Dark Souls 3 - LORIAN, PRÍNCIPE MAIS VELHO ( 16º Boss ) Estratégia e Gameplay PT-BR

Steam deck stuck on shutting down steamsteam free games christmas DARK SOULS™ III gameplay Hey guys beauty who says it s max with you and guys its next were here again with dax or the 3 and this time to kill our sixteenth boss thats right there at the top of this staircase and guys theres a bunch of __ bugs in the ahead I think Im going to take a lot of beating there but heres the thing I wanted to invite you Im doing it here on the channel also the anti-answer series 4 the game is very cool the series is very cool and I invite you to accompany this series is that with me I will also leave the link in the description and go away guys I will do the following I will send a Brazilian here soon I will send a Brazilian I think Im not sure Im going to take a beating on the way Ive already arrived at the top I saw that theres a lot of animals and theres a door there that I have to open so I m going to try to go straight through if goal I have one of the creatures look there are already some bastards hiding there that I saw look at nec madrid look what a naughty girl lets go there the sun is passing what worries me are these guys that are up there now these here however they will pass ran here look at the americas this guy here look he said no that that i didnt see if they didnt see any up that dont pierce go try to open the door run run run run free time is not the left affection I think it will give crucible April strength with your doll you will see that this I dont think there is an attack the new week attacking it ran ran to be crazy waterfall Im going having to start already using a pot of ice cream someone chasing me here no damn like being respected before if i knew i would have made the introduction akman thats crazy come on i think that here at the front in everything indicates that its here at the front come on it looks like an arena really man I m not prepared for this my god the cast that this bro that this malanje the s a eka and that this must appeal little my god I wanted glory tacaruna is already here by my side I feel in the old slat calm down then they saw a little arrival calm down and put a tape no I dont take it Im not a scam I spent a couple of days without throwing the animal on its knees man lets see that the attack patterns come out man very man trying to kill and also the people good welcome and your welcome from the boys will happen here this time Im using that was a ring that helps in restoring my histamine come out dammit Im already going to have to not use the trot the ball and the danger of not using it and taking sai sai get out here come come come here but Im going to have to use the accused theres a way damn damn ah dude so the __ dry old ones that __ dry 59 being monogamous and now Ive become chan appellation the bargain damn crazy is also losing a lot of life he no no man holy __ website know there wasnt too much appeal it was image appeal guys im here again in front of bosch bichos door too much appeal i managed to get more or less the standards of and attack lets try one more time he stays tele so its hell calm down Im going to start leaving on the other one I already started taking the wrong way you look look guys look at that the pellet from a little __ hit the hood radio hit hit another little __ that so they got a good sequence but lets try to get a space that what is it man what is it look at this beating that gave him two hits just one face its difficult because he would take a lot of beatings that gives now a beauty a beauty one and hit he saw he didnt have time now I said here thats what thats what I know that __ the chair arrested me dude go __ yourself accessing the site named that the __ is the rest the problem is that he s a door then its no use moving away it becomes good and that breaks the whole chair that left the way clear for me that that the kid that is that disappeared the inspector took a bomb hit hit hit took another hit could nt hit the now i hit wisco also manages to hold back a little bit despite losing blood also with the shield could take more through the arena house they work here near pilasters look at her the poor people hit hit fell on the ass hit look hit now appealing and hit appealing now I want to see you here here here here look man who appeal no man no man I dont know youre the man there are times that dont work its time that doesnt work that only time access my time is so fast before he would have carry this one more roll or one more come out rolled both of us waves a __ that gave birth to one p I killed it I killed it damn old the animals are going to be la mano de that in exchange for getting involved in the throat dry hand sweating what do you mean evaluate the offer take take take they the sister prefer in the cell konstantinou there what do you mean get up bro no no no no wont do that i dont believe hes going to do that bro ca nt no cant cant its been asking too much only scene will end r is going to die