Обзор игры Dark Souls 2

Cookie clicker steamsteam egg with minced pork DARK SOULS™ II: SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN review Yes, dear friends, congratulations, this is a review of dragon age 3, they are the top not my text in dark souls 2, the continuation of one of the most hardcore rpds of recent times and one of the most anticipated projects of this year by me, for those who were also waiting for this game, I strongly recommend that you turn off this review and just cross out the dates on the calendar until the release of the game, because it’s all the same dark souls only more and in order to experience the full range of pleasure you need to go through it absolutely without knowing anything about the surprises that the developers have prepared for you, those who hear this game for the first time can look for review review of the first part, lets go to me for the second time to say the same thing, send you can still leave a link to the video with this attitude, you can immediately forget about this game here, no one will indulge your laziness and you can go through no one will help you, or you will try and move forward with a creak, or you will stick around at the very beginning, I will tell the story which our work chat followed all that week I couldn’t beat the boss for three days, not that I sat down at the game didn’t go out for three or four nights, went to him as if to work and every time I got people I almost fell into despair because for the review it is necessary to shoot different locations and I can’t go further attention of the second boss in the game I thought to farm du to level up and defeat him, but it wasn’t there, if before, after each sitting by the fire, the enemies were restored, then it turned out that after 10 or 15 deaths, they disappear, you can say that this simplifies the game, but in fact the situation turned out to be a stalemate in one direction, they don’t let the gate in the other, there are quite strong mobs, and in the third boss of which I have been beating for the third day and there is nowhere to even farm, and each of my next with him the battle gets harder and harder because in the second dark souls after death you don’t just waste your human form, which is actually not very scary in the original here they cut off about five percent of your house bar, that is, after the first death of the boss, you go to him even more weakened, and to restore life you need a special item, but it is not so often lying around under your feet, but the merchant has a lot of souls, and you even have them farm the sky for the first time in a long time I felt hopeless kind of there are no special wikipedia guides yet even walkthroughs on youtube 100 five hundred parts but I still managed to find a way out and at some point even kill the boss and damn it, I have n’t received such satisfaction from winning that feeling for a long time when you won not because the game succumbed to you, because you managed to drag music with your skill in many modern RPPs, the player listens to dialogues most of the time and chooses answers in them and only sometimes takes part in battles here there is no plot in the usual sense of the word a rather deep lore that is usually either read on the developers website or watched in videos on YouTube, therefore spoilers can be exclusively gameplay-related, which is quite rare to meet a player at every step trying to deceive and even kill at what past experience can play a cruel joke on you, so come to the well, hit the counterweight and a pipe rises to you with a very good object on it next time third, in a similar situation, in anticipation of good prey, send a counterweight to the well and a crowd of enemies comes to you from it, wonderfully, the gameplay allows you to experience a huge number of all kinds of emotions the joy of victory anger from defeat hopelessness when you cannot defeat the boss for three days and many others you become more attentive when entering the room, look into every corner carefully approach an object lying somewhere in a hidden place and watch the movements of enemies, even fear combined with curiosity can be experienced in dark souls 2 when you open the door and you don’t know what’s behind it, and there’s some kind of muck although they obviously did not get through here in this doorway, so why such a reaction, because even the most ordinary enemy is able to butcher you, and even if there is a whole crowd of them here, it is already necessary to be very careful and try to bypass them and pick each one a little bit and let it’s impossible for his brothers to chop up the tactics of enemies at the moment you get used to it, firstly, because they can sometimes perform some kind of blow that wasn’t there before, and secondly, from each location you meet a new type and opponents whose fighting style you don’t know at all at the same time, the game looks very beautiful if not with graphics, then there is no map at all with its design of locations, but even the scenery can tell you the right path, for example, a bright rift in the sky at the very beginning of the level is not quite linear and is designed so that you can always find a place where before that, I didn’t pay attention to find a secret passage where it would seem that it couldn’t be, for example, accidentally falling into an abyss or blowing up a barrel next to a fragile wall, something that is considered gods in other games or what is there is a completely normal situation here specially thought out by the developers so if you are not afraid of difficulties if you don’t quit the game after a couple of deaths if you like to thoroughly study locations top buy dark souls 2 or wait for it when it comes out on PC and also buy without multiplayer you will lose a large amount of additional butthurt that can cause other players to invade your worlds but also remain without the help of tips that adventurers like you leave the same as you, the game has not become easier as some said news, it remained the same as it was for any simplification such as the ability to move between fires from the very beginning appeared and complications like losses after the death of the maximum value of life, many similar surprises will await you during the passage because the game is made in the tradition of its predecessor and deman souls original source those were amazing and this is also amazing so boldly go into danger just try not to break your gamepads after the tenth death in the same place transformers war for cybertron game steam Готовьтесь к смерти, ведь одна из самых хардкорных RPG последнего времени возвращается. Забудьте про сон и туалет, про учебу и работу. Запасайтесь успокоительным и лишними геймпадами, ведь Dark Souls 2 бросит вызов вашим игровым навыкам! games on steam to play with friends hide played games steam how to get a steam key epic store games on steam deck cancel ea play steam