Dark Souls 3 Is Still A Masterpiece

Gta v on steam deckscary co op games steam DARK SOULS™ III game dark souls lore is so  __  cool i agree i dont understand a  __  thing about it really but it is really cool which game had the best bosses from what i remember i actually think dark souls 3 has the best bosses uh who do we want for this one you know we can get a classic back we can do a hitler run this is like old-school stream lore back when i was streaming on youtube we did a dark souls uh remaster run through and we did it a  __  idiot immediately backed out the lore behind hitler was basically he was a zit come to life kinda the first unpopped unkindled lord of cinder i dont remember exactly what his face looked like if im being honest will i do the npc questlines i will probably do exactly what i just did for dark souls 2 and do the vast majority of the bosses i only missed 4 bosses in all of dark souls 2. its looking pretty good i i havent seen zittler in a long time but if i remember correctly this is exactly what he looked like kind of like a little i dont even know some kind of its like the labia majora but with two eyes there something like lovecraft would have nightmares about i think its not bad im just gonna say its a relative of zittler instead of zittler reincarnated because i dont remember it enough man that that schnoz means business this is like that nose from the spongebob or i think it was spongebob right where he had to like clean a giant  __  nose or something what show am i thinking of courage courage the cowardly dog thats right oh i evened it out too much thats better well but now is i now he has big anime lolly eyes unfortunately i flattened his cheeks out so much that it stretched his ocular  __  what is it called the ocular hole down so hes got his entire eye drooping down now he looks pretty good im happy with that is it oh all that work Laughter wonderful we can at least see that it paid off damn now were cooking so what build do we want i actually might do the dual twin blades thing ive i dont think ive done a dual weapon play through ever on stream okay lets run it zittler is back yeah why offline you scared of invaders uh when i played online for dark souls 2 a hacker came in and crashed my game and tried to corrupt the save when i was almost done with the game Applause so i just dont want to go through that again at least three sub shimane oh rough start right in my  __  ass oh my god im getting blasted he is annihilating me right now i thought this was going to be so much easier than dark souls 2 because the dark souls 2 is so clunky Music last estus i thought i could get a free hit in there no close first try i committed real hard to that hey ive never used twin blades well at least i have it in five years i didnt remember like the optimal damage i thought this was the combo you know what build youre gonna do yeah so for non-cinders mod for base game im gonna just do twin blades ive never done a play through with twin blades so that should be an interesting one i did moby huge big dick two hand build demon souls remake so im not gonna do strength again i did um pyromancy like a goofball pyromancy build for dark souls 1 playthrough just finished dark souls 2 doing rapier which was pretty busted to be fair and now this one i think would be a nice medium oh wow all right that is not a lot of damage to this guy no i couldnt roll i committed too hard how does dark souls 2 comp feel compared to dark souls 2 right now all right indescribable exit tier 1 credit it is so much tighter this guy has the uchi katana right oh god god damn it son of a  __  not going off the ledge im not going to cheese him that is a lot of damage oh huge man straight secured me for a second what hes still alive my god third try on the  __  swordmaster its like way in the back right what the  __  just popped up on my screen what was that what the  __  is going on what this is some wacky  __  lets go oh you got me  __  up oh jesus christ hes going in i absolutely thought that would kill okay we got lucky i didnt die there basically tier one hands fmw our fmv and the resub duncan all right what order should i go in boys what are we feeling i forgot all about these guys oh god damn hes going in god damn i dont need to use a firebomb i can pull this off holy  __  does it ever stop holy  __  son of a  __  Applause dragon breathes fire through there doesnt it or is it up here i dont remember hope its up here holy  __  oh  __  holy  __  this guys going nuts my god i dont remember this guy at all oh hold on hold on i gotta get warmed up here there there we go okay isnt there a bonfire nearby because i know if i go like down the ladder and  __  is vort right one of those guys explodes into the big thing i remember that i dont remember which one though i think this one i guess correctly just too slow its probably not worth fighting it he gives titanite this guy gives titanite killing these gives tight knight i dont remember that what the  __  holy  __  he can still like attack me through that oh  __  theres a shortcut to the elevator first bonfire all right ill have to find that im ill die from this fall if i do this wont i im pretty low im pretty sure this just kills me if i do this fall well see  __  run it  __  there thats much more convenient dont do it oh  __  oh god close that was very close i shouldnt have gone for that why why i thought that would kill i got greedy damn i thought that was just so free  __  idiot outplayed speed run strats baby thats a big brain maneuver i like the surge oh geez hes still alive what the  __  i just dont feel like making the big run again i i dont think im gonna get vort first try either though so well see need to get some mike in the prime bev oh no i didnt have stamina oh never mind i got him first try now ill do the answer i just really didnt want to make that long run back i usually give some big small i dont really remember dancer apparently very difficult though well see a little out of range not looking too good im stuck thats not a lot of damage im doing to her maybe i cant do maybe i cant do her early game that is not much damage at all lets try again oh oh  __  oh i dodged the wrong way i meant