How To Farm Souls Early On In Dark Souls 3

Steam boats for saleninja foodi steamer DARK SOULS™ III game want a bunch of souls really early on in Dark Souls 3 heres a way to get a head start in the game before venturing forth as with any Souls game there are many ways to farm souls and while this isnt the most lucrative its definitely the earliest which will help people struggling early on now this farming method actually involves two things an equippable item and the method itself normally to get this item you have to buy a very expensive key that unlocks a tower but here were going to exploit the geometry of the world to take a shortcut if you want to wait and do things the proper way feel free to skip ahead to the second part from the Firelink shrine go up these stairs pass the gnarled giant tree towards this tower from here youre going to take a running jump off of this tree and onto the roof of the building you will almost certainly not get this the first time but at least as of this version of the game it is completely possible to do from here youre going to go around towards this door into the rafters of the building up here youll find an estes chart as well as the crows nest which longtime souls fans are all too familiar with now run towards the back of the rafters and hit this fake wall it should disappear drop down and grab the covetous silver serpent ring which will make enemies drop more Souls now that you have the ring warp to the high wall of lothric from here youre going to take a left clear out any aggressive mobs you see and then head down this ladder keep following this path until you hit a stairwell once youre there keep your head up above it a dragon should appear and demolish the enemies with its fire breath now return to the bonfire from here clear out the aggressive enemies one by one now instead of going down the ladder approach this window and roll into it until the dragon sees you it will use its fire breath wiping out the enemies clear out the remaining preying enemies if you want rinse and repeat and there you have it that should get you by until youre strong enough to take on the game yourself this method should net you some tight night charts as well key for upgrading weapons and once youre done using this method feel free to kill the dragon with a bow or just run past it thanks guys foxhole steam game Want a bunch of souls really early on in Dark Souls 3? Heres a trick for farming souls at the VERY start of the game.For more tips on Dark Souls 3, read the full article here! For more videos, news, previews and reviews, go to steam hex id steam workshop bannerlord vr support steam how to claim steam deck game awards how to uninstall a game in steam