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Bendy and the dark revival steamtop indie games steam DARK SOULS™ II: SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN review Hello, something again. Long time no see. Well, you understand the troubled times, everything goes down, including hands. Well, anyway, the vidos won’t make themselves. I decided to go back to stocks a bit and go through the second part of dark souls. because of 1,700 rubles it seemed like a bad idea to me. It’s good that there is a super secret application with a free subscription to games, but that Let’s start, I’m met with leaky faces and a story that I’m again a complete and complete Soul Eater and that again there was some great king with his no less great castle that I somehow get, unable to withstand the banality, I jumped a whirlpool I hope that it will all end right away, but no, it won’t end quickly and bliss, don’t wait, Dark Souls did it in the first couple of steps, I ran into the first boss of the game, the door, or rather management is some kind of mockery for Klava myshers, at first I sinned against a pirate, but later it turned out that no, for 1700 the same thing would have awaited me. oh, I haven’t touched the fight yet, having defeated this damn door, I ended up in the house of grannies who are a little pumping up and asked what my name is And my name is that because you’ll get the hell Well, then the creation of the character drove up, choosing as a gift a human figurine, an analogue of humanity, as I understand it, and Swordsman class, for some reason I decided to make this time a woman with chic gray hair for sure Now when something doesn’t work out It’s not me who is the character of a woman, then an attempt to break through the fourth wall of the grandmother they say that I will die very often and lose souls again and again Eh Well, unfortunately, for this I came here and I came here for a second I forgot what I was playing and instead of dialogue I almost arranged female fights, notably crap I still found a button to chat without violence Besides the fact that these old women were former Keepers of the Flame, I have nothing interesting from them I didn’t know. Well, it’s time to start becoming the next favorite, but such tips will only make this path easier, in general, a little stretching, but gi and delving into the combat, I at least remembered a little how to play it and got to the local temple of fire Majula where I met Alya the guardian who gave me a flask and led me on the mission to fill up 4 cool great souls and meet the king you understand we move out Exploring the surroundings, I found a desperate man next to the merchants death counter and three rabid pigs is that some kind of joke will give the Boss or how I spent three minutes of my life killing them Yes, and the power of the trame killed the shawnee faster here they do it incomprehensibly Accidentally threw it into a stone into a well I got the first shard for the estus Nice Well, its time to go on the road randomly choosing the direction I drove I hope that, by analogy with the first part, they could tell me early here or not, and it means I met another dull man and mobs with big bellies or __ They have such no matter having dealt with them and even ask you to notice without dying Aha, I found a closed door that cannot be opened because roaring d blocks Stone statue Okay, so it’s not here, okay, it doesn’t matter, there are still many roads Oh, how fat, of course, I rushed to fight him and everything seemed to be fine, I dodged his attempts to crush me in the workshop until at some point he decided to stupidly have a bite to eat with me, yes, the first death after training and from a __ hippo Well, it’s almost an honorable good that it’s immediately available to move between the fires that it’s plump I thought I’ll just leave you behind Yeah, going a little forward I stumbled upon some kind of armored turtles zoo and a tunnel with a burning floor carefully checking Can I walk thats why some crap started spitting fire at me, but you need to pick up some loot, bet you died if you also risk in DS and for any garbage, catching a window between spitting, I quickly ran for my soul and saw that a little further there is more and the door needs to be checked what awaits me in the chest another feces appreciated the power of the barrels in the game next time I climb a little higher and the stones landed some kind of horseradish of which I was a little scared that I immediately fell off this roof And of course I suspected that he would disappear after such a cowardly escape but something I was not sure of myself but in vain I was afraid of a tornado was waiting for me just a minute later around the corner, I know that I found __ in a double beam, I don’t know why, but in my case, when you spam LMB in a panic, nothing happens, of course, it looks like I’m stupid and just don’t hit, but in reality this work double click, and then I didn’t know yet that this crap would have to be cut down every time I entered the game, which would lead to a couple of exciting moments during the next pass, I could see I was tired of watching how far I go around and opened a Shot cut for me at the cost of my life nice what is nice is that you notice when Dark Souls taught you to constantly look around and be suspicious incredulous though I don’t know if it’s a bag sticking out of the wall at the end there is loot and no one is somehow suspicious yes And looking, I saw a few pretzel and waiting for me from above __ you devils Not well, they attacked the bard I went further or rather deeper until I stumbled upon my