Dark Souls III: Pure Human Joy - PART 37 - Game Grumps

Steam games ratingsconair steam iron DARK SOULS™ III game your phone at residue thats Barrys Twitter  __  hey Im Gus Im not Zhu Goff and were the game grumps okay hey welcome back hes tyst he has a lot of sugar in it oh  __  yeah guys dude Oh tons and tons of sugar you know how like like he o NN es yes Tana is the English ton is um Im gonna know you drink a beverage with ice in it and then as the ice melts like the beverage becomes less sugary ty C doesnt have that like 20 dude Im towards the end of this thing and like all the ice is melted and its still like giving might like my teeth hurt every time I take a sip cheese man its good and I should get some Sensodyne ooh what is that since the dine is a toothpaste thats made specifically for people with sensitive teeth are you serious yeah use it everyday whoa it is like you have sensitive teeth yeah youre sensitive man so that does make sense well I got um well first of all when I was a kid I didnt take very good care of my teeth and then I got my teeth whitened when I was like 21 or 22 that gave me sensitive yeah since then Ive had a lot more sensitive teeth yeah yeah I have a sensitive scrotum so when I apply Gold Bond medicated powder to it it has to be like the with the soft the extra powdery kind well thats actually not true dont put Gold Bond medicated powder on your junk or maybe youre supposed to I dont know it will definitely tingle though like crazy you know what what that you love the feeling of Johnson & Johnson Andrew Johnson uh yes true that thats a classic line whats driven my Bren - dude thanks for taking my ash she loves it when I  __  hand her my ass yeah that umbral ash yeah dude right from your Umbra oh I got a  __  oh look Easter eggs mm soul oh yeah they totally do look like hey let me see if I actually you know what Ill just earn it Ill just come back later theres a key thatll open the tower behind this shrine that I need to go oh have a new undead Bonjour hey thats neat  __  care can I cover her up no all right layout off now hmm um what the hook of this oh yeah have I told you the story about Ray in this game ray from Star Wars rave ray from achievement hunter you get well formerly achievement owner right ray from the ocean when he was over at my house I was playing Dark Souls yeah he was watching we were just chilling theres a fun time but uh you know you know ray yeah I dam that wall god  __  it sizzle sizzle bitched poop stupid anyway might them outside of the arch yeah I dont mean McDonalds so you know he gets all his his whole thing is like you know 420 blaze it weed huh but he like doesnt smoke weed at all right um we know at all no I thought wow hes like totally clean I thought I just even drink thats really funny yeah um but uh so we were playing and we were doing that and we were like hey you know what and then I was like oh ho GOG call this game dank souls uh get it you know just really dumb and we shouldnt make anybody last sure but then the moment I said that I started invading another world and I was like oh cool Im invading somebody elses game great and then the guy the guys name who I invaded it was dank souls 420 thats  __  awesome thats like whoa no way dude I bet he crushes it at Dark Souls he I think he be me yeah hes when we hes fun yeah people who have like the free time to just smoke weed and play video games become excellent at those video yes Ella good do yeah and not everyone because I used to smoke weed and play video games and I suck balls at him but if youre if youre smoking enough and playing enough that you named your character something like that then youre probably pretty good at it like I was with the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic when I created Danny sky smoker Dannys comics that was my name yeah Wow yeah whoa okay yeah was that the same one yeah but and well no not the same one okay just species another one yeah I see really leap Oh yeah yeah hes down uh get him right in the butt Yeti oh sweet you got you caught him kay turning got him in the butt so if I open this door it literally is just a guy in there and then hell fight me the end really can open it is it worth it no oh cool is there a blue thing there that you could get from it no its just its his weapon ill  __  yo ya piece of  __  wow so these things are much easier in close quarters huh um is that why you didnt want to fight the other one cuz it was a larger room maybe alright sure to kill this guy ya know hes alive what the little they flip over when theyre dead I think he did flip over and then he just like flipped over again Robert the corpse oh poor little guy I really like them I know hes my favorite hmm I wonder who dont kick it you stupid dinging Jesus making  __  awkward for everybody was just ah I love this game yeah you  __  