Dark Souls Archthrones is INSANE - New HUGE Game - Dark Souls 3 Overhaul Mod - Gameplay Breakdown!

Steam artwork profilebest games on steam for under 20 dollars DARK SOULS™ III a brand new Souls game I know what youre thinking what did I miss some sort of announcement you didnt but what you might well have missed is two years of hard work and development time into the largest most comprehensive incredibly well made Dark Souls project I mean ever this is what happens when you take a group of people who are incredibly both passionate about the soul series and very talented and capable devs and let them rampant with the idea that we dont just want to create some new weapons we dont want to just edit in a boss hell we dont even want to just create a DLC or expansions worth of content now what we want to do is for all intents and purposes from the ground up using Dark Souls 3 as a base create an entire new Souls game that in every facet is an entire new Souls game the only caveat is technically its not from well from seriously all I can say here is Applause because this is seriously impressive Dark Souls Arch Thrones again you may well have heard of it but it is just breathtaking this is a story set around the Nexus of Embers welcome to the Nexus lost soul the arch throws require a great many Souls produce the coiled sword at the bonfire the arch Thrones will allow travel to other worlds and from this Nexus you will have access to five yes five worlds so five levels as it were that is filled with equipment bosses enemies armor the very environment like nothing you might recognize there are a few moments like the ruins of blue here this is from Dark Souls 2 do you remember exactly where but its been retooled re-jigged and I give you for not being able to recognize it the fact that this is even something that is happening is going to happen is ludicrous and if you are liking what youre seeing well Ill leave all the relevant links for you to follow it support it get involved and just generally experience it down below but I couldnt as a very much true Souls fan well not spread the word when it comes to this project because its something I think we all want to come to fruition and entailing new ground up experience that oozes the a kind of passion and creativity that the actual legitimate games do even just little touches like activating a bonfire by actually stabbing the sword down into it just give it that little bit of snares Pizzazz piece there is a stance you know and the actual bosses that we get to see are all lovely specimens too at least in their design Im not looking over here at demon Vanguard and being like lovely specimen I mean you know whatever youre into though Im Im not gonna judge he is obviously the asylum demon-esque in his nature but very much his own interpretation even the UI itself is very clean and well done and I very much like the look of it exactly how much new equipment and such will be there is anybodys guess but there is genuinely so much and for the first time as youve been seeing it throughout this entire video is uh this a gameplay Showcase of the current state of the overhaul expansion DLC new game mod this is the biggest chunk and actual showing of what it can do what its all about weve had a few little snit bits before like a very uh short little look at a certain Boss by the name of the baptismal guard who is just oh I mean look at the area well feels very kind of blood-borny and hes busting out what looks like some Briar moves there and the thing is this mod draws inspiration from all of souls youll recognize animations enemies areas but made to look of course unique and their own four Arch Thrones but underlying the fabric of it will pull from Demon Souls from Dark Souls 1 from Dark Souls 2 from Dark Souls 3 from bloodborne from Elton ring you will be able to piece together whats been inspired by what and what has been cleverly used where and whats been disguised and whats been slightly visually shifted but you can sort of tell where its coming from and I think thats one of the main things that makes me go very impressed and excited for this it feels like a celebration of souls because it will be this blending pot of every single Souls all the ingredients together but baked into something new that tastes just like you would hope it would with just a slightly new tinge that you never thought could be but yourself certainly glad is there and I for one am incredibly happy about it to the main gameplay showcase then we see two big main areas one involving the disgrace Knight in a lets just say less than Pleasant Arena of blood and corpses and death then honestly this is not the place you really want to spend a lot of time in now is it but so how many of you have picked up where this disgraced night here is getting a lot of his moveset general movement patterns and kind of base design from Ill give you a clue yes I might be wrong but to me I think its very very clear this is a father owl but of course completely reimagined and thats just absolutely badass this is a very solid proper one-on-one Warrior face off at boss fight uh that looks very very satisfying especially when he starts getting all of his magical shenanigans on and it proves a little bit too much for our play tester back to uh the Nexus of Embers to maybe then try a easier World an easier location so we go up to well what is a take on the golden order great sword in its glow mode embedded into the ground to act as the teleportation device which again is that little oh I recognize that but its used as this and thats really cool and thats a really good use of it ah that I was talking about as we then find ourselves in the Wharton Village a Autumn more aesthetic and a much Id say Nike survive and less time though still of course filled with that which wants to have you very very much dead as we expect from the brutal world of all things Souls eventually leading to to me the Far and Away most impressive boss of this little demo which is the Angelic wall guardian and he is not messing around very Iron Giant tea but of course the angel wings and the blasts of Holy Light that look like a holy version of the various Moonlight Shenanigans you can see a kind of look from the Homing magic in Elden ring and there really is just a lot of Excellence on a display here but this time around our hero does manage to win the day despite the gargantuan a task that was this great forward destroyed the big boss collection message item in Arch Thrones and thats I mean yeah is that so all in all theres not really a lot to say here other than I really needed to and wanted to show you this because because brilliant Dark Souls Arch Thrones a combination of all that is Souls the best of all of them into one custom Adventure that is just the size of an entirely new Souls game made by some incredibly talented people and it is worth you having your eye your attention upon it and its something well definitely be following and hopefully one day be able to bring you much more on its very very cool and I wish it all the best I really really do alrighty then ladies and gentlemen like if you enjoyed this subscribe and hit the bell for more consider supporting the future of the channel on patreon down below and until we meet again a gun and Hollow with the videos dropping the humor like a hammer on your tippy toes bringing entertainment on a daily arrangement to take our insanity and turn it into entertainment yes I said entertainment twice to reiterate that it is nice Jewel again to your faces on a mostly daily basis is when you let us in your homes to make the Whole World a Stage is uh goodbye steam deck modern warfare 2 2 years in the making and finally we have some proper gameplay! 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