Dark Souls 3 FIRST PLAYTHROUGH | Part 1

Steam deck productionget paid steam games for free DARK SOULS™ III gameplay it is called lothric where the transitory lands of the lords of cinder converge ah so cool venturing north the pilgrims discover the truth of the old words the fire fades and the lords go without thrones wait done eater like dung eater from elden ring when the link of fire is threatened the bell Music oh all the bad reviews on dark soul dlcs are the games too hard give me easy mode saint of the deep oh cause the servers oh i can see that thats a big problem luckily i do play solo except for that one time when someone raided me in demon souls and broke all my stuff watches oh  __  this boss Music and the reclusive lord of the profaned capital how many bosses are in this chat if anyone knows Music i hope theres some little like side quests only like there has to will be their thrones so sick and the unkindled will Music nameless accursed undead unfit even to be cinder Music and so it is lets go yeah so um i did start dark souls 3 like a couple years ago but i only played maybe the first two bosses and then never played again i havent really seen other people play this like maybe i tuned in for a minute but i didnt i dont remember what was going on i havent seen the ending so this is like 98 new to me once we get to uh i think of biswatcher past that i dont know anything else so i played maybe like two percent of the game yeah yeah i remember i got like stuck on him and then some new game came out and as a variety streamer i just totally forgot i feels weird though because i started my first souls game with sekiro and thats very different than than these and then bloodborne and demon souls remake and then elden rang and now im going back to the like og dark souls so it kind of feels like im going backwards i started with the other ones like all the like single like pre-build games where you dont have all this i guess elder ring would be the most similar i havent played dark souls 1-3 ive played all the other franchises though pete gazelle thank you for the 25 months thank you so much elder ring pro tries dark souls 3 for the first time pro i dont know about that im going im going to go with my dark or my elden ring name all right lets see what class should we do can i do uh i get a katana chat whats your favorite class in dark souls 3. i feel like i always go with vanilla night unless i can get some type of katana hmm naked bonk deprived oh my god i mean i i guess i could go with like vanilla night and we can probably get a katana later lets see i put all my stats into health stamina and then usually strength or dex depending on my weapon i never do faith luck nothing and i never do magic 14. okay lets do it pure luck and go pure luck a gift lets see used to acquire many souls wait a minute raises max hp thats really nice restores hp and cures ailments wait but its its a one-time use though wait its one time use yeah life ring i can i can wear all right lets do it wait a minute this looks like my elden ring girl what looks just like her i think we have like purple eyes though all right lets go a lot of you guys like mercenary wow night youre mercenary yeah Music okay wheres rivers of blood katana or moonville ill take moonville too so it begins this is loud turn it down a little bit well lets make sure were offline too nice i dont want anyone to snipe me break all my stuff and curse my items like in demon souls im so upset okay my parry my deflect attack cool and this is a strong attack cool oh oopsies thats my flask my roll two-handed oh this is great its like all the same as elden ring wait no no use the other two-handed there you go cool oh my god this is fast yoink you just turned auto lock off in options accidentally i kind of dont like auto lock anyway sometimes it like moves my camera i know its helpful when you cant see an enemy i think i like it better without i dont think ive played alden ring with auto lock so Music guard oh whoa okay you go up here whats all this i love just one-shotting all the beginning mobs hello oh no arrow boys let me know if you guys want it louder but we should probably wait for the first music to start oh were gonna go up i see you oh i love just like kicking their bodies around music at 10. oh god sick okay tutorial so far so good oh yeah but i have like a heavy build huh so i cant roll very fast oh no turn back why why um you call me a chicken all right fine okay i can turn the the volume up in game i just want to hear like the first music boss and then then well know oh no oh oh is this like the hardest boss in the game but hes optional i feel like they do that with a lot of dark soul games like its in the very beginning like sure go play with him and hes like this really insane optional boss that one beats like the end of the game or something what if i just take this item and leave yeah i took it crystal lizard whoa oh my god how did i im stuck and i avoid that holy  __  i cant see oh god keep running are you following me all the way out wait wait what if he falls off the cliff wait a minute this is the straw Music when i gets needed off the cliff come on no way guys wait a minute wait that was my mount wait what wait wait wait what its not its a crystal lizard why would i mount that thing oh no wait torrent no its not torrent dont troll me wait are you saying that if you beat that crystal lizard it becomes your mount okay should i restart restart the game you guys are trolling me youre totally trolling me theres no mount in any dark soul game besides eldon rang why would i mount a crystal lizard thatd be so painful unless like the crystals falls off and it just becomes a normal lizard that you ride you just ride a lizard around she doesnt know i dont thats how you know that this is like mainly a blind playthrough ive seen probably like less than five percent of this game so thank you lover for the two months of the prime thank you very much appreciate that never unlock the car in sakiro no i didnt oh  __  youre right we cant level up yet huh we need like a round table im such