Dark Souls 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - ENGLISH FULL GAME!! 2+ HOURS (PC 60fps 1080p)

How to connect steam to oculus quest 2how to force update a game on steam DARK SOULS™ III game what is going on guys and girls its ghostrobo and welcome to Dark Souls 3 we have had epic adventures with Dark Souls 1 we have had incredible victories with Dark Souls 2 and now we bring it all together for the conclusion of this trilogy I hope it is the best one yet and I cannot wait to begin with all of you if youre pumped and want to see more to smash that like button let me know in the comments down below everybody that likes and comments will be entered to win a copy of the game Ill give it away when the game releases in a couple weeks weve got super early access but this is the full game Im playing here in my office on PC so the prettiest graphics you can get will be in this series and we will do it right with a huge first part I love you guys so much I love you girls so much I love you all so much that an extra long part one is the way to go for this Dark Souls series so hopefully you guys enjoy it thank you so much for all your support throughout the years Dark Souls 1 was one of my favorite walkthroughs of all time it was the biggest on YouTube and had quite the crazy rollercoaster of a track record as we made our way towards the conclusion of that one hopefully we have new stories here also in the comments below if you want to guess how many times Music yes indeed it is called loitering where the transitory lands of the lords of cinder converge in venturing north the pilgrims discover the truth of the old words Music and the Lords go without through Music Bell Tolls Music raise Music of the deep Music and they reduce their blow Applause only in truth the Lords will abandon their truths and the unkilled Music nameless accursed undead unfit heaven to be cinder we do the - seeketh embers and just like that we are ready to go character creation time to do some face shopping and swapping my guys name will be ghost Reedy actually thats incorrect ghostrobo is how we go alright so male young class though I dont think I want to be a knight I was a knight in the preview when I got to play the game back in February but I think this time Im gonna mix it up theres a bunch of cool classes here um and you know Knight is the most basic but I feel like a mercenary is where I want to be Harold this kind of interesting thief an assassin look pretty cool Im not one for the sorcery the pyromancy the cleric the deprived yeah lets not be naked so I think Mark is how Im gonna go I like the outfit that the mercenary has I like the stats were only level eight weve got a nice shield a sweet savor so thats how well rock but gifts this time are mostly consumables I dont think theres anything too special yeah divine blessings hidden blessings black fire bomb fire gems sovereign las soul rusted gold coin the rest of gold coin is interesting because it increases your item encounter rate early on for a short time I think which is nice cracked red eye orb I dont really need to deal with that PvP stuff right now the young white branch is apparently an invisibility item that can only be used once not sure what that exactly means so I think Ill rock the the life ring just for some extra HP Im not sure if there is a secret gift here like there has been in the past but no one else has the game so life ring it is thats how I begin Im cool with the way my guy looks for the most part I think Ill just change up his uh his build a little bit I should be super skinny if I wanted to really represent me but slim is fine I dont want to break in half when they they punch us my agent voice are currently young thats great so what I mainly want to change is the you can you can deal with I guess skin color oh my gosh too many too many menus too many colors for whatever reason on the character Korea theres a little bit of slowdown but its not in games you got nothing to worry about um all right lets move back to face detail here Im gonna see if I do have the keyboard maybe itll be faster my implant on the next bucks one controller thats all the prompts are so it kind of made sense to do things that way and lets go into face detail and see if we can fix our hair I kind of want to rock this like faux hawk things thats the most like me but at the same time this like hi Hachi receding hairline thing is ridiculous and also the mushroom cut is like a full-on freaking huge mushroom this time look at this thats just too much all right Im just gonna go the faux hawk thats fine and then for a hair color make it something like mine which is in sort of this light brown range um Im gonna give a little bit of beard action here you know we got to represent hunter Jesus this isnt blood-borne but I feel like we need to reclaim that position so well go there looking good okay tattoos its not as its nice to have a tattoo my names not mark but tattoos are cool occasionally its freakin slow down here Im like I said its all good in the game so well give my guy how about a nice horse you dont really see your character that much so if I make him look goofy its okay yeah lets give him this like Phoenix right in the center of his head so every time that he dies he remembers that Ill be reborn and like everythings cool and okay alright