to go right but i dodged back it was a decent run i just dont do any damage to her which is the problem is your most hated boss she doesnt seem too bad if i could do damage yeah it might just be a little early thats going to be a really long boss fight if i dont upgrade my  __  i im not asking for charity in fact in fact if you do this for me ill be sure to repay you in kind i may be a petty thief but i have more wits than most royalty what do you say then  __  yeah i definitely grant this right give this ring to obloretta at the base of the high wall do your part and ill do mine blue tear stone ring what does it do damage absorption when hp is low yeah thanks you give someone a source oh yeah rings dont weigh anything in this game right forgot about that in dark souls 2 they weigh a  __  ton each oh they do weigh oh god damn it get down i think thats the last item i needed in here right hey what the  __  hey what the  __  is this jesus christ no dancer theres no way i get dancer this early i do no damage to dancer i just tried twice i had a really long run against there i had like  __  30 attacks on her and didnt even do half damage i just dont do enough for it right now yeah i killed the mimic okay yeah i got it jesus oh my god theyre going nuts on me somehow i failed to die as was all day no poor guy well perhaps my calling lies elsewhere how does the idea of taking me into your service strike you i was once a sorcerer i run a pretty tight ship i am honored truly i should be dead yeti i yall of londo what a nice guy so he went to firelink now yeah oh i forgot you can actually stun these guys by rolling into them lets see if i can hit the big ones in the back there bang oh thats on the money oh wow okay very strong arm oh those dont blow up oh not on my estus take that anyway though nerd Music okay so i guessed right on that one i do no damage to this what the  __  outplayed nerd  __  too easy what a move oh my god im  __  stun locked here all right lets not take any chances i have plenty of estus okay oh my this guys nuts oh what okay okay gonna have to change the strat here oh right through and he just oh big poise okay how did i miss that backstab come on what the  __  this guys poise is crazy this guys nuts this guys harder than any boss in this  __  game finally holy  __  so much healing good lord so much  __  healing favorite boss fight and music i would have to think about it im not sure theres no bad music in dark souls like its always so good jesus christ damn this guys popping off this time im just gonna hit bonfire anyway might as well take some souls Music oh i totally forgot about that oh god oh god im out of stamina jesus christ there we go boss to the left here i remember that uh isnt there theres like a bonfire in the sewer or something right like over there is it not here in the sewer it is thought so oh jesus christ lets do the tree boss real quick i dont remember if the tree boss is hard or not i dont think so i could be wrong i remember it breaks the ground and you fall with it wheres its little like nuts there it is wheres his nuts im just at his taint nope where are these other nuts god damn it oh boy oh boy im stuck first try holy  __  but i have to find a way up this lift only goes down youre seeing well theres a private jubilee anywhere so how do i make it go up also did i miss a bonfire over there or anything i dont think so i think the next bonfire is probably up step on it and jump off real quick i see ill make friends with the giant who are you i hope any time that was easy oh these are some links disappear like that you had me downright worried but thanks to you an epiphany has struck me square in the head do you see that im no coward and i have a steady hand but that thing makes my skin crawl how now think twice before you go down that road all right thank you sub kappa is there really no bonfires nearby that ive missed closest one is still all the way back well its too late now god dammit be careful nice sick word  __  yeah that was we easy must put our duties first but for the moment we have a toast to me hey my sword and our victory together amen brother well im going to have myself a little nap the only thing to do really after a nice toast are these two guys alive are just having a conversation ayah oh i did not expect back to back there oh hey oh flynns ring thats huge that ring was like a very in-game ring in dark souls 2 for me it sucks in dark souls 3 oh dont tell me that wait how do i get down thanks to the gifts of lilith and the prime knownism i didnt see any planks to like cushion my fall like through the well in dark souls 2. unless its that do you have to make this jump over to that holy  __  okay oh never mind that wasnt bad holy  __  okay holy  __  maybe this was a bad idea should have leveled up first maybe that thing just went nuts on me i might just bone out i dont know im thinking maybe just bone out i dont even really want to risk it oh my god im stun locked so hard what is this mildred wait holy  __  this is mildred isnt it damn we shouldnt have to kill her god i still remember doing the soul level 1 play through i needed her to kill the tarantula lady for me oh what a  __  headache cell sword twin blade is a cheese build absolute resin well i never used twin blades when the game came out im trying not to just keep doing same builds demon souls was a moby huge strength build with dragon bone uh dark souls 1 was a goofy pyromancy build and mainly soul level 1 dark souls 2 we did break gear so this one made sense to do this yeah ill switch builds at some point im sure i wont do twins or to sell swords for the whole thing i remember this is where like the wizard guy is at a lot of titanite shards  __  yeah okay what an  __  why are you playing offline uh because when i wasnt playing offline in dark souls 2 a hacker came in crashed my game and almost corrupted my save and that was when i was like at the end okay jesus christ give me the  __  out what in the  __  is going on these guys are going nuts how good are you at parrying uh probably not very since i havent done any parrying in the last two dark souls games ive streamed i cant move i actually cant move just let me out what the  __  