moistcr1tikal Twitch Stream Mar 19th, 2021 Dark Souls III

Free fishing games on steamgood co op horror games on steam DARK SOULS™ III so Music hello pre-notification gang Music thanks for the prime flip flop Music hes the prime jack demon we finished dark souls 2 a few days ago Music im gonna participate and return to yharnam i dont know what that is i mean i know what yharnam is but i dont know what return to yharnam is im guessing its like a bloodborne day nope we started dark souls 3 right after we beat dark souls 2 a couple days ago but ive only killed gandir and the uchi katana swordmaster guy thinks theres some samurai so just started really thanks to the tier one third man marisa draco thanks for reminding me i need to play offline i dont want a risk hack uh hacker coming in again ruining the save its the prime v two seconds here uh its hard to explain void but trust me its great okay there we go miracle lightning build im actually doing two playthroughs of dark souls 3 were doing dark souls 3 bass plus dlc and then were doing cinders mod so for the bass plus dlc were rolling twin blades for now which we could switch up at some point but starting twin blades and then well go from there thanks to resub infinite no cooking with jack still cooks lets do tier one retrobots in the tier one void legacy recent taco man Music Music is the tier 1 soft and dead no we just started dark souls 3. we finished dark souls 2 and immediately started dark souls 3 right after ill probably do most of the bosses in this one as well though i only missed four in dark souls 2. ive done every heart boss so far thanks to prime dame lewton and the resub clark and your boyle oh your boy logee bear the resub taste god upon mars and the tin gibsons avery thank you avery appreciate the big drop man yeah the bori the dancer the boreal valerie yeah yeah yeah well do that i i dont really know what that means trace actually some hunter supreme garbage and treatment heres the prime shade and resub actual and the five gives sub scoob thanks scoob Music im about to grab my water over here Music yeah well see ace it probably is though but its also the tightest and most fun thanks to the little ran nope i beat the  __  out of this game when it came out hes a prime quarter prime lotter toto and the two gift subs war daddy a recep squak  __  jock strap were doing mod dark souls 3s mods after uh initial play through here on bass and dlc ive never done the dark souls 3 dlcs heres the resub garangios and pringles and the prime cobrae hold on getting a phone call give me two seconds Music Music all right im back its a resub waifus are people too darth stumbles and the gift sub hot thought meet yeah i know a lot of people love ring city so im excited for that one and yeah dane i think its a good game thanks i closed me up and thanks to the prime sunlight lightly seasoned barnacles and the gift sub final destination resub ottawa and tier 1 hitch Music the resubchromatic yeah have fun with that atua thanks to the bits dj lin and recent zephyr yep i played the  __  out of dark souls 3 when it came out gives you some cheez-it yep i already did dark souls one before dark souls 2 thanks to the  __  michael i remember on like this side of the building you can jump up and get something useful if i remember correctly but i dont remember what hes a tier one grand master am i excited for halo infinite not at all the only gameplay weve seen from it looked like dog  __  but well see you get an estus shard from jumping up here okay im gonna do it its like way in the back right what the  __  just popped up on my screen what was that okay thats pretty  __  cool i guess is that gonna happen on every kill hey nice fluster and thanks to the bits colton recent panders i even went offline to avoid any like hacking since we had a problem in dark souls 2 with that the  __  is going on what this is some wacky  __  this is the five gift sub sensei good to see you man thats just a ui bug how do i fix it i have to restart i imagine yeah i already jumped didnt do anything or do you mean like kill myself next to give some kitty reese of steel and tier one road whoa hey holy  __  its i hope i dont  __  your name up man fumes fumet suhiro is that i think i got that right fumatsuhido ive seen you  __  going wild in ludwigs stream you are single-handedly keeping that man awake for an extra five days like by yourself thank you for stopping in man appreciate that  __  fat drop and theres some big dab okay so i have to restart let me do that real quick oops next the resub noah and the bits lavender and fluster yeah i saw a luds at 40 hours now of course i lurk in ludwig streams bro thats my boy thanks to the recent chris hansen top three favorite pokemon buzz swole hitmonlee and probably to think on the last one a little bit longer hey abrasive good morning i give you another 20. oh my god oh thank you for another 100 fumetsuhido ill tell ludwig that this also counts for him so your 200 here will add to ludwigs total as well ill let him know dont worry thank you man really appreciate the  __  generosity holy  __  thanks to the gifts of raulo and i restarted so lets see if that fixes it god damn oh okay thats the one im thinking of gta i knew theres like a tree jump thanks to recipitus and the tier one big yellow music bloodborne is my favorite one actually yeah okay have you heard about the dick enlargement surgery of course i have a guy died a billionaire recently died for dick extension surgery so its not exactly like the most refined science there is right now but it does exist we talked about it on the podcast the billionaire was getting his dick enlarged because he had a small  __  and was insecure about it and he died on the operating table from it what a horrible way to go exit five gift subs tellios thank you man and thanks three sub seven in prime egg chat and resub rager uh here this is the one i was thinking of didnt he die back in 09 for that no this is recent these three sub briggs looks a recent pancake right if i can speed run mr krabs overdoses on ketamine and dies of course i can do an easy trick like that tree jump theres never even a question how did he die you talk about the billionaire with the dick enlargement surgery i think his  __  was so incredibly