Dark Souls III: Big Wolf Fight - PART 80 - Game Grumps

Steam charts guild wars 2good games on steam that are free DARK SOULS™ III game hey Im gruff Im not Zhu Goff and were the game grumps just just roll back and smack the lips like blah okay dogs yeah Vegas pitted soap Skyride lip is that back good blah God have we ever talked about that guy I dont know man whos a classic for like a week yeah if anyone hasnt seen that well what would you type in like so pitted yeah so pitted sir surfer guy interview yes surfer guy interview hes the best hes like I guess there was some kind of like crazy just joy swag lip is just pull back soo bahk is great oh yeah hello Leroy Jenkins wait weve met him before right well Leroy Jenkins is a famous thing right but can people name the same thing oh sure oh I bet theres a couple macaroni grills walking around well  __  lucky for you and all of us because it is delicious macaroni grill was my favorite wha what I was gonna say was um yeah its just this like surfer dude whos totally out of his mind hes maybe hes on drugs maybe hes just ridiculous just a surfer dude yeah but hes like his wings were pitted stupid oh  __  zip blah and like the newscasters are like trying not to crack up its the best um so about four years ago yeah the Baltimore Ravens played the San Francisco 49ers in the Superbowl what and the Baltimore Ravens have a player I dont know if hes still on the team but it had a player named Dennis Pitta and like my best one of my best friends is a 49ers fan and my other friend just likes to get drunk and annoy him so like whenever Pitta would make a play against the 49ers youd be like headed south had it so bad he was so drunk great whoa whoa whoa hey boy didnt like that you have more life than you did before its your life oh yeah you get more life when youre kindled really yeah thats a nice bonus yeah it really is I think youre a little stronger too  __  yeah dont you  __  use your magic you big dope yeah dont call your giant  __  horrible okay Oh watch out for the wall you watch out for the Great Wolf yup you might want to do some oh theres some wolf tape were gonna do a little healing Im oh  __  yeah youre right okay yeah you know  __  thats why I wasnt healing uh I had the wrong item on guys very strong hey okay hey who is the puppy well Leroy Jenkins killed the grave title thats cool thank you yep thank you did you use it did you dip it in ketchup chicken grave to moon delicious Wow so much it bro watch it pillow pet I dude head right lip Wow is that goddamn dude  __  wolf hes incredible its thats thats nonsense a little bit nonsense right lip so good oh okay and  __  getting  __  wolf whoa damn son yeah  __  you wolf everythings fine how many whoa yeah  __  you wont be time for some healing pub oh really oh I did a little puppy shimmy oh oh no hes got red eyes now thats not good at bad thats a never thats never good thats never good Oh Oh God oh jeez oh oh oh his dashes do white the damage gosh oh yeah oh so I would heal I would take this up my Williams the  __  oh do it no aah stop oh  __   __  shoot yeesh Oh baby sorry Leroy youre on your own for sir yeah good luck good luck with everything oh and your death no hes hes good oh yeah Oh Leroy knows whats up me right Jenkins goddamn yeah oh you got this  __  you got that oh hes all bleep always getting up hes get him in the face yeah yeah you got him oh my god is dead hes a dead wolf oh dude raise the  __  iron out on  __   __  yeah peace out Oh is he toasting oh hes toasting Ill toast him to toast baby to you good job Leroy all right I hope he sees this episode but what a badass he is - Leroy Jenkins baby killin it um Thank You Leroy youve really helped me in a situation where I was not in a good place and now I am yeah and now youre in the best place let the time for sadness oh good silence Im okay lets bum out wait is can I have the giant sword please yeah um uh uh okay is the sadness because I cant take the giant sword yeah I really want it is it not create a bonfire or anything am I just does that it is at all is they get what did I get from that guy Wow whered it oh whatd I get from that guy lets find out Lucy oh hes just just rolling just maglevs aback yay um all right well um Im real proud of the work you did here today are thank you his glory I feel like Leroy did most of the work well I just kind of helped a little bit he upped a lot Ill take it like for instance you summoned Leroy yeah fifty three thousand souls is the best idea ever did you should cash those in brother hmm youve got a chip in the big game now I have you got to tuck that away there it is theres the bonfire ash that in for you um so what do I know now should I go back to the the go back to the place where you can love a lot yeah well thats what Im doing right now great um so then were in agreement champions grave tender yeah it comes in packs of ten and you can get honey dijon or ranch thats grave tenders delicious all right yeah huh Im the fire keeper Ive listed fire keeper but Im ready you know all right cool vitality Ill take that mace that piece discover just speak normally God just say words thats what Im doing s hold up no youre not youre  __  saying all this weird  __  and I dont know okay I burned the champions bones what does that do racially I said were undead match what that was going whoa I can just like fight people cool a brawl you can brawl now oh thats right is that new that is new yes its new and that they just like patched it and were like yeah you can just do all this  __  and now you can  __  kill your friends every man for himself lets do a four player brawl really yeah why not I dont know I mean like dont you have other  __  to do anyone beat this game yeah but would be fun but like save it like doing a brawl at the end could be that could be like your treat for winning no just before like this guy in the big hat Ill  __  him up you into the other side of emotion remove I mean I dont know how long its gonna take but yeah I dont know either if I dont get one more player in the next two things then Im all exit out of it okay one so it is  __  it alright  __  it cannot select during match yeah Im gonna cancel it thank you good yes two people are like Oh Jan Stu fight Eagle excuse me this the great eco round the day the great in all-powerful egoraptor no thats a  __  you fourth person who didnt show up there for not actually being a person I mad at life no nobody showed up correct uhm the  __  was I gonna say oh yeah uh when I was like 16 I used to call my character the Mighty Eagle Raptor and I was like thats me oh Im the mayy who have if you could if you could really talk yourself up by putting one adjective in front of your name what would it be like the blank Aaron or Aaron the blank will keep it medieval cool guy no thats two words well not in mind its not an adjective either do you listen when I talk I would choose Dan the girthy Aaron the adequate ah Aaron the adequate is the best Wow wait shortcut ahead but betrayal what could that mean how so that way - betrayal how does it work what happened here giant deer horns what remember you wearing awesome deer horn uh clothing before um idiot got some that guy in the dungeon maybe I decided to change this one now you had awesome antlers I apparently dont have them anymore no that was radical yeah mmm I mean I could wear this and itll give me some frost frost uh yeah I dont have any  __  thing on what youre talking about all right youre crazy yeah I guess I guess I never watched you play this or the bridges back oh yeah comes back every time bridge is back but now theres theres like ladders over here so oh Im gonna see whats going on with those interesting yeah give it a little sappy slap on the side I dont want to okay great no need to oh yeah you dont you can just need a ladder down here like crap we need whats down here I bet theres friendly people down here I could not agree more Haren hello just got a sixth sense about these things ambush ahead an ambush a friend an ambush of friendship oh hello hello hello ambush well actually wasnt much of an ambush she she probably should have just had two big flies on the ceiling what am you ambush next time I came Grove this is by Im in the ladies room Ill be back soon one pipe steam radiator Talk about a wolf job, AMIRIGHT?Click to Subscribe ► Grumps are: Egoraptor ► Danny ► Game Grumps on social: Facebook ► Twitter ► good tycoon games on steam atlanta steam game how to synchronize steam cloud best free steam games under 1gb steam salmon recipes