hardest enemy in the game jesus christ what  __  man huge stun luck theres a giant crab in here right i dont even know why im bothering to kill everything i just figured might as well lets keep exploring here oh theres a huge crab all right this thing is  __  tanky oh god damn um i think through some turbo motions did you get the grass crest shield yet not yet i still need to find that why am i fat rolling oh  __  unlucky unlucky i buffered the attack okay now go back to fire link and just suicide to get yolas quest moving was that your first death uh since getting yoll well since beating vort that was my first death needs to reset mo check yeehaw where is this coal at oh wait its over here isnt it oh hes still coming christ i thought they dropped aggro out of swamp the farron cole is back at the forgotten crossroads with two chimera i didnt kill fair and cold  __  yeah lets infuse with sharp now hey wait wheres my sharp gym i definitely have a sharp gym dont i oh i have to go i have to give call what needs me there it is sharp jim lets go not bad thats definitely faster i cant keep it up for too much longer though you can use it without the blue bar really ah i didnt know that thats big im not in the deep part of the swamp you were right oh  __  unlucky what tactics these recent hypnos you fat rolling yeah its cuz i put the daggers on at least i think thats why im fat rolling let me see yeah i dont need the rapier anymore oh  __  you guys are giving me the what for just the one already lit oh  __  wait i wasnt paying attention fight it again oh boy oh boy yuck Applause oh my god what a combo this guy is absolutely going nuts holy  __  im done Applause there he is i knew i was right oh wow im a little shocked that hit thats okay nice twin blades make this game too easy man i mean if i remember correctly pretty much every build in this game is viable oh another crystal lizard come back here  __  oh theres two yes huge got them both oh jesus what the  __  okay unlucky run what the  __  how did that hit man go go gadget extended on me just backstab abyss watchers and its easy hmm Laughter thanks to recep lewis nope this is not my first time ive beaten this game many times ive never used twin blades though oh  __  unlucky Music Music oh the hitbox lingered Music god dammit oh  __  i thought i had a little more time oh my boy not a clean run here Music last one was so clean this is real sloppy Music thanks theres auroboros Applause Music oh man hes  __  me up oh i was still in range this isnt looking good yeah exit five gift subs payno theres some flappy ass cheeks the prime fabricate and resub golfing tea oh my god why this is a very sad run oh i thought i could get the backstab off ah i think im just gonna stop going for backstabs now oh no not like this Music thanks to me some numbers i meant to roll forward oh boy no  __  man thanks theresa milani god damn it how did i miss that oh my god how did i miss that backstab that was the saddest run yet thanks to the prime z man and spartan got hit with the back of that fire hitbox when i dove through favorite boss that you remember i think manos is the best boss in dark souls actually probably the hardest one too what this is sad makes the recent resolution jesus christ what the  __  oh my god its a sad run oh how sad stuck on the corner almost got me oh man not like this Music what in the  __  i cant catch a break seven seven tries is there a lizard nearby exit tier one carrot uh how did i get hit by that Music do you prefer this over demon souls yeah i think so really like demon souls remake but i still think dark souls 3 is better i think itll be fine ive heard it all before is this an enemy or what is this thing have you just arrived thanks to resub very unusual rejoice my new friend oh wow i dont do a whole ton holy  __  theres a lot oh god dammit what a stretch holy  __  theres a lot of dogs jesus the trees are alive too what the  __  good lord Music okay this looks like itll be a headache with the enemies here but im not worried no you son of a oh wait thats good thats good for me ah what i thought he threw already guess not thanks to prime amber you need to be at least soul level 300 for dlc i have never what level am i i think like 40 yeah 40. should be fine only cowards do the dlc at such a high level you should be embarrassed to even say that out loud if im being honest oh thank you the 20 gift subs door appreciate it man whoa no ah almost i think there is a bacchus i really appreciate it door thank you man dont do it oh huge dodge actually  __  bonfire theres got to be a bonfire nearby right or left oh yeah and i dont have to make that journey dont wait for the bridge every time what holy  __  this ladders really tall my god what the  __  how jesus christ oh this looks like a boss fight first boss of the dlc everyone was screaming im too low level four lets find out lock on please oh this isnt looking too promising Music i see theres a whole new enemy here Music okay Music Music all right thats a lot i do not do much damage admittedly okay thanks to the recep swat guy why they give some dr coxy okay okay i dont do a ton of damage but well be fine damn that combo  __  dog hit me and then he hit me at the same time son of a Music  __  is going on i had that i actually  __  had it that time but i couldnt lock on for some reason it just hit me to the left instead of on him what a shame i almost had that you know what that gave me confidence i think i can do this its so level 40. that was really unlucky if i could have just locked on there i would have had him i just needed to hit him with two more shots there ive got this i  __  got this yeah killing wolf im not as concerned about as long as its one on one i feel fine if i can just kill grave tinder and then one-on-one wolf i am pretty confident i get it oh what in the  __  is going on im sucking some  __  oh he doesnt even need to call it okay okay Music play it safe son of a  __  thought i was out of range were good were good thought he followed me Music Music yes no god hang in there all right all right all right all right here we go this is the first one on one with great wolf lets see my okay so he does that like six times Music