight all right shows the King Jaisal just did a hundred  __  here he says go to the second bonfire go back to the building with the ghost nights theres a locked door by the entrance to the optional boss ok Im damn remember thats right it wasnt good Im in the wrong area I gotta run Oh  __  get it Im a dead end Im done theyre way out of here Oh what long day all their days oh my god it was right next to me it was right next to me oh my god I was right there and I got petrify King Jaisal did a hundred for charity says go record please revenger case examine his armor for special dialogue this is required to get the upgraded final crown alright lets go back to injury huh all right now you go back level oh and I guess on to the second DLC does anyone know where the second DLC is is it one of the bonfires at and over the the final bonfires or is it the one thats out in the way to join guilt drangleic castle I dont remember Jan mr. dick Jane  __  man doing it was over again Im king its the iron king everyone says after the I contain okay wow I said over to zero damage would Greek invasion system just rubbing some sauce this piece its terrible its fast its incredibly bad from a-put the guys just fishing for a backstab look I came her her to come I cant even hurt look hes probably like level 500 probably a little 500 I cant do any damage to him regardless of the fact that I have old equipment I should be doing insane damage I love it what a great system what is going on Im gonna die the king clocks off yell Im standing directly facing down pressing l1 and hes attacking the camera stupid  __  game good job good job stupid game attack the camera great just great and no I wasnt holding back on the thumb stick I am aware in this game if you hold certain directions theyll attack in that that direction I wasnt touching this on stage  __  I need one more arrow so I need one more arrow to poison him Wow go away I can tag Rome now  __  come on its heavy oh no you  __  you  __  uncle  __  No Oh Oh God Wow this  __  uncle  __  piece of  __  lip dick ass munching what  __  real oh my god I think Im so goddamn wonderful  __  lever of all things lever so slow kill you  __  no I wouldnt heal la least I got the buckets melt away Wow not going to have wow I can move the combos me that anonymous this alluring skull would be perfect here what is a luring stove lures certain types of enemies really trying subtly plummeting Oh  __   __  haha really scared me what the  __  is that what do you have no really what is that just worry itll give a look like a sword wedding what the  __  what is that weapon what the hell did he SH oh good Im cursed you  __  I just wasted an old radiant life jam Im doing to use that or whatever oh  __  shame really really holy I could stab the guy standing directly in front of me wow he did insanely long charging thrust insanely long whoa I want him to fall Music instantly first of course Krista Jen oh my gosh Oh what the  __  oh okay so what the camera data right the shimmer start like spinning okay this is why I didnt like this DLC this DLC is  __  stupid its like really poorly designed its written just be a troll DLC where like everything is set up to purposely annoy you and not be fair and it really is this incredibly  __  annoying I remember there be just like this the first time I hated it now compare this to the subject in DLC where all the areas were interesting and differently designed right and everything was yeah there was challenging there was some cheapness but you could learn it was fair here its just like heres an incredibly cheesy ass  __  gauntlet corridor where you have to face a million dudes on a staircase its not fair plus you have an NPC invader controls the  __  out of you like its not  __  fun its just  __  really annoying I dont know why I set it up like that so I mean like it feels like this deals he was designed in five minutes and just slapped a bunch of  __  together well the first did the song Kiki was really good he thinks is a damage do you did you doing enough damage whats the flaw is that even counters hitting its just doing that much damage for no reason lets look at rid of that Im rolling I tried please not even attacking me the second to the side and against the one who hit me okay this is  __  broken his fault dude  __  Im a cactus him you should be staggered still stab me sure finally till the pgj not kid with him yeah what are they doing  __  roll but still oh my god even put that much through a wall how are you listening and it kills me if  __  killed me lay a simple Tims ring ah simple changes ring I gotta read with this one as the  __  is the simpletons ring every day simpletons rang you become invisible while rolling I dont know if that means that youre actually invincible is it invisible right invisible nine vincible invisible haha alright so they have done all the stuff up high right it seems like it it seems like Ive gone through every one of his daughters now Im looking around any doors I havent been through Oh  __  shirt Wow no not again No Music oh  __  again I disagree oh my god doll come on dude such ridiculous talk about reach you guys are the next  __  room regards to the next room and he hits me