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Steam games with most hours playedshark professional steam mops DARK SOULS™ III oh Dark Souls 3 the best game with the words Dark Souls and three in the title bar none you guys seem to really enjoy it when I showed you how to beat bloodborne completely normally so I figured it was about time to leave Eldon ring to fester in a pool of its own 20 hit combo One-Shot AOE juices and return to my second favorite soulsborne game for a completely unsuspicious and normal playthrough of ah screw it you know how this one goes foreign can you beat Dark Souls 3 normally rules no thanks what do you think this is my only stipulation is to beat the game and to do it completely normally should be easy enough so sit back unwind and enjoy but first a word from our sponsors rage me Norma Norma likes nothing more than a couple of pints and a smoke down the filing columns on a Friday night but shes also quite partial to a little bit of the old stabby Pokey rolly so here we are I guess Knight has start a class because I am a creature of the night and also a filthy casual random start a gift because being able to play this game is enough of a gift thank you based Miyazaki and it was time to raise my reanimated corpse from the dirt in order to go and kill some bosses basically an average Monday morning at work the cemetery of Ash is the tutorial area of the game and you can take your time here to learn the basics like how to hit things out a backstab outer plunge attack and most importantly how to cheese the sweaty pants off everything cheers lad after grabbing the Titanite Shard and the fire bombs from the area it was time to face off against the first boss latex Gandalf I plucked the sword from his torso instantly regretted my life decisions and went and played stardew Valley instead oh you wanted more DS3 fine luckily the night class starts with one of the best weapons in the game thats right the night Shield come here spandex Gumball Music Music Music foreign X Ganondorf breathed his last breathe I looted the outskirts of Firelink for Homewood bones and Embers helped this guy to get a little bit closer to his ancestors and entered Firelink Shrine to meet my waifu hello Audrey oh and this ladys okay too I guess Music high wall is where the real Dark Souls 3 begins so let me show you the main things I usually head for in this area couple of packs of sparkling blade sauce some bloodstones smithing shards one an Estus flask Shard just so you can call me shardy b gray rats selkey scarf granny Emma was knitting and Ye Old Reliable the broadsword which would be my main weapon of choice for this playthrough because its short and simple just like you can simply avoid a lot of the enemies in this area but if you do need to fight then stick to the basics like Norma here who cant land a Parry to save her life oh for Gods sake woman youre not even facing the right way useless the way it was time to free my best buddy Great Rap I sent him back to Firelink unlocked him as a vendor and bought a bastard sword off him for reasons time for the next boss the Fearsome ice Pooch of all but now if you watched my bloodborne normally run then youll know that fromsoft just love to hide little mini games in their titles DS3 is no different this ones a little tricky to access but if you enter the secret cheat codes in this order you can play the thrilling mini game heres how Music foreign Music still very much alive but also a distant memory this is where the game starts to open up so it was time for me to get down to business and since this is a totally normal run this power thing is pretty much what I do every time so here goes I dropped in to say hi to some friends told you all to stop being so damn miserable work through the undead settlement making sure to pick up the Esther Shard on the way and died to the most fearsome enemy of them all gravity uh wouldnt be dark souls otherwise cornicks ghosted me I hitched a ride in the cage to join hodricks weird sex cult used my telekinetic abilities to make an enemy levitate pushed onwards to the road of sacrifices to grab Mons ring and the Braille time of Kareem where I also discovered after around a thousand hours of play of this game that this dog has a grab attack excuse me what the  __  I reached the halfway Fortress met Sirius who swiped left on me made a new friend and hooked up with everyones favorite NPC siegwood to Slayer fire demon and drink booze were getting there dont worry Flynns ring and the quranthe ring are both in this area and can be extremely useful for a variety of builds next I headed to dilapidated bridge to grab an undead bone Shard and some ashes and to stare lovingly into hodricks eyes until he fell for me hmm still a better love story than America marrying herself I leveled up bought the key to free Arena finally found some good  __  fashion gave Arena the Braille time and bought the Saints ring because its cheap so why not Music oh my God God cant believe legendary reggae artist Horace Andy so hot to meet you there are plenty of good items to grab in this area including some coal for Andre a pyromancy Tome the weed shield and the sage ring