keep that writing her forehead well make it that looks red I guess its fine he was brown but it looks red and Im slow blink for a fact okay now the interesting thing is you have these face presets which are hilarious let me just show you for a second before we load into the game phase free sets are where you want to be if you want oh look at this who is this what is this guy student of the dragon that guy cant even wake up the Katarina merrymaker has been dumped in a vat of tomato juice the serpentine traveler just got out of a snake charmers pot the Great Swamp outcasts cant even see I dont even know what the rest of the guys do but Im ok with my guy so well finalize creation get into the game starting as the mercenary and ready to tame the world take me to the glory zone why is the framerate freaking Music here we are rising our watery grave my clothes stink thats okay sometimes its good to smell bad were at the cemetery of Ash looking nice here on the PC looking good looking good in the neighborhood remember slow down is common in Dark Souls games so its not my computer or anything it should be good our guy looks nice they look at that strike got a lot of finesse kind of like a master of the Arts probably a painter or something and his old day we got regular attacks this is the tutorial area of the game kind of an unceremonious start but Dark Souls is known for that that strong attack is sexy hes got that spin move okay this guys like hey ho how do you do I like you and you like me good night to you Ive got to pee Im sure my guy has hes been sleeping in water thats like the best way to activate your bladder moving - is nice you can hold b2 - and get some items back here the world looks great its a gorgeous game some souls to start off my wooden shield not the best but it will help out and challenge us to be the very best Ash Ketchum style and hopefully conquer this world look at that spin move thats nice its just nice ashen Estus flask and that will help us with our arts meter we can guard you can get crits there is that backstab you love nothing that way rub-a-dub-dub these guys are gonna go in the death tub which is the place that I send them after they perish back here weve got a turn back message and this leads to a spooky early-game encounter that I think is like something you come back for later cuz theres like an ice creaking back there all hail Mothra or whatever you okay ice spiders stayed in the basement I dont need you or want you or love you no more okay hes not coming thats good news back to the water where I came from all right more skeletors on the other side so Im trying to finish this off fast so good to be playing this in my home like it was fun to play its pretty event but theres nothing quite like sitting down late at night with a souls game and thats what Im doing tonight with you guys taking a real damage sorry about that I know I should be perfect whoa that was a nice move okay lets the kick is like the hardest thing for me to do Im really bad at it I guess thats his kick its very weird looking hes pretty fast parry thats parry and thats repulsed alright no time for more practice here were ready to go you see weve got dual blades which is interesting I mean we can I think we can do a wheel lets see yes I can and now Im like the spinning scimitar of satanic silliness and well just oh look at that yeah were glorious kind of like this view look at that baby Dark Souls mercenary ghost hunter Jesus lets make a toast Im gonna die youre gonna cry and hopefully together we will fly thats a poem by my girlfriend Becca she wrote it when she was 12 alright here we are at the bonfire back in the wakes its scary but well light it achievement Ivan kindled this beauty what does this thing say rested bonfire restore HP okay this guys coming to see us hello Master of Ceremonies Wow youre a to hit goob Schreiber all right Im gonna stay with the sword shield because thats what Id like to do I like to keep things with that one-two punch and not let anybody stand in our way okay what the heck man hello thats interesting its got two strikes his strong attack you can charge that up if you want for maximum stamina suckage lets head up this way and see whats going on you can jump while dashing bombs away okay I thought it was cool oh they want me to jump up there I thought it was cool ah they listed all the different Lords that one guy with the giant worm for so his name is ridiculous second of all hes humongous third of all he has no face hows he gonna ever get a girlfriend all right a first boss battle is what Im waiting for thats what Im most excited for lets see if we can jumping at that last item the game is running and looking glorious comes on Japan today actually which is interesting and I think thats part of the reason why we got such early access why cant I make that jump now well try one more time but it doesnt come out in the US and everywhere else I think until April 12th so thats when Ill give away the copy of the game so you got some time to enter youll be way far along before then No how the heck am I gonna make this jump I guess we can just run off the edge there there we go I made it and I got a titanite shards that was worth the jump all right my guy from Agra is ready to go okay so Estus flasks only got three about to say hello to this dude nice