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The witcher adventure game русификатор steamturok steam DARK SOULS™ III review whoa hello you taco-eating huggable little balls of pink fluff Im here with in our low impressions of Dark Souls and originally I kind of wanted to review it and then I thought about it and I looked into the game like what it would require me and Im like oh no no not gonna do that now I cannot possibly put enough time into this game to do a review especially because I didnt know if I would want to do that so that Im like okay Ill do an impressions video what do you do with impressions video to sit down you play it for a couple hours and then you come up with your impressions Im like oh no not doing that either you cannot just sit down with this game for a couple hours especially be never played it before and come up with a good good impression of it so yeah I kind of had to dig a little deeper so this is kind of a kind of in between a review and an impressions video Ive not even almost not even almost seen everything this game has the offer and Im still trying to get the hang of it in the first place Ive seen a fraction of the world but I have put in significantly more time than I would have with an impressions video and I gotta be going on 20 hours by now its its been quite a lot I feel like Im Ive been really trying to figure out what kind of game it is and Here I am I feel like I finally reached that point I felt like I had reached that point a couple times and then I would go a little further Im like no no no now Im at that point and then I go a little further no no no Im really ready to talk about it but I guess I finally actually reached the actual ultimate point so here I am the basic concept if you have not played it is youve got this large large interconnected world like this really open kind of world you can run around wherever you want a lot of the a lot of your progress to stop simply by areas that are too hard you know I mean like difficulty blocks your progress you have access to areas that are pretty difficult to do right off the bat and then of course there like doors where you need keys and stuff like that within the world you find bonfires and whenever you stop at a bonfire that kind of becomes your new spawn points so every time you die you go back to the bonfire you can do a bunch of different stuff at a bonfire you can level up at a bonfire and then of course as you go through the world you will unlock short its like you know youll youll push through a new area youve never been before round a bend and then like oh look theres that door that I couldnt open before now I opened it from the other side so now you know its a very big world but you kind of slowly go through and unlock it as you go and there are bad guys everywhere just all over the place there are months three bad guys to fight everything you kill gives you souls and souls are the bitter currency of the game using the level up using to buy stuff everything is Souls and items and I will tell you this format is excellent its a really really OTT like I am often saying how there are not enough adventure games these days games where it feels like a world that when you go through it its not because the game told you to or allowed you to its like no I I went through that door because I found a key to that door I went through this area because I got strong enough to beat the guys through that area you know what I mean its this thing of like always pushing in a new territory you often are somewhere you scared you havent found a bonfire in a really long time you think youre gonna die at any moment and youre just like oh my gosh oh my gosh a lever oh my gosh its that its that portcullis and you can open the portcullis and now you can go through you can comfortably go back to your bonfire or you find a new bonfire so like whenever you do you know unlock away or find something like that its its immensely immensely satisfying because of just how scary this game is I just love that it feels like youre carving out your own path you know what I mean you are earning every bit of progress that you get in the game and youre slowly making it all easier to traverse as you go and yeah its just its really rewarding and Im sure that for better players than me its also very rewarding to hit areas that youre probably not supposed to hit early on by either just choosing the game or just being really skilled and you know unlocking areas you shouldnt be able to unlock and I and this game is built for that kind of person its kind of built to be not broken but you know kind of exploited in that way its a little bit like a Metroidvania in that way thats like if you can go off the beaten path and kind of find a way to make things easier for yourself thats thats a feature thats thats you conquering the game Im sure thats very nice for people who know how to do that combat is easily the most interesting part about this game because like Ive never played a game like this before and its why it was really hard to get into everything you do has to have a purpose when you are fighting even the lowest level guys at the beginning of the game they will kill you when you are fighting you cannot take risks your moves are very slow and sluggish especially at first their attacks are very strong you have to do everything everything with a purpose you have to learn every enemys attack pattern you have to watch them really carefully for their tails to know what theyre gonna do wait for your opportunity to make your strike you have to theres a really big focus on blocking and dodging and