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How to change a game version on steamis asf safe steam 2022 DARK SOULS™ II: SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN review Music Music so you want me to talk about dark souls 2 ok Ill do it but then dont go crying to your mother because this guy has already said very ugly things about your favorite game you know the expectations and the hype are dangerous friends although We gave shows it was his first soul the success of the games from software began with park show and of course when the sequel was announced the fans began to rub each other and beat each other very hard then the developers released a 12 minute demo where they played that it was real gameplay which caused a group erection and finally the specialized press gave the game a 91 the title of shows with the best grade on the infamous platform so nothing could go wrong dark souls 2 was destined to be a great game even better than the original Music but first of all you are fascinated when you arrive at this place that you can call home the first voice of the game is a giant whose only legs you can see s and he rips off his own arm to fight and on top of that in this game every time you die your maximum life is reduced which, in addition to being a __ , is a very original way of representing the process of becoming hollow little by little this is my female character in human form this is her after dying once and after 10 deaths well the kobenan are pacts in this game they are the most original and I love them that is to say you can make a deal with a giant rat that speaks to you with contempt for belonging to the human race which is basically like being at the command of a dark souls player one thing i like is that this was the first show game where they introduced style in the way of fighting you get a dual and all of a sudden you become a master swordsman with a lot of swag also the idea of ​​​​ traveling between bonfires from the beginning seems to me a success I know that there are people saying that this destroys the feeling of adventure but guys this is a __ sequel to dark souls 1 and dark souls 2 are not the same if you want to walk halfway through the adventure there is already a game that does just that the opening cinematic is also different instead of giving you a list of final bosses the ones youre going to mess with giving your 2 is a descent into madness with the goal of removing the undead curse really the only problem i have with this game is everything else starting with the story which i dont it makes no __ sense they start talking about an evil king and his queen and you get to the end of the game and they tell you to link up with the first flame to start the cycle all over again the main quest wasnt supposed to be about breaking the curse Well no, instead of that you stay on a lost throne where you will never see sunlight again because yes because this is dark souls 2 and the 2 in the title means double the number of poison zones double the number of rings double the number of animals talking and for some reason twice as many gargoyles seriously look what the __ is this I dont know this game in theory takes place thousands of years after the first dark souls and yet the enemies are brutally similar and while before we had a monster that was half spider half woman with tits here we have a scorpion girl without a hint of presence and she is an enemy that you can climb on top of and scream I am the king of the world this scene is funny and sad at the same time because the truth is that in from software they had some good ideas although not many for example some of his designs are very original my favorite is this giant frog with a zombie the first time I saw him in this scenario I wanted to see the incredible attacks he would be able to do but then you you start fighting and everything comes together but its already there you can also use a water gun despite the fact that dark souls 2 has 41 bosses very few of them are really memorable Another issue is the mania that the game has for constantly trying to set traps is whod not have dark souls but I do not remember that there the traps are equivalent to an instant death in the demo that they showed you could see that behind that door there was clearly an ogre but in the final product there is none of that so you are going to open the door so calm seriously look at these images of what the game was going to be and what it really was there is not a single shadow there is nothing this title looks like a half done game I dont know also darjus 2 play dirty in miyazakis game there were illusory walls that you could break with a single hit on the other hand the sequel decides to betray you and now to reveal secret paths you have to stand in front of a door and hit it to the button, how the hell was I going to know this, well, its very simple, so all you have to do is read the description of an item called google, its true that the torches are very well tucked in exchange for gaining visibility limits your options in combat we all know how a torch works however what not everyone knows is that you can set fire to a metal plate to burn a mill so you can remove a pool of poison that cover the boss nonstop a player should never ever have been forced to look at a guide on the internet to continue his adventure this is zero intuitive and bad design just but man there is nothing wrong with looking at a guide people can do what they want of the balls but I am a video game player I like to believe it to get into the experience and there is nothing that breaks me more than the immersion that one sees from and two enter the internet for a stranger to tell me what I have to do or how I have to what to play when you start this combat it is clear that something is not going well but it is impossible to guess it on your own because the game does not indicate the possibilities of the torch and the worst thing is that if not its pears this part you will not be able to complete the game because you have to kill the boss with the poison man so __ you the scenes are like big paintings very nice on the outside when you get to the entrance of the castle of trang ley which is how the __ this is going to be __ but then you walk in and find a tide of repeat enemies from other areas and wait thats a giant pool of diarrhea in the middle of the cool castle with the shrine to love more of the same the setting is absolutely beautiful but suddenly you shoot a mage you kill him and he shoots another and another and another who wants this at shows you could normally go at your own pace and use the stage to combat a numerical disadvantage meanwhile in dark souls 2 this rarely happens this this game goes through life believing that more equals better a bigger world more areas to explore more bosses however what made the first dark souls special were its small details and the details that I I see in dark souls 2 they are more than add up, that is to say, we have repeated textures, bad artificial intelligence, adaptability and then the theme of the bombs, wait for real, you are telling me that this is a bomb, look at how this looks like a mod from a cheap Russian game from sting like redemption anime or waves not from a prestigious triple a studio but the worst thing in the game in my opinion without a doubt are the heat boxes we all have a friend who when he dies in a __ video game thats false when in reality they mean god mine I am terrible I have an exaggeratedly small penis and on top of that I deserve a stab in the balls however dark souls 2 is the exception when you are in the middle of a duel and you clearly dodge a blow and even so you take the host suddenly you come to the conclusion that you are facing a bad game you are there trying to avoid an attack and the game tells you today no __ plus incredibly frustrating this is random when someone in say that giving shows 2 does not have artificial difficulty teach them this to put a lot of enemies in front of you in an easy and cheap way to increase the difficulty but what is really artificial is this not knowing when you are going to receive a hit because the game wants to in seriously the people who say that this game is fair what the hell are they talking about because I would say that this is a big problem in a title in which you spend 40 hours fighting and the funniest thing is that in the original dar shows an arrow could pass you rubbing the back while in giving shows 2 the dlcs are good its not that its the second coming of christ but at least they have all those voices that the base game lacks although they also have their shitty bosses in 2014 from software I was working on three games at the same time it was very difficult for all of them to turn out well this dar shows 2 has been very long for me and I have hated a large part of its content I am sure that in the box of eats Taries, someone will come to tell me how wrong I am, but if you like to give your two, well, you can satisfy yourself knowing that it is the title of shows with the highest score in metacritic, if someone gives it any real value, it is a number, in short, to give their two smells a bit of recent excrement but before I go I have to do something and that something is alive but it hits him so hard that he is unable to get up and now I am going to go because his suffering and agony matter to me in a friend and and gamekit free steam game #darksouls2 #darksouls2analisis #darksouls2reviewEstoy chiquito si quieres apoyar mi contenido dale al like, deja un comentario fresquísimo y puedes hasta suscribirte (una locura). 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