a noob ow oh god something down here watch me accidentally slip off oh  __  shoot your friend yeah theres both guarding firebomb gamba uh yeah yeah mods you can do as many predictions as you want for points go for it i hate these guys i see something over there okay i do remember this guy i i remember oh my god i remember his look i dont remember his moves though its been a long time yeah we got to abysswatcher and then i never continued playing since its been years less than three tries yeah we can do that for the first i mean i remember this guy being easy but again its like its been years i fought like two bosses and i never played again okay lets rest up real quick here we go get him to fall off the cliff too if only was it was that easy wait oh yeah they respawn oh i forgot about thats a thing thats a thing huh oh i cant jump oh okay how am i gonna land on that ow theres the run button i found it fog well please protect me fog wall fog wall fog well dont them come in here hopefully okay great great great great hello remove the sword it is you know how to jump in this game no you cant jump i think theres no jumping the only jumping is probably in sekiro and like elven ring i dont think any other dark soul has jumping right wait a minute what are those little badges oh is that for people that are gambling oh thats cool you can sprint jump what oopsies god damn it im trying to find the buttons see what oh youre right there is a jump youre right guys youre right nice i would have never known that excuse me go get my flask back real quick oh no can i pause the game i cant pause the game i think one of my cats is having a hairball okay here we go jumping was asked in all games before sekiro those was understandable people forgot you  __  wow he turns around and pretends like he didnt even see me are you freaking kid thats why i hate these i hate these guys i hate them all right lets go dont you dare okay wow that was a long cross i could have hit a couple of times there can be greedy what does this blue thing do whats this blue thing looks like ice i could have probably hit twice there oh my god okay i need to go for a few more hits a little bit Music maybe three there even oh god oh god oh god oh god whats happening its hard to see is that his arm oh no first death oh cool its like a weird leech thing and he has like one arm damn all right all right not too bad though we got like halfway what does this blue thing do is this something i can um refill i think all the estes flasks are refillable right or stores mana oh well thats helpful magic magic builds you little  __  dont you dare you god damn it i ran into stamina oh i should put my shield in my inventory its making me heavy im not using it because i never use shields whew oh my god oh he ate me wait no he didnt i cant see what the  __  is going on i cant see oh my god i hate these big bosses second try lets go okay nice nice air of the fire destroyed leech man with one arm looking ass tutorial boss down alright so who lost their channel points who had no faith who lost their channel points i knew you had it thanks boosted its nice to see one person in jazz faith oh recover the 4k souls you dropped if you can oh  __  youre right i dont see them are they green wait youre right oh no i have to pick up my souls ah i always forget i always forget about that when i start dark souls games of any kind like sekiro blood war and eldering whatever it is um i always forget about that the first like maybe one or two days of playing and im like oh  __  so thats why i like to spend everything i possibly can every time i can because i know ill forget them light the bonfire please i passed one oh wait is that at naza oh was there a bonfire in the middle there youre totally right there was its past look at me what am i doing noob noob whoa oop there we go oh so its been i cant spend until i probably meet someone that takes me to like another realm i have this um looks like a buff on the top left of some kind i wonder what that is anyone get anything good on prime day oh i got two new rugs my place didnt have enough rugs what about you guys oh the buff is like all over me oh i think i got his buff his maybe his skill because he was like the fire lord fire lord oh  __  im scared im embered i got an ember you got two stacks of toilet paper from prime day you know you can go get those in stores again like theyre they theyre stalked again when you beat a boss you ember up your max health is higher until you die also ember by consuming an ember item noise oh is this yay here we go yeah hi eric thank you for the 11 ones wait didnt you say that dark souls 2 was your favorite dark souls isnt that something you said i love her outfit wow and the hair welcome to the bonfire unkindled one i am a fire keeper i attend to the flame and tend to thee the lords have left their thrones and must be delivered to them to this end i am at thy side very well then watch the darkness within me take nourishment wait did i pick up those 4 000 souls no i cant remember see im so bad at this im going to forget i did get them okay god damn it Music yeah im going to forget a lot today ill ill get the hang of it i did play a lot of elden ring um but i dont think i really lost my souls as much because i would spend them constantly wait that is america do you think it ties over very well then touch the darkness within me take nourishment from these sovereignly souls give me nourishment queen Music hmm okay so i dont know what build im doing yet so were just gonna do some health stamina or sorry strength health sam wait wait this is strength indexed this is my vitality whats my vigor wait health strength decks damn is just my physical well thats my strength though i know katana is probably dex i just dont know when or where im gonna get it yet wow dude she really tends that flame she does melina looks different oh no dont say her name im sorry i think you meant melania vitality is equipment load so like my weight that i can carry we can just do vitality and uh and and stand then just three vitality three stamp because we dont know