Dark Souls III: Spooky Fog - PART 59 - Game Grumps

Steam summer sale top gameshow to use proton on non steam games DARK SOULS™ III game hey Im gruff Im not Zhu Goff and were the game grumps hey  __  welcome back holy  __  its  __  game grumps Dark Souls  __  yep Dark Souls the  __  I just got whoa yeah oh dude I would play that game Im playing that game in my head right now I would  __  things are unfolding exactly as I hoped they would in my head Dark Souls the  __  waited or starts Friday really I thought I see some life yet this area sucks so theres this guy I gotta kill him before he  __  enchants anybody some dudes coming down the stairs yeah and he  __  sucks whoa yikes thats him already  __  enchanted this is  __  hes the one dude hes the one whos coming down the stairs uh really shes yeah just wanna warn you are you sure now hes coming down more stairs hes got a friend and hes also enchanted and theyre both coming downstairs I did  __  nightmare what are we to do oh they do chanted yeah they wont go that far now theyre still inside okay cool or on fire or whatever the  __  you call them yeah sure in Fuego I dont want to fight them well they dont want to fight you either so how about that come on come get me can we get me whoa damn whoa alright see ya then this guys like a long weapon poke hmm I cant Punk lengthy yeah poem its deadliness because this  __  yeah um  __  and Im out peace oh the Knights didnt like that what I hate it when you kill their monks whatever deal with it alright pricks I dont think it I dont think theyll follow me all the way up here really hope theyre not gonna fall yeah I love you saying that and then like you turn around and they are right there thats my personal favorite thing confuse you can destroy wearily mine too dead man cool Wow a single coin what a treasure yeah rusted coins are pretty sweet though dude come on are they good yeah dont  __  what do they mean um if you clean them they become clean coins they become shiny coins so there thats nice yeah its name oh I dont want to do this right now well can we could we check out the Vista oh yeah its beautiful and  __  cows its gorgeous but down there was like a court card like with trees and such yeah well looks like a university oh I think Ive been down there it looks like the thing in our chart at four like when youre kids and youre like jumping from rooftop to rooftop oh yeah  __  hate that game you hate uncharted 4 yeah its  __  nightmare like as in you dont enjoy playing yet dont enjoy playing it really yeah I watch Barry play it and I think it was one of the coolest video game experiences Ive ever had just by watching it I think theyre really like the stories great but its its a its a film its a  __  masterpiece and when you when you watch the cutscenes you get so engrossed because theyre so long and like well shot and like that acting is good and then you get into the game and youre like oh  __  this  __  I dont want to run around for 20 minutes so wow thats such a weird take on it I mean that its its frustrating like and then you get go into an open grassy field and youre like what  __  movie has you watching and youre like so engrossed and then suddenly you see the characters walk around for 20 minutes swinging on  __  because its not hard Ive never heard anyone say they hate a game because the plot is too interesting and then it makes you play a game yeah its true thats so thats such a wild take on is they spent so much time on the story and everything in the cutscenes and everything like but its  __  beautiful yeah its gorgeous but then you got to play this shitty  __  platformer with it theres no challenge we just walk up to the wall and you climb and thats it and its so obvious where to go because the  __  platforms are all perfectly aligned that Barry loved it its I hate it I hate I couldnt stand it I had to turn it off Wow I was like I cant  __  stand watching another 15 minute cutscene and Im super engrossed in this story and then suddenly its like Oh walk to the end of this its a come on I give it a ten out of ten baby I someone who didnt play it I played it for a little bit and then I watched somebody else play and I had the same experience what you loved it no because no this is when I was playing gotcha because it was its just  __  you you play it and then and then the game is an onion strip jerk  __  control its ah I wonder I go on a huge rant about it but yeah well thank you for keeping it to a baby rant yeah I wonder I wonder how many people out there feel the way you do because I have to feel like thats a very minority type of opinion a lot of people did not like in charted three um whoa whoa because it was exhausting like uncharted one was great because it was sort of fresh hmm and it was like wow this is very cinematic and like not many games have done it in this