tried to roll I try it sometimes its just not working stupid it probably means is that because of because of the size of the enemy and because of the stupid animation of the lava coming out of it the game you cant handle it and its dropping influence because so easy these swings are so wide and so slow it should be incredibly easy to dodge it half the time doing it and the  __  rolls not coming out wow its rolling I was rolling oh my god I roll because it credibly likes to lift the lava will rehabilitate you and interrupt you I rolled piece of  __  oh my  __  god is theres another one behind me its really getting a little out of hand Thanks Im it but I cant hit him look I still hear them to the  __  control sock hes directly in front of me Im swinging wildly and it will not hit him even though its directly in front of me hell swing to the left hell swing backward but he wont swing forward until the guy in front of them stupid  __  all right I gotta find this  __  where is she not there especially further down  __  shes in here there we go split off first anyway Jill whats happening I would even seen could you  __  see what was happening at least I got rid of her oh my god someday Im dead I tried to heal he did the one move that would have hit me from that far hes a one  __  move that would have hit me from that far anything else he was going to whiffed I would have been able to heal of course he does the one move that could  __  hit me of course okay wow thats totally fair 100% totally fair that he hit the hitbox thats so big that hits outside of the range of his face I love it no look at this horse shake none of them actually hit me they were all stabbing into stab animation somehow connects with my body even though on what I wasnt even through the doorway and the guy gets a perfect sniper shot what the  __  this is so broken well Im past him Im past the enemy Music this stupid shape Im past the enemy past his body his attack is this way Im over here and I get here my god this game is  __   __  ha ha ha Im sorry but these hitboxes I told you I hate this DLC I really like something thing I hate iron Kang this DLC sucks it was designed it was very unoriginal its the sign just to be annoying rooms of like gauntlet  __  its only that right youre there does it makes a what Im mid-roll still yeah hey okay good oh wow bro whoa whoa whoa roll roll roll roll Oh No I really hate this  __  TLC Im not even kidding hi this is my worst my entire experiences our souls to this DLC I hate I  __  just detest it its not following and all the other deal sees all the other concept the game I love this is I hate it its shame I said it I said as much in 2014 I still stick with that with that sentiment I think this deal she sucks Im always doing for the sake of completeness but it is not fun here get that  __  you still hit me Wow well the doors open now the alluring skull had no effect whatsoever even though I already use it in this DLC before and it worked this time it had no effect whatsoever thats nice / - so quickly something fluttering well random lava kills me random lava scoop oh  __  yeah Wow I shoulda dodge to the side try to dodge as I saw never did whatever thats  __  ghosting what I was rolling both sides Hossein can I have all these resins and  __  I wonder if I should apply resin to my mesas for extra damage have a million of these  __  things I never used dry wood has this stupid urns dark damaged charcoal so fire damage lightning damage magic damage order of lightning hurts him poison Im gonna trade poisonous probably not gonna work right go chant well let me use it look dont let me use any of these why not cuz Im tool wielding what about now they will let me use them I dont get it will let me use it and no one is explaining why its not working in stream chat by the way theyre all just talking about absolute nonsense okay voltage max says my weapon already has bleed and you cant stack multiple effects game so understand wifes looking game oh come on do it either the third incredibly delayed egg thats thats basically a bait to keeps people healing right there thats bait to hit people healing that is  __  get  __  his swings he designs his swing perhaps a really long not only hit box but also like a really long duration of hey so even my role of my role is at times sync point after it it hits through the role you see Im still in the role animation but I taking damage how the plug well go put you so far away I was get the  __  outta here dude get the  __  out of here I was way the  __  out of the visual range in that back so once again Dark Souls through hip boxes which extend the visual range of all the attacks of the  __  game for no reason of course god damn me what oh my god really really Im rolling away and interrupting my role and still hit you with the stupid area-of-effect  __  oh my god oh my god I was mid role in an invincibility frame poor Shane I was mid  __  role in an invincibility frame its still  __  got me just the  __  out of here dude get the  __  out of here of course I suppose I cant heal okay and he gets a hit every time I feel I shant hell clean I tried to roll by the way Im dead can do anything let me alone I know  __  the deal is here