what were doing im not gonna do any strength or decks yet this allows you to carry heavier stuff i think thats good its like hold up one more time okay a few hundred farewell i shouldnt want made a flight talk to me more ash ashen one okay she has nothing yeah she said shes keeper of the flame youre close to a katana wait well a newcomer i see i am andre i serve at this shrine as a humble smith forging weapons youre in search of the lords of cinder i trust a toilsome journey i wager youll require good arms let me smith your weapons gimme katana smith weapons and protection are sturdy enough but when overused theyll eventually break when their durability is low use a powder or simply rest at a bonfire but should chance impel them break bring them me ill hammer them back into shape they take no pleasure in breaking up did elden ring have weapons that you had to repair i dont remember having to do that Music okay so we need some shards for the flask okay give me that perfect i dont have mana anything cool lets go be careful yeah i dont remember elder ring having that i dont think i think demon souls had that but eldering sekiro bloodborne i dont remember them having that maybe bloodborne all right lets explore around lets find that katana yeah i know blacksmith huge were gonna be referencing elder ring a lot because its like the closest game to this that ive played weapon arts take mana if you want to use those true if we can get a katana that has some cool weapon arts like rivers of blood yes or moon veil also this is santa oh he does look like a very buff santa did you play this before so i played like maybe a few hours of it and that was it i think i got to the second boss and then i havent played since and its been years so i played like less than five percent of the game once we get to once we get past uh the abyss guy i have no clue what the rest of the game holds i havent seen anything i dont know how it ends i really even havent seen anyone play the game going to be disappointed with weapon arts if your standard is rivers of blood well ill take sekiro standards as well unless thats also pretty high all right i dont see anything yet katana is outside the level of trolling that we have going on tonight oh wait hello didnt see you there another one roused from the sleep of death well youre not alone we unkindled are worthless its okay im tarnished made of rice but we are talking true legends with the metal to link the fire what a sick joke asking us to seek the lords of cinder and return them to their molding thrones were talking true legends those who would oh he already said that all right well uh lets go explore Music this game can be unforgiving if you miss an npc before completing an area boss yeah that seems like every dark soul game its very difficult to get every npc every side quest all that thats why i always try to look around but even then they just blend in i love all the lore and the little npcs youll find around and sometimes help and sometimes like scar them for life and ruin their life you want to help them and then you just made everything worse its like every game oh no this person is sick and their daughters gonna die of some illness and if you go wait can i climb this i run and then and then jump right wait wait wait like that oh no but if you get this like potion you can save them oh no the potion was poison like come on what are you kidding me okay cant climb anything the moral of the stories never help anyone in dark souls its a trick you just made their life worse like say i think with bloodborne that was a big one i remember we wrote i think oh my god i think in bloodborne we were like giving a bunch of children orphans to this lady that was trying to say that she could help them and i think she like ate them i think she was like a vampire and ate them all oh no sorry children like i decided to trust her excuse me youre my way Applause oh no oh no this guy looks weird katana oh my god he has a katana give me give me give me give me is that guitar yes it is give me give me oh no im poisoned no fall off dont fall off sorry damn it damn it stop come on im stuck get me yes uchicatana lets go its my katana all right how do i put this on uh okay so i need what do i need higher decks for it 16 what i have now 10 i think i need is that dex like a hand yeah so im gonna have to just level up decks before i can use it i think you can still use it even though um you dont have the stats but its like not good you have 12 currently okay well just put everything into decks from now on actually i think i have enough to level one more unusable katana wait where where did i come from hold up oh no im stuck wait a minute oh no what happened what did i do oh god oh thank god okay im just trying to get back to the the round table this is my life here we go yay okay we need three more decks ill be able to sell some stuff too probably never gonna use my shield chad has anyone killed one of the npcs before like first playthrough you just cold-blooded decided you know what i want to just take them out not knowing what it would do oh i cant sell anything to him there are two simple we listen hurrah infusing weapons are just teaching me all the stuff but when it went but made it so simple on accident theres one you unlock later that i did he asked for it though of course its he asked for it oh whats this yay Music im always scared im gonna get my ass whooped yeah you should be that smart okay so lets find the next boss um we explored a little bit i think thats so this way that way oh okay so i was out there but i have to go farther out wait we came from the middle anything over here and get lost in this place oh i have to teleport to the next area im ready for margaret all right the jokes the elder ring references are gonna get pretty old theyre already old chat whens next time i can play elden ring though like serious question i was thinking about it today when is when has the appropriate time passed to where im allowed to play alden ring again because ive been waiting very patiently for a few months now looks like theres something