Dark Souls III: All Aggressive - PART 22 - Game Grumps

Sunbeam hospitality steamersell steam games for paypal DARK SOULS™ III game hey Im not sue Goff and were the game grumps all right its time today Cody my friend penis is in close proximity to your mouth my hand has been on my penis an unusually high amount of time today so I think I might I think I might use some hand sanitizer yeah it hasnt even been like a conscious thing what is it its not like it like washes off the penis juice it just kind of makes it smell like alcohol no thats what alcohol does its its cleansing it sanitizes its right in the name hand sanitizer I dont know man like if if you told me like I touched my dick with this hand and then I hand sanitized Id be like still not interested in touching that hand right now you want to hear something crazy yeah when you shake hands with somebody youre probably shaking their dick hand oh sure Wow thats unfortunate because in a lot of businesses dealings that we do like theres a lot of hand touching a lot of hand touching a lot a lot a lot of one degree of separation between you and that real estate agent June well also the  __  if you remember in that the conversation that I we had rather the thing that I was saying at you once I dont think I I dont think I have my hand on my  __  nearly as much as you do well yeah because I poop a lot you do and also just recreationally I  __  love pooping dude if I could if I actually could poop recreationally I totally would of course you would because its one of those things it would be one of those things where Id be like well I got nothing else to do so I might as well just sit down poop for a while so tell me what youre doing here Im just leveling up for it okay its like think of anything to change the subject I saw 10 Cloverfield Lane that was pretty good did you I did actually oh cool I thought its very good was it it was very very tense yeah yeah I took myself on a self date oh those are the best I like Im really learning to love doing it yeah cuz like I mean you know you know how life is with us like theres very little free time and so Ive just taken two like Im gonna take three hours and take myself on a bro date and its the best because I know Im getting some at the end praise that I did it um so it I could you know Susies very cool but like you got a wifey its a little weirder to be like hey hey babe I know that Im free and youre free but Im gonna go watch a movie by myself right understandable it shell be like uh okay have to have forgotten Im I go yeah I  __  is this like a buddy hey I can but I can be a  __  or a sister unable to summon phantom Wow thanks for the assistance jumping Im the assister I cannot help you its a little out of my hands well thank you for considering yeah yeah wow I can just come right no whoa watch out for I didnt even know this oh this is sweet have you ever wondered how skeleton monsters stay together yeah all the time really actually thats one of the first thoughts that I had like seeing a skeleton monster I was like yeah things move with muscles it had blood circulation it has to be like like Doc who evil magic right you ready to see a a ball of bodies along down at me whoops yes as soon as this guy gets out of world Ill come back dont worry okay this guys like oh wow now that Ive recovered from that ball but thank Solaris no wonder those stairs are depressed down the center to press and yeah its like this guy oh man she lost whoa boy the ball is like dont mind us here it comes again I love other reaching out to do it wow thats really gross when you look at it alright now this guy this guys cool give me your buddies hes like hey follow me to freedom is the ball coming there it is whoa whats the deal was  __  born eyed Willey over there was he wearing a pirates hat yeah he was wearing like a little pilgrims hat I think what uh whered he go he just kind of ran ahead and what why cuz easy easy scared of you England hes just a dude hes like Oh check me Ill talk to him alright  __  Zia goddamn it dude I really dont know what he does he just runs away and you can kill him and when you kill him he comes back if you spawn again like its really fun dopey  __  skeleton guy whoa yeah I gotta watch out for the purple Skull Heads noted we disco it and shoot that out you yeah were like magic theres also some of them theyre like wow some of them that are trapped in bottles Oh if you roll into the puck Oh if you roll into the POW if youre all into the pots theres some some pots that have the spirits in them Oh interesting yo chill yo ciao hey ciao ciao ciao some uh that guy was throwing like little bombs that have the purple souls in them are you know week back up or what no I guess so this guy just like chills here what Oh captain captain scaredy yeah hes just like well I guess right here wheres going nope okay you cant talk to him at all nah you just kind of just kind of dicks around I love him right in his stupid head like what the only have a hat its so great no he has some he has some torn things around his pelvic region does it oh  __  yeah so he has kind of a thong he like tried to put on underwear and just like got ripped up by his like pelvic movements yeah well hes like maybe if I dont move you wont see me