Game Theory: The TRAITOR of Dark Souls! (Dark Souls 3)

Steam mop on carpetsteam american mcgee's alice DARK SOULS™ III they see me rolling Music roll Music so Applause Music Applause hello internet welcome to game theory where this week were concluding our killer two-parter on the darkest dungeoniest game franchise from from software dark souls last time we started our epic quest to unearth the secret identity of our player from dark souls 3 and i completely burned through my allotted time going over some basic foundational lore we needed to be on the same page about to even begin piecing together this mystery so for all of you who went tldw let me summarize the fire that gives the age of fire its name keeps dying but someone always goes and uses their body as a human candle to relight it doing so earns you the title of a lord of cinder and really crispy flesh in dark souls 3 the person who was supposed to relight it prince lothric has rejected his duty since you know he assumes that burning yourself really hurts so four lords of cinder were brought back to life to do it for him the theory goes if they were able to do it once well theyll do it again except they wont from personal experience they know that burning yourself for eternity really hurts and they arent too eager to do it again enter your character youre playing as an unkindled someone who in the past tried to link the fire but failed youre basically the third stringer the long shot of long shots the hail mary you along with three other unkindled are tasked with killing off the lords of cinder and returning them to their thrones but what we noticed last time was that the three others each have a close association with one of the lords hawkwood the deserter with the abyss watchers siegward of katarina with yorm the giant and henri of astora with aldrich the devourer of gods which leaves one unaccounted for lord of cinder with one unaccounted for unkindled prince lothric and you but what exactly is the history between the two of you and what does it mean for your characters identity in the game well like an owl trying to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop i too am ready to get to the center of this mystery so lets find out a one a two who you know what nod at me for a long time this boss the nameless king its such a random boss fight i mean not just because its one of the most difficult in the game thats fine its an optional boss game developers have been throwing in bosses that exist only to inflate our egos for generations but theres a reason why specifically this fight bothered me why did it exist dark souls is a series where nothing is wasted item descriptions npc placements every fight in the game has purpose youre hacking through different lords of cinders so you can deliver their heads like the worlds most disappointing pizza to their thrones other bosses serve as their underlings and even optional bosses have a reason consumed king osiris is an insane danger to everyone around him and the cursed rotten great wood is you know a gross evil tree but the nameless king killing him doesnt further your goals as someone trying to link the fire so why is he your enemy for a long time i thought maybe this is just a video game thing and im overthinking it yes i sometimes have self-awareness and realize that all these theories do amount to me over analyzing things that the developers probably never intended but no not this time because there is something hidden here the nameless king battle is a hint that our character not only has a history with prince lothric but that he also somehow was an enemy to the nameless king but in order to know exactly why well we first have to identify our nameless king and let me just point out the absurdity of this to find the identity of our character we need to find the identity of not only this guy but also of a few more characters that were gonna get to later gotta love dark souls this is like five theories wrapped up into one luckily this first one isnt too hard but you have to go all the way back to dark souls 1 to do it according to the description of the sunlight metal quote the symbol represents lord gwyns firstborn who lost his deity status and was expunged from the annals end quote and from the ring of the suns firstborn item description we learned that quote lord wins firstborn was a god of war but his foolishness led to a loss of the animals and rescinding of his deific status today even his name is not known end quote oh a king without a name you say it would appear the nameless king is lord gwyns eldest son hypothesis further supported by the fact that gwyns sunlight symbol can be found all over archdragon peak realm of the nameless king but then why was he disowned from his father well hopping back to dark souls 3 if you manage to win the fight and look at the description of the soul of the nameless king you see quote the nameless king was once a dragon slaying god of war before he sacrificed everything to ally himself with the ancient dragons end quote and theres even more hints sprinkled throughout item descriptions in the miracle lightning storm the dragon slayer sword sphere the storm curved sword and the dragon scale set basically looking at all of this its undeniable that the nameless king is the long-lost son of gwyn who allied himself with dragons and thus became an enemy to his father and by proxy anyone who fights on behalf of linking the fire and is an enemy to dragons both things that we know the kingdom of lothric stands for as weve established they have a tradition of linking the fire and according to the description for the lothric knight shield the lothric knights contended with dragons and their shields have suitably high lightning absorption befitting a dragon slayers arms so obviously the nameless king wouldnt be the biggest fan of anyone who fought on behalf of the kingdom as such were given our