i can interact with there as long as you enjoy it who cares well ive played it like six times so i feel like i shouldnt i should wait a little longer oh my god damn theyre like a part of the trees thats so cool though wait for dlc but who knows when thats gonna happen oh this is familiar this is this is familiar i just run past well kill this dog and then run past Applause oh theres stuff down there but theres stuff over there okay what if i just Music buh-bye oh no that doesnt sound good that doesnt sound good oh time to go foreign oh no i think i do have to go over there uh thanks oh god i went in for a heavy attack at the worst moment ugh uh oh no he reached me so far  __  huh oh my god that reaches no theres a arrow guy behind me somewhere did he fall damn my estus yikes yikes i cant see okay i dont think theres anywhere to go here so im either in the wrong area or i have to kill this guy for a um for a uh key no it didnt open from that side maybe i jumped down see theres a wall right there i can maybe break wait wait wait wait wait wait i dont see where to go now i dont think i have to kill this thing because i already killed the first boss so its probably just optional there might be like a place to drop down i saw that piece of wood i might drop down there if i break the wood wait wait what the hell wait oh oh i went i i went that way i went to the right theres its a dead end im supposed to go to the left theres stuff over there i wonder if its even worth getting my souls though i only had like two thousand eek uh i think its not even worth it theres something over here that i want so uh lets see hi doggy hi wheres my soul wheres my souls work my soul with my souls where is it where is it where is it there it was is oh god 1800 not even not even a war oh my gosh my words i did it no rest rest what is she doing just gonna hide here real quick dont come up here dont come up here its always the snipers let me just put her out of the room real quick so okay so you can stop the tutorial boss well like number two hes like a duplicate from transforming if you do it quick yeah the second time when i went to go get the souls i dont think he did transform or he was like about to but i was already out of there more praying people so theyre praying to the tree lord because they want to be on the tree they said please take my body senpai put me on that tree i think i guess what theyre doing is that thats a dragon oh they have a lot of this didnt they have this in i think they have this and also bloodborne demons demon souls those demon souls where like they pray to like the dragon and the trees yeah move out of the oh my god are you kidding me right now move out of the way i see you sneaky holy  __  up or down up or down oh  __  oh  __  and its locked isnt it yep mistakes were made okay i can pass this guy oh my god youre throwing stuff at me he looks like a melania type i dont know where im going i just need to get this and then were chilling oh damn i gotta fight this guy let me just hide real quick wait wait wait speed run strats no hes coming back psych wait no hes going hes leaving wait oh hes pacing oh my god hes walking in a circle make up your mind wait oh hes actually pacing hes waiting for me i think i broke him god damn it im thinking if i just like glitch into the wall maybe hell walk away and im peeking irl too because im fully immersed he just keeps walking in a circle god damn it okay fine um two heals probably gonna get one shotted oh he keeps like hes like okay im leaving im walking down the stairs oh and im back i broke him oh oh oh the nelbys back oh my god okay well guys hes like i dont know what to do in this situation i where are they where do they go must be the wind i see you stop that must be the wind typical npc behavior no hes fast oh hes like a three and then hes a thrust at the end okay no dammit okay okay he wasnt as intimidating as i thought he would be nice nice game doesnt let you sit the fire if those enemies too close i know i was hoping he would like walk away so i could nice so where to next i kind of just ran i just ran here its caved in theres no door this might also just be a dead end but at least we have a bonfire we can go underneath to the bottom yeah i totally didnt die 20 times to that guy its okay i ive died a lot too oh there he is to like some of the the guards i go have like a really tanky guard in demon souls oh my god i think i died more to theres this one guard in demon souls hes on a tower i think hes red or blue he had like red fire or blue fire and i remember he was so difficult or maybe he had like all gold armor its like one of those like tanky mobs thats not a boss but he was harder than most the bosses and demon souls and took me like 20 tries and then the other bosses were like really easy in comparison yeah they do that sometimes i wish i knew what he was called the demon soul guy i dont know thank god for iframes there wait i think i remember this dont they all like go frenzy or something oh no pick up the item and leave yeah yeah yeah i do remember a little bit of this so technically it wont be our first playthrough until i get to this guy this lord i somehow dont get hit 50 times oh Music oh ah i hate when theyre walking my way this place sucks no no wait yeah that was that was kind of close theres nothing over here that was dead end that was dead end that was it on top i dont know maybe i went in the wrong room they just blow up everything okay well im gonna try to get my souls back if i even had like any worth taking i dont know then i think were gonna oh were gonna go back down no no no this is this is the way theres stuff over here oh down there okay okay so i went through here uh i know what i totally know where i am where im going excuse me yay here we go this room is awful oh my souls arent there no not again lets go oh hes pacing hes walking in the circle i wish i could pick up the items faster like just pick up and then keep running but he kind of stops for a second theres someone there wait what was that there what was that there there was an npc there oh i