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Steam missing installed filessteam unlocked reddit DARK SOULS™ III hey Im not sue Goff and were the game grumps well guess who learned a lesson about swinging his sword well it crazy around women who are harmlessly sitting I just thought I was funny to blow up all the candelabras and unfortunately my sword got in the way of her bodily functions or her her body got in the way of my sword yeah did she scream or anything like that or just disappear just fade it away good job well whatever you know what yeah you walk outside that guy with his arms folders like cool glad you heeded my advice you listened well and then  __  killed her for no reason uh whatever it happens yeah I mean what are you gonna do thats life right bruh its totally life sometimes youre just sitting on a stool and then sometimes you just get  __  wailed on by a do to the sword um all right I know I learned a lesson here today floating  __  thats uh yeah so this one says odd will happen to you too oh theres a lot matter maybe theres more people I could accidentally murder up here I could quote-unquote accidentally murder god thats a huge  __  ladder yeah a lot of times its a dark so he winded whoa what hate you I was just running over  __  oh okay Wow yeah what do you want be wary of pourcel okay oh this might be the painting that he was telling you not to walk through what this one yeah hes telling me not to walk through a painting or he said youve already walked through the painting I cant remember he mentioned paintings and walking through them maybe I should attack it theres your ticket no one will be using phthalo blue today were happy Green yeah  __  you cadmium yellow you cant just make up colors those are made up those are from Bob Rosss joy of painting yeah well he just makes up colors how is that right yes well what do you baby picture like pray here or I should pray here yeah give it a shot path of the Dragon now then cool hold on let me see if I got prey right yeah gods like oh yeah Im  __  totally listening so hard right dont I have prey I do not have prey really yeah I got toast someone should have  __  rather the words of MC Hammer Aaron weve got to pray just to make it today hey hey well Im gonna toast the light alright i toast the light why is  __  floating everywhere thats just dust no no theres a  __  look at that outing right you are everything just floats here that would happen sometimes though hey earlier Dark Souls is sure stuff loaded thats so there is nothing up here all you did was destroy an easel now youre gonna die no Im not gonna die Im fine okay sure we fine Im fine that only say wait 75% were even good Im fine maybe mr. Mann has something to say about it hey I killed your girlfriend Tommy no longer do you just want me to leave I guess you just needed to chill for a string right right oh is it like something I can equip theres a chill frost ring wheres that Miller that shell bite ring chill bite ring uh bitey McGee ring the ring of the ring of poopy farts yes but I see so the lady gave you the ring of boobies and Terry Norton be God go with God uh-oh here we go rings which ones the chit this one no thats not it shows shell bite here we go increases frost resistance okay thatll help oh yeah I guess it will huh yeah youre in a  __  freezing forest with everything shooting frost at you um but everything here is so good mmm yeah  __  Im not gonna use it okay hey um theres no one to pray to anymore so die yeah uh-huh is he gonna attack me now yeah oh yeah oh yeah hes super mad oh hes the wing guy oh okay cool so  __  you now ha ha Im having so much fun killing all the people you probably should have been more aware when I murdered your friend two feet from you could this be a ladder uh no well its good its gonna fall thats thats how I advanced its not like there we go good job wait oh  __  I think you probably wanted to go to the other side well no I thought whoa well then well its a ladder now yeah neat I figured it out though I mean probably made progress oh is it possible the woman will be alive again no shes way dead how good job yeah I mean oh there she is Oh baby Hey been so long what wouldnt like being dead what troubles you I dont know just feeling a little guilty about your murder yeah I been thinking about it a lot and I realized I probably shouldnt have done it now talk to the guy outside see if he says something different there is one thing yes I the cold painting curiosity could be your cross dude sweet alliteration drive from the withering flame Im a snow will swallow you home dude nice fire at the painting upstairs really is that what hes saying is that what I mean it that thing seems awfully there for a reason doesnt it yo sure you got to go up a ladder sits by itself in its own room near a dramatically lit stained-glass window alright yeah I I buy it alright watch out for pourcel Youth ahead therefore no mount ahead what okay ah whoops now working ah not working hmm do this gotta be something I probably have to come back at some point yeah you know think so this said you know take the ladder this time yeah thats got to feel good on the hands oh yeah I wearing gloves so Im good its like when you go out in the garden and you pick weeds for an hour and youre like how and theyre like oh oh right I have gloves oh yeah off the worst and then you put them on in youre like this is much better yep you described nothing short of a nightmare scenario could this be a ladder no no is it gonna fall now is it falling is it falling or should I hit it again there we go yeah cool