first clue that you were once a warrior of lothric but we can get even more specific because what exactly were you a knight a priest an intern whose sole responsibility was making sure the kingdom had an up-to-date social media presence none of these get ready for a total hardcore reveal because the main character of dark souls 3 the unkindled that you play as is the resurrected soul of a heartless cutthroat assassin whose sole purpose in the kingdom was to perform covert clandestine black ops and eliminate the enemies to the throne ladies and gentlemen you are a black hand oh boy now were getting into the real deep stuff so let me explain you can find a whole lot of rings throughout the game but i want to focus on three in particular the knights ring the scholar ring and the priestess ring by piecing together the lore contained in their descriptions we learned that the government of lothric is built on whats known as the three pillars the knights of lothric the high priestess and the scholars you actually meet all three of these in the game emma who sits where the dancer of the burial valley hangs out is the high priestess the knights are well you know everywhere just literally everywhere and according to the description for the miracle blessed weapon the scholars are the creepy dudes hanging out in the grand archives covered in wax but theres one other group a secret group rarely mentioned the hunters basically the dark souls equivalent of the kgb the kgb will fit for no one according to the hunters ring they served from the shadows and punished enemies of the kingdom in ways that the three pillars couldnt and of the hunters the black hands were the best of the best so good that according to the black hand armor set there have only been three of them in the entire history of the kingdom and your character in dark souls 3 is one-third of that elite group but how do we know lets start simple they serve the throne and weve already established that your character was a warrior of lothric but thats only the beginning remember the armor set says that there were three black hands but over the course of the entire game you only ever come across two black hand kamui and blackhand gotard and this whole part of the story is actually revealed not by item descriptions but by shifting npc alliances as most of you probably already know you can summon npcs to help you through various parts of these games and while these summons may seem random they absolutely arent we already covered last episode how certain unkindled are summoned to take down bosses important to their backstory but the same is true when unraveling the secrets of the black hand blackhand gotard is an actual ally of yours throughout the first half of the game he can be summoned to help you fight the abyss watchers and pontiff suleivan only after you defeat the first three lords of cinder can he be found dead at the entrance to the grand archives searching his body gives you the grand archives key which allows you to progress towards prince lothrics hideout the final lord of cinder and the end of your quest so obviously hes an ally of yours whos on the same mission hes visiting the same spots as you because he too has been reborn to kill the lords of cinder and re-link the fire but then why did from software design it so that hes dead at the front of the grand archives well that has to do with the second black hand blackhand kamui near the top of the grand archives you meet and are immediately attacked by a group of three hostile npcs line knight albert daughter of the crystal crime hill and black hand kamui not only is this a really challenging and really random battle in the middle of what i thought was a pretty easy section of the game what stands out most is that lion knight albert was your ally up to that point you could summon him to fight a boss earlier in the game vort of the bureau valley so why does he turn on you now well we can get a clue by breaking the sequence of the game a bit if you summon albert for that boss fight but then go next door to kill emma the high priestess and one of the three pillars i mentioned a few paragraphs ago it triggers another boss battle the dancer of the bereal valley but at that point albert uses an item called the black separation crystal an item which allows him to basically reject your summon and return home hes no longer on your side willing to fight with you this means that albert and by proxy that group of three npcs in the grand archives have an allegiance to high priestess emma and her cause and that you at one point were a part of that group they were willing to fight alongside you but through your actions over the course of the game by the time you reach the grand archives are now standing opposed to their goals so that begs the question what does emma stand for well to figure it out we need to look at her dialogue this is what she says the first time you meet her the wait has been long unkindled one i am emma high priestess of lothric castle allow me to speak frankly you will not find the lords of cinder here they have left gone to their journey homes converging at the base of this castle head to the bottom of the high wall so first and foremost she knows you shes been waiting for you theres a history here once again confirming that we were in some way a warrior for the royal family and its also important to note here that shes also lying to your face she says that there are no lords of cinder here but there is you need to get past her to kill the final lord prince lothric it would seem like shes trying to protect him a suspicion i had thats confirmed in her final lines before she dies prince lothric is in your hands please save his soul tell him what he must be a lord this is why high priestess emma who recognizes you immediately sends you in the opposite direction of the princes at the beginning of the game she does this because she