small that the operation was just too risky so when they were like enlarging it it just it took too much blood out of him and killed him or something i dont remember that is such a horrible way to go because not only did you die from it but you died with everyone knowing that your dick was small thanks for the tier one zero rang and resub sean and the prime burrito hey well nero thank you man my favorite jedi was actually mace windu favorite sith id have to thank probably anakin darth vaders is too  __  cool thanks to prime snorlax i missed a fake wall oh okay ill go back thinks therell be some sleepiest jam in tatan is this uh in this game do i attack or press a like in dark souls 2 i dont remember i think its attack okay is it okay is it even on this  __  side oh here wait this is probably it theres nothing here the  __  is it ah here it is this is a huge tier three valveless thank you valve Music this is the prime b4 Music yeah dark souls 2 was pretty clunky and janky i still really enjoyed it but i still stand by what i said its the weakest of the souls games i did however really enjoy going through all the hard bosses ancient dragons sub 10 tries fume night somewhere in there as well dark lurker five felt good to get some big plays like that hey thank you pickle queen and thanks to the gifts of dane im so sure i collected everything right i dont think i missed anything where are you going i might kill try and kill the lizard early Applause um favorite metallica album ive actually never been a huge metallica fan believe it or not Applause favorite tool album i dont remember uh vicarius was that on lateralis i think that was lateralis oh oh god damn it too late that was ten thousand days theres the resub dues oh to be fair a slash weapon isnt best against this thing i know but well make it work oh god damn it ah nope lets go actually didnt give some valveless thank you man oh you got me  __  up jesus christ hes going in i absolutely thought that would kill okay we got lucky i didnt die there maybe tier one hands fmw or fmv in the resub duncan i have not seen samurai shot blue yet i will watch it though yep ill be playing through the dlc and  __  do i listen to the band dur in gray i only know a few of their songs pretty good not terrible and yeah ill probably replace succudo after bloodborne is a tier one polish penetrator yep we finished dark souls 2 a few days ago why did you kill him now though i dont even know just to prove i could i guess where the homes of the lords convert well then touch the darkness within me take nourishment from these sovereignly souls theres theres a big wrinkle thanks kai guy all right what order should i go in boys what are we feeling oh why cant i but it doesnt usually take that long to load i already killed the uchi katana guy well i am andre nice as a humble smith forging weapon youre in search of the lords of cinder like the toilsome journey i wager let me smith your weapons i am a smith this is a tier one Music falco i remember whats the blue  __  for again isnt that for like magic and all that i dont need that yeah im not even using that right now so im not going to worry ill just take 5s this be careful lego magic and weapon arts i dont have any weapon arts right now so im not worried about that thanks to the resub tech trash what do you mean you do im not using any i dont use that i also dont need to oh are you the 10k  __  falco jesus man thanks for the tier 1 and the 10k bits have a great day at work bro thank you man thank you the generosity already did the tree jump already got my  __  i dont remember how do i go to the dancer there we go exit tier one uzumaki slime i forgot that i had to travel to it through the  __  bonfire thats all thank you the five gifts dorm good to see you dormant no im doing dancer first were gonna go dancer then um abort thanks to reso babalok and prime trashinator yeah i was going to try spellsword i get that from the um wizard guy right in the swampy area if i remember correctly it was maki thank you for the 10 gift subs man the tier 1 and the 10 gift subs appreciate the generosity bro thanks for the tier 1 hawk what the  __  man youre doing a pyro only run on this game right now is pyro strong in this one its broken really i dont think i ever did pyro and dark souls 3. oh unlucky is it tier one punch your puns and the tier one winter bear the bit soft and dead yeah i saw the elven ring leaks not a whole lot there to get a good opinion on though i forgot all about these guys oh god damn hes going in god damn i dont need to use a firebomb i can pull this off holy  __  does it ever stop holy  __  i saw the bond cloud being used in the tournament that was pretty wild oh wait lets go back this way how many times have i played this game oh jesus christ a  __  ton i dont know exactly how many but yep im doing cinders mod after we go through the base game and dlc what this what ending are you gonna do i dont know so Applause foreign hes the resub jichuan my days all right red bull is there anything to do up here did you ever do dual wield at weapon stances in dark souls 2 i did not actually except for fists when it came out thanks flusty you can just farm this area for a lot of xp i dont pass um i already played through neo one and two i didnt play through neo on stream though neo one at least but i played the  __  out of neo2 on stream oh thanks to the thousand bits nick and the prime panther oh bad roll uh unlucky oh boy Applause what build are you going for im just doing twin blades at the moment but ill probably switch at some point to something else whos throwing that dark souls 3 is the best souls game by far i still think dark souls 1 is my favorite but well see im definitely excited to try the cinders mod whats the receptive injury am i planning on finishing the whole game this stream oh  __  no no ill probably do all bosses again so i definitely will not be able to finish that this stream dark souls 3 has better mechanics maybe could potentially agree with that i am going to play the dlc ive never played the dark souls 3 dlc so that i am excited for joey holy  __  oh my god fumet suhito and joey going  __  wild thank you joey and good morning god damn thank you so much holy  __  really appreciate it i hope you had