oh  __  god couldnt even dodge okay never mind it may be just a little overzealous to do so level 40 against this holy  __  man i never thought i could do it i did all of the dark souls 2 dlc is severely under leveled but this is a whole new beast hey that wait that fire arrow just helped what a nice guy told you i didnt need to uh oh my god i cant go this way okay i didnt realize that it was blocked by the stairs there i thought i could just go around that and then left okay unlucky i remember this area what oh i can dodge in time oh it goes further ah what the  __  was that ive stumbled across something very important here thanks to resub doval so does this mean i cant go down now what the  __  is this ah i see again it is blocked by an invisible force ooh but this is going to be a problem if thats my only way out because it is blocked uh oh i know were good thanks threesome bob the blob and the tier one hes story in the prime drago the resub duval there to be i missed that second attack oh my god im getting  __  comboed out of this world okay these guys are real real slippery here okay oh thats unlucky holy  __  what the  __  what wait what how is he hitting me okay this guys aim is nuts oh the maniac kind of stamina they only revive if they have white eyes gotcha oh isnt there theres a boulder in here isnt there yeah yeah yeah friend or foe oh hello oh this is my girl oh it goes backwards whoa holy  __  what a wacky ball i dont feel like going back up what in the  __  was that ill take it out played  __  so shes back where oh look at those  __  reflexes boys holy  __  my god actual  __  gaming animal holy  __  hey henry oh jesus christ what the  __  ha i dont even understand how youre supposed to fight that my stamina doesnt go up quick enough oh another one of those fire demons this is a mimic oh oh oh oh god not like this i cant move i cant move i cant move i cant see gotcha smoldering leak i havent missed anything from anris questline right or is this all part of henrys quest line right now thats horus isnt it all right good stamina horus bad boys though shes single now  __  yeah do i need to talk to her immediately or can i do the next boss as well thanks to recent camille hell here first okay oh okay dont tell her about horus shell die so do i have to go back to her and just not reveal that shes there horus is dead because of me also whats this way i didnt even finish going this way she only dies if horse is alive down there yeah that makes sense considering he went insane and was attacking so it makes sense that she dies if horus is alive oh this is the guy that takes me to that like a dark zone right and he like slaps his hands down with his jewelry his  __  ice yeah this guy im just gonna cap out here just to be safe Music did he even attack did the ai just forget to attack okay i remember the boss being easy but he didnt even throw out a single attack oh my god what in the  __  cant move i cant  __  move im stuck in his hitbox i what this man im getting  __  up this hitbox is huge i hes i cant move on the left holy  __  oh my god all right revise this strategy because this is not working though holy  __  outside thank you tier one waffley waffles and the prime play seat in dragon chair how do i avoid that i cant roll through oh i have to just go right on top of them next if its unknown burger all right um i think 20 20 40 is probably good right lets do that lets get this up to 20. so do i have to go talk to the people at firelink before i find andre again oh my timing is nuts thanks recep igor so where is anri next holy  __  these guys are tanky does it matter if i go this way can i do this stuff now oh holy  __  oh my god Applause too early holy  __  oh god why is there five stacked on top of each other how is he still alive oh god jesus  __  christ is there trapping here Applause this does not give me very many extra souls this is worthless you know what might be worth though is grass crest is there no boss or anything back here just an undead bone shard in estes no boss this area really is useless god this place is huge theres really nothing here except an estus shard and undead bone shard thats it in this whole area pyromancy tome and fume sword but i probably wont use the fume sword okay lets just uh go to israel Applause mr tome not like im gonna use that you can get the ballista to kill it all right well near we go oh i could just go kill dancer now right yeah maybe thats what ill do go a little out of order i bet i can kill dancer now i forgot to upgrade my weapon and i didnt burn that bone shard either have to do two of the main things there its its fine should be fine dont take a chance Applause we i just need to warm up on the bosses all oh i was out of stamina for the third dodge what in the  __  i cannot get a lock on her right now there oh i thought i dodged in time it fell apart really quick i just couldnt get an opening to heal go in a little greedy yeah yeah all right all right that was sad that was embarrassing god damn it i didnt know that was aoe i thought she was already going the face too on that what now she is what am i stuck on oh my god i should have rolled left i definitely should have rolled left actually losing the dancer with sellsword twin blades im level 44. the  __  do you mean its not like im over leveled for this oh oh i committed a little hard actually 10 gift subs crack appreciate it man what rough time to look at chad thats all right exit prime josh this is torture its been four attempts what the  __  what are you leaning no this is the fourth attempt actually thanks every subject im sure you got it on your first try while under level of course whats the case oh didnt realize there was a two attack on that okay too early make sure me give some prime the bit spinny and greco  __  man how did i miss that dodge how did i miss that dodge ah that was free thanks to the resub chucks how did i not hit that dodge  __  man Music okay i havent seen that yet oh just play it safe okay lets do attacks again i dont need i will get this at sub soul level 45 what am i 44 48 sub soul level 50. uh all right i guess that was a sad one that ends in a slam yes i learned thats aoe Music im going in going for