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Fallout 3 on steamrun steam on chromebook DARK SOULS™ III game Wow how have I not done that on the show I feel like Ive done that on the show Oh what do you think of that hey Im grump Im not Zhu Goff and were the game grumps hey welcome back hello and welcome to the very first episode of game grumps specifically being recorded in the new dig oh yeah the new digs tasty days do you like it I love it yeah good it feels really good just so you know I didnt I didnt skip anything I just was trying to figure out where to go next so right the last episode left off at your the Giants grave yes but uh Im not gonna go that I dont need there anymore thats an optional area so that was the end thats nice so now Im in central aerosol this thing looks nice oh yeah shes real nice she could be friendly I say try to sleep with her Oh her she brought a friend yeah oh this is hot so sexy ladies please one at a time you know I say that Jess please the more the merrier yes of course give me those 32 simultaneous  __  I love Doug pi thats my favorite gift it gets me real horny oh god what do you think faces look like hell I think they just have like monster faces oh thats unfortunate well you can brown bears yeah no yeah monster is pretty really tough to avoid oh you are slicing and dicing rightly wrong Anna I like you know what Im gonna join the  __  Sun warrior sunlight Covenant great cuz I want to be us you can do that from here I just did it Oh didnt realize they had online registration thats pretty impressive we just wear their banner or whatever ah  __  Game of Thrones you just run their banner and then everythings fine boom your sword is way too Opie I got a say hey you think so yeah Im just like hacking through these  __  I thought it was because youve done like grinding and stuff a little bit of grindy but also this sword is really powerful I guess I would have by this point anyway so fair enough gives a  __  yeah who infest um deska four of them here was that what those are do I need to be over here I dont think I dont hot n help nighttime they sleep dont worry your your o P is hook demo BB yeah wow you got the  __  screaming pain yeah thats nice Oh Cho theyre just like sleeping yeah you dont deserve this if only I had a chance well theres nothing over here thats it theres no like a loser a wall or nothing well uh what does the message mean oh its just somebody rambling okay these guys are over here just in like a little pocket just cuz all right just cuz son who do you think was the subject of that statement you dont deserve this the sleeping girls oh oh yeah maybe yes yeah I think so oh cool I think that my gosh excuse me hello at the hand come here pardon me Ive drowned send help I died ages ago Im all pruney its yucky toes galore in here let there be soup oh thats a super Im not gonna drink cause I dont need it praise the soup nice neat praise the fire ah happiness Oh fix crush always at last Ive set up this room exactly the way I want for Zen peace alright Ill just change my note yeah Im like the Fung Shui destroyer yeah yeah you trying to think of like a pun for Fung Shui youre  __  up this way yeah yeah yeah yeah dude this is Fung DUP and yeah youre a  __  oh  __  what is that theres an archer up there theres this looks really powerful Black Knight over there hmm um so I gotta like get out of the way it really is in the way you say everything right cuz its a powerful bull is really powerful Black Knight so yeah this guys gonna  __  me if I dont  __  him up first what about the Archer hello bye its like cool cant wait to be over there yeah exactly did he just like not give a  __  no I think he found I think he spotted you no that was the Archer Oh what you up there yeah can he hit you lets find out guess not can you hit him uh if I go up there I can you cant just chuck fire all the way up theres a staircase yeah the staircase that leads up if this guy doesnt see me no hes wow he really just doesnt give a  __  he is a lost in thought I think hes just wearing one of those like wraparound helmets that doesnt give you a very good field of vision or hes like really entranced in this painting hes like my god wow it reminds me of my childhood he is Vigo I like the buzzing of flies to him mmm I love that movie is 29,000 a lot of souls its an underrated movie but still yes also theres another  __  guy up here all right I did not know this um but uh apparently all of Viggos lines were over dubbed in that movie and just to be more menacing well yeah the actor who played him didnt know that until like the screening of the movie and he was apparently very pissed off really he was apparently not a cool dude like well yeah he was like the buzzing of flies no not Viggo but the actor who played him I see uh so these all  __  up oh no theyre all good yeah yay neat cool give me that leo ring  __  yeah yeah well you shouldnt and now the Pisces ring please