wonderful dreams the wettest of dreams im gonna give sub justin no son of a  __  dragon breathes fire through there doesnt it or is it up here i dont remember hope its up here holy  __  oh  __  thank you the five gift subs ender tracker and the five gift sub stanty poo appreciate the back to back five gift subs okay too early is he not doing it again okay i think the prime pep music the prime wasted Music Applause oh god damn he just poised right through that holy  __  this guys going nuts my god i dont remember this guy at all oh hold on hold on i gotta get warmed up here there there we go so isnt there a bonfire nearby because i know if i go like down the ladder and  __  is vort right its upstairs like inside yeah here we go thanks for prime john lurie sub estrellas welcome home speak thine hearts very well then touch the egg nourish theres a bullet impromptu and tier one goats and oats in the prime rover will i play the second do maternal dlc today probably not i didnt miss the 10k bits prime its just from fumet suhito and joey its been so behind on notifications because of the crazy generosity so it just popped up on the screen now but that was like literally about 20 minutes ago i didnt miss it easy to get subs doing true tommy true one of those guys explodes into the big thing i remember that i dont remember which one though i think this one i guess directly just keeps well probably not worth fighting it makes the recepts in the recent sim plus he gives titanite this guy gives titanite killing these gives tight knight i dont remember that what the  __  holy  __  he can still like attack me through that oh  __  and johnny yeah its the plan test the clops super weak to fire yeah i dont feel like wasting firebombs on it ill be fine foreign yep finished dark souls 2 last stream oh i killed him too early forgot the lizard what do you mean what lizard oh oh oh the tight knight lizard yeah yeah yeah oh what the  __  oh i missed the backstab i think theres some bread or the tier one brad pitt oh my god these guys are nuts too early Applause its just twin blades right now but i probably will switch it up at some point just so its not the same thing throughout the whole game well see ill definitely do spell sword though i never did that and i heard crazy things about that  __  hes a prime flop is the prime dane or day storm i see it marisa venus drop down why what did i miss Music i missed an estus shard where down there i mean im eventually going down there key for the npc npc two down there yeah ill get there soon no rush Applause wheres the prime shmucky in space oh you dont mean down no right there theres the anvil youre talking about what youre talking about way back here i dont think i missed anything i did miss something no im not doing a professor side playthrough yet  __  thanks to the resubzim oh god im having the hardest time with backstabs right now jesus christ were going to watch the square enix presents at 1pm nope thinks theres some swag and trey and the tier one jamie and resub raccoon in the recent wavelength next the resub drew snow i dont have any estus i dont know if ill be able to pull that off is there a nearby bonfire and uh i dont remember or is the one that i got on the tower still the closest please give some venus no i remember this part pretty well is it tier one chris crash i have to kill vort for the bonfire okay well lets try and kill this thing first anyway this is the north boy oh boy i thought that was a bigger dog but i guess not close call theres a shortcut to the elevator first bonfire all right ill have to find that im ill die from this fall if i do this wont i im pretty low im pretty sure this just kills me if i do this fall well see  __  run it  __  okay lets open the shortcut then im going to take a little tinkle uh i forgot the lizard again no big deal so where is the shortcut this way which way is the shortcut hes a tier one jeff and the two gifts of dorm after the fat night the ladder in the back so not that ladder i need to go back up here that doesnt make sense hes a tier one alex oh boy jesus christ man hes feeling himself down out back door and right upstairs thanks theres some cac perino oh it didnt kill ill get my souls in a minute there wasnt a ton there heres the prime valor im going back i just want to get the shortcut real quick thats all and then ill go back and get everything uh boys i think theres some peter deep there thats much more convenient dont do it oh  __  good move all right i gotta pee real bad ill be right back give me one second okay thanks to the resub freaking uh and kirazan kierzon ah this was not the shortcut i opened what did i oh i opened it back here holy  __  uh jesus christ it was also not this one wait what the  __  did i open thanks for tier one goose what what did i open oh its the first bonfire gotcha oh god close that was very close i shouldnt have gone for that why why i thought that would kill i got greedy damn i thought that was just so free please play piano im going back for the mimic um shrek foreign which souls like game should i play to get into the genre probably dark souls 3. things of tier one lobster mafia dark souls ones a lot to take in though i think i think dark well i dont know neither dark souls one or three oh he didnt breathe the fire here hes a prime dunk dark souls 2 isnt great but its still a fun game its just the weakest souls game still a fun game though i just played through dark souls 2 did all the bosses except for some reskins i can say with confidence it is still a fun game  __  idiot outplayed speed run strats baby thats a big brain maneuver i like the surge oh geez hes still alive what the  __  im gonna play bloodborne yep im doing bloodborne after dark souls 3. im gonna do the chalice dungeons in bloodborne i might and i am doing the dark souls cinders mod yes thanks to prime whimsky thank you tier one goose man he really holds that oh its the prime santa storm kind of crazy theres only three episodes of attack on titan until the show is finished theres literally zero chance the show finishes in three episodes theres gonna be a part two there actually has to be yeah the manga is not even done yet exactly did i miss anything in here i dont think so also what are embers used for i dont