How to make a Consumable Only Build in Dark Souls 3

Game developer steamtile floor steam cleaner rental DARK SOULS™ III Dragon Body Stone Brilliant Dragon Body Stone Dragon is now extinct (Black Soul 1) Flame Pot attached to a rope to pick up items Naahahahah Legend - Skinny Goat Any profession, Black Flame Pot as usual, lighting a campfire and rushing directly to Guda will not work Go to these lol and bother brother Guda use the black flame pot to easily live an easy game and live an easy life. Play the anti-super cool sound first, then use the normal flame pot to kill his sweet home, go up, jump to the tree, return to the bone piece, and then go in to the elemental piece, exchange the bone piece for something better, sell it with full power, go to high Wall needs | wants | kill some flame pots more flame pots and three black flame pots dont forget the element fragments but more importantly get the prison key to save Gretel and send him back to the fire shrine for free 500 souls before taking the shortcut, pick up all the things that can be sold, go back to the sacrificial field to make a lot of money, buy all the consumables, buy the upper limit, and take all the others to upgrade the power of ice dog (Ice Knack). Continue to throw to the second stage, roll past the first two sprints, roll to his side for the third time, run to the side of the right foot, and change to throwing the flame pot with a rope. After throwing both flame pots, use a throwing knife to roll and attack. Need | Want | Kill the nostalgic undead settlement to see Yuel Im very depressed Go back to the sacrificial ground and dont pick up Lorettas bones. This will make Gretel very sad (and will disappear before defeating the next boss) only Take the important things, no way, just take the important things and get the bones of the undead. Go through the door of the cursed tree and get the fire monster hand ring to enhance all fire attribute damage, but sacrifice defense. Go to the elevator and leave the onion knight alone. Climb more friends Good thing we dont use the bow lol Is the eagle ring useful for throwing items? Did you do it? Did it. Whats the price? 20 Flame Pots and 2 Rope Flame Pots. What happened to the eagle ring just now, Sanxiao went to hmmmmm, You are the one... who didnt see you just now, and I was worried. Listen to his advice, Dont do it lightly. Listen to his advice instead of provoking him why dont you wait a second! let the onion deal with him he is very important to this challenge and I also try not to let him die because it requires restarting a new save with the sun In! Whether he can survive is related to Patch, etc. Besides, climb up to get the Flynn ring to enhance all physical attribute damage, but need low equipment weight to go to the road of living sacrifices. It is best to rush directly to the invaders? Free souls Dry drug old man (Crystal Meth Sage) (Annotation: Crystal Meth is methamphetamine) Start with the flame pot with a rope and wear the fire monster hand ring to get the highest damage. After throwing it, switch to a normal throwing knife and stay at the second level. Repeat this process Need|Want|Kill Get Paladin Ashes Another Peaceful Day Get Lloyd Sword Emblem About 15% more damage at full health Maybe only affects physical damage? Lloyd Sword Emblem doesnt affect items I don’t know the damage until the end of the challenge. Climb, climb, let’s ignore the king. Open the door and see you again. It’s hard to find the treasure house of this church. Wow, thank you. Look at your virtue Everyone sees an onion and thinks hes weak Run oh my god back to the church to Rosalias campfire and say hello to Patch Also, actually I’m a wandering businessman” This should be good♂ 幽贵♂Bishops (Deacons of the Deep) start with the normal flame pots and kill the red-eyed ones to lure them to the back so that the second-tier kings will appear alone and throw the black flame pots and get stuck Live? Enemy Skull and Rope Flaming Pot Need | Want | Kill 100% Safe No Risk Upgrade I choose death. The second campfire of the suicide undead colony is the fastest repeat until youre jerky oh god what happened to your face? Ill do anything if you give me the order. Refundable? Free Level up five times, exit, reopen, get a gothic girlfriend, remove the jerky stone, buy some knives for spare Obese Watchers (Annotation: Obese sounds close to Abyss), start with the flame pot, change it when you are besieged If Cheng Feidao gets up red-eyed, switch back to the flame pot and roll! In the second stage, use the black flame pot, 10 black flame pots, plus some flame pots with ropes. YO He just walked over slowly like this? Rush into the cup cemetery and jump down to get the ashes