and at the Caprica Mohs great hammer o smoke awesome who is that SMO is a boss from Dark Souls 1 oh  __  it was orange Dean and SMO Arnstein and SMO yeah SMO is like a big fat guy sounds like a really terrible law firm isnt the law firm of Ornstein and small have you recently been shot by an archer you might be eligible for a large sum of money all allotting and small lodge the numeration please call five five five weird name yes call five five five ornstein and smough orange tea ninja moe just keep go what was the original orange thing what what was the was the full name orange Dean Ornstein Wow it is it does have a Steen in there yeah all right cool wheres Dean SMO it was Ornstein was like this cool guy whos like all thin and he was like super nimble and SMO is like the super duper fat guy I love it just like gigantically hello you have to fight them at the same time and its really difficult damn like oh Jesus is this the archer yeah she is hes just  __  tough all around excuse me Im not sure anymore as you can see yes he has been skilled in all of the combat chill bruh  __  whoa hey brah Wow get you right in the back off oh brother whoo hes got electric sword now damn yells absolutely no Joe Im trying to  __  get right at him bro but its really working well oh there you go I gotta get behind him here we go yeah suck my nards bruh mm-hmm and then this enjoy Lawrence oh shes not that ho damn hes really hanging in there sucking through some fold you like some darts yeah shimmy oh its making miss shimmy whoa dude what happened to his face at the end there oh it could give me an item oh just a glow youve got the glowy yeah at the glow ease it happens on so this guy is facing the other way so I could probably sneak up on him hmm Im gonna try in your furry boots dont tell anyone you scoffed at me when I wanted these furry boots you would like put on armor boots but they be Clank Clank clanking  __  you know all about me about now I hope youre saying this out loud its like what the  __  I know hes coming out oh  __  what I back Sam I wanted to immediately play like Oh a Pilates boots with the fur the fur she hit the floor nothing no Johnny got low low Wow its about you be actual my baby jam yeah oh yeah you got  __  up your  __  up  __  long time night shot on gift  __  yo my dicks this brings my sword oh my god use it if I lost it have a question yeah whats up how long did sorry I didnt mean to pull you off a thats good how long can we play a song on this show before we get in trouble is it like tense actual so so Ive heard its ten seconds Ive heard like the actual  __  law is ten seconds okay but yeah you can get in trouble for anything really yeah okay hold on Im gonna let you do this wait do you want to just just walk up next to them and look at the painting and just be like yeah its beautiful isnt it and then like gently place a hand on his ass to be like that painting right there I  __  her beautiful yeah is that what you like it so much so gorgeous see this did it you cant talk to this guy not many as an enemy but it looks like no soul it just looks like hes got like some kind of plot line to him the way hes like staring at the painting well go ahead and go to sleep read that blood stand next to him or that message rather I dont know if I can get close enough before hes before he gets annoyed yeah before it gets all hot Hornstein yeah read message there we go chest ahead time for loss of stamina okay Oh get it because theres a drawing of a pretty woman oh god damn get  __  up oh  __  oh  __  jeez man yo you gotta watch yourself oh serious battles happening this episode oh damn yo  __  Chelle brazo oh  __   __  oh my god yall screwed dawg no youre alright I using my shield so Im all like yeah yo yo yo dont worry Im sure no one will criticize you for not using my shield yeah appreciate ya - great job Oh John pimp hate you with your own hand yet do you remember Im a juggernaut me know youve never seen that I mean I have got the classic so long its been so long they  __  made a reference to it in the x-men movie yeah jeez well what what does he say Im gonna hit your own Pammy yeah thats crazy - I forgot the line before it but hes just like oh Im gonna joking out  __  I might hit you at Yongbyon thats absurd he like grabs another guy and like hits him with the guy as like a weapon oh its fantastic oh great great great video no loser a wall ahead or is there thats not why well how to respect the truthfulness yeah man they know their  __  these Dark Soul players how about behind there is that possible no try several gamers you really got those apple bottom jeans oh man look at the fur yeah I got a serious discount on those boots with a foot stickle steam Not the Feng Shui!Click to Subscribe ► Grumps are: Egoraptor ► Danny ► Game Grumps on social: Facebook ► Twitter ► steam tunic steam rune multiplayer steam games for low end pc eco game steam generator can you download steam on macbook