might have to kill all the mobs talk to him then he was like crouched hiding oh god drop down faster can you not glide there we go there we go slide i mean oh  __  oh  __  this is you guys think that was an npc there it was no theres no map in most of the dark soul games i think only elden ring has a map nothing else does i found an elevator nice running thanks thats my specialty because i dont like to kill like 50 mobs its very tedious unless you know you literally cant get past some of the um the hallways and staircases and demon souls i remember i was trying to do this strat where i just run past all the mobs and go straight to the boss whoa thats a close one and you literally kill them and demon souls i think there was like just so many theres so many that i i just had to kill them like every time oh this is a shortcut oh my god this is a shortcut lets go lets freaking go if you want to uh farm then yeah its great but i dont really care about farming i just want to get to the next boss oh theres something large soul okay i got a bunch of those yay ring of sacrifice oh god oh god am i safe i have played bloodborne yeah ive played bloodborne sekiro demon souls and elden ring i havent played dark souls one through three i well like i said i played you know less than five percent of dark souls three once i get to a biswatcher guy the rest i have no idea blind playthrough i havent seen anything past him i think hes like the second boss why do girls seem to love to skip enemies then spend hours on bosses under leveled i swear ive seen it several times um i that depends if youre playing sekiro or bloodborne theres not really any bloodborne theres not really a strat where you have to like level and come back i feel like the only dark soul game where youre under leveled and have to come back is elden ring ive played sekiro and bloodborne and demon souls i never felt under leveled in those didnt know all speedrunners were girls yep i think its because girls like to play smart not hard okay lets see if i feel the need like oh im not doing enough damage to this boss then yeah i can go farm some other optional bosses or some like mobs but ive not i havent really ever felt that way besides elden ring elder ring was like the only dark souls so far maybe this will be similar then tell the ring but that i felt like oh no this boss is like way over leveled for me oh no where am i they cannot come in here what is this ah the wait has been long unkindled one i am emma high priestess of lothric castle allow me to speak frankly you will not find the lords of cinder here they do their churning homes converging at the base of this castle head to the bottom of the high wall for john through the great gate and raise this banner to proceed imagine farming all the mobs and doing all the tedious stuff and you still spend hours on the bosses because at the end of the day its not really level its just learning the fight unless maybe you do a magic build staircase i cant go up it oh its blocked oh we should keep talking to her huh multiple times this farewell gift is for you share the gift it is the insignia of an old covenant if you fear trespasses dark spirits drawn by the embers then etch this upon your heart and the old concord will beckon noble blue sentinels to hunt these foul spirits way of blue unkindled one head to the high walls base go through the great gate and raise this banner to proceed but beware the dog keeps a close eye on things the dog the vile watchdog of the boreal valley oh god unkindled i always forget you gotta talk to them like multiple times until they start repeating themselves yeah honestly if youre just playing the game with the souls from bosses only that should be enough and if you feel a little under leveled you can go back and kill some mobs or kill like one big like mini boss mob but you get so many souls from bosses its like i mean you can spend hours farming oh look whats that guy the mobs the little mobs but it might not be much yeah im going to level up decks because im going to switch the katana we got but i just need to get some more souls first i have no souls right now no time to grind gotta go fast well like i said i dont like grinding its boring i dont like to farm if i feel that i need to then i will you can always take a break and go farm is this the same elevator no no no fall down they did thats so satisfying nice yeah for me the farming is like running around picking up sneaky little items and then running away and then a lot of those items are just souls yeah uh oh the okay so this is sorry this is the shortcut okay so were going to the other way oh my god are you kidding me okay all right i i know where we are now yay um oh my god so we went straight we went to the left we talked to the girl um maybe i can go right we went i think up well oh here we go here we go i went and talked to her so lets go this way now down maybe to the side theres so much to see sneaky oh no oh my god this is a boss fight what is this oh no its a boss fight thats a boss fight um i only have one flask okay lets find a bonfire then okay oh theres probably one in the room with the girl wasnt there i always pass them maybe up there theres not hello oh no homeward bone i think i think you can only use that once and then you lose your souls 2 one thing about offline modes you dont get the messages on the ground i just dont want anyone to raid me because when i played demon souls i didnt know i was playing online someone raided me and cursed and broke all my stuff on like the first day playing so itd be funny to see the messages but i dont wanna someone to raid me the bones usable free item you have a sign that sacrifices your souls yes but thats not that oh okay you dont lose the homeward bone nice you can only do pvp when m bird well that could be every time i beat a boss i remember and someone can just raid me right well technically because the servers have been offline for months nobody can i guess whoa this guy looks so cool im dead how was that music he had glowing red eyes oh my god oh what is that does he have a bunch of souls on