Dark Souls 3 Tam Çözüm Bölüm 1 Oyuna Sağlam Başlama Rehberi ve İlk Boss Ludex Gundyr

Steam cleaning enginehow to steam carpet DARK SOULS™ III game subscribe subscribe subscribe Allah God Im more of your daughter Hello everyone today maybe a year later Im here once again another from software game this time with narrow sauce I m here with colder milk that ends the narrow Socialist this will be published on the 12th of this video So were starting to like the full solution with the games release. Ive tried many things, Ive done many different things, Ill try to convey this knowledge to you and help you with the course of the game, so Im not prolonging it. New sister-in-law, were starting new games and were watching our wonderful movie meat Eda sauce 3 To briefly talk about the story of fame, this time it is in lotic and let me be clear, those who have played narrow sos2 ​​ and one of them 1 and 2 will be surprised while playing a little game because there are not many references to this and it takes a completely more endless way except for a few references from the pers and play the third one sequel a game of concluding the game at the same time h This time, instead of the first Corps, there are exactly four Corps and we are trying to kill them from this corps. We see the death of the wizards of flondor during these journeys and pilgrimage journeys, here is the story of three Lord Of nerves, that is, the Corps leaving his throne when the first pines sounded, the cinematic also took it here for the first time, which we will show with the title of Vavrafkat. it turns out youre not in bulk Yes, we see this too, friend, you found a very strange friend. Im not sure if you noticed this, I wont know at the end. Jonde gets up from his grave and leaves his throne with the other Cordur. Our duty is to bring them back to these friends at this point, so why are they, of course, we will try to explain all of them in the next sections. I will try to explain at one point, not the story. As far as I understand, I did not have the opportunity to research too much. In the light of my own experiences, I would like to explain this story to you with outside support in the future, and it already tells the story here, the mouse takes its wiggle crown here One of the people who will help us the most is faik during the game, this is our money. Does it mean not caught? Like your interest in n Kadir, people are overthrowing the curse of immortality. We tell you about it and we start our game right away. As always, our character was in a Cemo 123 lagon. Of course, he got old, he saw, he went through a lot now, I need to tell you simply about Cem shoulder covers, you have that difference and you have that difference. These ten different Classes give players an advantage at the beginning of the game who want to play in different directions. After the game, we can easily leave that character as we give them skill points as you want, but for the beginner level players, this is very important and for those who want to start with certain advantages My favorite is always earthquake Push us This Year It starts with us, you start with us and all the skills are in the direction you want, you can create the back you want, the game is in full solution During my discussions on it, we will play in Nike, which is the most balanced class, my friends. Nikes feature is its armor carrying capacity, namely T Ali Tipsizs weight is directly effective and affects the disloyalty, which is once against poisons, very high. They start very high with a certain amount of stent, and it is very important for us to use the weapons you support. It is very important for us to use our power. Apart from that, we have mercenaries, all of them different abilities are account mercenaries Our soldier shoots while he is an expert with weapons that require more Textiles that require Steel, on the contrary, he starts playing with axes. Axes shatter the place. A class with a herodion added, we have this friend in the cold, one of the first newly added class in the game, and he can perform faith spells that we call a certain cake 40 thief God what am I doing you a dextra focused class but the other sweet balanced gives martyr and especially in the word part, it starts with a very high score in the speech part, which affects us to find items, like 14. Assassin is again a normally balanced dextrin-focused class in this special theme. currently favorite 10 in spit areas Because it has a magic here, thanks to this spell, you dont die no matter where you fall from when you do it. the warrior is also the parliament in the other hand the glove in the hand is not this knot I dont trust Thanks to this, he can really send the pioneers to an enemy, which we call the Alawites, our classic magnificent warrior is very skilled at using faith spells both years This is something prophecy is to throw away London one of the strong classes again but we We will choose a knight and we will start the game BİM at the beginning of the year the Rabbit is cut, a class with a balanced, durable and high armor carrying capacity. We can buy one bottle for the color We can only fill it at the moment. I will buy a blackfire bot. I will explain the reason for this in a little bit later in the game. We can buy you many more things. It has not landed. It doesnt come down, stop my red eye pop, which makes us look like the world from the other end, its something like that, Ill start burgundy once dear, you will see anyway, I m not dealing with a hundred things, we are directly creating our character Come on, we have a few stages in the first part of the game, if we do these few stages properly, we can start the game like this, I will try them as you can see, we are just like Music Difference courts noras download like nordox download More precisely, like them, we start the game by getting up from our grave, I play on PC from the game, I also have a compliment controller. I play with the alliance mandate of the grave, this 60 fps, of course, but the video will drop at 30 in innocent