nice nice little area here they could do like a play Lion King and be Gumby again with the the nice mountain side views alright jump remove the sword okay ooh hes got that gooey juice on his body doesnt smell very nice high huh oh man okay I you thick-skulled er okay wow that hurt didnt mean for that to happen chug some Estes he still does damaged through my blocks which tennis stinks Im not a fan of that dont appreciate all right its like a sad soul you know my which shield is not very nice oh wow okay hmm this is a harder fight than it was with the night let me tell you that whoo-hoo okay good Dodger good dodge my buddy oh oh oh oh god hes turning real gross thats not cool that oh wow you got a snake okay okay oh wow I dont know why I was drinking there I should have been focused dude okay hes almost dead hit him kill him okay okay hes getting silly hes getting silly on me hes getting silly come on iogics nope nope Oh goodnight your big roast creature in my hands are sweating its only the first 17 minutes goodness gracious Oh achievement unlocked amber restored achievement unlocked scared of everything after that one bonfire lit its a beautiful day we beat the first boss on the first try and I didnt Barriss myself after completing Dark Souls wanted to even though that was years ago I feel like I should at least finish the first fight victorious and we did just that so away we go did you know they take a drink of victory water and by Victor water I mean actual water did you know this game is Firelink shrine yes it does bringing back vibes of demon souls from long long ago back when people were like how do you play these games at least thats what I said I was like I dont even know whats going on out woah hallelu hallelu two of you okay there we go good night sleep tight dont let the bedbugs bite homeward bone that helps me get home Im already home though my cape is really cool I would just be the best person ever with this cape alright I need it in real life can we find this cape for me lots of early items to see theres anything over here and nope thats just a drop zone where you take your unwanted things and leave them rot what up dudes hello hello okay we got it we got it we got it we got a live one here boys everyone says goodnight fading soul I got lots of souls here to start off which is good its always good to grab some extra stuff when you start and just make sure you pillage all that you possibly can as we work our way to the big top circus Firelink shrine baby the Lords of cinder okay whoa theres a theres a person on that one a tiny person do you see that tiny person sitting on that throne thats freaking me out right there theres a little boy hello little boy or maybe its an old ghost I dont even know welcome to the bonfire and kindled one I attend to the flame and tend to be the Lords have left their Thrones and must be delivered to them to this end I am at thy side alright thanks you are a great fire keeper the darkness within that is inappropriate I dont want to touch your freaking soul furnace Souls inner darkness but okay if you insist vigor and HP attunement and FP stamina and vitality and all that jazz what I guess dexterity is probably one of them but-- but let me quickly let my quickly just check all my stats and stuff oh my god the equipment side of things these cells wort windmill aids theyve got see on the dexterity what I like to do is you can click this button and then youre like hey I can explain everything so go in here Im like oh dexterity it sassy dexterity scale which is nice who is that person over there Im gonna cash in the souls I have real quick solo deserted corpse BAM and I am oh cool you can use two at a time thats good all right there we go so that puts us at 3758 produce the coiled sword at the bonfire okay Ill put that thing down kibosh will guide me to the land of the Lords all right - loitering where the homes of the Lords converge all right well go to la threat if thats what you want but first let me grab some some points here Im gonna put something in endurance and something in vigor and something in dexterity - in dexterity so were strong and vigorous and awesome and good to go all right were level 12 now and everything is beautiful 12 12 10 10 18 and 10 all right thank you my fair maiden lets drop this sword in the middle here oh my god feel like a prince bonfire lit and the magic has returned and well head to Lothrop but first we got to go talk to the little boy up there eventually apparently were gonna put all those lords in their place and sit them at their Thrones shell be kind of fun for now like hello time to see oh my god you dont have legs this guy won the day and ended up a half-dead bone sack five Lords as kindling for the linking of the fire the fast-fading flame must be licked to preserve this world a reenactment of the first thinking of the fire so it is i became a lord of cinder I may be but Music got a lot of work to do before you turn into a colossus mr. rest your chin on your hands okay hes just gonna say the same thing so basically he he killed all the the dudes and then it took a heavy toll on his body he became a lord of cinder and dinna didnt work out so well for our fair friend now this guy back here is a better person so is this woman weapons armor trinkets hands bells I have lots of little things to