Saints row 4 game of the century edition steam keybest 20 dollar steam games DARK SOULS™ II: SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN review Very good everyone welcome back to my channel this time we are going to start a new one hundred percent guide with the platinum of this guide I am going to make it a little different explaining things better I hope you like it and tell me in the comments if you like the change and well said that lets start Music sign baby in the ring a little more to place in a jowell environment an offer Music of the symbol m and or post or future of the line Music not the jasmine in a new world and van der weyden or vision in abadan human the tape son shows Music logical and not good of land lack of light the kingdom of the large public under pressure or family for wang of the gate group drums may the inah language Music Applause with you play Music me windows nate page Music Music no Music it may well be the intro we woke up at the enchanted altar this area is the game tutorial you can take a look at all this but here there is nothing Whoever knows me knows that I like to go slowly and not run and show everything the first time around now we come here and we are going to see some knives that if we dont do anything to them they wont do anything to us either, were not going to come over here and we are going to take the first object of the game a rusty coin or the one that is a little bit and nothing we are going to see here and first of all we are going to enter the cabin that we see Music without this video white or Music x efe Music excellent good Music regarding what Music and some genes carvajal 10 said lets play it has to do hello Christ Music 6 Laughter positions Music well lets describe the name Music and medium Music today yes keiko health they say that it is requested and as and he i Music okay it has been given to us it is a human trade that serves to put us in human again and we will see what each thing is for in class the class is thinking that I am going to change I always catch myself I start out as a thief well the classes we have are these the warrior the knight for chin bandit cleric sorcerer scout and outcast and set to catch sorcerer I know we have the ring of life the human effigy healing material web the income of the tree of giants to adversity and petrified object like almost all things we get if not all during the game I think the best thing to start is going to be the healing material Music for sex we are not going to make her a woman herself well lets do it quickly so as not to waste a lot of time Music we re going to leave Music alive in fear of his practice laugh 6 youre giving it a chance Music Laughter Music here 2 why about a place and a Monday gave someone an urban flavor Music well we got the first trophy old memories this old lady are the guardians of the fire I am the most expensive positions and they are close I have showered in gel Música sica light Music well Music they dont tell me anything they just break their ass well the woman is here she is the maid of the house lets say of the old women of the qualities of fire this is the world and on the 8th webó Music we have the base preventive way is more my name is my little go clippers Music yesterday only cathedral xbox more compete in the way of playing gave a good multiple of tafalla fighting Music 63 lets see s Music exists just lets talk repeat the same thing and well but we are going to go up we are going to go upstairs we take another human effigy Music we will see the old women again you see Miguel now and our created character we go in parts we have first here we already solve the front here we are a super big footprint and there we have a number and its so funny the flaw that comes if it falls when Ive gone well they killed us this was not planned we got the second trophy well as you can see Im ba Stante trained and that we have died is the face that stays with us we will return if we come here he turns around too as you can see he turns around to kill him he leaves us a stone ring as you can see reduces the additional shape the stability of the enemy no we have none, we are not going to put it and if we come where the ogre was we take the golden pine resin okay we would go out here if we have official here below there is an object under the waterfall that is to say you see it from a fault that is still there because from downstairs we can do it there are few hidden around here lets say small soft and silky stone and okay well here there is nothing else we are going to re-enter the house oh now and now we have to come here through the door it is hello as you can see The tutorial Music is starting and as you can see we can travel now, we dont have anywhere to learn the boys to burn the human species Music and the object box to store the objects that We dont want to take Music well we come here we take from the warehouse or lost dead and the torch Music the torch if you see it they explain the game controls like all the shows with that achievement well see it would help me down and if you want this what they explain to us here well I have not said that the parties have time as you see when the time runs out we will run out of torch even if we lower a dagger here they teach us to roll we are going to give it or not to change the weapon that what I am doing to go back like a life gem this is to heal us here we find a nest here is Andina and tilo they are two invisible crow sisters and it is the same as esnal and the crow in dark souls and now but later and we will see it now we have to jump over here we have come here we have gone there we are leaving the trail of fire and soon we will not be left without a torch in our hands the enemy was wearing it so that we could nseñan has hit a small bounce now we take amber grass and as you can see the torch well it went this way if we keep the circle we go up faster now we are going to throw ourselves on top of the enemy s and he has sent hello we accept the game order broken red we go up here because we cant get through well we entered through here then it was located there is the staircase that we went down if it was possible for us to live there now we will not be able to go and put here the fog is there is the statue is that as you can see blocks the way we need the branch of in the past fragrant to be able to pass so we continue here ok we got to ripe this is where it is giving the at times as if it were the nexus like what we say first of all we are going to come to the bonfire and we are going to leave this part here Music Well, I hope you like the guide, subscribe, comment, like, see you in the next video and until next time how to use a shower steamer Buenas en este video empezamos la GUIA del DARK SOULS 2 SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN jugando en PS4 , esta GUIA sirve tanto para PS3, PC Y XBOX. Es una GUIA PASO A PASO en ESPAÑOL cogiendo el 99,9% de los OBJETOS y consiguiendo los 38 TROFEOS. La GUIA esta echa siendo un personaje MUJER con la clase HECHICERO. En cada video tendréis la DESCRIPCION de los OBJETOS y TROFEOS que vamos GANANDO, y los necesario que tenemos que CONSEGUIR para ganar cada TROFEO. DIFICULTAD PARA EL PLATINO 8/10 (SEGUN OPINION PERSONAL) El juego tiene lugar en DRANGLEIC una tierra anteriormente próspera bajo el mando del REY VENDRICK, la cual ha caído en la ruina a través de los años debido a la guerra entre humanos y gigantes, la desaparición repentina del rey y una nueva plaga abismal. Al igual que otros, el protagonista ha llegado al reino desmoronado en busca de una cura para su aflicción, la maldición del no muerto. Después de la INTRO despertamos en el ALTAR ENCANTADO , es una ZONA que sirve como TUTORIAL, donde conocemos a las ANCIANAS GUARDIANAS DEL FUEGO .En esta ZONA creamos a nuestro personaje y nos enseñan los CONTROLES básicos del JUEGO. -ALTAR ENCANTADO- -OBJETOS, HOGUERAS Y N.P.C´S que vamos encontrando Moneda oxidada TROFEO 1/38 -Antiguos recuerdos N.P.C´S Ancianas Guardianas del Fuego: Strowen ,Morrel y Griant N.P.C Milibeth Efigie Humana TROFEO 2/38 -Esto es Dark Souls Anillo de Piedra (Matando al Ogro) Resina de Pino Dorada Piedra Suave y Sedosa Pequeña HOGUERA Morada de las Guardianas del Fuego Alma de no Muerto Perdido Antorcha Daga Gema de Vida N.P.C Dyna y Tilo (Cuervos) Alma de Soldado Anónimo Hierba de Ámbar x2 Orbe del Ojo Rojo Roto -MAJULA- HOGUERA Fuego Lejano -TROFEOS GANADOS: 2/38 1/38 -Antiguos recuerdos 2/38 -Esto es Dark Souls SI OS GUSTA LA GUIA, APOYAD EL CANAL 👍 PARA SUBIR 2 o 3 CAPITULOS CADA SEMANA. 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