him hes very aggro he probably was such good stuff oh its just a spell buff i thought maybe he had like a bunch of souls on him or something i gotta take the homeward bone back to my bonfire or find another bonfire im dead here im so dead i know where the next boss is but i dont want to go in with like one heel now i have no heels so no oh my god oh my god the nearest bonfire is kind of far oh excuse me well okay i guess were gonna run oh wait is that wait wait looks valuable raw gem okay i got a raw gem homeward bone Music how does neo compare to soulsborne ive never played neo i heard its really good though all right yay here lets spend a little bit those crystal guys drop the maps from weapon upgrades great i thought it was like either souls or or that like shards yeah shiny wait a minute oh no my homeward bone is a one-time use ah okay i need to get back to the round table if im plenty okay nice can i i cant fast travel back to the round table are you excited for any new upcoming games yeah straight looks like its gonna be good and what else do we have oh man i cant go upgrade its so strange youd think id be able to you can fast travel back yeah thats what i thought but oh im dumb its okay my bad my bad different areas at least its like organized yeah so were gonna get a new god of war we dont know when some new scary games in october is it a fog wall why is there a fog wall there then take two more decks we can use our katana fashion one oh a pleasure to make that i am but a humble hand made of the shrine weapons armor trinkets and spells i have lots of little things to ease the burden of a weary traveler and yes im undead too but not so charitable as to give my goods away fetch souls and bring them to me i need souls theyre my souls ashen one bring me umbral ash with ash ill fashion new wares is it not our sorry fate to suff on death know as thou of that soppy gossip sappy gossip that and so thou art in need of a soap stone then thy pockets will overflow with souls to trade to me bring me um Music not enough cash stranger take this shield i dont use shields so Music bows i dont use bows either broken straight sword why would i have this worth three oh i think we have some souls we can open oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah um all right so lets try to level up our decks a little bit more if we can with some of the souls and then were gonna go to that bus theres like a big room i know its a boss fight used to acquire a smidgen of souls just a smidge oh thats like really bad wow okay okay wait what restored the link to other worlds banish visiting phantom welcome host all right we just need one more to level up our decks and then we can use the katana oh yes cool so right now i could go farm a little bit since i havent farmed at all just get enough to you know use the katana and then we could take the katana to the next boss uh if i wanted to lets see if its much better because its not going to be leveled up yet anyway uh 115 versus 110 wait wait was there a minus sign there im using the long sword do you have an s is shard i dont think so oh im sorry youre totally right i was running around just looting really fast not looking at what i was loading hold up outside main castle gate to be taken oh yeah the banner and she gave me im playing this on pc with ps5 controller grevinzel i read that like in the voice in my head yeah katana does give bleed thats true so this is 110 physical this is 115 but it has like a minus sign which is weird i dont know why theres a minus these are plus signs we do want to use this because of the bleed but wheres the bleed stat at its like a passive effect it doesnt show lead here skill hold assume holding stands rapidly execute a lunging slash with normal attack deflecting perry with strong attack causes bleeding breaks easily oh it breaks easily yikes okay so we just need like i think 2 000 more souls then we can level up that nice wait how much does it cost three ten oh i could level this up i mean sure why not im gonna use it next anyway be careful i dont have to get the souls right now i could just try to fight i could do like the mini boss get this the 2000 i need and come back maybe its worth or just kill the next boss without it let me turn my acl okay oh i know i need one more dex guys yeah i need one more dex thats where farming comes in even though i dont like farming so i might just fight the boss anyway and get it next we shall see like this guy might give me a couple hundred but he takes forever to kill just drop down down and down its locked you have a key sir oh i see something shiny hey no ah oh oh for the negative uh 40 okay i see i see thank you guys was it odd at first not having jump attacks um well technically there is a jump you cant attack though my 22 souls no really yes this way i got him its locked no i wish i could move past these guys move out of the way oh damn it ah move jesus christ i hate when i get just like studying there has to be a actually i think its only certain games im pretty sure in was it elden ring im able to roll and itll like hit them right some of the games i dont know which one some of the soul games you can roll and the enemies will get like pushed out of the way when you like roll on top of them and some its like this i-frame well youre still getting hit but youre just like rolling mid-air like stuck its really annoying what game is it where you actually can roll and like hit them i like that game like push just kind of push them out of the way you know nothing over there okay so this all might be a dead end then uh okay this is all dead end i dont want any of this oh its based on enemy poise it was knives all right well im leaving then oh wrong side of the ladder oh no oh no im dead okay im not im just going to leave those kind of holes um i just wanted to search around a bit before we decide to go to the next boss since i have no souls anyway i want to see if theres any good items what did i pick up a bunch of small ones have nah okay but the 22 souls i think its running heavy attack for a jump kind of attack like that youre