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Fun steam vr gamessteam deck queue position DARK SOULS™ III game hey everybody im aaron from game grubs i just wanted to put out a message that says thank yous all fan artists fan musicians and writers fan anything we do anything related to game grumps so freaking cool that you guys are so creative i feel like we have one of the most creative communities in this entire youtube sphere if not like freaking i dont know even when i look up like Game of Thrones stuff there isnt as much creativity as there is but with  __  game bruh  __  game grumps were on a couch talking about video games and people like to draw us and like medieval armor and shits  __  cool so thank you and keep doing what youre doing because if you dont create nobody else will and your art is  __  worth it to keep making I mean anyway enjoy the show hey Im gruff Im not Zhu Goff and were the game grumps hey everybody shoo yeah welcome back to a home thats Italian for hello whoa no I think thats French right so if I blew a little bit of that in your direction nice I was a it was a gift so you may notice that from the last episode there was not a jump this is the next episode Shalom I am wearing as German that goodbye was because of this guy um so I have new armor and a new sword so just so you know I leveled up a little bit off screen so Im wearing the northern armor instead of the cleric armor now I was gonna say you look really good yeah oh thank you hey and Im using a dark sword now I saw my broadsword in check but the dark sword is way better so I want to do that nice now check this out watch this watch this watch this watch it Id rather be dark than abroad what I should Kevin can you uh nevermind hey watch this watch this I was talking for the swords perspective watch this okay Oh Bob chairs in one roll damn oh its a shindig do you think I stack them in sixes on purpose to just yes you could feel like a dick alright Aarons fixing something on the TV throughout the volume a little bit how I need it all right a little bit did it have we ever mentioned on the show our friend who came to Magfest who asked us the question at Magfest and gave me permission to tell black jokes uh no I love that guy okay cuz when um whoa when our boy Jacob grey worm was here we were talking about this and he was laughing and we were like we never go too far right like with uh with our fake racist jokes hes like no its fine I laugh and I were like cool and then I remembered that there was I dont know his name but hes a friendly black dude whos come to several Magfest panels and this past year was like hey Dan I just I noticed that when you sometimes when you tell black jokes you you stop short and you dont tell them and I just want to say that as a black man I on behalf of all the black people give you permission to tell black jokes I was like that is  __  awesome and Im almost positive that that will not work for everybody but oh man special shout-out to that dude for for making me feel comfortable I never want to hurt anyones feelings no no of course not I mean comedy isnt about hurting peoples feelings about make people laugh right so although you know its its funny you say that and yet um I remember uh give this in the podcast how did this get made uh I havent heard it but I sort of saw there like precursor because I used to watch shear and Huebel live all the time at UCB yes they were like my favorite duo to see you live there awesome they did sort of like a proto version of that in their live show very cool where they did the podcast yeah its um Oh scurrying beast the big ask and yeah dont jump doe by me dont wake up its cool dont worry about it dont worry about it oh you are world how they really are tough huh were all friends here oh she is not that tough no I mean youre not doing a lot of damage whatever thats a tough thats a tough um do a lot David knew yeah the thing that made me bring that up was they were talking about the Love Guru on how did this get made and they were saying part of the reason that movie whoa that part of the movie the part of the reason that the comedy in that movie doesnt work is because um its supposed to like be like a gentle kind of enlightened comedy where which makes people feel good and um I think was Matt Walsh I think he was the guest and he was like that intrinsically doesnt work like comedy is about judgment about like being negative and messing with people and laughing at someone in addition to with someone I was like damn and maybe a style of comedy yeah I dont know I dont anytime anytime I listen to people break down comedy Im like I feel like I dont know anything about this thats not true comedy comedy can be anything comedy can be a  __  silly voice yes you like its just who knows what it is its  __  visceral response to something yeah like he sometimes you cant define it sometimes someone just says like Larry and then theyre like you said Larry weird you know yeah yeah um but he did Matt Walsh actually did mention that on the episode he was like comedy is also about occasionally saying Larry weird all right well thanks for that condescending see it was Jews condescending judgmental and I made myself laugh but I mean like you know comedy is also about like exaggeration and like did thats a different kind of comedy and like a different kind of comedy is like I mean I would say the standard joke structure is like setting up imagery and then completely dashing that imagery you get when you cross a noodle in and doodles caboodle I know I know the basis of all kind thats not at the expense of anybody and then uh in you know its like a man walks into a bar ouch you know its like right theres a setup there and theres an expectation and then you sort of turn that expectation thats or might like thats the basic comedy or my favorite from our Kirby playthrough a man walks into a bar his alcoholism is tearing this family yes oh that was wonderful we gotta try to find more god what playthrough was it