Dark Souls III: Finale? - PART 93 - Game Grumps

Qvc steam mophow to play music in steam games DARK SOULS™ III game hey Im gruff Im not too rough were the game grumps hello hey what about I want to summon some in the mouth ningke Shamma Lamma dink don t good with me yeah and and we got tanker tanker Jake tanker got some friends friends coming to help me yeah and a dilemma dingdong dingdong Wow look at them I so cool oh boy and a wave Lou hi touch him I like the people with like goofy names are always like more inclined to do the little poses its tough no oh tankers pumped up - all right cool were ready to go I go I mean  __  oh boy oh boy this time Im not gonna waste any time with the sides man Im going straight sword sword äj-- hell yeah you want some of that Wow buddy runs to greet you hes always far away and hes like oh shut up sorry I was writing my visitors are so rare oh  __  yeah this we got a purple sword look at subtly get my stole hey theyre kind of cool story holy Sh so yeah on there screams do you appear as like a yellow thing I think so oh cool yeah yeah were  __  them up ow right in the head ow wha what he never did this before whoa oh oh I dont remember okay thats what he was doing holy  __  yo wheres tanker dude I hope he doing I dont know Ive got the hiccups tough oh it sounds like it youve got excitement hiccup yeah have you ever called them hiccoughs in your life oh god no Ive seen that done Im scared to talk because Im afraid were gonna hiccup at Burpo to save that Oh God thats no fun heirs triumphantly in an ax but yeah its the worst feeling in the world your muscles are going like two different ways yeah Im trying to scare myself oh thats not good oh god why the hiccups why now because its intense sometimes nervousness makes hiccups appear is that right yeah  __  Im not sure okay oh here goes here goes ah  __  all right buddy all right mr. man all right mr. sexy man ow annoyed Wow here god damn it whoa whoa hey dude youre hurt holy  __  that was insanity that was like almost the one who killed okay yes Wow oh he grabbed me oh thats that good guys willing him oh oh oh  __  oh God Oh Michelle chill for a sec Oh gee-whiz so in hand to him he let oh my lord youre in much better shape than you were before yeah oh oh weve got both of them oh no never Im a big dog oh no the llama big dog how can he die I mean quite easily oh oh you and me tanker oh no no oh you cant hurt and vulnerable get ready to wail on him when he turns around  __  up Wow cant risk that Wow dont dont its so long guy were all waiting our own battle whoa cool baby cool oh oh oh that was a lot of damage no no no are you gonna do I dont think oh no your life oh youre dead oh god  __  damn this guy let you down name a limiting dog I dont have any  __  embers left dude get get some I dont even know if I can oh sure he could embers you cant buy them no members of my everyones paying attention for the last 200 episodes okay well very reassuring oh god Im afraid to talk he the hiccups brutal wow youve got him bad huh yeah can we pause this actually yeah okay its closing up hello hello and welcome back yeah were gonna do this we got we got my old crew back can you tell I dont know what button to push on this timer alright  __  it oh we got the band back together we got the band we got we got connection lord tyrion back for another go alright yeah we could do this connects hello well shes shes here okay and then Im just waiting for Terry in to show oh wow hell be yeah oh I dont have money is he going to show up yo terian were you at dude were doing a show here there you are nope thats not him I will honor his dragon II kind oh its me the Amos is back Oh God not me the anus damn it alright fight me Vienna  __  sneezy anus dude always he on your side and help me lets go oh my god created the color side lets do it yeah Wow he saw the light yeah I hope I hope so is it now youre gonna stand that you gonna come through hey sneezy sneezy leave a ha ha ha  __  they sold us out eBay I cant believe it Oh pheeb a museum oh hes here dont you hear ya hero hero we deserve oh my god hes in here on my ass yeah baby this is amazing what a redemption oh my god easy crying is so beautiful right and you know hes good cuz hes  __  whoops all yeah you wrecked me do ya oh oh oh oh oh my god we  __  destroyed him yeah be back alright everybody back away come on Canucks youre better than now you  __  you anus No yeah you yeah you you are one crazy anus dont  __  this up man oh well feeling either dengue fever yeah oh my God hes already known to have health whoa whoa whoa yo dont get cocky I know but mean Z so strong go get me the kid look at it look at his sword it does so much damage nice anus kids dont get me oh my god I love you and to a lesser degree connect he put his  __  head on Oh God crazy man Oh easy 11 Im gonna miss him oh well that was what a way to end this good lord well I got my soul holy  __  do you want to miss you smoothie God the only way that could have been better if  __  was named like mystic taco theres something like that summon fire keeper what that what I want to do I dont know I got a link the first flame yeah do that first do this ever definitely wont get you killed Im touching yeah okay this isnt me give the P you specific as you like oh the guy I put out the flame of my pay I was a girl there wouldnt be a wouldnt be a full word stream like that it downwards sort of trickle yeah sort of a sort of a fire sprinkler yeah kind of nonsense well whatever slime like look at that thats awesome yeah pretty cool dear diary I meant an anus today it was sneezy and together we saved the world at first we were like I hurt you but then it was beautiful yeah the music we danced a slow dance to link the first flame thats that that is at the end you just sit there I mean pretty much right I linked to the first flame dude Versalles is not an unknown for ya epic and then really not yeah maybe that was not the best ending oh yeah Im sure theres like a couple yeah and what the is there what like well in blood-borne it was like you had to get the three three umbilical cords and then oh yeah and then do it then turn into a squid so its probably something really  __  obscure that you have to do in this but you know what the point