first boss in ds2 oh what’s over you uncle abused the joke Didn’t appreciate it and rushed into battle oh-oh-oh from me, but in fact, the hole-hole turned out to be such a boss. Oh yes, and in general, I was all right __ , this stupid woman understood everything wrong Well, in fact, here you rub around your legs from behind, tickle his heels sometimes moving away from experience and waiting for him to collapse with laughter. All the first and last giant was defeated by Easy Money, but literally in two steps above, the fog brought me back to this paratrooper who cosplays a cyclops from x-men or that __ from The Day the Earth Stood Still and something tells me that now he’s going to go where the hell and come I’m going to fight with him Well, as if something went wrong and I didn’t die very heroically Okay, while I was fighting with him, I saw a ballista there and I had a plan, of course I thought that this crap was complete, but purely for the sake of neighing, I need to try and now what came out of it? another castle, what the hell is that not enough for you, but here I’m sorry, the load of your friend’s souls does not allow me to commit rash acts Yes, and the shooting banduras are not nearby, going a little forward I realized that it’s enough to be a hero and it’s time to pierce home and invest souls correctly, but it turned out there is no way back, only forward, only suffering, and after walking a couple of steps, the stone statue blocked my path again, which I already learned how to break into But its interesting what if I didn’t have this branch and the return bone that then, well, probably there are still passages And here it is the punishment for greed and stupid and not to run away with a bunch of souls A little further I ran into three skinny ghouls apparently they needed my souls more I didn’t even write down this moment, I probably left crying under a cold shower and I did n’t have time for it, but nothing __ I returned as helpers of the battle turn into a circus I even had time to dig into the inventory change guns put Hilki but it’s not my fault I paid 20K souls for it and in general, you remember all this, this girl is doing something wrong And that after going two steps after such a difficult, probably difficult boss, I see This is a misunderstanding what kind of Siamese twins are pissed off to approach him, so go fight, I used you too little in of the first part Damn, then it didn’t seem like noob to me But now I’m sitting looking and somehow it’s not very good, but it will still be shorter Misya __ and this fog Well, very short distances, I couldn’t think that the Boss was here again. Moreover, which one of the four with some kind of cool soul on the one hand, I was extremely glad that I had two doodles with me on the other side after the battle I felt that Dark Souls without its difficult bosses But in general, such a game is just stupidly boring to make 200 trays is also boring of course But killing the main bosses like this is not a thing at all, I didn’t think that I would think about DS like that I’m not saying that there’s nothing more besides complexity no, but shes like a drug or something Without her, well, somehow Not that coat Okay Lets assume that I killed her online with my friends after a million attempts in solo Yes, hell, after a million attempts I would kill her myself with my eyes closed with piss in one hand and a mug of tea in the other, thats the point Oh well, we drove, I think there will still be where to sweat, as well as there will be moments where bosses skips with the help of assistants scored shorter Her boys are not without difficulty, I must say i lit the first main bonfire which took me back to majula ran to the beginning cuz i read that another behemoth hangs out there with a useful ring well i already trained on them so come on here well it will probably come in handy back to where i saw the stone statue for the first time and there he disenchanted a girl who sells resistors and a little pyromancy and also asks her for some gear. Here, take my unwashed ones. And pulling the lever, these nudists attacked me again, so shameless that the toads eyes went up in indignation after a fight with oriental guys, I saw some kind of Phantom that cannot be targeted Well, such a thing, and a little further the knight guarding the closed door from which such a __ unit fell out is wonderful to fight in the White Fog with white phantoms that cannot be selected in the Target. I understand With grief in half I reached the talking head that told to me that the remains of his body are wandering around somewhere and they are handing out __ to everyone right and left, and so that I I was Careful Okay, thanks Well, then all the roads in this Loki ended in dead ends And after a few hours of playing I found a talking cat in Majula the level of attentiveness is the master where to go, I remembered that I didn’t suck everything in the first castle and went there Well, jump smart __ turtles began And then a freak invades in general cheerfully and three more reptiles jump off the roof for __ having dealt with the roofers, you can now fight with Denis on an equal footing Well, as on an equal footing and buzz the stairs and his stupid and expelled him from the world and from my stairs and I realized that there is a dead end here again But in that forest with fog there is still one more path and a clarantia ring for stamina regen Nise having fun with the trees I got to the location of laughing cursing you for me I was met by a lizard you can barely wake up with bombs Oh, how I don’t want to jump to him, but there’s nothing to do, we’ll smear the