as the religious figurehead of the kingdom is primarily concerned with preserving the salvation of the princes who have shirked their duty this is still her priority when she dies she doesnt say hey go kill those lazy boys who are leading the world to darkness she says save his soul tell him to be a lord like theres ever a talk it out option in dark souls do you know what game youre in lady and this is why blackhand kamui turns on his fellow blackhand gothard killing him outside of grand archives and why lion knight albert eventually turns on you albert and camoy are loyal to the prince keeping him and his desire to watch the world fade into darkness alive but gothard is out to return lothric back to his throne dead or alive in short theres infighting in the ranks of the black hand theyre meant to serve the king but with the king gong crazy and a prince wanting to destroy the world its unclear which side they should take godtard ends up on one side and camoy on the other and at the beginning of the game its unclear where you stand on the issue are you killing lords of cinders so they wont be able to light the fire and prince lothric will see his world of darkness come true or are you killing them to bring them back to their thrones enabling you to link the fire thats why albert helps you in the early game he assumes from your past history that you are also still serving the prince based on your role as the black hand but by the time high priestess emma dies either by your hand or naturally youve killed the three lords of cinder and returned them to their thrones your allegiance is now clear youre no longer adhering to your duty youre not serving lothric you want him dead and that puts you at odds with former allies like albert and your fellow black hand kamui remember when i established in episode 1 that the three unkindled have a relationship with their respective lords of cinder and that youre set to partner against lothric this is why you as a black hand have historically been a servant to the royal family to the prince youre their secret service but in this game youre betraying him not only going against his wishes but going so far as to kill him and depending on the ending that you choose usurping the power of the flame away from the lothric line as its existed for centuries we never find the body of the third black hand just two because the third assassin isnt anywhere to be found that is unless of course you look in a mirror but hey thats just a theory a game theory thanks for watching and yes austin and i actually did a bunch of research looking into the third member of that weird npc trio daughter of the crystal crime hold kremhold i dont know how to pronounce it anyway im gonna turn that research into a diet theory on her because shes one of the most mysterious characters in the game but if you actually put the pieces together what she means to the story is actually fascinating it just didnt fit into this theory from a narrative standpoint or a time standpoint but it is so good that i really want to share it with you guys so keep an eye out for that in the next couple weeks but before we get to that were taking a break from dark souls well be tackling zelda mass effect splatoon maybe even some stardew valley a lot of you have been requesting that im looking into it so its a good mix of things as such make sure you ring that subscription bell down below this video to not only stay notified of all the new theories coming your way but also have your chance to join the notification squad and potentially be featured in a future episode of game theory that would be pretty cool right i like calling out the people who are first comers to these videos and hey dark souls fans my apologies if i triggered anyone by getting some details wrong or if i said something the wrong way we did our best but there is so much information that we have to juggle when making these episodes that sometimes a small thing just slips through the cracks things that you didnt think that you had to look up like say for instance looking up that interplay named fallout and not bethesda its always those small stupid things that you dont even think that you need to question that end up getting you ah it is so frustrating and of course whenever that sort of thing happens the entire comment section latches onto it and says oh matpat youre so dumb guys im sorry i do make mistakes i am not a complete expert in every single game franchise even though i try to be in researching these episodes but you know youre reading through a hundred other things to write these scripts you sometimes dont think to question simple stuff like the makers of the game well such is life anyway a huge congratulations to our 10 winners from last weeks dark souls giveaway your names are on the screen right now and ill be reaching out over the next couple days to make sure that youre able to get your game code thank you so much for your excellent theories in the comments and enjoy your new dark souls 3 deluxe pack i dont know about you but im excited to dig into the new dlc and hey guys if you liked the giveaway let me know we can always try to do more of these sorts of things in the future im trying to figure out new ways to give back to you guys to just say thank you for all the support that youve given this channel over the last couple years i mean were about to if not already crossed 8 million subscribers and thats incredible so if i can share some of that back with you guys all the better so let me know ways that i can do that moving forward and anyway with that im signing off this episode has already gone on too long so see you all next week for something a bit less dense then again its supposed to be the zelda timeline so yikes wish me luck guys ill see you then kiwi game steam Praise the sun, Loyal Theorists! ► Missed Dark Souls part 1? 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