GREETINGS, LORD BUTT | Dark Souls 3 Multiplayer Co-Op Gameplay Part 1

Female steam punksteam market csgo DARK SOULS™ III gameplay hey guys welcome Dark Souls 3 with die ohai gar yeah I still introduce to you as you said hello you popped up out of thin air well maybe you shouldnt I to the Boston times I dont know what youre talking about okay so quick rehash this is going to be Dark Souls 3 coop so were going to start from the co-op portion of the game that wasnt intentional but my first bit of recording failed on this for some reason or another so me getting through the single solo portion of the game disappeared sadly as did my character creation process but Im here at the create character menu to show you the character I did create my characters name is Lord but L capital L a lowercase Ord space capital B lowercase u TT Lord but hes male young Knight his burial gift was the fire Jim um lets see the build preset is this I maximized the butt and tried to minimize everything else the best I could um things got a little wonky in appearance though let me show you what I mean uh mm dont know how to go about doing this but lets just jump right in doo-doo-doo to shoot all right and since Wade successfully did his write a passage in a very hilarious way he will be summoning me first yeah you want to tell people the story um so the first time I took on the boss I quickly got him to the second form which I dont know existed until it appeared and then without taking a single hit managed to pierce his heart and finish him off quickly no no thats not what happened oh my seven sixth or seventh attempt on the boss um we got down to one hit each left a little bit of for each of us I had no healing flasks and the boss tried to hit me three or four times and I expertly dodged those hits Dovan for the kill and got hit as I hit him we both died simultaneously which apparently counted it was fantastic it wouldve been great footage and I wish I could share it with you all but I cant cuz stupid so yes go to Lourdes but yes 55 minutes is what Ive played of this already I have zero to show for it so yay us yay me but at least my characters beautiful Lord but I dont want to see your character get it scary okay well luckily for you Im wearing armor so yay all right how are summon you okay oh if you remember I put down a white soap stone uh-huh yeah thats right and you have to summon me at it I gotta look for your will you put your symbols down its by the bonfire Im by the bonfire and Ill see it this time last time I saw your symbols hmm um actually wait oh there they are all right Garen bringing you to this world yay Im ready for an adventure so is Lord but the most beautiful creature in all the land No welcome gar its its oh Jesus its like its like the ugly truck dragged you down ugly road in ugly Valley Wow I thought I was a beautiful unique creation not well your unique Ill give you that yeah a beautiful down there wait were you gone already Im over here oh okay theres already a dead body dog dog wait kill it uh do it there youre welcome its just a puppy why didnt you like offer it some food or something did you just anger another puppy hey gar youre uh out of health already I dont worry about alright guys were back sorry I just wish youd how do you gestures hey cool Im so happy yay Im so happy to just raise my shield back and forth aha I almost bowed to you that weve been glad you left all right well we got attacked while trying to switch some things over there so whered you go and down the staircase oh why down well how do you know where to go because I you know I played a little bit of this  __  cars already I hacked the game already hectic eh yep only you can hack your audio the way you hack to the game alright well thats pretty why are they feeling studies there people sticks peoples ex I love playful sticks thats my favorite dessert item right next to corn dogs corn dogs and peoples dicks well these are the jokes you guys are gonna be getting for the next forever yeah howd you kill that guy um well what are the first boss yeah hes not the only person that can work oh you have a kidney not really oh here we go miss it again well thank goodness on my third second my 15th attempt I can hit a body this guys floating is not any more weird oh if you line up behind people you can actually backstab them well if you try that before Nobel try it youre like a guy like go behind these guys see see this there you go right in the buns yeah you I got no money unless you got buns hun lets take it for being so tall its jaw right in the buns sea Rises the lands is this fun is it Dark Souls this fun is like I told you what I refuse to acknowledge its fine people didnt see my struggles on that first boss nobody knows the pain yeah meat what is this its a dragon thats a thing yeah were in fantasy medieval land oh boy theres a thing up here at least its since your head your stings up your weight dont you want all the things excuse me sir youre in the way die oh hey yes friends ooh theyre not nice friends okay oh I got him I forgot the target again Oh up there where Oh staircase way Im coming for you oh yeah the double peanut penetration unit oh the double penetration look at that cat that is good hey you want to move to the right a little bit so youre out of my beautiful shot look at that castle that is dont take my helmet off I will take my helmet off no nevermind beautiful castle I go out has a graceful gazelle youll never find me byway cigar fun just look at the beautiful scenery here that we go that way sir oh wait wait wait go this way always the wades go marching one by one.hoorah dog as much is martin munching thats a good scare whats I mean whats know youre munching well this guy youre not fooling anybody back here mister Im lunching over here whoa whoa hey hey hey hey hey there stop eating my friend please hey hey his block was much more useful than mine look a dinner table well there was a fire bombed dead man about that dinner table Oh before you and his lunch I like the destructible environment what is the point of breaking out all this stuff there just so they could hide people behind the boxes I think these barrels are explosive oh no not that one Ill give you hit him with a firebomb what wait whyd you go down instead of whether Im just gonna follow