ease the burden of a weary traveler and yes Im undead too but not so charitable as to give my goods away I shall fetch them to me as as I want Music basically what shes trying to say shes the creepy shopkeeper thats thats the extent that key the dilapidated Tower buying the shrine 20,000 souls I aint got time for that alright big old blacksmith well a new co my god its terrifying look at that face as a humble sweet forging weapons youre in search of the Lords of cinder I trust a toilsome journey are you ager youll require good arms let me Smith your weapons I am a Smith such as my purpose this guy straight out of the Pirates the Caribbean with that face a lot the SS Im gonna throw them all into that forum because I dont really mess with arts at least not early on here yet can infuse weapons different gems I aint got any of them I could reinforce my weapon got the sharp wares to shards so none of this even anything to do he doesnt have any shop keeping that shield not so hot be careful so well figure out a new shield somewhere along our journey but I guess not from him another dude here at the shrine to speak to roused from the sleep of death well youre not alone we unkilled are worthless dont even die right gives me conniptions and itd have us seek the lords of cinder and return them to their golden Thrones Music legends with the middle to make the fire they fixed their booze thanks for the collapse its not really a cool way to go but I guess if you believe it so turn to flag no I dont think things are as hopeless as you think anything else a joke asking us to seek the Lords of cinder and return them to their moulding friends were talking true legends those who would we dont fit to look that boots gosh what a negative Nancy Im gonna go prove you wrong bucko all right theres a few things before we travel out of here I want to quickly exit the shrine and theres some more things that we can grab Im gonna rest at this bonfire first though you should replenish my ass dust and stuff and activate this youll see that here we can travel to the high wall of lothric which is where our journey really begins the different bonfires there can always try back to Firelink shrine from any menu but thats where we want to go and Im guessing itll be a lot like Dark Souls 2 in terms of how the the traveling menus work but I want to head back outside real quick because there are some items and things up these side pathways I thought would be worth a worth looking towards before we leave this is symmetric Oh golly golly great that was not nice holy cow chills aplenty chills galore well we got an ember so it was worth it and thats what we use to restore I dont know if it does all your H beers a humongous chunk of HP and then it also gives you back that cinder or ember or whatever you want to call it status that I currently have now there is a punk up here youll see in a second after we waste these please pillage their corpse the few little souls another ember good again worthwhile to run around these halls and grab what is there this is a further half another homeward bone things that we can either use or sell or dump or just have for the heck of it anyhow on the other side there is a creature worth writing home about someone I hate and you will too this guardian of the tower up here is a pathetic horrible person okay takes a ton of damage deals a ton of damage and kills you in like two bits so like obviously not the person we want to mess with and induces bleeding also has like a weird Jedi braid so clearly not someone that we should get confused about battling but just wanted to show you thats how it goes now I am NOT amber fight anymore which is the risk you take when you fight someone like that but hey well be okay well head to lothric and begin our quests in actuality here beautiful graphics no load times swords and sights agree just two nights in our brave new world I have those two extra members so well use them when I need to hello hi wall hello creepy skeleton trees hello things right and terrifying how did these people grow it from trees they like their legs turn into its just gross all right like that bonfire give us a starting space all right lets head left down and this path here what will we see a bunch of people worshipping a tree oh god we activated the mast is everyones pissed all right Kat a member might my shield is like horrible for damage leakage so Johnny just take that into account everyone we face good night worshippers nope nope do not call your followers not everyone needs to be angered and upset and they are sound like a dog youre not a dog not even the Frog whoa okay whoa whoa there we go a nice little spin move to silence that crowd more broken swords just what I mean how about a non broken shield deserted souls and dead workers I feel bad killing innocents nice game but they can still spawn an item so its a price to pay for being in my path had a little dragon but youre dead I hope youre very dead not to be woken I guess look at this guys body hes so skinny so naked all right so everybody there has been vanquished more or prefers the dragons but quitting this guy whos freaking out no--dont leghul it sayonara somebodys up there guess what Papa flies alright youre trying to ambush me not gonna let it count what do we got binoculars theyre long and distance looking