where I dont agree with that fair enough just to I knew dude hold on I want to show you is it talking about covenant right yeah yeah so theres this guy right here against guy right here weve weve seen this dude before yeah but I put a message here off-screen you did so check it out theres gonna be a gesture that comes out to hutch theyll say thrust butthole that was me I did that Aaron Im so proud of you youve done great work oh thank you man thats comedy yeah right yeah anyway thinks we are no cavity there take a quick look at that butthole thrust Buttle oh my god that sounds like a great name for like a superhero Im thrust buffle saver of all poops from going out too quickly yeah thrust that poop back inside rescuer of the colon champion of the sphincter rolling ahead oh well alright time for rollin hi rusted coin oh cool thank you for reading that I looked in the wrong spot thats okay umm what good do rusted coins - I dont  __  care okay great do you think I give a  __  this guy oh why did I dress up like this for Halloween I thought he was a bird at first hes got like a human face yeah he does whats a good message to put under him ah no if only I had a if only I had a Id go with body parts body parts if only I had a rear or if only I had a UH if only I had a magic if only I had a boy anyway now thats funny thats comedy right there thats cavity mm-hmm right on laughs OH oh she is huh thats no way to treat a man who is just chilling you know whats interesting is like I say all that stuff about comedy right and its sort of like I dont know comedy 101 you know its like oh you take imagery and you spin it right um but for me thats not always what I find funny what I find funny are usually like silly faces or like weird thing weird ways to say things or sort of like parodies of real-life circumstances yeah I know Ive said I know Ive said this on the show before but its true like jokes are the kind of thing someone wants compared jokes to a frog being dissected like you can find out how it works but the Frog usually dies in the process yeah so its its its better to just enjoy it for what it is whoa you think youre storming the castle yep just as your silly dude they are that this guy hey super ridiculous that this bounds a little bit yeah and hes dead with it  __  that guy Oh ever do is there whoa whoa you did you and you oh you guys are all so wacky yeah god theres a lot of these dudes hes trying to throw a thing right even are they theyre like a little um like gnomes theyre wearing hats of like prisoners ah sorry like a shame hat kind of I see like oh youre a prisoner so you look like that but theyre still gonna fight for the cause huh well I think theyre just kind of fighting I dont think everybodys on the same side theres a lot of enemies thatll like fight each other in this game what the hell is this place I Im sure Im sure theres a lot of lore that like weve skipped over a ton of lore yeah and look curious and look Ive gotten a lot of flack for in the first episode saying that this game is all like fantasy babble mm-hmm and theres theres a very like intricate backstory to this Im sure I dont want to dismiss the brilliance of Miyazakis on dude I mean everyone can be right like there can be an intricate beautiful plot to summon to you its fantasy babble well and especially hello like whoa-ho especially like right out the gate where its like I had the dock this is the shadows its like all right its just its just kind of setting a tone right even though it is really feeding you information about the story but what I like about this game I dont think I made clear when I was talking about that kind of stuff is most of the story is sort of like environmental or like situational okay like every every every place that the people are but the enemies are or like you know the circumstances in which they I think I was explaining this and about like the the lady with the two souls inside of her and it was like oh she was pregnant oh yeah that kind of thing um thats thats what I find more interesting its just kind of like oh that guy was there for a reason this guy right here was over there for a reason right right right that had to do with like setting up the environment or like how this area works this guys around a corner hes sneaky oh wait hold on is that good click moving down the screen oh yeah Im done dad and we just like continue like that raising the key for the next 12 minutes you know you know what it just occurred to me whats that uh well first of all its time for next time on game grumps but you know what Ill say this first I know a lot of people like watch this show like in bed like before they go to sleep yeah perhaps with a slumbering lover or family member nearby right um kind of kind of makes me wonder how many times weve woken people up just by being there like random links well you know the thing is about uh about that in particular is that uh I I apply like an equalizer to the audio uh-huh so that its all about the same level hmm so nothings ever like too loud or too soft really yeah so youre saying I could have been half-assing my screaming effort this entire time yes well I mean its still you know emotion of it like win win it and I go like that you can see on the way for and its huge yeah but in the actual waveform that goes up on the show its like its all pretty much the same thats crazy Wow little behind-the-scenes action sir and I hope cut well alright I mean yeah looks like he was going through some hard time doesnt really want to have anything to do it I guess technically you did end those heart like his legs I just want a dance like thats like half of a swastika Wow dark way to put that in my personal trainer says its a what is it a 90 90 I think thats what he calls it what when one leg is 90 degrees the other night oh I think you mean a swastika no great Nazi 90 out of nine all right I so agree later  __  Nazis there I said it what a controversial team I did not 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