settings in order to fit my theme, its our latest review version A patch has come for nu, some problems with the optimization of the game have been fixed, this is the only thing we re starting with. The rest will tell us about the controls. But these are the controls that we are used to, but these are the controls that we are used to, very easy at the beginning of the game, we hit the enemies very easily at the beginning of the game. it shows certain events it didnt run, now what we were doing from here I m looking at the old man particles Its like the same thing. If youre coming from this, if you dont subscribe here, its the blood spikes we found, it shows them, now we throw them away and one of our important items in the game is this corner, which we call sutlas, we have a martial arts mode in the game when we use it. Look, youll see the blue glass is missing. Thats the reason for this deficiency. Our vehicle has grown enough, likewise, it is not over the number, as it is with olddark sauce, it can cause trouble for Pepee, how was it? We dont see friends Look, youre done right now, I just click and rest, we know that we manage it ourselves, lets show something else here, I cant do it, I still have some problems with fairy fairy, if I can, we still have some problems with fairy fairy. Were coming to your fights Its really nice Pis is an event that can be watched already too many enemies here We die we do nt have a Great Pain pipe as you can see a direct empty back in the first area Because we earn very little points for this as you can see how many regrets we can win Ban 160 so what was that now first me I wont do any renovations, I ll jump from here first look here in the area This is also Fire bombs hidden fire bombs I will reach at first Remember the part where I said we need to go, we will use it there. I pass this normally, you will see the empty space with it. Yes, we say right to the enemy with our classic escapes, now the area I need to move forward is the area I need to move on. crime scene friend friend is very enthusiastic but in a very easy way they eat what we call backstep Now we will run here and jump forward straight like this we re going to the gray area, were going to the gray area. What we need to pay attention to in the empty area is to be killed by the boss. I tried many times to pass fast. For this, I tried a lot of things, businessman Selami I will open Facebook and there is a very easy boxing fight at the beginning of the game because ü it is a big natural stone to hit right now. Look, I had trouble this time. Subscribe as you can see. I always feel comfortable if you throw it in the opposite direction at a fast moment, there is no need for snagging, it was done from the top as you can see, always the spear direction Yes now the friend will transform here first Attack as much as we will attack on my return and then Im a martyr may be dangerous. He didnt take my thing, but now, the important thing here is that you can get close to him and know that I couldnt get close to him Yes, now I got close. Its very nice, Im behind him now. It s been a week for our first course. I acted risky, but like me it was very difficult, you will have a very difficult time Sometimes you can have trouble with the calculation of the attacks that we call student. But as I said, dont worry too much, the gap that we can easily pass is the only thing you need to pay attention to is moving the spear in the opposite direction, especially the second one on the first page, stay close Working on the moon can instantly destroy you in a few hits when you stay away. Now we have beautiful souls in our hands 3348 we have this hu By using these, we will throw our first vegetables and in the first stage of the complete solution, we will move to the area where I can call you tactics first here is our video from below Here you can start above too I like to do this because like this I throw it on it but I have to run away if I show it here, I couldnt do it. I have difficulty in recreating some movements because you can open it by pushing on the shields. There should be a move, you should look at it, I still cant get used to it, I ll try to do it as much as I can. This is really something that can be very useful to you, especially Pita, against shielded enemies you can kick the shield but if i can, this move is forward and what happens when you press the rb keys, our friend throws himself and the shield shoots, I will go backwards from here, there is an item we need to buy 12 Friends ş We will go to the sport, which I will not use now, we will go to the sport interesting, I have a dog, be careful with the shields, it is very important to raise the shield and walk around, dont think about your guard, because sometimes it is not clear where the arrow will come from where the enemy will come from. At first, I will not go down directly, I will go straight up. I will show you in Nusaybin Lets not say its a tiny little interior, we will try to reach the roof by jumping on top of the tree. Normally 20000 gold things with 20 souls. Youre going to write this roof by jumping on it, friends, a little bit, even though I passed on the first try, its something that will challenge you, because I practice a lot, first you click on the tree and then you go up differently. Weve come this far, this is very important, over the perpetrator of the region, we have fights here, for example, Im throwing certain round items into these fights. Sorry, look, now Im throwing one of them round like this, when you give us the items with a round horse, it provides us with items and it always does it. Look, we have two conditions that are very important to develop weapons. He gave and e sus Last our main life source developing Eshot we found one of the conditions Here we go a little further here there is an Illusion here event sharpening Falling Enemies have more spirituality and this will allow you to make a very, very fast progress in the level advantage Friends, let me tell you clearly, we came to our sultan, I will