it gotcha  __  see no ember no upgrade we got her 12. more attempts than i would have liked but we still got it oh i remember i dont know if this is still used but i remember back in the day when dark souls 3 speed running was still in its infancy just a fetus they found a glitch where you you use some miracle here and then you die down there but then you immediately dont die and then you just have like a locked cameras like a floating orb and you just skip a ton i dont know if they still use that though Applause oh i remember i remember now whats the next part of anri we need to do the next part of andreys quest line and onion we just gave onion his armor wheres the next part out oh my god how unlucky holy  __  they formed a wall with their bodies so who am i refraining from killing for anri apparently theres like an assassin somewhere here that im not supposed to kill theres an invisible assassin cool if hes invisible then i just dont even need to worry about it because i probably wont see him anyway oh jesus christ how many  __  dogs are here jesus christ oh what the  __  what ah more large titanite  __  yeah oh im stuck jesus all right good start good start im not gonna parry i havent parried once this game and im not about to start i thought that was two attacks oh whoa jesus not really an aoe but his transform was doing some damage too huh gotcha three tries third try too easy baby next to me some holly minkoy and snack pack whoa what the  __  is this that guys very upset oh gee oh god im upset holy  __  this guys nuts tommy was always going  __  wild on me what is the tracking ah hopefully this is it i just get the  __  out nope thats not it let me out dogs cant climb ladders im  __  out oh wow im getting comboed out of this world all right i went for a backstab bad idea i see what okay bad start but were good well be fine i dont have a torch ill just wait till someone can hit me with fire Applause so once i does this guy use fire okay i guess now well never know hit me hit me hit me oh my man oh god all right a little too much fire okay a little much oh thats an enemy didnt even notice yeah take this well see i dont know why i thought id have immunity on that  __  ladder i should have just rolled down ah good old dung pie yeehaw sleep well sam oh my god not again holy  __  all these enemies  __  went nuts on me here i might as well open this  __  right here oh my god he actually i didnt think hed be able to get out from there these guys also look a lot like the unchained ogre from sekito i dont know if thats just a coincidence or if thats where they come from this may be plus seven lets go all right i will not be using the gimmick weapon against yorm though apparently siegward will which is fine whatever have come to uphold my voice Applause like if i dont help at all does he just win yeah he absolutely will ill let you do it siegward this is your friend oh are you okay siegward that seems pretty aggressive oh wow keep on him siegward oh man i actually got hit im just not even going to take a chance no segward my friend excellent work siegward you could have grabbed the sword and helped too oh we can have two to your valor and my old friend oh i didnt know that i thought there was only one and he had it had no idea no seaguard ill wear your  __  ill go full siegward now just for him no god wait thats a lot oh man thats thats a lot more than i thought itd be actually i dont know about that what i didnt dodge in time dodged too early that time please stop show mercy okay this is not the right way oh thats aldrich down there isnt it lets just uh i can be like that can i thanks theres someone life gives you lemons oh when life gives you cake oh jesus christ okay i dont remember how this guy fights at all holy  __  oh this track i thought they just went in a straight line god does it ever oh what the  __  did the arrows ever stop holy  __  brute force it oh god dammit Applause oh like no hey buzzer beater oh too easy  __  that fire hitbox lingered a long time second try not clean but we got him too  __  easy idiot im stuck in his nutsack here what is happening what is happening i cant tell Music is what the  __  is going on hes so fast all of a sudden this phase two means business oh my god i cant even get a hit on him now ive rolled right into it first try  __  yeah hardest boss so far the one i took me 12 tries on dancer thats the only one thats taken more than like five took me 12 on dancer everything else has been sub five go gandhir round two i got him first try when i started last time see how it goes this time around miss click i  __  buffered it oops hold on just play it safe no gotcha gotcha first try again i think theres some general  __  yeah  __  yeah back-to-back first tries on osceros and champion gandir big time gaming now okay uh where to next now ive done the champion gondir and then the other guy hes issa rose whatever i already killed dancer so just go back to dancer bonfire all right nameless king lets do nameless king yeah yeah now that i have the dragon pose i can do nameless king i remember that  __  i went to the wrong one holy  __  i cannot move first time i killed this boss i didnt realize it died in a single plunge so i actually slowly whittled it away you skip a boss nope this is a gimmick boss actually jesus christ did i skip a boss where the  __  do i go to plunge is it up here there we go are there a lot of gimmick bosses not in dark souls 3. i think this is actually the only gimmick boss i cant think of a single other gimmick boss oh yorm yorm yorm is also a gimmick boss we just did yorm you need to kill him first oh my god oh how unlucky move has he done nameless yet nope thats what im doing next oh hes still alive nameless king is the hassan meme boss right where he just cant beat nameless king theres a lot of hype around nameless king so this this bad boy is probably not going to be a let down like pontiff in the recent platinum oh my god these things are  __  nuts jesus what the  __  this is chaos wheres the bonfire theres a prime utopia from the tier one moyer this wait does this immediately start the boss fight oh god wait the first ring starts it instantly Music no okay cool yeah i didnt remember