way where I felt sort of seamless between the game and the  __  banjo kazooie people have come a long way uh Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot I always get them confused um thats fine you want to know everything I do dont you realize we do a show for the Internet we have to know everything at all times thats true especially stuff we just learned about seconds ago I was stop it please not cool Oh time for drinkies hell have a friend Minka I mean really um -  __  thats it yeah so people didnt like uncharted 3 because it was it was it was just exhausting at this point like its the same  __  over and over you  __  watch a really engrossing cutscene and then you have to then you go I bet were gonna have some connection steam interrupts is that bad oh my is that bad no its fine its fine I reckon Ill just  __  Ill deal with it deal with it uh hey welcome back hello so theres one of your burning guys oh  __  yeah whoa Im fire  __  can we get a closer look I will when I walk through that gate oh its got some nightmare fog yeah so bummer deal with that situation okay so we have to kill these guys again cuz yeah steam steam see you know what Ill lure this guy over here cat Janice yep and you got some thick thighs brother yeah mans been running around non-stop I dont even stop to take a  __  youre like Earl Campbell right now with those thighs whos Earl Campbell he was heat youd actually even as someone who is not into football you would probably love video highlights of Earl Campbell he was uh this dude from the 70s who played for a team called the Houston Oilers who dont even exist anymore and it sounds like a pretty dated team name well they moved to Tennessee and they were like theres no oil here so they became the Titans oh I see um but uh his  __  not that Im not that I generally talk about another mans thighs but like Earl Campbells thighs were like the size of like each one was the size of my torso and he would just  __  bulrush people and he put his head down and  __  like plant his helmet in there to their chests and theyre trying to tackle him but they get blown back ten feet it was  __  awesome whoa yeah he was rad youd like him Earl Campbell Campbell dude and he and the team he played for was like a delightful powder blue color so its just like this lovely colored uniform just like pull-truckin people its really funny I loved it Ill watch some highlights I like watching sports highlights because its like thats the good stuff that they oh  __  feats of athleticism boiled down right there theyre the best at what they do yeah its true theyre  __  professionals and sometimes theyll put it to like hilarious like brass music like braaap braap Brian Brian Brown and the guys like it was a cold and blustery November evening in Chicago 1975 like professionally oh yeah the videos will do that professionally oh yeah well I mean like the they they have like top-notch like voice guys now but like in the theyve been NFL Films has existed for like 30 years for no lot much longer 50 years possibly so like the ones from back in the day they all reflect the time that they came in so like the ones from the 70s have like disco music in the background oh yeah its really cool its really cool whoa whoa praise the Sun rear uh dont ya there but yeah were Ash whereas work oh my god great ass worshipers oh  __  um is that a good one woohoo just its a good one ah nice tie tonight scale love it all right lets pray at the altar of sunlight praise the Sun for some light metal yay yay its what I wanted now my sunlight is better I pray to the feet Wicky God has I not already have to praise the sun gesture yeah like my alliance to my covenant is deepened good for my allegiance rather and open the door everybody walk the dinosaur yeah youre a your allegiance to your covenant has deepened ah and it can only be done by changing clothes can only be undone by changing clothes right true that well I will never change my clothes now it looks like by the looks of it youve been wearing that for a long time yeah Im gonna  __  in here we go no matter how much like blood and  __  garbage you get covered in praise the Sun baby that Yellow Sun in your  __  chest always is like sparkling yellow mm-hmm what do you think would you like your entire planet to be lit Oh whoops is that an eclipse my alright so my girls next time Im gonna fight a  __  boss probably oh  __  really yeah its been a while yes it Im sorry dude nice yeah mm-hmm remember in a jazz the way you taste yeah what does he say just the way you taste I dont  __  know okay right click steam deck Ive got a bad feeling about this...Click to Subscribe ► Grumps are: Egoraptor ► Danny ► Game Grumps on social: Facebook ► Twitter ► return gifted game steam steam facial at home cyberpunk steam keys half life games steam how to change country on steam