recall thanks to the resub strix oh its humanity im just gonna go right to board i just want the bonfire then ill do dancer its not that big of a deal i just dont feel like making the big run again i i dont think im gonna get vort first try either though so well see exit tier one quirky you get some mike in the prime bev so oh no i didnt have stamina oh jesus never mind i got him first try things to give some mike im starting to hear that movie music now ill do the answer i just really didnt want to make that long run back heres the reserve robert is a tier one gear rim welcome home one speak thine handstand very well then taken farewell i should make the flames go ludwig is it 51 hours holy  __  was fumet suhita going wild in there again holy  __  thanks the resub trash in the prime nfx oh i forgot to uh upgrade my flask again youre right yeah i mean im gonna do some vr  __  though even though it does make me sick ah you will not find the lords of cinder here they have left gone to their churning homes converging at the base of this castle head to the bottom of the high wall its hitler through the great gate and raised this banner to proceed this it is the insignia if you fear trespasses then etch this upon your heart and the old concord will beckon noble blue sentinels to hunt is the prime adj what is wrong are you not a lord seeker is this not the calling okay i attack her for dancer right my dear prince needs to give some big small i dont really remember dancer apparently very difficult though well see ugh a little out of range hello not looking too good im stuck oh thats not a lot of damage im doing to her maybe i cant do maybe i cant do her early game actually tier one zoba and recep smith that is not much damage at all lets try again are you doing an sl1 playthrough no no no its just very early game oh ah oh that there was three in that well oh  __  oh i dodged the wrong way i meant to go right but i dodged back it was a decent run i just dont do any damage to her which is the problem is your most hated boss she doesnt seem too bad if i could do damage is the prime numerous yeah it might just be a little early thats gonna be a really long boss fight if i dont upgrade my  __  im not going to upgrade my weapon im you know what i might do i just might be lying for spell swords and then do that im going to upgrade my estus though ah just gonna do what needs me im not gonna waste any pine resin right now man really ace thats interesting is there anything ive missed here should i just go forward uh im sure theyre  __  i missed lets go through are these guys no stamina Applause theres the prime udomy in the recent bro layer did you unlock the prisoner from the beginning of the level no i forgot god how do you kick in this game its not just that because for this it just makes me do the uh backwards attack that weapon doesnt kick that makes sense oh is the prime soup chief no tilt forward r1 is this for me its not a kick oh no yep i already did board i have to do why are you telling me how to do it at the same time this is the kick if i was just doing normal r1 thats this the tilt forward r1 is this it doesnt have a kick ill just play it safe no no stamina ah oh thanks for the prime peculiar you need to improve only endurance and dexterity plus infuse spell sword twin blades with sharp gym interesting okay so wheres the guy i have to free i have the prisoners key i just dont know where the  __  prisoner is oh missed power with second bonfire okay ill do that theres three sub amazing gore have you played all souls games yep its my favorite genre hey thanks robert hope youre doing well goddammit i will also yeah i will be doing all dlc too so is he this way nope uh thanks goji im not playing any dark souls 3 mods yet but im doing a cinders mod playthrough once i finish this normally oh here he is no no youre from far away you must be some of that unkindled ash remarkable below the high wall is a musty little town not the home of any law is it prime medicine a very old settlement of undead an old woman loretta please i im not asking for charity in fact in fact if you do this for me ill be sure to repay you in kind i may be a petty thief but i have more wits than most royalty what do you say then  __  yeah i definitely grant this right very well i humbly place my faith in you i am gray rat of the undead settlement give this ring to oblaretta at the base of the high wall do your part and ill do mine blue tearstone ring what does it do damage absorption when hp is low so when i give this to her do i lose it okay i dont think ive ever done gray rat when i played it last time well see thanks you give someone a source oh yeah rings dont weigh anything in this game right forgot about that dark souls 2 they weigh a  __  ton each oh they do weigh oh god dammit so do i go to the high wall i dont think i can do the high wall part of this quest candidate not yet should give some tony i think i have to go here first thanks theresa miva and the bits linden and the prime jpgr pick up the claymore wheres the claymore i keep getting told i missed it but i dont know where ive killed everything and checked everything its near the dragon okay thanks the prime af afcv stand theres the recent bryce stretto so is it by the alive dragon or the dead one okay oh well see um oh i dont think i can get there from here yeah its that one over there uh get down i think thats the last item i needed in here right hey what the  __  hey what the  __  is this jesus christ no dancer theres no way i get dancer this early i do no damage to dancer i just tried twice i had a really long run against there i hit like  __  30 attacks on her and didnt even do half damage i just dont do enough for it right now did you get the crystal lizard forgot look at it later good text nice three sub big ducking theres the prime aussie all right probably cant survive that did he get deep battle axe well i dont know not sure im gonna say yes because i pretty much got everything there Applause yeah i killed the mimic okay yeah i got it oh my god theyre going nuts on me those are some supercharged grant me death undo my shackles do i kill him or talk to him i think i just kill him right oh thats sweet thanks zesty i talk to him i dont just kill him oh then its