leave me alone I cant even get to the  __  boss because its difficult and its always great when they let you let someone invade a hell-like  __  memory with an optional boss I mean from software obviously obviously were thinking when they made this I mean its not like they were just totally sitting there with  __  thumbs up their asses morons I wrote to do anything to cut my input completely it dropped it again twice I tried to roll it do the roll it dropped two inputs I dont know whats going on man ow Applause of course of course is the very energy changes and attack patterns in whos plunging attack that Im not ready for and any kid kills you when Im healing of course so what youve told me theres an illusory wall on the elevator I could check that out I guess I mean theres no reason not to no not there I dont get it what wall the other elevator not this one just one here aha look at that holy  __  I didnt get in ha ha I didnt get in it good I never would have found that another to look at my equipment loan ow damn trying to get a criminal Oh dopes like its a great sword powers dancing so lets see something here lets assume I just remove all my armor ok what if I wanted to do Greek stored power standing can I what do you guys think what should I try while sitter and drink blood it says pig dumb oh my job like this jam a double slam holy  __  such bullsh a okay hes so stupid I dont know I dont know what I want she doesnt do anything else just does these weapons get the trach ultra great sword it doesnt have high requirements I think I will get it and we sense Im gonna get it I got it oh yeah well those will create well look at that big jump already well uses the petrified dragon bone which Ive never used Im a million of them holy  __  this thing up great big time look look how much damage its getting every time I help create a holy flock its already doubled its damage oh were on the cursor deputed rural india trolls in the stream chat rocking chair please end up creating the best lip is it the gay immediate Lisa Gotthard great silk baby baby mmm man shut up shut the  __  up its hard to tell I dont want to use the lost sinner sword whoa Bruce is that the lost sinner sword damage you every time you hit an enemy what the  __  I didnt know that Ill forget that I dont want it sir just going to take away my health  __  that  __  rock star says I should have cooked the Royal soldiers rang huh it gives me more equipment load right you was saying dont grip the stone ring its useless what should I quit bring a plate plus one or should I boot ring of JA house get the ring of Giants you know what another the stupid shame their son and Dawn Ive had enough already breaks on my  __  equipment waste my  __  time  __  idiot what a  __  dumb flock wasting my time again the ring of the embedded what is that you see various benefits not the cost of increased damage taken alright doesnt actually explain it doesnt explain what your benefit is it looks like its going to up my equipment load to 124 but it doesnt explain what the other ones are what do you guys think ow whoa oh my god gee you think that sort so significant damage Jesus Christ Im not going to pick up any items little why any items I dont want your items dude yeah yeah oh I gotta play man hahahaha I died employees in it for all that some foolery I say tomfoolery I mean you bow yes alright well at least I wasnt too bad because I should touch the new bonfire Wow through to my character I detect the right direction I actually would have heard him but hes an idiot and he texts the wrong direction and control suck Wow he rolled through that late - woah dude I didnt even have my hand on a button did you see that I didnt even have my hand on a button and he did a rl2 attack okay I didnt even have my hand on the button whatever you say Music Oh God what the  __  what the  __  was that I never went that way I gotta check that out over there I never went over there before we kill the sniper guy though of course I made oh no ow I no idea what that was oh my god how am I supposed to hit these theyre guarding an item I wonder what city Gilad Wow oh my god some dodge and would let me oh dude this sucks theres no  __  bonfire and its pissing me off I dont want to keep running back here this is  __   __  oh my god oh god damage do not kick kill them everyone let me jello what its going on aah ah seriously sauce I dont want to put to do this run every tank is so boring I cant get past them once on they decided to have him run in the corridor this time and I cant hit him in the corridor this  __  sucks dude nothing I can do I couldnt get past them I couldnt hit them oh yeah that was fair that was so fair cuz you know I was locked on to him trying to attack him my character attacks are the wrong direction which you cant control and then you get to eat sticks hail that was fair give me a bath Hey so does it hit me multiple times stop rolling thats marble you didnt get me multiple times again Oh fair Music let me perfect sense then we perfect  __  sense Oh No yeah man look what the  __  whoa like it did zero damage so lets place and why nothing I could do lame okay Im inside  __  but became inside I never know could do that oh