Dark Souls 3 in 2022

Steam gauntletsteam games on surface pro DARK SOULS™ III dark souls 3 was the first souls game i really played the beginning to somewhat of an end the nameless king made me quit and i swore im never going to play this game again but with eldering coming out and with playing the open bit of the closed beta excuse me i was able to tell that that game is very souls uh related in in play through compared to like bloodborne or sekiro so before the game comes out might as well be dark souls 3. i cant even tell you where exactly im at and amos king was beaten sure but i dont know how to get past where i last was so the nameless king was optional what are you talking about hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on how how well looks like im not beating dark souls 3. thats just not happening so because im just not beating that boss again regularly i asked my homie if you wouldnt mind helping me kill it look at me you you kind of make me sick im not going to lie no im  __  sick look at me bro you better not die to this dude once we you fight again no no this is not what were doing this is not what were doing you said you could kill it and i said bet so kill it bro listen listen kill it oh i need backup problem with it okay ill hit it but i bro if i could kill this myself it would already be dead i cant i know but if 2v1 youll be the fun line man front line you you miss youre clickbaiting me whats this go afro im a dragon boogie swing what the  __  are you gonna do any damage are you gonna are you gonna fight kabuki are you not beating do that again do that again wait you miss all right this is this is the part that i didnt like all right i remember it i remember the first phase for for the most part you only got three estes i need you to do what you did before again bro what do you mean you dont have any mana im gonna die why would you waste why would you waste all your stuff on the first one no no no wheres your blast do the blast im dead damn it im dead get him again oh hes coming for you im coming im coming im coming im coming im coming get away from him yes sir yes sir all right all right lets go lets go kabuki finish him please please please lets go uh it hits the same as it did the first time all right so this is where i need to go just straight from here well this this is optional you dont even need to do this this is the optional bus wait what so i asked kabuki to help me find where the next boss i have to go fight is oh my god you havent killed the prince oh my gosh yo he kind of  __  me oh no yeah go go there go to yeah and theres a ladder right you got to dip your head in there bro its you just its a dead end bro go back go back up go back up ladder ladder left left left left this is a dead end ill drop down onto that yeah there there there go there go take the elevator the next day so after maybe two years three years im now about to finally beat dark souls 3. i have two bosses left this shouldnt be too too hard to do i mean after the nameless king and the dancer only imagine that whats left is gonna be quick for me to pick up in comparison now i am a little rusty that is true i havent been playing the game like that at all but i think the core of my reaction time is is still there unless theres two of these people at once then that would be a little different another dogged contender oh welcome unkindled one oh its a lady fighting a lady Music what the heck is that thats him the fire link oh Music hes moving like the nameless king no like the dancer why is it moving like the dancer bruh this is the prince all right theres one of them okay i can do this whoa whoa we teleporting he got a little reach on them okay i can kind of see the bit this weapon does hella bro oh my gosh kabuki you blessing me how does this work oh okay i now know how that works all right all right but but with this weapon though hes just gonna get melted hes just gonna get melted oh my gosh oh my oh my goodness okay thats my fault its my fault oh the greed okay okay oh all right let me not be gritty let me not be greedy i can kill him in one go uh bro with this weapon its possible okay oh i dont have any stamina all right back up back up second second sip second sip dodge oh my gosh oh my gosh okay okay that wasnt it i thought i was being cute dodge okay dodge oh my goodness oh all right awesome awesome awesome drink drink for safety dodge oh my god can i oh i thought that was a stagger it wasnt a stagger no dont dont dont okay you almost almost Music bro if i die right now im gonna be very upset oh my gosh i need a drink Music bro drink faster what the  __  is wrong with you what the  __  is wrong with you taking sips out of a sippy cup bro ill kill him no kill him Music all right cool thanks what if it was actually meant to be that easy and the part two is uh where the challenge really comes oh dear brother that was im on my way wait oh there really is a part too surely is there no no you dont have to do that dont do that dont do that dont do that dont do that all right maybe the weapon wasnt that op it was a ruse but now hes like giga boosted this transformation dont got a lot of sauce on his little nasty looking oh hes embered he about to stand up no hes just about to be embered well thats thats not fun what is that two wait what whoa okay theres two health bars though okay so i have to hit his back and him bro all right literally dodge i just i just somehow end up being  __  bad at everything i touch  __  aint no way oh he didnt do the slash in the middle one time im a little okay we skipping yolo movie im a little confused im a little confused in the progress okay theyre gonna shoot do the shoots i could have sworn i dodged all those i could have sworn i dodged all those i could have sworn i dodged all those thats all right im im really accustomed to a lot of modern media being racist where is he doing that at okay now you want to do that i was waiting for that to hold bro you jumping on me where is that what the  __  im