true the champion of ash as i live and breathe to be in your presence is a great honor i am joel of londor a pilgrim as you can see only somehow i failed to die as was ordained no poor guy well perhaps my calling lies elsewhere say thank you how does the idea of taking me into your service strike you i was once a sorcerer i run a pretty tight ship thanks to tier 1 young carrot top oh i am honored truly i should be dead yeti i yall of londo what a nice guy so he went to firelink now yeah do you know the repercussions of his five level ups no what are the repercussions you go hollow if you get 15 hollowing he gives you five free levels gotcha gotcha i remember this area pretty well i think maybe not its been a long time oh it makes sense then rip hope youre doing well oh i forgot you can actually stun these guys by rolling into them you can toss a fire bomb and nuke the baddies below and nuke the baddies below really let me see but it hits all of them ludwigs got a thousand subs in the past 15 minutes  __  nuts yeah just the barrels i guess okay yeah were already up here might as well a ton of firebombs anyway lets see if i can hit the big ones in the back there bang oh thats on the money oh wow okay very strong arm oh those dont blow up was there some newbie you no i hit one of the barrels though what do you mean you hit a normal barrel oh theres a normal barrel mixed in with the explosive ones nice hey lorettas bone oh no good lorettas dead okay i did not expect that double oh not on my estus take that anyway though nerd whens the resub juan fun severia and rexter and shrubby the prime rainmaker theres the recep asher are these the only enemies that you can roll into to stagger makes the recent crunchy one of you hey meadow theres the prime fred red theres the reset denial thanks to resub ugly gods okay so i guessed right on that one i do no damage to this what the  __  actually give somebody did i try so hard nice bushwhack solid thanks to the prime mw3 favorite souls game probably the first one dark souls one is just so good thanks the prime give me your hand please second favorite its probably dark souls 3 im lucky did i miss anything in here i dont think so is he online nope not gonna deal with hackers again oh is the soup infinite no its not thanks caitlin and thank you anonymous yeah i played stubs the zombie a long time ago does it actually have any ripe dont give it something i dont have well do i have a thrust weapon lets see i dont think so i guess straight sword is thrust right cant use it i have a rapier right i picked this up just did a whole playthrough on dark souls 2 using nothing but the rapier thanks to the bits bravo down in the prime jumpsuit uh god damn actually some shitty beans theres a bonfire nearby isnt there its through it actually might be up here and down yeah its down here oh amber thatd be fun hey theres some dusty you know what ill go back for the lizards before i forget them a games tier list i wouldnt even know where to begin ive played so many  __  games that would be an actual never-ending tier list oh right i did get another shard i think ill turn it in a minute makes the bits bravo down whered he go oh jesus christ lets do some finishing touches oh these are tier one triple ace use an ember at the dilapidated bridge to fight npc invader oh okay thanks to the  __  bravo down quick text message all right oh i actually remember this invader i think is the gift so why did i try so hard outplayed nerd  __  too easy what a move oh my god im  __  stun locked here all right lets not take any chances i have plenty of estus okay oh my this guys nuts oh what okay okay gonna have to change the strat here ah oh right through and he just oh big poise how did i miss that backstab come on what does that do oh wait its damaging him now its healing him what the  __  this guys poise is crazy how did i miss oh  __  whoa this guys nuts this guys harder than any boss in this  __  game finally holy  __  so much healing good lord so much  __  healing oh for sure goji thanks to the resub some small fella and filo filo in the prime parson henry some thick that was not a player thanks to recep nacho thanks the gifts of walmart what did you get from them the vertebrae i dont remember what theyre used for but i know that theyre pretty important wheres the lizard oh did i already miss it oh i cant get the lizard from this bonfire oh its up there isnt it okay okay yeah its probably going then i have to reload the area how the  __  do i get up there favorite boss fight and music i would have to think about it im not sure theres no bad music in dark souls like its always so good jesus christ whered he go damn this guys popping off this time im just gonna hit bonfire anyway might as well take some souls deacons of the deep oh i actually remember the deacons fight they licking twin blades theyre pretty cool i can also now do my estus shard my level ups im pretty sure very well so where is grey wrap hes to the left of the smith thank you there he is oh hello youre back and in one piece whatever trinket you need just dont ask me where im im assuming i have to give him the bone right thanks to the prime malamba heavens she was already dead thank you almost a relief really you can keep the ring as goodbye oh this place is it three gift subs eddie oh goodness wait didnt he say he gave me something else though what did he like upgrade the ring plus one no Music why do the siege word the onion quest yeah why save and quit Music exhibits jackie i have to save and quit to progress this story gotcha okay what needs me usually never  __  your name up thank you man appreciate the generosity god damn maybe the 25 drop im glad youre having fun holy moly you choose the estus shard on top of fire length yeah heavens ah there it is heavens heaven thank you some scamper and shiret shuri drill and hip hop hip hop hop potamus so if i talk to yall right now to get my level ups am i going to lose my ember am i going to be hollow because if so ill probably just wait heres the prime drop dead devil in the gift sub kane walmart no okay next three sub shiz where is yall Music welcome is pilgrim with a dead in death and i never would have had you not i thank you dearly for this then shall we begin bearer of the dark sign