as well as more shards the two NPCs in Hazel shouldnt be an issue if you use the power of ladders  __  it good enough and I proceeded through farron keep to pick up even more smithing runes while putting out the fires on route a quick tip for navigating this area if you find it confusing just follow the trail of stuff thats on fire a dagger with Quick Step also helps I also headed up to the old wolf spawn fire to grab a couple of large titanites let my giant friend have his fun to get the lingering Dragon Crest ring got rejected by orbeck for being too dumb stupid bought Tears Of Denial from Arena and I was in the mood for another boss uh hello excuse me I was uh told there was a boss around here could you possibly direct me no okay I guess its this way you mind what about now its time to rock with the bigger debug Rumble what about now its time to rock with the figurative Music oh well three levels at least Music if you think that looked annoying trust me that was nothing Music oh sorry where was I oh yeah church because I need Jesus all I found instead was hobo Santa who showed me his bacteria collection oh well you only live once but Baron arent you a little bit low level for this DLC well yes which is why I hot footed it past all the Carnage to feet I mean meet Freda parkour down the branches to Fire Bomb a tree picked up the titanite slab avoided the Wolves and the Knights to grab the Millwood great bow headed up the tower for the captains ashes and returned to Firelink to hand them into the handmaiden to unlock her stock of Millwood arrows forget Santas Grotto for now it was time to take on a boss I was definitely not too low level for I beautiful the dancer is a tricky boss to handle but you can negate a lot of her harder attacks with a ranged option so I grabbed some more twinkling titanites from behind Firelink Shrine and the cathedral plus three the Millwood great bow and I was ready for action as I said before range helps in this fight the further the better about here should be far enough Music yeah tough boss foreign offer a cheeky level up I made myself a nice bowl of throat broth and it was time to go and hunt for rocks like the neighborhood crackhead navigating the consumed Kings Garden to pick up the trunks there was pretty straightforward with a smartly placed skull or two after which I bullied my way through the castle to the dragon Barracks for even more trunks as well as some Titanite scales took on the ultimate Souls enemies a pair of feet for more nice free stuff and made sure to grab three important items for later the red tier Stone ring the strength ring and the Sunlight Straight Sword which you can easily obtain from this mimic with a hunter charm by now Id leveled my intelligence up just enough to not be quite such an illiterate troglodyte so before I forgot I returned to the woods to tickle a couple of crabs and bring all back home to shower him and gifts and buy up his inventory whilst in filing I also picked up the force miracle from Arena which only requires 12 Faith to use and can come in very handy when dealing with some of the more annoying Bell ends in this game like Mr spoopy voice here get off my land Bob Ross showed me how to paint a happy little tree I ran through winter shitland to pick up the Earth Seeker ax and it was time to take him to church my way carefully through the cathedral pausing only to pick up Lloyds sword ring which gives a handy buff to damage when at full health after which I scooched past the Giant and headed up to show patches the force of my power or the power of my Force okay well this is awkward hold up coming down come on big guy do your thing Yep this is still awkward right one last try get in the  __  hole thanks I returned the onion armor to my absolute bestest friend siegward and proceeded onwards to the Deacons now the deacons are an extremely hard boss and you can tell this because there are lots of them and the more of a boss there is the harder it is simple mathematics really luckily I brought protection now everybody jump Music foreign Music childs toy from a priest I was ready for some anime and it did much more anime than these edgy Edge Lords careful you dont cut yourself on all that edge pal nobody out edges me though so I made my own suitably anime entrance instantly felt a wave of Shame wash over me went and had a long cold shower and returned to boss the boss lets go Music Applause Music foreign Music one Lord of Cinder down three to go I was making pretty terrible time so far so I picked up the pace through the bone Zone and definitely didnt waste any time seeing what would happen if this crab killed me Music nothing happened I just died sorryg discovered a brand new shortcut to smoldering Lake I headed down the ladder for a fun game of mimic vs fire demon oh okay Im out of here from there I progressed into smoldering Lake to gather all the large titanites in the area teach Horace that its rude to grunt at people let the ballista take out the worm and return to Firelink Shrine to spend the shards and chunks Id accumulated on upgrading my sword nearly time for the best view in the game but first I had some farming to do Music halfway Fortress