youve got to pay really close attention to your stamina because you like everything takes stamina youre different you know youre weak attack and youre strong attack rolling and dodging and blocking and when you block a guy it brings down your stamina and if they hit you and your shield is up and they knock your stamina to zero theyre gonna break through your block and thats gonna deal a bunch of damage that can completely kill you and I would say that one of the things that makes this combat one of the most things that makes it the most interesting is how you dont regenerate stamina as fast when your shield is up so its like youre always wanting to block guys attacks but at the same time you kind of have to like let your shield down whenever you can to bridge in it faster and then bring it back up again at the right moment so theres a really heavy element of strategy there the entire thing is just its its almost turn-based its so slow and methodical and and especially it like early on like like I said you cant take risks like every time every time Im fighting a guy and I like do an attack and Im like you know what I think I can get in an extra attack I cant I try and they they find a way to hit me you cant think anything you have to be like I am sure Im sure hes finished with that animation or I blocked his attack the right way only then can you strike this is a very different combat style for me and naturally it makes it very hard it makes the game extremely hard in ways the hardest part is just breaking out of my old mindset of being like taking risks and trying to assume that something is going to work out its just its thats not the way it works and because of this naturally you die a lots dying is a really big part of this game and and youre supposed to not care as much thats what everyone says like dont worry about dying its just a part of the experience and this this extreme kind of combat its good and bad its good obviously because its really refreshing its Ive not played something so strategic where its like everything you do you did you did it on purpose and you did it the right way obviously its a very its very rewarding comes with a very strong sense of accomplishment every every guy you kill its because you killed him you learned his weaknesses and you exploited his weaknesses and if theres a bad side to this I would just say that sometimes its too time-consuming I can be pretty darn patient when I want to be and I can appreciate how much this game requires patience often but the thing is every time you rested a bonfire all the small enemies respond fortunately most of the bigger ones dont so thats great it would be ridiculous if they didnt but most of the little ones all the little guys you fight just from here to there they always respond whenever you rested a bonfire which means youre constantly constantly fighting through these little tiny guys and like I said usually even the smallest guys can kill you especially if they gang up on you especially if youre talking about more than one guy at a time so youve gotta just like it like you can run through them sometimes it depends on the area or like how fast you are sometimes you can kind of you know and its and theyre shortcuts you can find ways around but like no matter what I do I am still always way more than I want to just be like okay rested bonfire okay kill this guy wait for his attack do that I got 12 more guys to do this to before I get where Im going and then its one thing that they respond when youre at a campfire because you can kind of control that guy maybe I dont need to rest a campfire I dont have too many Souls right now that I need to level up with no they even respond if you just get far enough away like if you pass into a into another area of the game and then come back they respond even then and that is baloney that right there I am NOT okay with its just too much sometimes sometimes its too grindy those guys are just too much in your way it makes it oppressive it makes me not want to pick up the game sometimes theres a girl when I get where Im going Im just gonna fight so many little guys and then youre in a situation where you find a hard boss youre gonna find hard bosses that kill you a bunch because youre trying to figure out how to beat him so I I thought this guy called the Bell gargoyle whos a total jerk by the way just the total total jerk I dont have footage of him here Im mostly just showing footage from I dont know my earlier part of the game Ive gotten a lot farther than what you see here I just didnt want to spoil everything and record a million hours of footage point is though this guy was really hard and hes a jerk and I learned his attack but then when you get him down to half HP he brings in as a little brother and they start breathing fire and you cant block the fire and whenever there is more than one guy in this game and you cant just engage and like learn their attacks and dodge their attacks and move in when there are two especially if they have a V attack you cant block its just like messed up is really really messed up and I dont feel like it was super fair but the point is I died on him a lot it took me a long time to get him and every time I died I would go back to my campfire Id have to wait for it to load and then it would take me about three minutes to get back to him that does not sound like a lot until you realized I fought this guy I probably 40 50 times before I was able to beat it Im sorry I know the guys are just cringing people who actually play Dark Souls theyre like really it took you that long to beat that stupid guy it did