get a good look at that nice castle I bet thats where we finished the game top that bridge in there just always seems to work that way a lot of times your starting zone is where you and its like was progress even made yes and this dear dragon Im here covered okay sleep tight good night oh lets take your path hello items ooh two gold pine resin thats good I guess well just continue in here yeah this is just a down path from there dudes chillin okay I definitely blocked all right titanite shards its good to grab some fire bombs this guy is just chilling be really aggressive early on its not gonna cut it later but for now its okay rubble I think guys pissed off of the big axe all right well head down below two flasks most of our HP and some embers were doing good so far sounds like someones sleeping down here hello more Souls it was down here oh okay got a Spearman and the castle gotta remember to circle straight to the right on left hand so I was go left but you really want to go the other way Wow whoa yeah burning through my shield is not the way to go I need a new shield so freakin bad oh wow okay your bed and theres a guy flinging philemon swords whole bunch of dudes good night sleep tight dont let the chicken shawarma bite all right and fire and more whats up here okay I guess the guy wasnt dead hello dragon what are you doing oh my god youre in the souls of everyone sayonara suckers that guy wasnt really dead he was a trickster faking us out what a jerk are you doing wiggle worm dragon okay all right Im gonna go Im gonna go you burnt all my friends you burnt all my foes and now its time for me to go I made it I think were safe Ill owe you a big bomb thats a big wing Applause Music dont like that I knew you werent dead because away oh hello the knights of the round have come to town hes going down the stairs can I get in here doesnt that open from this side okay desert trousers soles Im going to Im going to equip I got the life ring Im gonna equip my Ember as I can oh god no if I can use that as a as a flask it me being oh we got the back step on this dude how you like me now brown cow goodnight you filthy filthy filthy dang dude Im alive somehow how am I live all my life nope Applause goodness gracious sakes alive you died huh I thought I was dead the first time thats why I had no preparation for the second my bad well alright at least we know its a quick path back and we dont have to mess around with too much Ive got my embers Ill keep my flowers ready there shouldnt be a whole lot of items here his head split down take this guy out hey probably is gonna be the ember as long as I can sum up I use a little HP down here its okay I just want to make sure I get my souls back I guess thats the most critical it wasnt a lot but in this early game you really dont want to lose any I hate to drop I think I had about a thousand again like I said I dont really want to drop all right cool button down good stuff Ill probably if I get back to that spot probably just ember up so that Ive got much more HP a little more lifeblood to go off of the Dragon is here so hes awake and you should fire out killed everybody except for experiment lets get you gotta move Applause okay hes dead alright breathe your flames filthy dragon looks like something out of a whats that movie that has like the Skeksis the Dark Crystal thats when he reminds me of Dark Crystal dragon getting all gray crayon me not appreciated okay first of all my grandma Souls it was quite a bit come on baby oh god this is not good holy cow holy cow probably should not have walked into this pit of pain okay lets get out of here I could run them back into the dragon flames as dangerous as that may be we got this assassin monkey here take him out quick now friend of lothric here all right I will take this guy down Music all right youre dead harder fight than it should have been but we got the Lawford knights sword guess he know better thats so scary to hear that dragging in the background well well take this guy out real quick all right thank you much we go beautiful all the sole gain and were ready to level up pretty soon here this guys just chillin like a villain all right okay we could head down the stairs you can walk the plank firebomb we got like five of those now two gold pine resin any other items hide whats over here another new bonfire beautiful okay cool perfect see you loose next bonfire thats all we wanted to do really Im gonna rest at it that way we get four flasks plus my emmerman or however you want to call it more titanite shards so we can do some serious weapon upgrading although I just dont know if I want to eat used at this point okay so weve built an advantage now we start over here Im gonna change up my equipment load them and remove this add in the fire bombs for now okay so I think there is the assassin and I mean here yeah there he is okay weve had daggers nice still hate how I take up little bit of Daniel kind of very annoying alright another one down here look at the stun on him Applause Applause you Applause Ashin one shoe Music Music Music Music ashin one wish passion one that is what knee Friday week welcome very well then Agnes farewell ashen one Applause Applause Applause Music Music you you ah it wasnt he but hey hey be careful ashin one Applause you Music welcome very well then taken up a well