yeah how about now ah he just stands there I let him do okay theres got to be some kind of story behind him right Ill just let her be so if I step on this button right for any any jokes whoa-ohh be cool right its okay I get these guys oh theyre really strong oh hey buddy Wow my hands on his brain this is great hey I havent seen a chiropractor in weeks I feel like and maybe maybe this is uh whoa chill chill maybe its too early to say this and maybe Im just flat-out wrong I feel like um the enemies in this game have more personality than the ones in blood-borne uh like in blood-borne they were like uniformly evil and insane and then this one that feels a little more like varied like some of them are kind of silly yeah yeah and some of them like I dont know it just feels like theres more like difference in their personalities theyre not all aggressive you know theyre no bad example not all aggressive Hey mm-hmm puppy yeah you like that  __  dont you  __  like it yeah theyre not all aggressive shink ah I could use the assister I cant help you I dont know why you summon me what the  __  is going on false advertising my bed yeah I says what my parents called me I dont know yeah they wanted I didnt want to be as become a self-fulfilling prophecy I just like anal sex a lot on the a sister check this out watch this I can kill these guys with the trap so if Im like oh oh stop and its like oh oh thats awesome dude way to go Im gonna do it again gonna get passed on them bro Wow houseful all right here and then hit him hit him yay got him nice that is really cool  __  yeah if Indiana Jones was smart he would have done that but no he just  __   __  had the giant ball chase him and theres a lot of Indiana Jones references in this level I just realized yeah could the big rolling ball yep thats got the button with the he grabs the pilgrim hat off the skeleton music just belongs in a museum I remember the good ol the good ol like yeah bones character and Indiana Jones all he said was blown away yeah the guy with the hat oh yeah Jones he was like wheres a guy hide them yes I havent thought of that in so long theres the ball I havent thought of that skill to carry from any injured I havent not a bonfire here oh sweet theres tons of summon signs here I wonder if its the assister why dont a and this is my sister Jesus guys I need assistance Layton theres a mad phantom will you still summon it what does a mad fan - maybe hes like a loose cannon it will sometimes attack you oh hes gone cool welcome to oh yeah I wanna lets try it rage mo rage mode Johnson the maddest phantom in all of Philadelphia wait so do they attack me or do they just kind of do whatever they do or I guess Ill find out yeah  __  Ive never seen a mad phantom before Im excited frankly I think its because the games out now oh so shits just changing by the day yeah well like I dont think there were enough players to have this oh I say maybe there was did he just like appear somewhere maybe thats part of his madness Oh was I just like grilling somebody to invade my world theyre like I dont know jeez I dont know I mean about world invaded God do you know how long its been since Ive had my world invaded I got a  __  book it do it do it Oh Tuckers gonna chase me like a  __  yeah whoa hey little Bobs a little rat sake just there animation wasnt working yeah I know theyre just walking forward were doomed Boober you need to get on boy all right so check it out theres a giant one you see if we can sneak up on it oh why do they all have wounds I bet that doesnt do much peril that is that what that means yeah were like ghosts a of like  __  thats a little bit more than feral thats like oh you see a dermatologist yeah yeah youre gonna need some is it throw Meissen youre gonna love these guys good they they suck but theyre hilarious okay these  __  guys theyre literally are they wheel sir litter oh I think you get up get up get up yeah thats disgusting what even is that its just a good pile of goop who knows fair enough um  __  you nice oh  __  Im gonna Estus flask oh great why didnt I rest at that bonfire I dont know person yeah actually do that and then the hook excuse awesome got there uh gave that one back come on hot soap dont mind us hot potato oh  __  okay do  __  with him okay uh this is a friendly summon yay he looks cool but Im not gonna summon him cuz I need help great next time I get grams all right ah I will show dick wait that was yeah that was a scary-looking shadow cant use my bonfire cuz I summon whats-his-face ah rage mo like to find him god damn it alright next time I gamegrumps him hell heron I ready no I dont know hes such a silly  __  here silly what thank you oh my god  __  up Aaron look  __  I waited too long for a second it was 414 on April 14th but I  __  dilly-dallied what were you like waiting for that all day no I just saw it and I was like oh my god and then I started thinking about other  __  immediately best fnaf fan games on steam Whoa there...Click to Subscribe ► out cool stuff in our store: Grump Shop ► Game Grumps are: Egoraptor ► Danny ► Game Grumps on social: Facebook ► Twitter ► steam sweet potato in microwave steam games under 50p bissell power steamer 1631 how long do you steam frozen broccoli how to speed up steam download