The Greatest DARK SOULS 3 MOD? Hollow Overhaul FINALE

Do non steam games track timesteam deck heroic games launcher DARK SOULS™ III mass effect on steam deck After having played hollow overhaul for 30 hours or more I have to say that its my all time favorite mod of Dark Souls games. In the HO mod you get an all new playthrough for veterans, with new balance, less bonfires, atmospheric lighting, new enemy placements, bosses, items, spells, shiny red blood, new status effects and many other core changes in gameplay. Download the mod here: I had to mute a few min of the video for a ceremony boss due to copyright, the audio comes back shortly after!Keep up to date with live streams and other content #DarkSouls #Eldenring #Bloodborne #Sekiro steam summer sale how to find game fallout 76 game pass to steam changing steam region for cheaper games steam stream deck epic games ark crossplay with steam