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How to access steam replay 2022asmr steam ironing DARK SOULS™ III gameplay Dark Souls Arc Thrones I dont know if this is anything interesting or not but uh we will take a look at it this came out seven hours ago it always has already has 40 000 views okay this is Dark Souls 3. yeah it is okay cool let me move it up so you guys can see the uh the flasks and everything too so this is a completely new area that these guys have built for Dark Souls yeah this is a mod man Im pretty sure its built off of Dark Souls 3. Ill know once I see some boss fights yeah this is Dark Souls 3 Im pretty sure uh because you can tell this flooring here is used in I think lothric Castle and so are the chandeliers and oh yeah thats 100 Dark Souls Dark Souls 3. yeah those are the knights that you fight on the way up to uh uh  __  vort and um a dancer so yeah this is the Dark Souls 3 mod the assets yeah thats correct okay well now were going to see the boss this doesnt seem particularly difficult but not that it has to be oh wow holy  __  this is totally new holy  __  yeah this is like the Demon Souls uh this is the demon soul start thats pretty fast too new model yeah its a new model obviously like this ones a lot faster than the Vanguard and Demon Souls there it is and so what happens if you get killed by him thats a good amount of damage I think he died on purpose obviously to show like what happens so this should probably spawn you somewhere else oh what the  __  its a cinematic oh my God this is really  __  impressive man is this where you pick out your weapon thats what the implication is well see if he has a new weapon here okay a great many Souls Im gonna be honest this is ridiculously  __  impressive holy  __  this is insane man this is a mod oh my God the arch throws require a great many Souls bro were gonna play this on release at the bonfire this is incredible to other worlds okay this is a demon souls mechanic just left the item there makes me so mad hights Tower ruins of blue yep Heights this is  __  insane holy  __   __  this is like heights Tower from Dark Souls 2. this is one of the coolest is there is the dragon there oh my God theres a bonfire trippy right there well those are the high Knights theres a good chance the knights might not be ready yet wait a second oh never mind foreign bar is used as a uh as a deflection bar in this like theyre theyre co-opting the Poise bar for these NPCs and then using that as almost like a shield I think but I dont know Im curious to see how these Knights are oh this is this is where the um uh the Poke boy is okay is this Gail Im not sure its based off of his model no maybe not of course no okay Crow ninja Maybe a backstab almost you see right here normally theres a boss this is interesting theres actually no boss at all so no its not like the Parry Barn I actually think they have so these mobs can actually block you because like originally I thought its like oh they just had like basically invincibility hits for Poise but no they can actually block your attacks holy  __  it is just like sakuro yeah okay oh my God this is insane look at this and this is all new oh my God foreign yes it is yes yep thats owl what the  __  this is incredible this shits hard too foreign what is this so owl is a boss in sakiro and the reason why people are saying its him is because this is effectively his moveset obviously the model is totally different its the Ludwig floor it could be reminds me of that holy  __  this is amazing this boss is  __  hard too bro I cannot wait to play this this is incredible foreign holy  __  so like these are completely new assets and I think this is whats really impressive about this is that in a lot of the Dark Souls mods like you maybe have like one or two new NPCs and its not like every single NPC in here is is unique right because obviously we saw like the lothric knights for example but this does seem to be like completely transformative like I would say this is probably even more transformative than any of the other previous Dark Souls mods that I played oh  __  okay looks fairly legit yeah what in the  __  phase two yeah I didnt expect this at all holy  __  yeah this guys no joke the white stuff if its the same as in sakiro it prevents you from healing and then you die okay so what happens if yeah what happens if you go to another one all the way at the top okay thank you what the  __  is theres a bonfire right next to him okay these guys are fighting each other all right wow so those are theyre like the executioners from bloodborne with the ax but theyre using the Dark Souls 3 uh  __  uh the the wing Knights model yeah thats the double yeah this is a this is a bloodborne mop holy  __  this is awesome oh my God and they made all of this I love the uh the colors too I think theyre amazing this is obviously a boss fight yeah you can see him lying down what the  __  foreign night yep and then you have to go hit his head but this guys just gonna just cut his dick off all right this is new okay what does this do okay