i just get one level be safe it is free ill take it lets get some ragna i just havent died enough for it im sorry to hear that kane well i hope you feel better soon what the  __  that really went wild on me thanks to prime bert carcass i remember the boss up here is the tree right oh i totally forgot about that oh god oh god im out of stamina ugh god damn it i thought i could roll in time congersa i can always come back why is everyone in such a rush i just want to kill the guy throwing this because i know that makes him stop but all right become friends with him why jesus christ my god there we go boss to the left here i remember that yeah its that tree thing exit five give some shiz uh isnt there theres like a bonfire in the sewer or something right like over there its near the bridge is it not here in the sewer is thought so oh jesus christ uh this takes me back to the first bonfire i know where i am heres the recent hellbound oh wait no this takes me to the dilapidated one never mind still know where i am theres a recent old sushi lets do the tree boss real quick i dont remember if the tree boss is hard or not i dont think so i could be wrong i remember it breaks the ground and you fall with it makes me good so walmart oh god theyre actually chasing inside eggs the prime herpes whereas its a little like nuts dont do tree boss youll miss out on a covenant that covenant that i want Music oh  __  i didnt see another guy what the  __  where are they coming from okay im not even bothered risking it wheres his nuts im just at his taint nope goddammit where are these other nuts firebomb this do damage without having to hit like a central point that was worthless wasnt a bunch of those no god damn it oh boy oh boy im stuck you play the new doom dlc uh i havent decided yet hes a prime louis first try thanks to five gift subs old sushi appreciate it dont know how youre gonna deal with pontiff hes gonna murder you again and again uh just like all the hype around ancient dragon fume night and dark lurker from dark souls 2 yes of course im sure chad is right he is going to be nuts um dilapidated bridge energy so many super easy i dont use summons i did a summons on dark soul 2 final boss just to see if bradley and uh ben could pull it off and they almost did they almost sold her holy  __  isnt there a bonfire down here no oh god get out you gonna do nameless king yep i do all the big hard bosses uh appreciate it thank you another one of those oh you face as undead behaving as if you deserve respect now youre posting five you subzeros oh very noble really appreciate it man thanks to the prime right yeah i saw a secret in here pardon me i was absorbed in thought to be honest im in a bit of a pickle have you ever walked near a white chair to be struck by a great arrow well if im not mistaken they come from this tower hes a prime minister im sure i can talk some sense into them but i have to find a way up this lift only goes down youll see well theres a prime trouble get me anywhere so how do i make it go up also did i miss a bonfire over there or anything i dont think so i think the next bonfire is probably up step on it and jump off real quick i see ill make friends with the giant that was easy all right didnt i just see a ladder am i mistaken i think im just mistaken yeah i saw there was a ledge somewhere over here hmm oh these are some linux disappear like that you have me downright worried but thanks to you an epiphany has struck me square in the head ive unraveled the riddle of this inscrutable lift Laughter on some days i went up the tower so i thought then somehow ended up here im not exactly sure what happened anyhow do you see that im no coward and i have a steady hand but that thing makes my skin crawl how now think twice before you go down that road all right thank you sub kappa is there really no bonfires nearby that ive missed closest one is still all the way back no you should have waited well its too late now god damn it be careful nice sick word  __  yeah that was that easy quite a performance but you mustnt get in over your head we unkindled must put our duties first but for the moment we have a toast to me hey my sword and our victory together long may the sun shine amen brother well im going to have myself a little nap the only thing to do really after a nice toast im sorry ushima and slicks nice no i dont think thats his full quest line i mean i guess i could be wrong i dont really remember is the bonfire this way im getting half yes half no bonfire is below the lift well i cant get back to the lift can i this doesnt connect down there now this just does a full loop oh i got greedy hmm where in the  __  not taking any chances this is absolutely not my first playthrough i just havent played it in years are these two guys alive are just having a conversation hiya oh i did not expect back to back there oh uh oh he didnt die jesus deck spilled yep doing uh twin blades for now no i havent seen snyder cut yet im watching that tonight hey oh flynns ring thats huge that ring was like a very in-game ring in dark souls 2 for me its the prime d walker it sucks in dark souls 3 oh dont tell me that really thank you tier one lilith in the prime henry jump onto that building one building are you talking about here down there no that no oh im not traveling anywhere vincent but thank you so this one oh i see likes to reset big bone how in the  __  wait how do i get down thanks to the gifts of lilith and the prime knownism i didnt see any planks to like cushion my fall like through the well in dark souls 2. unless its that do i have to make this jump over to that holy  __  okay oh never mind that wasnt bad stamina recovery speed thats pretty huge um what do you think keep the blue what should i keep also how is the mirror stuff is that light exit 10 gift subs cacao right appreciate that why do people not like flindering i thought this was really good yeah almost nobody is saying flynns ring is good in this game so ill just swap it rings are just weaker its better than tear you know what i also agree with that so is cell sword twin blades the best also i didnt even notice the tier one that could be the tier one before the huge 10 gift subs cache right thank you the generosity thanks to the prime social