thats fair thats totally fair totally fair that he puts me in a lightning  __  Sun law and then a little guy walks up and slaps me and kills me totally fair I love this part oh my god oh my  __  guy ah to see why this is the worst part of the  __  game by far its by far just terribly  __  design is so poorly designed you have to be an  __  to think that this is well made this fire have feeding so well give me a tip in the stream chat they said if you just walk towards a wall and you go right you can get to those to the name so how do you where is that they say go to you should walk theres certain directions you get a snow wall then hit right I dont know where to go though this way maybe go forward from here forward left this way okay what do how did he do that much damage dude thats insane that did insane damage things are impossible to kill so  __  stupid like Ill go ahead up with it rather by lightning you cant touch it ah well thats fine static mesh wave says if I use the CNC red spear it will destroy the horses what the hell is the same to your spear Im assuming I have it no I dont Ill have it what the  __  a seen to your speared getting doors of Pharos no I never got it I guess I missed it yeah because I didnt open up most of the most of the walls and doors off arrows when I was there people in the stream chat were like all this equipment here sauce you dont need a  __  what oh my god dude I didnt touch l1 at all Im  __  clutch l1 at all any swamp okay completely unfair I hated it the first time I really hated the second time by far the worst part of any Dark Souls dlc ever made right now this King Stach seriously this DLC is terrible this  __  part of the DLC is so badly made theres seriously no easy way to even do it theres no trick to it its complete  __  shame this  __  sucks Morgan Marc to the timber charity says mr. e doesnt play around mister I cant keep my ass I cant even get to the goddamn boss I havent even gotten to the boss once yeah because they made this so badly I dont know what were the  __  were they thinking they thought this was billet this is fawn this is very well made yes to put all our time and effort into this DLC  __  retards three years later still if I ever met the people who worked on this portion of this DLC I would squarely kick them straight in the nuts before I even said hello I would just literally to ball shape right to the  __  nuts because thats what they deserve because theyre a bunch of  __   __  oh of course another ones fine made I want to do this anymore Im already I already hate it so much look I already hate this part so much I seriously dont want to do it again I once again have no desire to complete this part of the VLT cuz it sucks so bad I never know what just happened I didnt do that I rolled I roll but hes too fast as soon as I stop coming towards me I press roll and it didnt  __  roll before this is too fast I was exactly back and forth he still hits me Im zigzagging back and forth and hes still hitting me with the lightning Wow ruling I still get hay hitting dead yang clean chillin it would not die oh Im done its over thats it one two its three times as fast as me and it can fly lightning thats the problem we move dude I mean hes too fast hes here because youd be half as fast and then this would be fair not all Im going to do a lightning spell that your turn is out to hit you knock and do another lightning spell before you could even do anything else  __  you know seriously from software  __  you who ever worked on this  __  you why do so much damage the first time I thought it did not it didnt do that much damage so they increase the  __  damage of this boss its not bad enough theyre such a nightmare to get to it lets increase the damage it deals while were smart were there summon I dont see any summons here I would like to summon an NPC right now but I dont see any way to do it look theres nothing here no its not here look theres no summons nope ah whats this Abbas fever who the  __  is this Abbas fever Abbess Shiva who the hell are you another one is this man hunter OHara who are these people how many summons should I have - 3 7 then garl been go then go are you guys ready to expose the  __  horses seriously I had enough of the shape I just gotta be patient where oh  __  down goodbye thank you summing and the right to the hey watch it catch it Humira work theyre supposed to get a crown or something oh I gotta kill vendrick - ah so once I kill vendrick then Ill get the crown but no hollow crown I guess I think I need to light the torches though right if I just go in I dont think I could do it Id have you dont like the torches first theres a light a fire in each area after that you can fight dark worker from any of the three areas okay Music lave we understand theres a game mechanic where theres infinite invasions at the dark lurker areas of the game I dont know why from software I built the game like that I have no idea its really lame that they made and I already there were like people in the stream chat lining up to invade me the bottom line is I dont have enough  __  human effigies to deal with this  __  so Im just saying I went offline so I can finish the dark lurker okay once Im done with