seems like a pretty easy attack to avoid holy  __  man this is amazing and then there now you can go hit his head and thats where he takes the most damage what the  __  Im just gonna teleport okay thats the uh  __  Prince uh lothric attack I see that holy  __  this is yeah again guys this is a new mod of Dark Souls 3. and its not even really a mod of Dark Souls 3 its just using the Dark Souls 3 Foundation hes dead surprise you got out of that holy  __  for Dawn attack I thought that was more Elden beast but Elden Beast is four of them that is  __  brutal oh yeah there yeah its four five wait bro this guy just doesnt give a  __  mod by the way yeah great foe what does it say here you shall obtain a powerful Soul fit to feed the arc Thrones core of the wall Guardian this is  __  amazing uh what is the timing on this when is this going to come out uh video content any more uh questions about this let me just go ahead and look here yeah this is a mod about lets see here Twitter well pull up their Twitter Im gonna follow them and lets see here gameplay showcase Im assuming yeah this is all the stuff weve just seen before its during uh patreon is under this okay bin development oh oh here we go this is them talking about it okay Arc Thrones is an overhaul mod for Dark Souls 3 on a scale never seen before it has been in development for almost two years now but theres still much more for us to do an alternate story unfolds across five unique worlds each accessible via the Nexus of Embers encounters with bosses and allies await and this hostile but beautifully reimagined version of a lothric and other Dark Souls locales thank you to everyone whos seen this and continues to support us let me link you guys okay uh so you guys can support this this is  __  incredible oh my God its actually a new game it might be close to that I mean Im not really sure like I dont think theyve answered anywhere here uh when its coming out so Im not sure yet definitely deserves it yeah I mean I think they absolutely should holy  __  is modders are legendary yeah new content for sure well I yeah I think this is  __  amazing honestly holy  __  yeah Id love to have these guys on and maybe talk to them on my stream about this this is incredible and this is another part of it too look at this so obviously like all of the little stars and everything havent been finished but look at that oh my God like whenever thats actually finished I will be very impressed karthus Warriors damn okay lets see if theres any more any more videos oh and then theres this one here so this is obviously Firelink Shrine that they just completely reimagined for this mod heres what Miyazaki and his team think about it well they probably think its badass because like for them you got to look at it from their perspective these guys are basically unpaid uh unpaid deaths like these guys are making people excited to play Dark Souls 3 again for free so yeah I I feel like this is a universal W for them not every company is Nintendo you know yes you go there too not in a demo though oh its stranglet Castle holy  __  yeah this is from Dark Souls 2. wow something cool is coming and this is I dont know where the  __  this is from Im just looking at some of these other pictures here wow theres those two best areas dont yeah Ill link the fire so this is what their uh what their bonfires look like too oh my God Ill link it for you guys one more time if you guys can uh go ahead and give it some support man this is amazing I think these guys deserve all the support they can get this is incredible I hope it comes out soon but they should release it whenever theyre ready and this is another area hmm I feel like this has the same Vibe as the uh uh like the the bloodborne like what are those called like those catacombs that you go into the labyrinths or whatever chalice dungeons yeah there you go yeah those are also bloodborne uh spiders those are the spiders whenever youre going up and uh youre like exploring uh whats his  __  name uh the weird guy with the head in the Box uh youre exploring like his area lets see here I hate those things yeah theres a really big one too mikolash yeah Nicholas there you go lets see what this is Ill look at a couple more so you can see obviously theyve retooled the area for like this is where obviously those those like pillars would come up and you fight the um uh the deacons of the deep as you can see here with these different uh like levers and and this is where the giant would be but its completely retooled to where it looks like its from bloodborne the patches Quest yeah holy  __  man I cant wait for this to come out oh my God Im so hyped up holy  __  like I just saw this this got linked to me and I didnt know really like oh I dont know if this is gonna be cool or not and um wow I am so excited for this I hope its good I really really do out there Music steam new account Video ► Asmongolds Twitch: ► Asmongolds Twitter: ► Asmongolds 2nd YT Channel: ► Asmongolds Sub-Reddit: Thank you all for watching! 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