back up the hill whack this guy profit I said whack this guy profit I said one eternity later well that was 30 minutes well spent just to beat the hardest boss of the game completely normally do Music there it is the money shot also an angry furry crocodile apply spicy Lube stand here and lock on and give it the old one two on the nose to trigger a repost yeah yeah Pooch pray on these nuts okay heres how you defeat all the enemies in irithyll Music why no Henry I havent seen Horus anywhere I headed down to light up the distant Manor bonfire caught up with my bfffff siegwood sprinted past everything else to get the shortcut open and moved onwards to the dungeon hi Alva bye Alva this place is kinda annoying but if you have either the cat ring or The Spook spell which you can buy from albeck theres a way to skip a sizable chunk of it just walk down this wall here stand here at this angle cost spook if you need to and do a forward roll so long suckers with the profane Capital bonfire lit I could now take my time to backtrack and explore this man suffered an unfortunate wind related accident I took on the hand babies for no reason at all except to show that you can instantly trigger a repost by hitting them when they raise up which is immensely satisfying gave the last of my Scrolls to all back bought everything else I wanted and promptly deleted him from my friends list because a pretty lady asked me to for you my queen giving yoria orbecks ashes rewards you with the  __  blade which is perfect for a  __  like me and also gives damage boost at low Health when equipped which Stacks with red tier style excellent who needs HP anyway with a new friend slot freed up I snatched up the jailers key ring to find myself an average sized titty goth girlfriend and it was time for me to pay another visit to my amazing super special best friend siegward ah  __  finger slipped oh well anyway who wants some free Titanite slabs Music Applause Music Applause yes this should just about cover the mental anguish I suffered from the unfortunate death of my friend after seducing Carla with a pristine copy of the Sandman graphic novels collection it was it was time for my first Respec of the run so I went to give Rosaria some tongue EU my main aim was to hit 30 inch in order to be able to cast pestilent Mist which you can purchase from orbeck after giving him any scroll I missed that guy I wonder what happened to him anyway who cares when theres an anorexic dragon that smashes an invisible baby around to deal with Osiris loves to spam pestilent Mist everywhere but two can play at that game cast and wait for him to walk into it like a dum-dum until he freaks out and hits phase two then just bait out his charges until he ends up in this spot behind this tree run to the other side and Cast Away to your hearts content no whos a good little stupid Dragon its you I made sure to pick up path of the dragon and hit the untended graves bonfire but for now I had other paths to take for I had to avenge the death of my favorite pal siegward he will be missed by slaying the mighty yawn the Giant in fact you might not know that Ill throw in here Fireballs in the profane Capital here are actually attracted to alluring skulls how completely not useful thanks I was nervous about facing the big lad so I checked online and it said theres a special weapon I can find in this area to defeat your Music this must be it its Yom in time youre the giant hes big and bad and dead Music Music crashes down tonight yes Applause Music Applause Music ah and again ah Music um my Spiritual Awakening had taken me to the windy vistas of arch Dragon Peak a treasure Trove of valuable upgrade materials gotta be careful around here though nothing but snakes on this guy oh you meant to be a boss I double checked the most reliable thing in the world the internet which confirmed that I could easily kill this boss with a single plunge attack looks like the right spot Music I quickly checked myself out looking hot girl and dashed through the rest of the peak to get the one item I was really here for the dragon Chasers ashes which unlock the ability to purchase twinkling titanite chunks and scales from the shrines madam whilst I was in this area I decided to remove the other wyvern from the equation with a dose of the white stuff sadly it was the game that removed me from the equation by glitching me into a wall and killing me that wasnt in the script second times the charm I guess I had everything I wanted from the peak now so it was time to return to the untended graves to um tend to them Champion gander is everything that udex isnt namely a boss that I cant beat to death from outside the fog wall with a shield oh well heres how to hyper mode him like the little Bish he is but this you will need a leveled up fire dagger chaos is also fine chaos chaos chaos a Parry tool the red tier Stone ring amorian blade in one of your offhand slots an appropriately low HP pool which you can get by just dropping off a ledge somewhere and the Sunlight Straight Sword which requires 16 Faith to use nothing here that requires sequence breaking to acquire so heres how to put the angry baby back to sleep Music