it starting so why is everyone freaking out because i ran the bell doesnt really matter does it all right lets run it and then ill go back for havol and  __  all right lets see how we do i vaguely remember this boss oh  __  ah that i did not remember that is not a lot of damage okay thanks to tier one your boy crippling depression okay uh was not hitting as hard as i typically do here thats okay oh my god that fire is rough we go what okay just legs finish them off lets give some decks in the resub crabs and gucci you can r one there didnt matter okay okay big gamer time now lets read some crazy jesus and brock in the prime sam a little early oh god oh my god i didnt  __  buffer to roll unlucky i didnt mean to roll i buffered it what is going on why why am i not doing what why does this sword keep getting put away is that like a special ability this is a rough one really so much fire on this one what the  __  thats five fire in this one things that prime teddy bonkers and recent bacon and gifts of jesus oh wow oh wow  __  jesus christ that attacked i was ah i was hammering dodge if that attack hits me i cannot dodge after it holy  __  unlucky man oh bad timing oh  __  i thought i had time im all over the place right now too early its alright god damn it oh my god thanks to the gifts of dnd oh man oh no i buffered it oh why dont you use ember yeah if i get better runs going against him ill start improving up before them but right now im still not getting his attack patterns very well oh my god i dont know what that does i dont know what this does what the  __  is happening no i buffered it what i dont know what hit me on that oh  __  my god if he hits me with that full swing i cant dodge the second attack if the stuns too long and then i accidentally helped be instead of dodged on the last part there my timing is dog  __  now oh wait what oh god  __  i cannot believe i didnt just kill him the when i had him down to one shot i cant believe i  __  choked got hit with a  __  lingering shockwave hitbox im tight  __  tight gotta shake off gotta shake off the tilt i dont know what is happening with this here thats that  __  thing again christ i forgot the amount of times i accidentally buffer a roll is sad were getting there ill get them in the next couple thanks to theresa muga whats going on let me in all right lets  __  get it dodging time holy  __  holy  __  what a sad run too early what is going on man this is the worst run for uh last 10 attempts here actually getting  __  manhandled on phase one yes  __  yeah finally god i could have had that like eight attempts ago if i just didnt choke on the last hit then the tilt set in but we got it was that like 20 tries uh i think it was sub 20 but it might have been 20. i kept track up until number 12 because 12 was the previous most attempts it took me to beat any boss in any dark souls on stream not true actually manos or manus took me more but 12 is how many it took for the last two games was the highest so after 12 i stopped counting did i miss anything worthwhile in archdragon or is my build pretty much optimized i mean i have karthus milk ring dexterity boost pontiff right eye for attack boost fap obviously and then clarity oh havel right right right ill do happen oh poised right through me hes going nuts okay okay havels getting a little wacky on me he is  __  me up harder than the nameless king man no more  __  around havel hate to do you like this but i feel like i have what okay christ one hit from that and im  __  stunned for life i have to play real slow on this guy okay i say that as i charge in and get  __  up okay can i burn an ember mid-fight and get my health back  __  you  __  what tips do i have for sekito treat it like a rhythm game if you treat sakido like a rhythm game youre gonna have a lot more success also dont anyone bring up ishin the sword saints its a  __  dog  __  boss i hate that boss i think to date that is still the longest boss battle ive ever had on stream ishins sword saint like by a healthy margin i cant think of anything that even comes close uh where to next i dont want to do the dlc yet so whats my next stop i already killed dancer oh the dancer bonfire right ive bee lined to osceros and champion gandir yeah well see how freed goes this  __  first boss though it i did this really under leveled but it was still such a pain in the ass i didnt even get close half the time okay im getting a little greedy i do so much more damage now that im an appropriate level for this fight im sucking fat ass right now i gotta get warmed up here see behind me Music okay first try at a good level so im guessing this was the right way wait this is the way it came from wrong way this shortcut ill just make it to the next bonfire oh god what the  __  theres a thousand dogs theres a wall no  __  upstairs there was a wall yes  __  im back boys it is only the flame quivering at misguided ash doing well gamerx hope youre doing well these ashes feel good lets get it Music  __  i thought i thought i heard that correctly oh the tracking on that what what do you mean oh god okay i need to get some good chilio theres a prime bagel Music thank you for the anonymous hundred gift subs  __  yeah man really appreciate the generosity Applause this is  __  cool this whole boss cinematic is great thank you man i really appreciate the huge anonymous hundred gift subs and thank you thank you so cephalopod and the bits quotes and the five gifts of saint milky crazy tier one butter and resub amari hes a prime minister oh  __  is this two bosses here what the  __  is happening okay lets go one at a time free first i have to wait for him to finish his  __  come on shes camping with her dad what whoa whoa whoa wheres my weapon oh christ oh boy im in the corner yep this is rough this is rough i might be  __  finisher finisher yes okay this is still first try i heard three phases so you did kind of spoil that for me but were looking good Music i didnt realize that was an attack uh okay unlucky didnt know that was an attack that was a great first try though i made it all the way to phase three first try ill take that i will  __  take that now well get her on the next one oh i just killed myself what a sad