see I didnt want to be on that other side there maybe I did cuz theres like a ladder over there yeesh well  __  and were climbing we just still gonna uh yeah yeah chimichanga well thats a long way down yes yeah totally you your hands are burning thats how I got my prior mansi ability burn burning with beef fart of a thousand okay fart of a thousand forties is this a good guy or a bad e lets find out bad oh you bad its real bad oh its bad youre gonna die no no oh no no Im fine Im fine you youre gonna fall in duck no no hes good okay hes gonna fall oh look at him go Im yes hes who I was talking to see how I saved face there oh god youre gay falled I have oh ye of little thaw what our luck  __  was that lucky you landed on that is there theres somebody throwing  __  out yeah I would guess that is the case from where I dont know from whence are you just doing you the throwing of me one of these guys hey come back hey come here hey come here hey get him hey yeah oh my family whoa look at to the right that is awesome looking whoa dude whoo its the painted world bro its beautiful whoa look at all that  __  down there yeah whoa what dude its like ice Pride Rock I dont know what that means you know from Lion King right how do you not know Pride Rock I have not seen Lion King in a long time the only thing I see are memes oh goodness well somebody is definitely throwing stuff at me I can confirm yes I dont know what they are where its coming from probably useful information for its cool I mean whatevers no not whatever so I want to know what the  __  is throwing  __  at me I know whatever cant  __  it I dont really mind they can throw  __  at me all they want Stark Souls if I can should expect that kind of crap yep fantastic so if I I swipe at that one then that one falls over okay great and any second now yeah yeah and give me the descend option baby daddy needs a new pair of shoes and a new pair others yes kid say ahh daddy needs two new pairs of shoes Wow if you chase it out it doesnt hurt so bad watch out for those Spears you should really just book it mmm okay Wow well that was a bastard booking than I would have expected yeah all right I guess Ill go yep Im going and Im going and Im going and Im going it feels good to feel that other soul going and Im going feels good whoa theres dude man McCool and even when Im going and thinking of P if I ever stop peeing I think that I would scream its pretty good you never heard my Im peeing song know youve got a 90 in song yeah dude its one of my favorites I cant well you never let anyone get near you when you pee cuz youre such a peach Oh gentlemen truth so how would I ever know such treasures whoa well it goes it goes and Im hearing and Im peeing and Im p.m. feels good run look Im singing my song okay and Im painting Im peeing and Im peeing in a minute  __  yeah there went yeah you just got a book it down that whole situation all right pretty brutal and even when Im paying even when Im sleeping Im thinking of pee if I have a stop in I think that I would scream and Im peeing and Im paying and Im paying and Im paying it feels good thats why Im peeing something its really good dude and then uh Im not gonna lie and theres I like penis thats a song I wrote right its like they say I like it too much but I say I dont like it enough theres so much more I could do to show that my love is also true I wont give in no no I will always let my color show something something they cant deny that my love for you is so sublime and they say its wrong they say Im too young they say I cant feel this way but Im proud to say I like penis and like penis what is this its a song I wrote a long time ago its really good thanks Jesus every day and night I love it penis I love penis its even better when theres a girl above it Pete is come on penis uh I dont remember the rest Oh still thats really is a real song okay I can tell I wrote it I wrote the instruments and everything I sung over it theres no way you just made that up on the spot no I high widow so good theres like well the irony is when you dont know where to go with a song you sing about how sucking on a big dick thats it which would get right in which Oh God look look I was running run oh theres bad theres the brick no whoa whoa ha ha oh  __  oh no Im good oh oh Im on ice oh cool man on ice dick come and see me and the the Rorschach theater nobody did youll really know about yet Adeline dude thats not thats not good youre not a good position Spears are gonna come a flying I have the upper ground and again do you have the lowest ground possible no watch this everybody has the upper ground on your roof oh whoa yeah clucking see thats pretty hot yeah all right hes here oh uh scary oohs  __  hopin in mataró Jesus Aaron get out of here how come nobody says uh-oh SpaghettiOs anymore because youre gonna die dude thats neither here nor there I want to know uh I dont see what that has anything to do with spaghetti yeah mid-90s colloquialisms please I want to know what oh I dont know I had a friend let me heal the puppies quagmire hell try lowering it out uh next time on gay grubs look behind you Aaron hes probably still coming yep Arius mmm Im sure this will work out I want to hang out with you but will you be my friend oh man hes super slowly coming right for you zoo games steam And Im peein and im peein and im peeinClick to Subscribe ► Grumps are: Egoraptor ► Danny ► Game Grumps on social: Facebook ► Twitter ► steam won t start games steam local co op games best local multiplayer games steam how long to steam broccoli in instant pot best horror steam games free