foreign Music kind of forgot about you there pal after my amazing exploits so far Sirius had changed her tune and took me on a hot date to irithyll bridge to Scott pilgrimage out with her ex-boyfriend by now I was almost missing Eldon ring so I guess its spamming swarm of flys time wow GG series we make a great tea aha fine dont look at me then Im used to it you might have noticed theres a fairly important boss Ive skipped over so far mainly because I had no real reason to kill it but also because it is of course the hardest boss in the game sorry Deacons heres how to make tree balls a little easier though wake him up skulls to distract the mobs a well-placed great bow shot to the nuts and Retreat to the fog gate before the floor Falls then simple matter of lining up throwing a fire bomb and Music just line up throw another bomb and yep we could be here for a while we were in fact here for a while Music Applause see much easier than fighting him normally please kill me now all our lives were told to conform Society tries to tell us what to eat how to dress who today when to  __  what gender stereotypes to conform to and uh what weapon art should go with what weapons well I say  __  that be yourself and be proud even if that involves breathing fire and shooting a spear from your head at the same time I wanted to show off my new trick to someone and dragon slayer armor seemed as good a candidate as any mate can you just like hold still for a second though please pretty please oh okay thats better yo check this out dude welp guess I just have to hit list him now instead just to have something vaguely interesting to show here it kind of went like this Music Applause Music foreign Music foreign Music Music PVP is the lifeblood of Dark Souls 3 and keeps its rancid little heart pumping even to this day so it was only right that Norma had her share of the action as well so heres my handy guide on how to PVP successfully step one firstly you will need a friend if like me this is a little too much to ask for you can find one on Fiverr step two go to the profaned capital to summon your friend for a jewel three realize that your friend accidentally got their account banned so wait for them to create an entirely new one and run a brand new character through the game Music step four someone your friend and get accustomed to the Sweet release of death by taking turns killing yourselves jumping off a ledge step five miraculously both make it onto the ledge at the same time and celebrate by letting your friend punch you in the dick so hard with his big yellow arrow that you transcend the very plane of existence itself and become one with the fabric of the universe six run dear Lord What a Sad Little Life Deary Phil dog you ruined my night completely so you could have the money but I hope now you spend it on getting some lessons in Grace and decorum because you have all the grace of a reversing dump truck without any tires on foreign lets PVP Music Music foreign Applause Music Music Applause Music Applause Music okay Im bored now time for you to leave pontiff bye with my build looking like even more of a hot mess than prison canteen chili I dumped some levels in said hi to yoshka with the pointy end played a game of fortnite thats fortnite skewered Oscar the Grouch in his fuzzy face got invited to my own wedding said see you later alligator and in a while crocodile to get the fat ring took my reward from the archdeacon and I was ready to get married Music oh man a good wedding just makes me tear up that was it for you babes on my first playthrough of this game the boss that gave me the most trouble wasnt nameless or dancer or champ it was this sloggy Arrow spamming  __  of course I didnt know about vowel silence back then Aldrich hello Music Applause Music out around Music the dead lady had finished chewing my ear off I could finally proceed up through the Grand archives I say this like I was looking forward to it or something there are lots of tasty things to find in this section of the game including plenty of chunks and other upgrade mats the Scholars ring power within a titanite slab just in case you dont already have 20 weighing down your pockets and a suicidal gargoyles by ignored the NPC threesome and headed up to the roof to pick up the final Ester Shard and the Hunters ring the rooftops are of course defended by three fearsome enemies and killing them Nets you another titanite slab or you could just Rapport them and watch them kill each other GG my guy I unlock the shortcut elevator returned home to level myself and my weapon up and it was time for the twinces Music thank you Music Music Music foreign Music Music all right crew lets get to work with the last of the Lord Cinders in my grasp I could practically taste the end of the Run it tasted like a mix of salt and sweat in case you were wondering I decided it was time for some any other business first so I went to help out Cirrus Again by murdering her Gramps man this chick has issues I should probably ask her for her number next I scattered the ashes of my victims ludluth checked out my latest mixtape Melina Set Fire to the Earth tree when I found myself teleported to the