Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King - Review

Move games to sd card steam deckhogwarts legacy steam preload DARK SOULS™ II: SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN review hi this is kevin van oort standing in for reviewer miguel concepcion to tell you about dark souls 2 crown of the sunken king the road to the emotional rewards of the souls games is strewn with sweat stained controllers and saintly patients and the fear that pervades every game in the series is just as prevalent in crown of the sunken king the first of three content packs for dark souls 2. the add-ons interconnected levels echo the woven layout of the first dark souls without feeling like a full-on throwback youll experience the tension of cautiously venturing into an unexplored path only to realize that much to your relief youve stumbled upon a new shortcut to an old bonfire from software builds on this positive sense of exploration with sets of environmental puzzles some of which alter the shape of the landscape itself its not only to access new areas but also to attain items that are seemingly beyond reach this encourages a level of thought and experimentation that the main game lacked crown of the sunken king also differs from dark souls 2 stylistically whereas dark souls 2 had a clearly european look its hard to miss an early temples aztecs influence yet given the series otherworldly look overall the contrast is neither jarring nor off-putting crown of the sunken king is very difficult and assumes youve made substantial progress in the main game by placing its initial access point in black gulch youll be modestly conditioned for the trials of shulva dragon sanctum and dragons rest the three areas of the dlc if you recall the dark and often unsettling areas that lead to black gulch then you wont be surprised at the equally dreary locales and crown of the sunken king here you meet the grotesque insects known as the corrosive egg crawlers whose bulbous silhouettes induce goosebumps when encountered in a poorly lit hallway its no wonder that many souls fans classify the series as survival horror combat and crown of the sunken king is at its most rewarding when you have the presence of mind to use your environment to your benefit yet sometimes you die while learning how each new opponent behaves your tactics and difficulty against the bosses will depend on how much dark souls 2 youve played up to this point crown of the sunken king is guilty of having bosses who occasionally behave like re-skins of other characters sin closely resembles the ancient dragon while queen alana could be mistaken for a sister of queen nashandra the only boss that has any true originality is a trio of human-sized enemies when youre dealing with three enemies each with a different weapon skill no two battles are alike your only hope is to make sense of the chaos dark souls 2 by itself is so rich and robust in its challenges but still leaves psychological scars from battles against the likes of the poison rat king and the smelter demon its standout exploratory design and abundance of engaging enemy encounters makes crown of the sunken king a worthwhile play through but a hair short of being essential you alchemy game steam Crown of the Sunken King sets an effective tone for Dark Souls IIs Lost Crowns trilogy with inventive environments and fearsome new foes.Visit all of our channels: Features & Reviews - Gameplay & Guides - Trailers - Mobile Gaming - Like - Follow - Stream Live - steam work games steam top 100 played games best steam games for 15 dollars free ww2 game steam steam game 18