is he killed a lot of people killed a lot of people met a lot of a missus met a lot of anuses sneezed a lot hes done lotta Angeles today we got  __  you know Lord Tyrion man he could have could you know what if I got Lord Terry and Im not sneezy probably would have died probably this mean he came to my rescue hes no joke he didnt even like I needed summon him he just sure hes like Im here now I heard I heard your cry hey whats up I came to save you yeah I can see her about to fight this last guy god knows by how much I just kicked your asses you uh didnt get all the help you can get Chang Chau song yeah its a crazy name it really is if you had just made that up I was been like youre a racist no it was literally chant theres no way you could have mispronounced that melt is Chang Chau song mm-hmm accurate Okimoto god these names are so Japanese oh yeah because we go yeah that is the that is the main reason I feel Kim Dong lon Im dong-won how many dollars did you want just kim dong-won so thats three photo cases oh yeah can you say all these names especially Robert Simpson wheres Robert oh there you go third down in project support you think you felt a little out of place now hey Simpson yes talk Emoto yeah wait me moo-coo Haku and boxer shot smoothly for you doc Simpson because man what does its like Robin rod Penson theres something different about you Simpsons and I cant put quite put my finger on it Nick actor Im gonna need more letters in your name whoa which makes no sense mmm I Kern Chloe Choubey tang profession Republic Chloe dude it is so much fun its like an amusement park of credit ah Wunderland wonder Lin God man got salty when Oh Sally salty way better even obi-wan Im incredible Oliver ma shun Shang Shang Kings are amazing Wow the good it cant be like Ken hmm yes a good one chale it rongling me you know rongling  __  is wrong with me I dont see that its backing down on mock modelers yet and moody did the background design get way way now then my first son wrong one my daughter Rocklin leave of Cheng Chao Cheng Chao Avedon yeah Cheng Chao an odd out of an ativan yeah that made you so happy today an ativan could call me Dan Adam looks like one of my favorite things to just like make up shitty fake names for everybody so its very crumb berry crammed theres Ross ODonnell yep theres now Danis Dan ativan yep and Vernon Shepherd and Shh and Wow Brian wiggle Sean Barrett director of NFC videos was the blacksmith Andre oh thats nice congratulations Sean didnt even know about that didnt even know it and were a poet baby who Kikwit Neff what the  __  what I swear that was the name of someone who equals net yeah lets I saw that wrong what do you think like that because you know you know last names come from what profession you have what do you think was net I dont know Ive I know its a long line of quest Wang high blank David Wang got David Humbert yeah good one and Im is huge every huge Wang and Steve Wilton there that Jesus Barragan Huston Laughter remember that comedian Steve white you hes a black guy and he liked the first day he liked the first circuit always do Wow Steve white whats your middle name aint so  __  funny oh my god if it actually was Im being credible Mike Shaw Bryns brother yeah Mike thats her name why did I have to credit every  __  person its like all this guy worked on I dont know and theyre specially thanking people that have already been in the credit ICU pew Shaw so you already about Kishore Kumar TS his name was too long they were just like plug it and noted jazz trumpeter Baz OReilly the project manager dude yeah these are people that like shielded on the streets of Guadalajara oh you want printed materials hey call of Chad Park help yeah thats nice its a really nice nice nice town is cool a bit cool of the park to come together like that so whats the deal with the three name thing is that that they its like ours with middle names theyre just more cool about it I think thats possible Kim Jong sik thats us Koreans and I Bakus in Wow God a lot of people made this I mean this is a this is a moneymaker for it is handy yeah that evidence games are dying for sure really yeah I mean one Japanese game that you were like really into a chart fell through right but its pretty recent for that you cant with downloadable content they dont really know Japan killing it itll really make triple-a titles anymore wow its all like was that blood-borne well thats the same guy yeah you single-handedly keeping Japanese is Metal Gear Solid was the other franchises really ml gear saw and Dark Souls 2 they dont make those anymore so its just shes Miyazaki begin journey - yeah yeah please sure were not doing anything for the next 85 episodes yeah Ill just do a whole new game+ playthrough oh my god I would go insane yeah so if I just go to ship Firelink I can just start a new journey yeah you can or anything really is more about the journey than the desk nation huh oh yeah I mean the destination is sitting and seeing a black Sun in the sky and thats a pretty sweet yeah hell I know and so ends the quest of macaroni grill oh god thats what I named her isnt it yeah thats what youve been named the entire time shes congratulations my daughter think do you think it sneezy anus was a fan I hope so because it I mean I yeah me too well I will christen this playthrough by jumping off the  __  cliff okay wait Matt Ryan put up real quick thank you too sneezy anus helping us be for helping us be part okay alright yeah do it alright here we go one last death for all time it I got to make sure theres no all right cool but you have to scream macaroni grill when you jump oh here we go okay macaroni grass Im dying you survived Im too good yes uh-oh and Im for cheering one its okay just praise the Sun macaroni go goodbye everybody goodbye I will see you in the next stocks old DLC the rings of the cazador or whatever the  __  its called the sneeze of anus but I would actually die thank you whoa do you well the truth comes out can backbone play steam games This time?Click to Subscribe ► Grumps are: Egoraptor ► Danny ► Game Grumps on social: Facebook ► Twitter ► assassin's creed odyssey key steam stationary steam engine for sale tactical games steam activar juego de epic games en steam discount code for steam