calling is sellsword the best twin blade because i thought the twin blades that i got from the wizard guy were the best things they reserved that boy okay whats the best armor to run with it doesnt have to be what i currently have but in general whats the best wheres the prime swarm in the tier one sinister pikachu doesnt matter wheres the prime dock we go looks pretty cool its a little heavy though i might just stick with this actually i split me at the exact same hey well thats sweet thank you cockrite and welcome its super nice hes a prime coven oh yeah i still have this shield on i totally forgot stuttering a little bit right now no  __  what im going to level up once i get this next bonfire holy  __  okay holy  __  maybe this is a bad idea should have leveled up first maybe that thing just went nuts on me i might just bone out i dont know im thinking maybe just bone out i dont even really want to risk it oh this game has iframes again doesnt it thats right thats right dart we just finished dark souls 2 where there is no iframes on opening theres a prime ftg you can choose him in the door in a minute yeah absolutely rallo yeah ill kill him in just a sec welcome hospital very well then tuck oh well ive made oh wait uh  __  i forgot to upgrade my sword gotta go back hell get a free level i cant i actually literally didnt die i didnt die a single time hes a prime jack burn the bone shards yes i thought i had one pretty big how do i use x amount oh there we go i dont have a sharp gym i dont think thanks for the  __  and resub caesar salad what are you talking about Music you get it from the lizard at the lablet at the dilapidated bridge what the sharp gym okay let me grab it then when i infuse it with sharp do i have to re-upgrade so putting these two levels on it just  __  me a little bit because i got rid of some shards no it keeps it good makes the recent weapon in gym is sharper hollow better well everyone says sharp so im gonna go sharp hes a tier one glacial yeti Music uh oh  __  there we go you cant infuse it with sharp yet you need to get the fair and coal which is located in the crucifixion woods okay thats fine and yeah i totally forgot to uh burn the bone shard i say tier one frosty cone and tier one two tough tom are you doing sakido after no bloodborne after im gonna take a piss real quick i will be right back i was gonna fill up my water everyone sucks okay im back my favorite dark souls build thanks to the prime um humongous gaming and resub fieldy Applause yeah i heard the new uh do maternal dlcs out i might play it i havent decided yet appreciate it man maybe the generous drop thanks for the 10 years of watching this snobby  __  yeah man snyder cut his four hours four hours of joy and good memories im sure im excited its like a whole  __  day its  __  good have you seen it yet are you just hoping that its good people said justice league was good when it came out and that movie is insufferable so i take it with a grain of salt right now ill watch it for myself and see base justice league is  __  horrible its so bad i cant imagine the snyder cut fixing all of that films problems but well see i dont know what i was thinking with that oh my god im stun locked so hard what is this mildred wait holy  __  this is mildred isnt it damn we shouldnt have to kill her god i still remember doing the soul level 1 play through i needed her to kill the tarantula lady for me oh what a  __  headache alright the cell sword twin blade is a cheese build absolute resin well i never used twin blades when the game came out im trying not to just keep doing same builds demon souls was a moby huge strength build with dragon bone dark souls 1 was a goofy pyromancy build and mainly soul level 1 dark souls 2 we did break gear so this one made sense to do this Applause Applause ludwig scammed his chat whatd he do Applause Music yeah ill switch builds at some point im sure i wont do twins or the cell swords for the whole thing plus im doing cinders mod as well which will be a completely different build ill run things through some panic safe these two attack me right oh hello how do you do i am angry of a storer unkindled like you this is horus maybe bruno are you two in search of the lords of cinder we are well along the road of sacrifices below us is the crucifixion woods beyond the flooded woods lies farron keep home of the we seek the cathedral home of the grim aldrich we may go our separate ways now but we are both seekers of lords there is some nomads cross paths one may find the other in a time of need may the flames guide your way she can literally become your wife in this game well i definitely didnt do that oh yes hes not very talkative but dont think hell love him hes an upstanding kind without his help i would have hes a prime big dicky beauty long ago we are well along the road of spinky makeup the next time we oh i might as well rest Music also might as well spin knees ill do the marriage sure  __  it also who sells titanite shards is it her no she sells ember fashion one go up and level with eola while youre there i literally havent died since the last time i did that oh it is her i just have to give her an item gotcha may the fling go to the shrine dude to make boss weapons yeah im not going to do that i dont need boss weapons right now i havent decided which ones id even want if you enter karthus before getting all of yols levels he disappears what do you mean why level up vitality what are you talking about you mean vigor i put a point into endurance just then and then put it into vitality yalls crucial to the animus quest line i dont think i have anris yet  __  oh i missed oh that was andres so i remember this is where like the wizard guy is at a lot of titanite shards  __  yeah okay what an  __  why are you playing offline uh because when i wasnt playing offline in dark souls 2 a hacker came in crashed my game and almost corrupted my save that was when i was like at the end okay jesus christ get me the  __  out what in the  __  is going on these guys are going nuts grass crest is in this swamp good i need that a new bonfire theres a lot of bonfires in this game has he found black knight yet uh dont think so hmm Applause ill give you a parrying uh probably not very since i havent done any parrying