Dark Souls 3 Critique

Vizio steam linksteam deck coupon DARK SOULS™ III So yeah, Dark Souls 3. Hi, Im Joe and welcome to a video that I should have made three months ago. Sorry about that. If youre a long time viewer then you should know that this video wont be a big commentary, there are a few reasons why Im not doing that. The most important of them is that I dont think its fair to do to Dark Souls 3 what Ive previously done to the other games that had over a year of patches and major DLC updates. Im still going to show a lot of flaws that I hope will be fixed with time but Im not going to come down with full judgement on them until the game is fully finished. Because the issues this game has really show it to be anything but finished. Regardless, Ill still be going into a lot of detail and that includes examples of all the areas in the game and a brief look at all of the bosses. So if you havent played the game yourself this is your spoiler warning. Its probably safe to watch for a few more minutes to get the general gist of what I have to say, but you shouldnt watch the whole thing if you want to save some surprises for your own playthrough. So my first time through Dark Souls 3 was like a disappointment sandwich. I started out really disheartened at the start then I got into the game and was enjoying myself and then I was sorely let down again by the end. Thats a pretty shitty analogy but were going with it. Because I always end up coming across as more negative than I intend, I do want to say that I played the game a few more times since then and especially on my most recent playthrough, I found a lot more to like. So much so that I feel comfortable saying that in some ways, Dark Souls 3 is the best in the Soulsborne series. The thing is though, these games are so strong that I can say that about all of them. Dark Souls 1 has the best world design, and quite possibly the best first half of any game Ive ever played period. Dark Souls 2 has the best DLC with its phenomenal level design and bosses. Bloodborne has the best combat system and atmosphere by far. And Demons Souls deserves a hefty amount of recognition for being the first game to introduce so much and getting a shocking amount right on that first attempt. Its the one Ive played the least and its also my least favorite of the five. Sorry, I know thats probably pissed a couple of you off but it still holds up next to the other games that came later and benefited so much from refinement. Since writing this Ive read a bit about the Kings Field games and I know that Demons Souls isnt strictly speaking the first attempt for some of these ideas still it deserves a lot of respect, in my opinion. Dark Souls 3 does level design better than any other game on this list. It also has the best array of bosses and a proper difficulty curve instead of the weird peaks and valleys that plummet by the end. But it also does things worse than any of the other games. Lets talk about the levels first because I think I need to elaborate on what I mean. This will also explain the first slice of disappointment in the stupid sandwich I mentioned just a minute ago. When I started up Dark Souls 3 for the first time I chose my usual class that I go through for every first run. I thought that the starting area was a bit lacking compared to the brilliance of the asylum in Dark Souls 1, but I can also understand that its a lot more straightforward for multiple run-throughs, so I can appreciate what they were trying to do. I killed the first boss and I began to look around, and I saw a lot of potential. I didnt watch any trailers before playing this game, so I had no idea what kind of areas were waiting for me. As I went through this multi-layered graveyard, I saw multiple paths: a locked door, a supiciously and large coffin that might fall away at some point to reveal a hidden entrance to another level, and what looked like another path that could be revealed later to some massive kingdom high on a cliff in the distance. The more I explored, the more potential I saw: another locked tower! The name Firelink Shrine popping up was a surprise but inside there were a lot of routes and stairs. I thought that the series was finally trying to repeat what Dark Souls 1 did so beautifully. Multiple paths to many areas that are interlinked, interconnected, and thralling world design! And I got really excited! :) And then I created the central hub bonfire and realised that it was just like Bloodborne and Demons Souls. This was a seperate, foreign area, severely ripped away from the rest of the game to act as your home base that is never woven intricately into exploration or a meticulously constructed world. This was a massive disappointment for me. Its something Ive hoped to see again in the series for three games now and its just not happening. Someone commented on one of my videos a few months ago that the series isnt meant to have that grand world design because, clearly, it wouldve been back in one of the games by now and that fans should stop bitching that it doesnt happen. I sort of dismissed that comment since I was so certain that Dark Souls 3 would have it, and here we are. Its gotten to the point now that I strongly suspect that this feature in Dark Souls 1 was an accident. I know it sounds crazy since its so carefully put together, right? With the aqueduct link back, the elevator from the church going back to Lordran and Undead Burg and looping back from Blighttown but if you take these shortcuts away then suddenly its a lot closer to the seperate, linear paths that you can find in Dark Souls 2 that branch out from the Majula Hub. It wouldnt surprise me if the levels werent originally meant to work this way and that these changes just sort of happened as development went on, especially given that this type of world design doesnt carry forward into the rest of that game. steam games store Part One - The Stupid Sandwich - 1:00Part Two - B for Bonfire - 14:15 Part Three - Patches Will Fix It - 27:08 Part Four - Less Negativity Please - 45:22 Patreon: Twitter: Books: can you freeze steamed crabs escape from tarkov steam best 3 player steam games free dragon games on steam steam time board game