gun with bang for courage and go Well, almost no loss and where is the first But then again a stone statue and I have to return did a couple of acrobatic numbers and gold in the chest they shot me in the knee and the next time I fell right on the head of the basilisks and I almost crap myself because the curse was already half and Lord God what it’s going on like this and you can sit back, I found some kind of lion man, but after a couple of minutes I fell down again to some grandfather who drove something about darkness yes, yes, okay I’d better go. What a misunderstanding Okay, I understood it was wrong. It’s that Quillik’s girlfriend Well, arthropod, hold the combo right away and yours will be stronger on the other hand, what kind of balance is this, she can’t do anything to the old, strange, all this, okay, let’s give the tailcoat to the peasant And then, in general, some kind of perversion of dogs and the mammoth and the machine gunner who doesn’t want to be approached and all this is seasoned with water for slow walking cool couldn’t catch this crossbowman I had to first bring down the mammoth and then run around with a sticker and execute at the end then I noticed not very funny births on the wall and with caution approaching them, a button to watch appeared and it turned out that if you put a stone in his mouth, some door opens abruptly opening the door of three so that the heffalumps could not get out, I shot him safely with a bow And then I made my way through the endless darkness of Moria, killing the local gnomes until I found a fire, but behind him is a stooped dog with four servants, that’s oil norms boss, it’s not by chance that I didn’t specifically call anyone for help, it’s good to run two steps, then long experiments began on the choice of weapons and how to kill these small mongrels with little blood, who also insist on poison very quickly, but I have and on top of that, I don’t pump a bow at all, I don’t kill one rat with three arrows that never it’s very long and inefficient, because when all this brew comes up, I stand without stamina, dressed up on at least some kind of resistance to poison, of course, my appearance was very dangerous, but so far my result is -3 rats and you look, they don’t even let me drink from my hands, knocks out a bottle, but on the other hand, killing so many attempts to kill small ones, I already understood where the boss has a more or less safe zone near the hind legs And like this, slowly, little by little, you stand under him and again pick someone in the leg, in fact, it was more difficult to deal with rats when he had little HP left, he generally AFK Well, this is the feeling of Victory without any dummy mom dad credits, for this it’s worth sweating taking his soul and tail from him, I went to the exit, I didn’t meet another rat there who recruited to join them in the PMC Thank you, of course, but somehow getting up without me upstairs, I finally went out into the fresh air, and then there was a fire a little nearby. some caves with spiders and just pumped up strength for a hefty swordsman killer know-hand double Tap edition, however, now there was a problem with overload and phase rolls. with the parishioners Oh, just look how he __ just a song But since I got here already without vinegar, the workers of the Russian Orthodox Church quickly unwound me __ again this Double click did not turn off I ran shorter to these heretics and the path is not that close with a bunch of mobs and in at some point I decided to light my way by setting fire to stationary torches and what do you think I found that __ spiders are afraid of fire Why is it that it completely changes things now just shugaev in the corners and beat them to death Easy but as soon as it became easier to run I immediately issued pizdyuly To the magician and then to the parishioner for surrender Yes yep What kind of __ is good That is, all the unfinished lizards after my death appear again studied I studied the new Wolf achit fell down in a furious lunge and opened a red phantom on his head Well, lets dance dude waving a pickaxe My respect is like training in two shifts at that quarry and of course I had to bring myself to one HP to kill him and then go down the web past a couple of freaks Yes, the boss, um, the invulnerable boss Well, it’s clear that nothing is clear Okay, let’s start the races again, yeah, on weapons, the damage passes, I understand my legs, I don’t really want to approach this from the side of the muzzle, in fact, the only difficult thing here is to get caught under a __ laser and rest against my leg when you have to run Well, yes, yes, I know myself Ha, but I think how she turns around so quickly on me, and in his ass I understood like this and you rush from her to her to give a couple of pokes, not the most difficult Boss is shorter, but oh, sorry for YouTube in general, you can show this Yes, you are serious, well, how is it that next time, of course, I will become impudent beat me to heal in front of the boss’s face, this is already some kind of disrespect here, at least I saw this m metamorphosis from the head to Well, you already understood, come on, you all calm down already means Sofia Freya Yok and two great souls At the end, some poor fellow came at the wrong time to read books and the fire home Well, since I really fell in love with this knife, I I sharpened it for plus 6 for now, but the problem with felt I haven’t decided yet. Well, then, for now, we’ll give up counting the helmet along the way, I’ll think of something or I’m swinging further, my path lay through another castle. something similar to a wyvern and I wanted