Genshin player tries Dark Souls III (pain)

Friday the 13th game steam codecan you use xbox game pass on steam DARK SOULS™ III game Music hello everyone today hi dark soul as everyone already know i lost the game to my brother now you have to play dark soul with me its not that difficult trust me it look a bit like genjin Music it is called lothric aldridge saint of the deep farrons undead legion the abyss watches yawn the giant im not sure which bit look like gentian but okay Music oh damn i cant customize myself maybe i could create mob since mob psycho season 3 is coming Music looking good Music arent i looking cool there disclaimer im not really a gamer but i have seen my bro play a bit so i think i kinda know the basic i hope it didnt turn out that difficult though Music Applause Music do Music lmfo im gonna die here Music its not that difficult trust me it look a bit like genji that goddamn bastard lied to me wait how do i heal this things supposed to heal right how do i use it how do i heal myself what heal how to use it damn you really play the game eel heel press are you stupid you stupid also if you want me to join you will have to defeat that boss first sure very easy Music Music falling apart Music so Applause Music foreign told ya its not that difficult sure so can you join now yeah but you need to buy amber first emba yes amber you need to find old lady first this one yes 2 500 souls yes isnt that too much not just keep killing you will gain enough soul im not killing any more people its too cruel oh my god lmf row that was so cruel im so cool im sorry damn hes scary maybe i should just make a run for it Music so the love of lord of cinder bonfire is literally right here cant you two just chill oh Music Music holy heck is that you yeah accept me stupid Music you stupid from now on we have to be careful if you die i will get kick out of your world what if you die i will also get kick out of your world okay im not sure if i could help you that much since im using this potato laptop my fps dropped to 30. how about we wait for your laptop to be fixed first wait we play now Music Music oh crap crap crap crap run i forgot there was a huge black snake here what huge black snake oh my god do something please help me no you help me my frame rate dropped to 17 i cant do any crap just it was nice playing with you so like i need another ember Music please die no more okay Music Music Music you see that huge night yes sir we run what wait please dont leave me here come i cant come on huge ass knight yes very huge ass that it cant pass through the gate quickly its fine just run no i believe in you Music i believe in you Music okay listen we go right yes sir just go in i will take care of the monster yes sir Music this is 100 a boss fight no not a boss just area to the new region ok fine uh lmfao what is wrong with you Music Music shimada Music Music oh my god we did it come on lets do our salute bro i have something to say salute listen to me come on salute okay and goodbye where did you go i was summoned as a soul my only duty is to help the owner fight the boss and once i fulfill the duty i will be gone Music goodbye my comrade you have fulfilled everything you should have an honour shall not be fade away you shall be forever gone and shall be forever missed also it would be better if you can just be gone in both game and real life no you Music you sell steam games for tf2 keys 20% play 80% painBro is a big fan of dark souls and wont shut up about it so I decided to play the game. Tanks foe washing! Giveaway next video :D! (If I figure out de way) Moosik: elevator game steam game not opening steam conair garment steamer steaming vagina is steamed rice bad for dogs