sure dude what uh what up you are the picture of human joy right now thats not open from this side give me a break weird break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar dont uh its not a brand deal or anything just give me a break give me a beggar like quoting an all-american today cute good ball theres a so apparently theres theres like a giant KitKat called big cat is there yeah I didnt know that and I love that people have been tweeting at me yeah of course they heres your favorite candy bar and Im like I do like it Kens yeah its a Ive had a couple fans ask me in person like why I dont call you that more often and Im like I dont know I guess people are really into it I like yeah but its its only its only for special occasions yeah I did only comes out when Im worried about it usually they think yeah if I hated cats and then every time that youre worried about me you say it yeah and it just drop it sends you over the cliff into  __  pure rage so oneís on yeah oh my god you should play dark souls with do we find him hes playing something else Oh goddammit Oni Oh selfish  __  he so thats a fake box is it really yeah just so you do you want to destroy it I dont want to  __  fight that thing oh  __  actually I think this one gives you a nested shard oh when was the last time you saved a mite or when was last bonfire you hit its not if you only have 3000 Souls Ill just do it Ill take it get the  __  out of there see you see you see ya dont wanna be uh take him out while you have the higher ground not dude hell  __  just eat me oh ok oh yeah hums hes mad oh wait is he not in round wow mhm how far away do you have to be to hit him with the fire oh its better if I just attack him right okay hell start chasing here bit yeah gross and so uh dont mind me that doesnt count this Jim this would be better sure oh yeah its way better dont  __  kick you dumbass ah ha ha ha everything cool Im just running away from my biggest fear in the world yeah god that thing is very upsetting woah dont  __  giggle let me do dont wanna giggle at me did he can you get through that hes coming hes coming he still falling out I dont know I dont think he can fit through that thing whose big-ass head cant fit through the door a silly little  __  huh Im just imagining Im hitting it twice head-on and then like turning sideways and like get in his treasure chest head through that opening oh man hes right oh boy but I could mm-hmm just make sure you get a nice solid swing on the first one alright sure there you go sure boy goodbye my friend goodbye until tomorrow goodbye yeah I dont know no  __  I cant get in okay in there huh oh jesus oh jesus oh jesus no oh now this is a dead end oh oh  __  me Oh Oh God you everythings cool everythings oh these are the bows you like break the pot like started like tiptoe ah Oh JA okay things are its okay its okay dont worry about me oh he didnt wake up goddamn I can take him I could take him to uh-huh yeah yeah yeah  __  Estes shard baby whoo awesome  __  hate that guy what a  __  what was his death rattle like a like the sound of a treasure chest opening like urn no no hes like hes got like a creepy like giggly voice hes like hmm so many dice is like ah sweet Oh Oh help friends hello friend or foe how about you Im gonna go ahead and uh traveling group of friends new friends for me too ow whoa what hate you somebodys a bow and arrow oh oh  __  well yo I want that butchers knife ya want that knife its really good weapon want that cake do that kick uh yeah thats what you need it Ill kill these guys and then well wow theres a lot of them well next time Ill gg okay well whoa ha ha take that look out huh Oh take that to that can if it uh well watch out for crossbow guys crossbow Jimmy over there nice bow Jimmy Danah now Jesus they keep coming oh come on Wow cross road Jimmy dont give a  __  prospero Jimmy is my friend friend new friends dude now you can double swing like that Oh  __  bad Oh crossbow Jimmy crossbow Jimmy sorry buddy off took my nuts off  __  you crossbow Jimmy is that a new move were you not able to swing your sword back and forth like that no Ive been doing it this whole time have you sorry Im pretty checked out for the last three weeks thats cool awesome next time on game grumps barrels very girls barrels and more barrel bales and boxes barrels and boxes barrels and boxes just imagining this we must have made this joke of blood board where you going into like a Crate & Barrel and just being like yes sir could you uh leave you immediately just start rolling a room yeah make me free steam game offers Biggest fear has been realized!Click to Subscribe ► Grumps are: Egoraptor ► Danny ► Game Grumps on social: Facebook ► Twitter ► game dev tycoon steam steam game current players steaming is good for face steam in bag broccoli how to move a game from hdd to ssd steam