introduce whatever happens. At the same time, we will make your first purchases here. here we go to the woman first, lets look at our salesman, do nt let your hands be cowardly We buy 15 bombs without researching, we dont have a soul, now Ill show you why, and then were going to this different culture to us Its happening en pieces, it may seem interesting at first, wait a second. I ask you for a second. The first thing I have to do is lets take care of these souls, lets blow the bananas so that we can level up easily But you too, subscribe and I found it myself at first, you can do it, we will make the dextrin 16 for you what were going to get soon is to get a gun that really gives us a good advantage. At the beginning of the game, I had a few difficult attempts at the beginning of the game. I hope I could exist as a result of these trials. I have a sword and this sword is really strong for the beginning of the game, the game is still very comfortable. If this friend of yours falls down, he will not give you his belongings. We will try to kill this friend right here. Look, you see me, you are cleaning it. Dont let this prosthesis cause you trouble. Ahanda, our uncle is here. Be careful to catch it when there is no station with the bomb 66, as you can see, let it come towards you, we are trapping it. we throw back Stones have to come this far too, he came, he will be a little crippled, look, but he gave us open space, its better, subscribe, what should I do, he wont enter now, I m making him withdraw so I can relax a little, definitely try to hit it subscribe then he shoots 31 bombs as you can see How is it disaster strikes Ill come to his house Im trying to destroy this friend by throwing a bomb Subscribe to this E of course hes a little crippled because the area is ok now its done as he wanted but if we hit 13 valet bombs then God escapes badly or an open space is provided to him its a little bad mm bombs This is a must for you to catch these bombs and Oh Oh but I never noticed because he was horny he killed it easily I cant say liters to the most stupid shop He gave us the name of the sword we saw half Ancestor Rare Sword This Sword is really strong for the beginning of the game Sword we will try to improve it friends At the beginning of the game we will try to improve it. one of the items that will give an advantage Look, we have a soul, but to be able to carry this item, look How much he wants 16 Dex, he wants our independence, youre not sweating, it was enough, but I wear it directly and go to the square So Ill show it right away. So Ill show it right away. Its enough for now, I gave a little dowry pot to textiles, Im a little stronger now two Our destination is planning a scarf Here we can develop our goods. We will see them in the next section. As you can see here, we direct our estplasts according to his own choice. There is a lizard that we call a crystal visit in the first stage, there is a crystal lizard, we will destroy it directly Friends, this sword will help us a little bit fast and it will help us not to throw it because we had a ring and we cut an enemy so a very strong enemy is also at the end of the game. We got it done at the beginning of the menu. When it was a bit of work, it followed me in a way that it should have followed a lot, when it hangs there, it usually comes to a certain place and stops, but I saw it already came on you. If you throw a bomb, the bomb, especially the oblake bombs, give very high damage that we get at the beginning. and its really a very worthwhile thing as a burial gift because then you get this awesome sword its sour Where do we go this swords greatest feature we mean bling it deals bleed damage it adds a bleed counter as you hit enemies something like eyes this is a very high experiment at once when the land massage is full they drink, this feature is very very important, you do nt get locked into the friend here and you are always trying to stay behind you look, as you can see, he is such a maniac Well, this game is a bit of a Challenging Booster for nothing, but look, I always go to the back, always to the back, always to the back, to the tail section. I think you can kill him with this, albeit slowly What should we ask for, I mean, at the beginning of the game, we have come a long way, we have acquired the most powerful weapon, as you can see, I have shown a certain appreciation. You start the game in this way, especially if you are inexperienced, when you start the game in this way, you will be very comfortable in the early parts of the game as in the next section We will buy an ax again this time. This Ax is also one of the very powerful weapons for the beginning of the game, it comes at the plus one level, it came in an improved state, there is an akdemirci or something, this kind of thing is really important in the game, to start the game quickly, the game started carefully these two, one of them is empty, one is with a garden We killed the creature for the head that will know and thus we passed the advantageous protection. As you can see here, we destroyed this peaceful and I will come immediately, this will get the level. Im making Mysterio 15 video Im playing as far as it goes, we can move on to our next region as 1/17, the first part is like this guys as much as I can I tried to show you the interesting things you can do for the beginning of the game. games with nudity on steam Çıkışı ile birlikte hemen hemen tüm platformlarda en çok oynanan ve aranan oyun konumuna yükselen Dark Souls 3ün tam çözümü ile karşınızdayız. From Software daha önce de yaptığı gibi bu çıkış videosunu çok güzel bir müzikle süslemiş.Hem Lets Play hem de tam çözüm olarak hazırladığımız videomuz için şimdiden uyaralım; sürprizi kaçmasın diye oyunu hiçbir şekilde takip etmeyen oyuncular için keyif bozucu sahneler olabilir. Daha fazla içerik için abone olmayı ve bizi takip etmeyi unutmayın. Web Sitemiz: Facebook Sayfamız: Twitter Hesabımız: can you steam scallops bamboo steamed dumplings jasmine rice steamed cleveland steamer porn hair steam cap