like kind of put with run into them jump into them it probably depends on their boys im just going to explore a little bit more i dont think we went up thanks dragon yay i think i can make it and get that item real quick oh no i cant i hes no oh theres a ladder a chest this feels like a trap im upset ive never seen that before ive never seen that in any other soul game i played wow i think this screen is kind of dark well were in a dark room this is fine its just were in a very dark room right now you want me to turn up the brightness i can though oh no not this way not this way oh its a mimic yeah they had a few of those in elden ring but they theyre a little different um if anything ill just get like a lantern to equip to myself at some point like a torch or something dragon is angry wow come on go away fire go away fire come on come on come on lets go you  __  yeah i should have known so chat how can you tell which is a mimic which is not okay so were not going in this area were done we are going back out to the other side yay because we want to go to the next boss which is going to be here if chain is towards the front its mimic if its forward its mimic chain at the rear its real wait is that a thing is that is that actually how you determine sorry im going clip happy tonight no thank you like thank you im streamers really really appreciate when people clip stuff like you dont even know all the time ill be like oh man what was that clip that i want to watch or i want to add to a youtube video and were going were in this way and then i cant im like oh no i have no idea where it is in the six hour vod and then someone clips it im like thank you thank you so much whoever random stranger who did that seriously thank you lets see should we go down i dont remember how to get back here oh it is this way because it is down instead of up oh wow no im lost we were already here no this is not it am i going the wrong way im back here again i somehow did a full circle im trying to go to the boss the other side oops time to clip every five seconds wait um and then you have people who clip like stuff that doesnt need to be clipped like theres like 50 clips of just me like saying hi to them or something im like okay oh i got i just got Laughter wow my bad i didnt uh dip dive duck and dodge like i was supposed to there okay so uh im supposed to get to the next boss here and we have a shortcut so im supposed to go that way down to the elevator and that takes us to the boss but i want my 600 souls even though thats like nothing goddammit oh no this is awkward i thought he was gonna hit me like while im on the ladder yay okay all right now were gonna go to the right elevator boss done done and done we can get oh wait i only need 500 souls for the next for the katana hold up wait a minute the dragons a really good farming spot oh no i got enough never mind never mind there we go were going to use our katana and then next boss is we have a shortcut so thats great the mimic actually has items in them wait youre saying that after i get eaten by the mimic i go back a second time and get items or youre trolling me and i get eaten a second time well speak then very well then touch taken i have to kill the mimic wait oh i need to put it in my inventory i cant use it nice i might be able to upgrade it one more time male breaker oh the male breaker i remember this being really good in demon souls sacred chime oh is this something that makes the game harder look at the demon bell and sekiro one wait two-handed okay lets test out the abilities sick cool nice cool cool all right oh wait am i damaging it hitting the ground okay good good we need 700 souls to reinforce okay be careful no wait no i have 700 hold up what ah dude no oh i need i need some type of shard or something oh ty tan tight wait tid tonight shard kitchenites be careful lets go boss time thank you tiz way too hard at the beginning are you talking about the game is hard you want easy mode oh no pull the lever chat roll lever yes oh no way hes coming back up isnt it oh god i thought he dies uh sir can you move off the elevator please hes gonna fall on my head again dont okay okay yay yay this isnt too far here we go dragon boss oh this is the dog thats a dog to you i guess thats what she said huh Music stab the butt oh no or no frostbite no yes oh not bad we got halfway crossed frostbite though thats why its hard to stand under his butt do you have any memory fighting that boss the first time yeah a little bit thats why when i saw the ice i was like frostbite i think so abysswatchers must be like the third boss then because thats the farthest we got after abyss watchers itll be the rest is blind but i dont remember them that well i just remember the look of him and im having ice oh  __  i need to pull this lever next time dont you oh hey mons wanna do another prediction go go go thats a problem you want to stay under his butt until he does the frostbite thing Music Music uh i think this is it okay hes like glowing now no so lets wait for that to go away oh every time okay so we get halfway and then he starts this frostbite  __  you got to the boss too quickly what do you mean im doing a decent amount of damage i mean my health bar could be bigger because hes doing a lot of damage to me but im doing a decent amount of damage to him just the frostbite that keeps getting me i keep forgetting to pull the lever when i go back oh you mean too quickly for gamba yeah how about we say five tries we could do maybe five tries im out of my way meat heads no no no no no no oops im into dodge there okay just keep rolling just keep rolling i mean there technically is a dodge button Music so Music Music look at this stretch get up in that butt i cant see a thing all right the straw works very well until he does frostbite wheres my lock on there we go big butts is wow yeah first half is so easy just standing on his butt in the second half its really hard to get close to him and get one hit because he keeps like just running away so fast oh i didnt pick up my souls but i dont think i had much that was number