of the gravekeeper Ravelord Wolnir Wake up, use the flame pot attached to the rope to hit the right hand ring to smash the enemys skull or let Nito (a black soul stalk) kill it Their normal pot of flames for the other two bracelets need | want | kill its a quiet day dont try to take a walk nothing to pick up Ignore Anor Londo to Radovia Tower (Devil Soul Meme ) trap item run across the bridge run into the hole open the door to get some fresh air some townspeople hope you have some undead talisman get the elemental shard to escape stuck why is it a giant again little one im sorry rat king vanguard and trial (dark soul 2 Stem) Let it commit suicide Dragon body Cancer of the Boreal Valley (Cancer of the Boreal Valley) The dragon form is basically naked, so it will take more damage and the attack bonus has no effect on the item. Before hitting the dancer, go back to the sacrificial field at least Buy 30 Gurkhas, wear some outfits and wear the Lloyd coat of arms. Throwing some large throwing knives will do less damage than the Black Flame Pot, but it is cheaper and you can bring 30 Gurkhas and still bleed. Need | Want | Kill first from Gurkha Kak started throwing and went to the right back so that you can headshot and wear the eagle ring to get the most damage (this is the most ideal situation) (everyones situation may be different) skip the first stage and the second stage and fight Othrowai Forget it. Not everyone can learn magic. Before talking to him, make sure your intelligence is at least 10. Welcome back to the sacrificial ground. Scheming As a wandering spirit, but intending to be the king of wandering spirits There is no __ in my shrine to let him sleep peacefully and take his ashes back O king of wandering spirits of my generation, the dark mark will guide you. Morian Blade Water Lothric City Get the Red Tearstone Ring before Hunting the Dragon Armor Run to the other side and climb the ladder +5 Power Ring (actually you dont need this) Red Tearstone and Morion will be at low HP 20% more damage but how are we going to pump the blood? Get the __ Ashes and buy some __ Blocks and Poison Purple Lichen Balls Revolver Ocelot (Revolver Ocelot) (Metal Gear Solid) Use Gurkha to easily pass the first stage and get out of the sprint. Roll behind the branches and the king will be completely stuck. Let yourself be poisoned. Wear red tearstone and Morian detoxify at 20% blood volume. Throw everything that can be thrown out. Note that the kings jumping and sprinting actions can still hit you. Other than that, you are safe. Need | Want | Kill Back to the underground prison Use body movements to step on the road of the ancient dragon to reach the top of the ancient dragon and rush directly To King nahhhhhhhh (GNAAAAAAAAAA) Climb up and down to attack? Dont even think about throwing some __ to press the blood state here 100% safe Throw everything on him You wont have enough consumables to count In the state of blood pressure, the damage is still not enough. The throwing knife also hits him on the head? The same damage is very poisonous ? 10 __ blocks are not enough. Sell everything and buy the number of Gurkhas you need. Dont go in until the kings fog gate Put a group of Gurkhas on the ground and return to the campfire Items will still repeat on the ground until there are enough numbers to start running and align with the broken pillar behind the boss This will wear down the kings AI and will fall into an infinite loop Good location, repeat you can also use the blood pressure mode here, it takes about 25 to bleed (Lucky 7) Once you lose it, re- gather it up and continue to use the Radiant Dragon Body Stone for unlimited use (10 Intelligence 9 Faith) No need to worry about running out of food Faith Correction finally has a practical Faith Build Im so disappointed, it ruined my day. Hold the bow in the left hand, put the glorious dragon body stone and the flame pot with rope in the hot bar flame pot -> replace it with the glorious dragon body stone, then press the use button, press and hold L2, then roll to cast super fast and will not consume energy. Even if you are hit while walking, you can release it as long as you press the Use button madly, you can use level 1 and +0 weapons and cause 500 damage every time you roll RIP Black Soul III PVP 2016-2020(/l/) Special thank you warzone 2 steam A detailed guide on making an item only build in Dark Souls 3.Done in the most recent version of Dark Souls 3Discord : Patreon : Twitter : Cool Shirts : All glitches are confirmed to work across all consoles. Help subtitle this video! : More Souls : Music Used : steam age of empires 2 run games as administrator in steam trader steam how to trade on steam steam web helper