to scam her, but suddenly some kind of lever of distrust came out from behind, I poked it and saw how the floor rises in a small arena in front, well, ok, what’s the chicken, but it turned out to be too far to warm it somehow very easily I I got to this arena somehow too easy for the campaign, Im pumped already for this location Well, lets see what the hell is behind the next fog Yeah, knowingly added floors here along the way Well, just look at what pieces it’s my drin I won’t get tired of rejoicing at them so easily I have n’t killed anyone yet, having gone further than the dragon rider I found a huge ax that looks like the one I fell in love with in the first part and a few escapes through the catacombs went to the fire and a new location but it’s necessary already with that castle figure it out and then I’ll come back here. Especially since this beast still lived here, coming a little closer, the __ immediately pleases me with its stale breath, and the brick wall with its fires conduction, having wasted two-thirds of HP, I tried to shoot from her balcony nearby And what do you think she doesn’t give a damn from the movie And to heal, as I understand it, she doesn’t know how, like her friend from the first part. Well, who am I to ignore this and not shoot this scum, there are enough arrows. Of course, I should have at least tried to honestly kill her, but no thanks, lowering the bridge and fog again. Yes, what -something often Achilles who I no longer have left only one gem and a mushroom Elizabeth I don’t know whether it’s stupid or not to spend it here but don’t give a __ in ds1 I and kept it until the end, didn’t you use it anywhere, but after eating mushrooms and hanging on a spear, I realized that it was time to take the initiative into my own hands. Moreover, they fly nicely along it, and this version clearly cannot be compared with the previous one and lost a plump friend somewhere then Well, at least somewhere I was able to kill him and get a ring to use it. Of course, I won’t, but at the exit from the hall there is a pretentious man and says to __ me in horror because I will never become a blue knight Difficult Well, as you wish We drove to the location for the dragon wheeler and there is a pirate-themed cave and you would know how I overdid it at that moment, these freaks from the movie are a quiet place with an all-metal __ in the title role This is the Kombat of links in one sentence is normal Well in short, I wandered here, I got scared by one-shot local vagrants Until I came across a bell, the sound of which the ship sailed to, And I also found a dwarf __ __ , what kind of name is that I need to sell junk Thats thanks Thats what I understand useful NPC put on a fashionable cocked hat put another stone in his mouth that lit the light in the cave and Judging by the sounds, scaring those terrible bastards and finally you can take the ship for boarding but cleaning it from the little things in the hold I I found another victim of incest only here he is already in the role of a boss, which once again proves that I missed this location and came here already late, someone is very easy for me to wander here Well, as if without water that slows me down, plus he has one in his hands and a pillar in the middle, for some reason, I defeated him without any problems Well, touching the navigation panel I went where Yeah, I immediately recognized this place It’s a dark castle where the bird took me Well, everything is clear, quickly cutting out everyone in its path and finding another blacksmith who immediately squeezed I sharpened my dagger to plus 10 with my coal and dumped it home from there, I already pumped it to level 84 Yes, of course, the quality goes faster in 1 DS I have already passed games at this level and here it still doesn’t even smell of the middle. Well, straight ahead, having estimated the perspective, I realized that I had left, sort of like, two ways to the well, which I still have no idea how to go down and the rotary mechanism around which the saved early woman is already rubbing because of the nominal fee in 2K showers Although, in fact, Nihera opens another passage for herself, I find myself in another forest with stinky butterflies and unpretentious vaders, and after passing another Boss Well, like a Boss killing everyone I’m watching this is a piece of the boss’s HP and there’s no one else to beat And what is it Really bugs in Dark sauce I really didn’t want to re-enter I ran looking for myself I don’t know why for some reason I hit already dead skeletons Until I found this __ affikasher You look at him for sandwiches, probably moved away Oh, a tough Victory, but not as tough as the next location, some kind of abomination creeps all the poisonous fog not huge men with riders throwing balls of darkness dead ends and a bunch of fat mobs, but fortunately they are not very smart, I was able to interest them to go to another part of the map, divide and kill one by one Well, my greed and Thirst for adventure became the cherry, I was tempted to this chest and climb you can’t go back all the way into this stinking pit where you can’t see a damn thing, this is cool I understand that, because there are also skeletons hanging out In short, I don’t know how he miraculously got out on the low HP of the first attempt, well, __ these chests and then also poisoned vases effect which this Dear Gentleman showed me well Thank you thank you a little further I found this Im too lazy to even joke what it looks like I understand that now no one gets promoted to boss status 5 minutes ago I fought with more complex mobs But oh well Not me to judge this