you I assume youve already been up where its where the dragon was Oh was theres a staircase why dont we take the stairs oh wait so everybody you want to come out what are you talking hello darling there are people over here to kill are there you should come up here first up were over here sir where you are you hello there you are oh yeah about that gar there are people attacking our buns where its a time on these ones oh this fire the dragon what is it doing up there its just yeah hanging out I found a new shield Ive not looked at any my new quo whoa see there is no to do about is this the next fight no no no its not a gun weve got to run past it just hold your shield up and ride out oh god why you keep moving keep moving Im dying come on God why did you have us went through the flames suppose I stopped for an item that might have been my downfall oh no wonder I was like why are you so far be its uh uh uh oh hes not dead yet nope hes a bigan there we go hes dead so way weve been invaded by a player who plays gonna play play play play play God Oh gar there is Oh hi sir hey I gonna do hes gonna claim more woo okay if we can team up on him like be on both sides we can just destroy him oh all right whats a little rope-a-dope oh wait Im trying jeez dog has got him all right ha ha glad you came over now glad you came over now stay down uh what whyd the whole world shake right in the booty the booty the booty the booty the poo Tanguay hey oh there we go what did you lose like that no somehow did a  __  attack man when I record this game my frames just died hey my frames are fine I think I should try somebodys recording that came this time Oh Wayne are you oh my god wait are you okay good hey I can summon you again I might a bonfire yep always watch where youre going wait yeah let me summon the dragon so we dont the kill these things by ourselves dragon hey you sound like a very dangerous idea that caboodle okay thats good idea oh hi friend okay well now thats happening okay but listen wait for the flames to subside and then well rush it wool theyre all oh god gar Ive got no health youre moving uh my weight I had no health car and no but I might take a flask there then dont try I probably should have tried thats a stupid area I get one health flask and Im gonna have to use it after that part no matter what okay ready Im not even know period three two one run go go go go go Oh a lot easier than the previous thanks yeah I was stupid easy all right wait what of Berkut stuff what I want to teach you that looks can be deceiving thank you Im very beautiful on the inside Im glad you appreciate that I do dont worry dont open that it would you not open why take a look oh hey its gonna try to go okay how do we kill it its a mimic just attack it and dodge what choice estimate the swipe you or eat you well nice stunned it looser whip aim there we go that was easy then Jimmy battle-ax it gave me nothing what oh thats right Im not gonna give you think some of your world oh yeah well boom you forget that yeah I thought maybe the game was loving caring and loved us in this life no oh we should go into my world in whoa wait what sorry I was busy okay we have a friend friend Im sure hes nice what the hey oh bit more of the stronger enemies oh wow hes got a friend also oh man Arwen snack for the win cool hey odd him hes dead watch this you just running in circles on him yeah hey it try running on him oh yeah I see him theyd ride around now but for me it was just you running in circles he was just staying there oh hey wait you should go first in here yes okay why it al-hajj the wine I do it like even just like dodging expecting something I knew there was a reason you want me to go first Im not stupid jerk Wow wait are you okay good just uh Oh God oh were so fast wait were so fast baby be careful Im good fun where are you at I went to get the bonfire on top of this tower well shouldnt I get the bonfire uh you dont isnt account for you Oh poo I thought you would have understood that no youve played blood-borne I tried to block those years out of my life yeah we just got invaded again well lets kill like a lady Payne its a man its a woman Wade and a guy although she is youre joking how does she have that hat I dont know this might be a hacker way is that hat hard to get her something uh youre supposed to get it later in the game we are screwed now we got this battle right whats she doing gosh is going for me I think she wants to kill you gosh shes going for me how does she already have stuff dodge well cant do much for her so much for a TD dont need to buy more embers cant do that you can buy them from the CM handmaiden the much are than were in the red theyre 2500 theyre come I see yeah I need one of those every time I die um to summon me yes theres gonna be a long game or in search of the Rhodes you see do I trust my quest is for a new face let me Smith you weapons what is your favorite color such as my purpose blood orange right oh Ive been putting points of the strength and I dont think I put that many two dicks there oh I just made something angry hes scary-looking does he have a katana yeah and thats anyway you want to run fast then is he gonna chase me yeah you can I dont see him and theres something this tree Im gonna go grab Im go back hash tag worth it the east/west shield Thank You tree the giving tree almost jumped off a cliff again alright guys that should do it thank you all so much for watching has been Dark Souls 3 part 1 magar thank you so much gar no problem guys it has been fun surprisingly and I dont say that very often about these types of games so take that for what its worth Im changing way to everyone for the better no yes yes no yes not even close if you havent already make sure you check out gars channel link will be provided in the description below so go check out his channel feel like what you see subscribe give him some views and love and uh I guess well see you again in part two if you enjoyed this one make sure to leave a like until next time see you later gar hi Wade see ya guys bye guys steam deck nintendo switch emulator If you enjoyed this Dark Souls 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Part 1, please like, favorite, share, and subscribe for more! 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