Kiln of the first flame I wasnt in the mood to finish the game just yet though so I decided to go on a day trip to the Drake Heap no hanging around here I didnt really need anything from the start of this area so I made a straight shot for the second bonfire from here just in case you werent aware theres a shortcut straight to the boss fight just run out here dodging the angel drop off onto this Branch cat ring helps but you wont die without it take out the angel head all the way up the branch and you can drop straight down to the next bonfire avoiding the swamp all together not that youd necessarily want to since there are some nice items here including an upgrade to the fat ring and the least horny outfit in the game have fun Music the demon Prince is one of my favorite fights in the game and since this is a normal run I decided to use a completely normal weapon hello hello trying to reach you about your guitar hello ah perfect time to spin the wheel of fortune Music Applause Music Applause Music thank you thank you tomorrow one down three to go but to reach them I would have to navigate the ringed City itself which is not the most welcoming of places heres a quick guide on how to fight everything in the ringed sea dont I cleared media from the bridge using my usual strap baiting out the forward fire breath punishing retreating to the corner behind the rock to avoid the next attack and repeating until he gets sleepy no poor thing hes had a long day Music half flight uh yeah hello is that uh tech support um yeah I think I broke the world all jokes about the deacons aside slave Knight Gale is a genuinely difficult boss and is generally regarded as one of the highlights of fromsofts roster so it seemed only fair that I humiliate him by beating him with his own spell or at least the version of it obtainable in-game I made a trip to Rosaria and respect into a Faith Build optimized my Loadout and oh this is literal garbage see you all in 18 minutes I guess Music foreign Music with nothing but my shitty spell and the blood of the Dark Soul which is probably important because it has the words Dark Soul in it I also had girls sold to transpose so I figured I may as well give his crossbow a try and Medea seemed like a good test subject okay lets uh give this a go yeah thats not a bad crossbow time had come Its Time to Say Goodbye to Norma and hello to the soul of Norma because I had a cheap imposter to put to bed okay full disclosure I thought this would be a fun idea it wasnt I was only somewhere in the 80s level wise at this point so in order to be able to actually equip and wield everything I wanted to I needed to spread my stats thinner than the butter in a cheap sandwich which resulted in everything hitting like soggy spaghetti and just like hitting things with soggy spaghetti in real life the outcome was messy it couldnt be worse than throwing fire bombs at a tree for five hours though so I gathered my resolve stepped into the ring once more and prepared myself for the end Music foreign Music it was done whoever that guy was was now dead although he looked already pretty dead to begin with I became the dark lord something something I dont know I just wanted to get married all right and my completely normal journey through Dark Souls 3 was over thanks for joining me guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did you know like subscribe all of the usual but for now lets say goodbye to our friends together foreign Music steam deck plugin Like a persistent rodeo rider, Im back on my bull. You know how this one goes - can you beat Dark Souls 3... normally? Im sure this will be a perfectly standard run where nothing out of the ordinary happens, right? Right? All glitches/skips/exploits performed on a PS5 on current patch. Thanks to my good friend Suits for help with the teardrop glitch. Please like and sub for more fromsoft content! Read on for more info... you know you want toA playlist of all the music used can be found here: Follow my Instagram for occasional shorter video clips and OC memes: Join the Discord here: A big shout has to obviously go out to all the talented players who originally discovered or publicised some of these glitches/exploits. I dont claim to know who the originators of every one of these tricks is, but here are some of the research materials I used: The most comprehensive video out there is Phobias excellent compilation of DS3 glitches on current patch, which covers a lot of the content here including millwood greatbow, abyss and gundyr freezes, pontiff teardrop skip, siegward titanite dupe and more: Ray Dhimitri has a compilation of boss cheese kills which is where I found the greatwood firebombs strat, so thanks for making my life a misery with that one: set-up for the sage skip is shown here: There are two different set ups for the Vordt skip, depending on whether youre playing on 30 or 60 fps 30 FPS set up: 60 FPS set up: Assault millwood greatbow set up here: this is where I first saw the head spear throw weapon-swap: How to trigger the phase 2 twin princes freeze: some general demos of weapon art swaps from PeachyMike: Still here? 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