good man After him, for some reason, I went back to look at the statistics of my deaths Well, 135 sounds honorable and then I bought a ring from a kitty Yes, a little I had to google it, I jumped into a hole in the middle of Majula, collected nishtyaks and lit a fire and ran into a huge crowd of rats with which I had to tinker with a couple of edges and take a more modest gun so as not to hurt the statue Not our method, we will suffer and hurt everything around, but in general, I am now I look at the replay and I think God, how bad it is, but at some point the rats thought the same and fell down the holes, falling down, found redneck statues that spit poison at me and miraculously garbage dump Oh, how I love such places, something ran, jumped somewhere fell through, found a huge larva, broke the Sword on it, and since I didn’t want to linger here, I quickly ran to the next fire and ended up in an even crappier place where everything is just dotted with these statues, it was too lazy to beat them and I decided to run for good luck, well, well, here’s what from it came out music to say that I do not say anything this speedrun will go down in history Therefore, to brighten up my existence here, I called the timid Ray for help on what the game sent us a child of the forest Viktor sur some Well, with my brother, we quickly spud Mowgli and went on again as an assistant, of course, I looked after them for a while, but then I realized that it was a stupid waste of time. Moreover, the whole game is ahead. So I will have time to suffer, so another The boss whom I just plugged up, thinking in my own way, but out of the corner of my eye I saw that it didn’t seem to be the most difficult mousset of him, so I probably would have easily dealt with him very difficult, interesting delusion I returned and, having lost all vigilance, used the chest and Well, somehow the whole game I knocked thinking about them with caution When will the first mimic be and of course he waited for us to fall asleep with vigilance and brazenly devoured me the bastard. poison Thats how Im supposed to fight her if I cant think of anything else but that Im dying from poison Well Kamon so-and-so clothes and heaps it not much And HP is not enough, but __ poisoning is shorter, having bought more or less good gems, smeared with estus with heils and God knows what else I went to destroy the destructive queen and you know it did n’t seem so difficult everything worked out, but you know what the most ass of pain is, but you know for sure, but I didn’t know at that moment that this __ poison can be removed. The boss is dead We go further up the elevator and we get instead where there is a pile of Lava from above Well, okay Again, these invaders are smeared with them and in my opinion I already killed this Denis having cleared my way a little I met the Demon from the flame and of course I died right away Eh How many times have I been here I ran the most inconvenient way to the boss, I tried to skip these bastards, but you see, there is a very small invulnerability window and when you go through the fog, they stuck me in the back all the time Well, of course teeth I walked walked and walked until once again I saw this to see the local contingent tired of killing me and dying on their own and they left for a beer In short, as I understand it, if you kill a mob 100,500 times, it just disappears, which of course made me very happy, you can finally and spending a demon seems to be not a very strong type either, but I always mowed him down with attacks and dodged either too much Thank you too late, he also buffs on Fire Cloak for plus three damage to everyone around and smears his cannon with resin, which adds even more confusion to his attacks, but so how the path is free and you can walk to it at a walking pace I nevertheless issued a victory and lay down a little at the local club of roasters found the penultimate owner of the Great Soul But in fact it’s __ up comrades I was fumbling with the past for about an hour and this one, well, what does he do a little breathes fire knocks with his fists on the ground and waving his hands all in both cases of my death on it, I flew into the lava and not from direct damage from him And for some reason, this house behind which you can generally chill in complete safety to drink estus, hell knows what else to do In short, Im not impressed Mister old Excuse me, having killed him, I went to light a fire and return to majula But going up to him I crap a little, I think in what’s the catch, the second phase or something, but no, just a piece of some incomprehensible mass came out and said that no one got so far that the __ is so cool and I have to look for a vendor so that there is something with a curse Okay, running through the pre- closed door I opened the way further and a gorgeous view of the gloomy but Majestic Drangleic Castle opened up in front of me But that’s a completely different story here, guys have such a thing the purchase of games which, of course, you also need to try to buy more, but thats not the point, I decided to see whats going on with the monetization on the zen Forgive Gos go and so If it doesn’t bother you, dear gentlemen, subscribe to me there, I’m here and I just compiled a link in the description, I will be very grateful In the meantime, everything until new exciting meetings can you play ark on epic games with steam ну вот и я, с очередным похождением новичка в очередном Dark Souls 2. #darksouls2 #дарксоулс2 how to buy a game on steam as a gift which steam games have trading cards steam deck ps4 emulation steam account hack guitar billionaire steam