the dark worker Ill go back online but Im not going to burn through all these  __  human effigies and have to keep grinding for souls to get more human effigies and never finish the dark liquor because Ill just never see it Ill never fight so enough of that shade Wow I couldnt do it I had stammen on the game wouldnt let me roll after the third swing what do I do guys I lift a cauldron and I killed all three NPCs do I just drop down here I dont know how to leave this is what I didnt understand last night I had it done and I didnt know what to do yes I dropped down okay Oh oh my god  __  it crazy Oh Oh what what nothing hit me dude nothing hit me what the  __  wait a minute start to kill all these NPCs again I thought you people said I could just go fight the dark lurker what the  __  whats this I dont have to redo this again oh come on oh come on why do I have to redo the  __  thing over and over thats stupid  __  oh my god deal I almost had all I needed to do was heal and I could have got away I could probably could have killed it with two more heads but of course this one decides to do the Gulf Coast melee behind me of course how about this you old  __  how about you open the door without me giving you a human effigy you open to  __  or how about this if you dont open the door Im going to push you off into the  __  corrosive area down there and let the  __  things have their way with you  __  seriously what a day demands a human effigy every time I want to go in here what a piece of  __  I  __  up I had him I had him I  __  up I was supposed to only swing once there and I would have to dodge a split of course idiots to the stream chatter saying that I looked up strategies no I did not I dont know what Im doing I just figured state heres employee hit before he does play we got a run under him I remember that from the first time I ever fought him you got to run underhand I remember that oh my god really I couldnt I couldnt run I tried it wouldnt run that was weird what I couldnt open the door you wouldnt even do it I just took a time you wouldnt even open the door you wouldnt go into the animation stupidest  __  oh my god I think so where I lost it what a way to die what a way to die oh my god I didnt know I was at the edge Wow why oh absolutely nothing hit me absolutely nothing hit me at all are you kidding me nothing touched my body no fire no foot I just died Wow that was insane and I got that on camera dude I got that on camera nothing hit me I just died for no reason Wow the masked guy says I should try the Ray Pearce should I try it Ill give it a shot all right so this is the true endgame of Dark Souls 2 everyone um one thing that people reminded me is that if I go back to where Fraser was there should be a cool dragon memory to check out so I think Im going to do that quick very quickly I dont remember where the  __  it is I cant remember this anymore right stone cold silver oh where the  __  is that Music Im seriously going to remember this Shay anymore here it is here it is Biderman spider-man does whatever a spider dance in the world anybody can succeed sigma hope on - the fireman and reward for that invader I would have made it but the stupid dark sorcerer invader  __  me over completely  __  me over Music Music the rectum in anything Music oh my god the big  __  followed me come on come on oh my god oh my god so annoying just let me squawk he get to the goddamn door stupid  __  game oh my god unbelievable all right where am I going I dont I dont know where to go for the end of the game I have no idea first bonfire at the drangleic castle theres a door out to the left you have to wear the Kings ring okay Wow she slowly dreams her HP  __  is he doing Wow stirring it insanely huge  __  Spirit Bomb out of the dye Oh what didnt even happen before row row home oh my god I was so chief was open as soon as I went to hit him he  __  went to high burn mode and almost did to kill me hes done strings away I bow to you the viewers here patiently true Lucy you must be tired I dont know what is this look theres a door or theres this I dont know whats what I have no idea Music people shouldnt walk away everyone saying walk away so just leave the room dont sit on that dont go over here the door is the new ending so that must be the throne and thats probably what I did the first time I played the game so go this way all right lets what happens leave the throne yes Music Oh whoa pretty cool I like that on that we get the credit now we get the credit so in scholar the first city he is the true final boss its not nashandra thats cool it was good Im glad that I played it again I only played it I only played it it was new and I put the DLCs when they were new knows before they passed it changed everything - right I think we were saying about straight ancient dragon it used to be a one-hit kill the dragon who would flame that was it you were done but then they patched this you could survive and have two hands um not that I would have mind I probably wouldve been okay fighting the ancient dragon the old one because as you saw usually you need to be perfect to win that fight so so I got under 300 deaths where just let me know cause you know a lot of these deaths