in the last two dark souls games ive streamed i cant move i actually cant move just let me out what the  __  hardest enemy in the game jesus christ what  __  man huge stun luck theres a giant crab in here right i dont even know why im bothering to kill everything i just figured might as well Applause is it your first time playing nope not even close first time using twin blades though things the  __  master yeah ill advance your story once i actually die and then ill just do uh firelink suicides to get the deaths up enough theres a recent baseball oh theres fallen knight people were saying fall at nights pretty good under 70. everyone uses fallen knight thats fine oh  __  god damn the reach on that thanks to the recent binding burden shizu oh man stand up  __  i couldnt dodge that guys poise is crazy hes  __  me up i want to kill this one first okay im good hey appreciate it boom commander do a no death soul level one run not tonight but yeah maybe lets keep exploring here oh theres a huge crab and yeah i saw the sillys new stuff its exciting it hasnt like started yet but soon it will all right this thing is  __  tanky oh god damn so i think through some turbo motions didnt get the grass crest shield yet not yet i still need to find that why am i fat rolling oh because of the water this is too deep over here i think there is some consonant in space  __  yeah oh i just heard him oh boy oh boy oh god hmm and i squeaked it out yet again grass shields in the water all right a lot of souls to spend thanks to the recent hiku bola yeah i know theres a closer bonfire i already got it its just this is the closest one to where i currently was farewell the giant crab respawns oh i do have an s this shard i forgot why are you leveling decks what the  __  do you mean it scales with what im using its a tier one  __  i havent even hit soft cap yet soft cap is 40. i was speed running dark souls one a while back but thats the only one Applause exit prime that girl abby is the tier one sly for the sky dragon good name Applause im gonna play gta tonight yeah ill probably do some rp tonight blood wig stream has more subs than what ludwigs stream has more subs than viewers right now yeah i mean thats not uncommon so does mine most peoples do thanks theresa marcus well most people being an exaggeration like at ludwigs level 75k subs holy  __  god damn blood oh  __  unlucky unlucky i buffered the attack oh okay now ill go back to fire lincoln just suicide to get yours quest moving that was sad  __  thanks be some killer be in the prime rover undead settlement bonfire is better what the  __  are you talking about why better for what for suicide this well is there a clue oh there is a cliff here thanks theresa bang was that your first death uh since getting yoll well since beating vort that was my first death thanks potato and thanks for the five gift subs marcus appreciate it bro it means theres matt law thanks the prime chicken tindies the suiciding is for yalls quest how many times do i have to do this its the bits tyler and the prime tinder two in between each level do i have to constantly go back level up and start again or no can i just do all 15 at once you can do all at once okay too late now im already here so oh i then shout there be safe is this game good  __  yeah yeah ludwig sleeps on stream hes a prime g eazy yep already did that already got the uh serpent ring you just got 3k subs in the last two minutes god damn why do you keep saying check his stream yeah i cant do sharp infusion yet because its going crazy i can tell its been going crazy for days now yeah i will be doing the dlcs i havent been counting deaths has anyone counted for me was like six how do i check hollowing is it here okay im good nope not first time just been a long time things are reset jaybird thats sweet i dont think id ever do a sleep stream though oh i then shall we bear then shall we begin bearer then shall we begin bearer ah you have attained all will soon be clear okay all right weve now progressed the old things that give some smoky i dont know what those are slifer what are marauders in the game i dont remember that anime next three subductor octopus oh i forgot the grass crust i dont feel like killing the giant crab again so where is it found it now does this stack with my oh wow fat roll not good does this stack with my chloranthy ring yes it stacks okay i need to get rid of this fat roll though this wont be enough  __  this thing is heavy Music um thats how well have to do it oh  __  it doesnt seem like that much of a difference lets see like i feel like i cant get an extra hit in yeah it doesnt seem worth it ill just put this back on panda Applause ugh oh boy oh boy oh jesus christ thanks the prime marwin Music wow how long have you been since i played this game probably about five years or probably like four years oh this is boss Music so Music no thanks theres sub keg oh do a maternal marauders theres the resub spud and the prime honu at least three to resubmock yee huh thanks to prime juju let me play the dlc yep thats the plan thanks galaxy brandon thanks for the prime shorter mac welcome husband very well then taken up i wish i didnt put those points into vigor i should have just put it into endurance thanks to the recent moon all right im gonna take a break im going to work out ill be back streaming again in like five hours five or six hours oh esther shard yeah i might as well use that before i go yeah somewhere around like eight or nine tonight well maybe a little later because the justice league movie is 20 hours long so well see but yeah itll be sometime this evening be careful well probably do gta rp tonight all right everyone thanks again and i will see you later tonight have a wonderful afternoon ill toss you oh here ill toss you to jeebus corner i havent sent you guys over there hes a music streamer he does some really cool  __  thanks again everyone have a wonderful day see ya Music uh Music you steam card scam Games Played: Dark Souls IIIStream Title: Dark souls 3 is too easymoistcr1tikal Twitch Stream Playlist: Cr1TiKaL #Cr1TiKaL #moistcr1tikal #penguinz0 ps4 controller on steam free to play battle royale games steam steam buy two copies of a game how to use a rowenta steamer easy to run pc games on steam