ashen one ah Ashin one be short Music Applause Applause Music Music you Applause Music Applause you welcome must be very well then to ignore it well I should one Music Music Applause Applause Music Applause Music Music Music Applause ah the weight has been long and kindled one I am Emma High Priestess of lothric castle allow me to speak frankly you will not find the Lords of cinder here they have left gone to their journey homes converging at the base of this castle head to the bottom of the high wall for Jon through the great gate and raised this banner to proceed this farewell gift is for you it is the insignia of an Old Covenant if you fear trespassers dark spirits drawn by the embassy then edge this upon your heart and the old Concorde beckoned noble blue sentinels to hump these foul spirits Applause Applause you you well very what they take farewell ashen one man did what needs but hey be careful Music Music Music Applause Applause Music Applause my Oh Oh then its true a champion of ash as I live and breathe to be in your presence is a great honor I am Yeol of Londo a pilgrim as you can see only somehow I failed to die as was ordained well perhaps my calling lies elsewhere say champion of ash how does the idea of taking me into your service strike you I was once a sorcerer surely I can be of use oh I am honored truly I should be dead yet you have granted me purpose and new I yo love Lord or do solemnly swear myself to you you Oh our champion of ash welcome home this pilgrim was a debt in debt hardly deserves to behold this divine flame and I never would have had you not taken me into your service by thank you dearly for this and assure you of my servants then shall we begin bearer of the dog sign let your true strength and fine Music as I have said I was once a sorcerer alas the magic of Londo is a far cry from the wonders of in Im but I can teach you what I know perhaps more importantly I believe that I can help tease out your true strengths we pilgrims of Londo are keenly aware but those branded by the dark sign possess something quite special be safe Music Applause Applause Applause Applause Applause you Music welcomes very well then Music well I shall one Music ashen one be sure Music how add game to steam Dark Souls 3 Gameplay Part 1 - Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough Part 1 - Dark Souls III Gameplay FULL GAME ENGLISH VERSION 60FPS PC!! - Dark Souls 3 PC Gameplay, Boss, Character Creation, Classes, Intro, Firelink Shrine, Leveling Up, and more!! This is the FULL GAME of Dark Souls 3, and Im bringing you an exclusive early series!! Hit the Like button if you want to see more!!FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: Dont forget to leave a Like and Favorite if you enjoyed this video!! It really helps :) #GhostRoboArmy for life!! Dark Souls III is an action role-playing game set in a third-person perspective, similar to previous games in the series. According to director Hidetaka Miyazaki, the games gameplay design follows closely from Dark Souls II. Players are equipped with a variety of weapons including shortbows, explosives like fire bombs, greatswords and dual-wielding swords to fight against enemies, and shields that can be used to deflect an enemies attack and protect the player from suffering damage. In addition, attacks can be evaded through dodge-rolling. Bonfires, which serve as checkpoints, return from previous installments. Ashes, according to Miyazaki, will play an important role in the game. Magic is featured in the game and the magic meter returned, similar to Demons Souls. Each attack has two different styles. One of them is standard attack, while another provides power-ups to players, and is slightly more powerful. When performing miracles and spells, the players magic points are consumed and decreased. In order to refill these points, they need to consume an Ash Estus Flask. There are two different Estus Flasks in the game. One of them can help refill magic points, while another refills hit points. Combat and movements were made faster and more fluid in Dark Souls III. Several players movements, such as backstepping and swinging heavy weapons, can be performed more rapidly, allowing players to deal more damage in a short period of time. Throughout the game, players encounter different types of enemies, each with different behaviors. Some of them change their combat pattern during battles. New combat features are introduced in Dark Souls III, including Ready Stance, which are special abilities for players that allow them to deal much more damage to enemies than ordinary attacks are capable of. Small gravestones are introduced. These gravestones light up when interacted with and not only serve as players torches, but also provide additional lore to the game. The game puts more focus on role-playing, in which the character builder is expanded and weapons are improved to provide more tactical options to players. The game features fewer maps than its predecessor Dark Souls II, but levels were interconnected and were made larger, which encourages exploration. The agility stat from Dark Souls II was removed from Dark Souls III. The game features multiplayer elements, like the previous games in the series. old bay steamer menu twitter free steam games uplay games on steam steam deck best online games steam game 2d