just pissed im im oh that was also new attack but were just not gonna talk about that i guess its just really how it depends how you feeling oh boy i threw a toy like 30 minutes ago my dog has yet to realize it was in the closet until just now good good job so i think i know what it is man i am treating this as if i havent seen most of these mechanics already i just got to stop looking at the health bar and focus on the process i saved my ember for this moment just to kind of ease up on my flask look at my flats bro im look like this this is the run if i if i somehow if i somehow drop the ball on this i quit bro i dont deserve to be playing this game see youre just bad okay im bad im bad im bad hold on hold on drink a little juice a little quick go over here real quick hit you when youre low what is that for okay okay were good were good were good smack your ass we got it we got it we got it we got it im not gonna hit that but its fine its fine its fine just swing just just swing thats all i gotta do youre just so stupid youre just so young youre just so dumb im in this  __  oh is it over i just gotta kill the brother hes gonna heal him isnt he no no oh all right just drink the juice drink the juices all right sorry we can do this we can do this come back come back i gotta kill the main boy first and then the brother but what no no i gotta kill the brother the brother first and then the main guy cool all right i got this i got this light its light its like its like its like hello come on now baby you gotta do it better than that  __   __  all right hold on i cant hit him i gotta go in the back gotta go in the back yes smack your brothers ass hey got your daddys ass yay in your day after this juice after this juice theres no way im fumbling this hold up hold on shut up shut up shut up shut up lets go were done im just gonna kill oh im done im done im done yeah yeah yeah see i missed that feeling i really did miss that feeling all right neal ah okay okay but for what to have happened thats the question i posed all right any day now yes i did that oh hes dead oh no Music this ritual scaring me Music oh my gosh Music i want a new outfit for this she taking it dont be a snake dont give it to me give it to me okay cool thanks Music thats been kind of busting you putting dan drift on me this her dan drift yo yo thank you for your dead flakes i feel good thats the cut scene where everybody go bruh bruh what where everybody go bro all right but like now my question is how do i get out oh up there uh-huh thats light thats light stuff light means getting out of here whoa whoa am i in the future or something oh this is cool oh this is dope look at this well i gotta go all the way up here huh im about to fight someone who has ability to turn people into stone or something wait what did he say ah seems familiar you know i dont i dont agree this is a boss fight i literally just finished the boss fight why are we doing this i just got out of something bro who are you soul ascender this this this is the last boss is this the last boss oh hes swinging oh hes swinging oh my oh my oh my gosh oh oh its getting kind of racist in this  __  all right hold on hold on bop move hop this is the guy on the cover no or am i lit i dont know whats happening but im making progress ah oh he did low oh i see i see i see i said he did a little two-step to that his story just broke bro what the hell with that he doing magic now oh he a wizard i dont like them balls though is he gonna shoot him oh but what about them balls you got bro throw them balls away oh you got thrown no hes not why okay okay okay the balls are giving me anxiousness but i need them oh i think kabuki do this oh im dead im dead im dead im alive im alive can you put those balls away bro please just put the ball of the ball oh there you go no he need a flip oh he going oh hes going crazy oh hes going too crazy all right im just going to use like almost all my juices why are you screaming yo oh hell no he got a little bit of everything oh oh he got the spinnies yo look at it why cant i move hes playing sekiro i just realized that i dont have them no no huh ill drink all the juice all the juice all the juice a lot of juice i just want to make a little progress a little more practice for you  __  me okay hold on hold on hold on hold on okay okay oh he did a two-step in a three-step okay well i got him to have health im not too sure if this is even like the full fight i dont know i i cant see a gimmick that could happen here hold on hold on hold on let me get this amber in real quick this is not smart this is not smart its not it worked i i dont know even though im im struggling a little bit this is still easy i dont know if its the weapons or maybe i dont know okay hold on hold on hold on dont dont yell at me the formula is just really easy to see i just gotta watch out he does this like two-step fake out thing as long as i can oh and that as long as i can dodge that you know im gonna treat this as if hes not gonna come back i think thats thats the play you know if im wrong im wrong but i i think i think i can just do this if i just dont try to be frugal on my juices i can hold on drink i want to just treat this as if you said you know what im saying oh then this is the miasma hold on dodge dodge dodge dodge okay okay come on oh my knee my knee is he gonna throw that he ate it what does that do for you oh you super strong now huh i think i cant even tell that was stronger thats still hurt okay hold on hold on if i oh okay im drinking ah okay all right hes good hes gone hes gone hes gone hes got this night lets go bro okay come on come on come on no no no no no no no oh okay okay no no one juice one juice you better die you better this better be it i know its not deep down i know it cant be oh no no no no please what is this no all right well i dont feel like playing right now best racing games steam deck 2 years later and I still havent beat Dark Souls 3... 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