are bullish a lot of those destas because I wasnt trying to survive trying to just rush through areas I didnt feel like refighting them carefully um early on the game I died - that  __  starter game troll like 15 times right Ill to drag you to the Drake as I read outside of the old Dragon Slayer I died that acting like 10-15 times I kept trying to rush it instead of take my time yeah thats the thing those people that oh phil fixes goodly has 295 - dude number one I never said I was good I never did I never said Im good at Dark Soul I said this run is the best run ive ever done in the dark souls game I never said Im good at Dark Souls never said that ever number two Im not super serious about the playthrough where I have to not die as much as possible I know the people all its a challenge run you can get through the game and not job I dont care that I purposely died a million times during the playthrough it seriously so thats where I dont give a  __  the reason I really like Dark Souls 2 is because of the varied amount of locations in the game theres a lets talk about it theres ice theres fire theres poison theres forest theres you know what I mean theres so many varied locations in Dark Souls 2 and theres a ton of bosses - ton of them I like that about the game that when I played it the first time I really felt wow I really like the gamut of all the different things you could do in a world exploring RPG I all different kinds of enemy types I really like that hmm honestly I actually think Dark Souls 2 does more in a variety of places you go and stuff like that then Dark Souls 3 Dark Souls 3 had a lot of areas that were very similar um you know in fact a lot of Dark Souls 3 areas were very similar to blood-borne areas especially in the early game um so I like Dark Souls 2 I dont hate it I certainly I dont think its the best game in the series a lot of stupid things like oh Im attacking the enemies that Im locked onto I might have accidentally splits the thumbstick oh now you attack backwards at the camera what the  __  is that why is that even in the game lockdown is to lock on to the enemy so youre always attacking the enemy that youre locked on to that is just a dumb game mechanic theres a few little stupid things about the game like that I dont like but for the most part Dark Souls 2 is a pretty solid experience I do like the game so ok alright so let me level off of course post game strength I only got little 59 strength I never got to level six feet so I could get the  __  a few night  __  oh well all right all playthrough people can tell me about this duel pursuer fight and everyones talking about it so I want to do it certainly do a drink Blake Castle OShea Wow Wow Wow dude on this  __  its gonna be hard well no thats not ridiculous the guy didnt follow me in before the  __  followed me in and  __  me over Wow well slow I said I cant wait with the swords the way I need to be much faster wow thats it Music that was no way to avoid that because I had to dodge the first swing the other guy immediately pierced so I was it was instant death no matter what used ours rings as ex peers what is that what is showers rain reduces damage taken from behind I guess that could actually help true Wow they were kidding dude massive damage reduction from behind lets go turn my back to them all the time and Ill take like no damage look and I was  __  thats  __  what debt attack has never tracked before now it tracked me as I was moving okay well no more pet protection Wow so fair that was love still follow me all right one more one more trying thats enough for me are you definitely see what people would like this if youre a super fan of Dark Souls you really want to ultimately challenge yourself I could definitely see why you would like this but for me yeah Ive been playing this game all month Ive had enough I beat all the bosses I finally redeemed myself from all the  __  I never beat before so Im all tuckered out I dont care about this be composted daddy so the only reason I died is if he does this insane spell Im not supposed to dodge the  __  dark energy it always hits me Im running full speed out of the direction it still hits me for like 90% damage that  __  aint fair so this  __  is not fair wow I tried to roll this  __  theres no opportunity to heal at all zero all right Im done Im done like I said I know eventually if I keep trying Ill do it but whats the point its not like its gonna add anything it doesnt do anything so alright thats it door closed through scholar the first day and hope you guys like the playthrough whether you watched it live on stream over the course of the month of July 2017 or if you watched it on demand on YouTube I hope that you liked it regardless and that is it for Dark Souls 2 will we ever return to Dark Souls again I dont know Im now done a run of Dark Souls 1 & 2 this year I have no plans on doing Dark Souls 3 again anytime soon thats for sure so uh alright folks that is it thank you for watching peace out Music Music black ops 3 steam TIHYDP DSP#dspgaming #darksydephil #dspsearch #gaming #dsp syncthing steam deck game mode steam deck game checker what is a steam shower steam bundles already own game steam deck temperatures