there lets see lets see lets take it easy theres still hope no he wont come back he wont come back he came back he came back stage double hp in 2h animal features __ him calm down and lets try to keep the pattern here come out damn old now that I do that I do a year where thats it man he already took my life you know that that only moves the quick return to life crazy life now is taking it off his back man who is that what Im looking for is this not that in the course yeah man i never had time to do anything about it its fast and good size calm calm calm the founders beat there but one more good soul went up climb the red skull chair chain on him caravaggio __ its one more ax still moves a lot slow heavy crazy jo hit the acer saw man you saw what he did he ran he didnt have a beating go __ himself I deviated take the hp is losing the 22 a little more than the other one likes there no me 3333 appealed for calm and where does he go where does he go go wherever you go for free I dont want to stay like that nothing about you man shirts the entrance to the mine okay get out of there 30 chair and kick with the noise dont want to stay away from that animal not even here I dont want to stay in a corner scenario because the singing on the stage is __ dont run knock dodge knock swerve beat calm down calm people calm down for the love of god and knocked for you to make you believe and talita there calm calm divert said oh we no no no theres a __ queue stop real quick real quick well lets go jo hit no __ work but not the thing really an old west where the prison is please please dont get arrested no please __ caught fan asked if the guy asked if his exs wife quick damn calm guys go keep going keep something its something go take take maybe thats what happened to Im already scared dont hesitate to live the guy no son of a __ no thats it bro calm calm calm calm calm the soul unlocked the mir the look just saw it come out guy comes the half favorite and half look this look this look this old man to porto take that everything stone by stone is __ snow is to leave stolen when and if there is a trot that makes seven is in the sights of the state elapses the zunzunzum restores everything goes __ wrong baby wrong baby __ __ jew only has that debt to kill he went Im going to hit one in the kill calm calm calm calm on the spot I ordered to hit another __ who gave birth is worth it here and I know there are people still __ thats it I killed __ what the __ I sent it __ what the hell sorry there guys sorry sorry __ i equip the item and old rat wrong team i think i had to pay the ipi back the gestures our last blood our last chance old man you have no idea im sweating human who to say that you dont know if you can risk it like that, __ rambo check huge subject conclusion dont even say it like that I kill it was easy imax the bush easy to kill do the __ thing animal is __ kills easy its the __ the bug is __ up in mexico this imax killed me i got beat up but in two minutes marco antônio fights your ass in the lie guys lie there are some guys are very pro but an animal is hard as hell at least the dream of the south ana wants you you have no idea I dont know you have no idea Im feeling sick here but we managed to kill our sixteenth bosch dollar day that only a little stain understand how oakleys offenses that have already been rolled down stairs full of things would grab tried to divert used it to look extinct until the beating Im going to focus on garlic it was because of the __ to the house of the deck see it here but a bloodstain and shaved hair othon rolled the to 10 and his sister that goes this and this charm the best is better that that was a step One more passed away for us to finish the guys likes to see the stain I also love to see the guys getting screwed likes to see me and me screwed I also like to see the others fernando otto that the kid here died d and a heart attack in which madness calls waiting for everyone here go unhappy lets see the ice I went I look at what I wanted and went to make waves look at the money will make waves with boys if the balcony funnel is just making waves comes to public more Just an apology there guys look at that outside look what the hell he arrived and said like hes coming in now look how he entered already putting me in the sword he left good to see only end customers to our video called look thats crazy guys this game is insane thats it I hope youre enjoying the series I hope you enjoyed the video as I said Im doing a series during the afternoon here on the channel also check it out Ill leave peniche here thank you very much for watching dont forget to leave the your eating for the guys said your fan please that this one deserves a like until next time thanks can i play steam games on switch SÉRIE DE UNCHARTED 4: Informações sobre o Boss: ◆Localização: Grande Biblioteca / ◆Fraquezas: Lightning e Frost (Lorian) Slash /Thrust (Lothric) ◆Drop: Cinzas de um Lorde / Alma dos Príncipes Gêmeos 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