three theres two more two more then he comes back up you  __  i hate this guy ah yeah i gotta send the elevator back up ah okay well we did ah okay did anyone get good prime day deals we were talking about it earlier um i got two new rugs for my place my health bar could be a little bigger here though since he does a lot of damage second round so that might be one reason to farm a bit after five tries i wonder if i have a frostbite uh i dont know well help you in here okay here he goes heres where i died oh maybe i should wait until this frostbites done maybe it doesnt maybe its not this whole second half maybe its like a few minutes and it goes away foreign oh the frog no oh my god i cant see  __  in this fight oh no no youre so close so does anyone know it seems like he has that frostbite stage where he goes like in a frenzy right hes like running back and forth and then he starts to calm down because i was able to sit underneath his butt again for a good like minute and he was just sitting there with me it wasnt like him running the whole time back and forth so i think he does after he like tires himself out he kind of goes back to that easy like just sit in one place yeah im so close do you want the answer to that yeah im im wondering im wondering it seems like the frenzy like lasts for a few minutes and then hes back to his like easy self i thought second half he was gonna be in a frenzy like the whole time and i was like oh  __  it seemed like it wasnt that way unless i glitched him to just stay in one spot for a while oh its his weapon or breath if he doesnt hit you it shouldnt build frostbite so no but the frenzy is not going on the whole second half of his health its just like it starts and then it goes hes like easy again hes easy once hes like just sitting there you know its when he starts charging around and running me over it when it gets really tough the blue flask is uh magic lets see if i have anything to help with frostbite oh this is for stamina like i mean the problem is like taking an item or taking a heal takes too long and i get hit so um i could throw fire at him fire bombs i dont really like throwing things oh here we go gain strength boosting hp until death i should try that oh i have tits tonight i have to tonight lets go reinforce real quick oh i have no we have one more one more will be fifth try let me just see if i can upgrade my weapon real quick i dont have the blue estes its all its all orange yeah its its empty and they can sell stuff to get some lets see wasnt he i do have to tonight yeah yeah oh i dont have any souls to break well let me just sell a couple things then ah wait i need 700 okay i can go back to that dragon too masters attire masters gloves oh are these better these are better action one yeah i should probably just go get a couple hundred real quick go lets see you gotta buff Music stamina so how do i take that out of my tool belt wait maybe i can just put it in my hot bar yeah take that out too am i still medium load Music it doesnt say oh its out of 58 maybe after 58 then you just slow down okay so lets try and get a couple more hundred souls so we can level up our uh ill go thank you for the five month resub in the prime thank you so much i appreciate that welcome back i know ive i have one more one more try the dragon is this one wait no im in the wrong area move out of the way where is that dragon im so lost here um oh there he is there he is yeah so um i have to go to the other tower that one yeah ever played mad max video game no i didnt even know there was a mad max video game my god youre like arguing over being analytical talking about it and doing it as two separate things the dragon is Music give me yummy souls i need 700. Music only 200 i need is maybe down here two burn them burn them come on blow dragon thats it 36. wow this little Music i suck if theres a soul up here Music Music jesus cant take a heal cant take it hell just do things done by the car at least we got a um a soul though i just needed to get 700 and killing a bunch of those guys only gave me 30. its nothing thats nothing thats all i just got might be enough lets see okay perfect i just need to pick up what i got we can just uh upgrade once oh their souls are very far away dragon please come on dragon Music come on Music my souls are pretty far more time first just wait a sec hes so glitched that guy oh my god stuck in the door i supposed to kill the dragon with all the fire on the ground Music oh that was a bait it sounded like he was doing it he didnt damn it oh i have 700 now i guess i dont even need to pick up those souls huh Music all right come on get up get up okay i hate it here thank you get off yay here we go Applause okay all right now we can go just upgrade once and go back to the boss oh no no no no i thought it was gonna be one of those big guys can i go behind the dragon sneak behind him no item is worth that torture well i needed just a few hundred souls and i got them so there we go okay just good wasnt he oh my god i needed four i was looking at the wrong sword well well never mind then oh well okay am i bi i need to tonight welcome home speak thine hearts desire very well then tuck higgins damn that sucks that really sucks oh okay well that was a waste of time i guess well go fight now two tonight oh tid knight scale soul transposed weapon to plus four i have that but i guess its for later ah damn well whatever all right onward we go i dont to upgrade the other one no i just want to go for uh wait whats this oh this one all right we have a shortcut were going back i just want to use my katana suspense purposes definitely not a waste of time oh my game is lagging go go go go uh all right Music so i can hit him up until he does that oh us maybe after this one hes done hes back to the slow cell i cant breathe unfortunately so slow my character is five tries we did it yeah yeah lets go if you voted against if you didnt have faith lose those points winner winner chicken for dinner souls like games steam WATCH ME LIVE ↠ Thanks for watching! 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