follow-up to phase three on first try those were new moves there okay she kind of popped off thanks to the resub lek i thought she only had like a small move set but there was like six new moves in that combo there wont happen again okay so the only way to really stop an attack from her is to interrupt it with her bad boys no oh no stamina oh theres one attack Music no i went for it  __  i thought i had that her attacks just go for so  __  long the only way to stop it is just to break the chain there she has  __  poised so oh my god i couldnt dodge son of a  __  do they genuinely get faster like if you die do they actually get faster because i am missing every like dodge attack now when i hit all of them before all right now im just so slow what the  __  okay good speed run good speed run just tap it up oh oh i wasted ember just amber its okay i dont mind wasting one okay just give me the  __  out holy  __  where did that come from what a waste i had a perfect phase two man what a  __  waste i should have  __  into this so long ago i cant believe it this is sad make me  __  tight oh there we go close call  __  me was that 11 i think that was 11. close thanks to the resub legit fashion one i will finish the painting thanks to tier one luxor of a cold so that it might make a home for someone my thanks thats it the  __  did i do that for shes painting bloodbornes world oh yeah i can see that yeah yeah okay yeah i see it now yeah to be honest i kind of want to just go back for main bosses real quick and then do ring city so i dont just back to back the lcs uh so i just killed nameless king in the main boss area wheres the next one because i dont quite recall are you really bragging about doing the dlc 30 levels over leveled yup you seem to be very offended by that what are you the best gamer in the world or some  __  did this hit soul level one with your eyes closed well youre six years old but who gives a  __  im happy about it am i not allowed to be you keeping my happiness on the game here big man youre gonna try and fight dragon slayer armor i do all the main bosses and by man i mean any boss thats not a reskin so all the optional ones and  __  whichever one people say is hard i like to do all of them i dont like to miss any whats been your favorite boss so far nameless king actually i dont know i really liked frida frida was cool these guys are throwing beautiful bombs right now oh gosh wheres my firebombs what oh it has a ranged attack oh  __  this is such a long elevator i dont want to do this elevator again first trying the boss baby lets go hes optional i didnt know that oh a little greedy oh what the  __  is this jesus christ there we go whoa what the  __  was that Applause oh i didnt even realize there was something else here jesus what in the  __  hardest enemy in the game no doubt theyre so low to the ground its nuts i pretty much have the optimal rings i think my shits already plus 10 like i think im good oh wow that was a huge slap of damage big  __  dodge is that the right way im going with my instinct it is  __  it wasnt oh wait give me that oh okay i know where i am theres a bonfire nearby i think its up here into the right at least i think i know where i am oh okay man that guy was really  __  in it holy  __  oh my god let me in quick  __  things theres some mighty red im just going right for it first try lets get it back to back first tries lets go holy  __  oh yeah yeah i remember this boss this is where the little guy stands on top of the big guy welcome unkindled Music now have your rest okay forgot that he can teleport oh man okay not the cleanest but we got one dear brother im on my way maybe rotar yeah ill be doing the bloodborne dlc when we do bloodborne yielding rise if you would attack him now officer greg for that is our curse incest as  __  incest doesnt exist in dark souls never read anything in the lore about incest it really is the music is super good man hes got his backpack on now Music yeah after doing the dlc i am way too strong for the base game now holy  __  wow yeah first try again as you give some off donut and the prime saturn and the resub buddy yeah im gonna finish base then go right to ring city because i uh were hitting real  __  fat over here whos this im in here oh thats right for my um wedding ending i totally forgot about yuria alright yeah yeah it was my first summon  __  i totally forgot you dont have to summon her for the ending why well im not going to risk it i work  __  hard to get that angry  __  im going to make sure i do it right thank you bass babe all right good start now were cooking oh yuria no area hang in there whoa what the  __  this guys got a crazy move set great job yuria all right lets see this i havent gotten this uria ending before lets check this  __  out no hes dead yuri jesus okay so how do i do the ending from here now that yuri is with me now what you have to link the fire okay so link the first flame dont link it okay im getting a lot of mixed information you lock yourself out of the dlc okay im out to everyone thats been spamming no in caps lock if this works you owe me a  __  sub get your moms credit card out and get ready because youre putting your goddamn ass on the line here with all kinds of false information so if this works you owe me a sub and vice versa this doesnt work everyones saying yes it was a  __  sub hes the resubmister i already used the summon sign already subduria just yeah look at my  __  harem so i cant skip these can i okay begin journey two in current state journey two can be initiated from the shrine bonfire if you do not wish to begin now the answer is no so i say no so this means everyone that was spamming that i  __  up youre  __  now you all owe me a sub pay up put your  __  ass where your mouth is lets go  __  this looks cool oh this guys going nuts oh  __  earthen uh earth in i thought i saw an s in there oh okay okay okay maybe im concentrating the wrong one first oh my god i buffered an attack all right first try  __  yeah oh theres a phase two okay oh my god yeah this is definitely looking like one i shouldnt lock on for Music no first try so this is the demon prince that everyone  __  hyped up nice  __  yeah first try oh what the  __  okay all right all right all right i miscounted oh never mind no i didnt theres just two summoners oh god i was looking at  __  chad oh my god okay i speak of thine kind behold this city we are kindred fear he looks like an old like heavy metal rock star at least his face does like ozzy osbourne or some  __  one i speak of dying awfully cheeky oh my god i swear theres something about this dlc like when you throw an attack you go so much further as long as youre near a ledge theres like a  __  ledge boost or something because i am falling off like  __  crazy im coming in what are these like little cockroaches what a wild dlc oh wow look at that guy is there a bonfire nearby or no because if there is ill go ahead and try and kill him oh christ all right i miscounted i thought okay they did a lot more than three i didnt miss count they just did a lot more than three son of a  __  you missed 80 of the map how i just killed everything on my way to that  __  swamp except like the guys on the stairs so like dark souls 3 or dark souls 1 remaster more probably dark souls 3. dark souls 1 still probably my favorite but dark souls 3 is its just so  __  good thank you snooper yep this is ring city weve got madeira and gale last two bosses i havent beaten yet and then itll finally finish the 100 uh all boss play through Music wheres the other guy thats cursing me yep bloodborne after once we finish this its not worth it i  __  hate these things man these are some bloopy thats  __  rough im too  __  good baby im in it oh  __  what the  __  holy  __  whered the other guy come from god damn all right im guessing this is it lets run it does this madeir or half light its my dear damn do i have to make this long journey back each time if i died of a deer  __  i figured thered be some kind of big lunch body takes reduced damage yeah ive noticed lets get it yeah oh  __  holy  __  how far does that stretch i rolled harder than nameless kings so far its only been two deaths but yeah it seems like itll be more difficult than nameless oh my god the splash is so large nope god that really stretches far man thats rough i understand his head is the weak spot but id rather just get some guaranteed damage from a safe spot for now oh oh what the  __  is oh i didnt know he im had projectiles i actually probably could have had it on that one youre gonna amber up um yeah ill ember for this one i wont summon but i will amber oh  __  all right this is a sad  __  run right now i dont need to  __  estus oh i got greedy five tries bang not bad not bad over hyped you do not have the right to stay over hyped youre using twin blades what a sad little man you are no no youre using a good weapon which means you cant be happy you didnt actually kill him you cheated you have to use your bare fist like me and by that i mean i watched somebody do it ive never actually beaten him no how how did i get this glitch mid mid game oh  __  this is the third time this has happened this boss  __  sucks its not do i have to play this boss online because i cant open the door oh i guess never mind i must have missed the prompt what the  __  how did this happen again i need to restart is that a bug yeah for some reason well for some reason that pops up sometimes its usually only when i first start the game though but ive been playing for almost two hours now and for some reason came up that looks like a hack what kind of  __  hack just brings up a  __  mesh of chinese characters what do you mean thatd be the worlds most useless hack i cant even read it its a glitch with dark souls 3 on pc its really common oh you know what it is i actually when we were still doing youtube streams i installed the jojos bizarre adventure mod thats what it is oh so that makes sense okay i totally  __  forgot we did that oh thats  __  right i yeah i never uninstalled that mods make that  __  pop up all the time yeah yeah yeah yeah i completely  __  forgot about that that mod didnt even work that was just such a  __  waste jojos is like a pokemon mod where when you get a weapon and you swing it you summon an enemy it was a really cool idea but it didnt work super well so i only streamed it for like an hour so what is gails lore early out of stamina  __  im accidentally buffering so many roles right now holy lord damn man you guys got some wacky moves uh great timing cant believe i didnt dodge it  __  thank you logan this does seem very bloodborney thanks the prime claudia the blood of the dark souls theres three sub games playing no no point in risking it his health pool is not oh what the  __  christ this mans got a  __  machine gun oh god im going too early okay so hes got a machine gun and dr stranges cape christ you struggled way more with gail than you did madeir right now ill say gail seems a lot harder than a deer madeira was five tries this is looking like its gonna be more this guy seems kind of nutty and his health pool is pretty  __  fat too oh  __  im assuming i cant backstab him right pretty good phase one oh  __  a little greedy  __  im dodging the wrong way oh i see i see tier one trent damn i probably could have had that there i was playing it real slow real patient i had a perfect phase one choked at the back wall uh  __  oh  __  bad phase one not happy with that all right oh  __  okay lightning is rough hold on Music oh my god i got so greedy i thought theyd finish him Applause gotcha three tries bang or four three or four i thought that was gonna take a little longer blasted not bad yep i already killed my dear i killed every boss in the game 100 what do you think was the hardest boss the hardest boss actually for me was nameless king nameless king i thought was a lot harder than madeira and gayle hes the prime nikko give blood of the dark soul yes whos the coolest in the game honestly probably gail gail was really  __  cool my thanks fashion one all right cinders mod time lets  __  get it this was great that was a really good uh really good run 100 of the bosses that was fun that was good what was a steam engine This is the greatest onion run of All TimeI stream every day steam how to share games steam games info free games steam today how to 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