Im sorry but if it takes you three minutes to get back each time and you multiply that by 30 40 50 youre talking literally just hours of just getting back to the boss and just pushing through little tiny guys every single time it stinks it really stinks and also on the subject of fairness its okay for a game to be challenging but it does sometimes feel unfair and like Ill not have not know how to do a boss and Ill look it up online and like the way people do it is by exploiting the game they dont do it by just oh you just dodged this attack like this and then you attack and theyre like no you gotta like find a way to get him stuck and then plunge attack him and just like thats pretty lame to me theres apparently an infamous guy called the Capra demon whos a big huge guy with two big huge things again sorry Im not showing it here I dont wanna spoil everything though hes just hes in a little room a tiny little room and there are two dogs that just run at you you cant you cant unless youre like some crazy crazy beast you cannot fight all these three guys at once you can only engage with one guy at a time unless youre crazy overpowered but I didnt have the benefit of being crazy overpowered because I went in died dropped on my souls in humanity and I wanted to go back in there and beat him so that I could get it back what is the only way I could beat him was I looked up an exploit where you just throw fire bombs over the door and just kill him by throwing firebombs not even going through the door but its like I dont like how that kind of thing is expected you know what I mean I dont like how there are some elements of this game that are basic like people agree theyre unfair and you have to just find a way to choose them and I dont like that at all and it makes me worried about what Im gonna find later Im gonna find another thing thats just stupid and unfair the AI is a little bit janky and I guess thats a good thing so that you cant exploit it but I dont know like youll often just find guys and they get caught behind walls and doors and its hard to get them where youre going and I dont know I dont like that element I want to just be like me fighting guys not exploiting them not choosing them not just hitting them because theyre stuck behind a door sometimes on purpose and sometimes just because they like to back to the subject of time though a problem that it felt worse early on its getting better and better but it often feels like this game doesnt respect your time like I said all the you know killing little guys going back and forth is one thing it just sometimes the game acts like its the only game youll ever play you know I mean its just like your nephew all you have all the time in the world for this game youre not going to I know Im just a total entitled impatient gamer saying this but just it sometimes feels like that way its like no there are no other games this is the only game youre playing and youre gonna put hundreds of hours into it and mostly thats not just because of all the responding its also a great lack of information this game does not tell you enough early on this has a really really oppressive and kind of bad early game for new players I can understand a trial by fire kind of thing where its like hey this is the kind of game that this is were not going to start easy I do not want them to make this game easy at the beginning you know what I mean the problem is that they do they just dont tell you how to use a lot of the games basic features the biggest one was humanity its it gives you a really vague idea of what humanity is but its kind of this convoluted thing where theres hard humanity and soft humanity humanity to go from hollow to human and then you can Kindle and just and then the more humanity you have does bonuses just like it does not do a good job of telling you that theres a lot of elements youre just going through all the menus and all the things that you could be doing and youre like I dont know what these are I dont know how to do them and at the beginning I dont really know how to get stronger I can level up a little bit but thats so incremental its just its its just a really bad opener for new players I dont know if maybe the future games you know Dark Souls 2 & 3 blood-borne and all that maybe they did a better job Im not really sure but Im looking at this game and Im just like they could have done more to encourage people to keep playing cuz its like difficult is fine Im fine with difficult but it has to be like wow Im dying a lot and this is hard but I feel compelled to carry on thats not what this game is at the beginning it just stinks because they dont tell you what youre doing and they dont really give you a lot of resources at the beginning to get more powerful and feel like youre progressing I played the demo and I did not enjoy it that network test like I I was intrigued by the idea I did not enjoy it the only reason I got the game and continued to play it from the beginning is because I wanted to do this impressions video and Im glad I did because eventually you do start to get it but like if I was just a regular person just not reviewing the game at all I would have played that demo and been like no this game is terrible and Im sure there are lots and lots and lots of people who did that who played that network test and were just like nope this is not a game for me so I dont just I feel like it needs a little tweaking the beginning of the game can still be really difficult it can still be a total trial by fire it can make you learn a lot of things by doing but it doesnt necessarily have to be a civilly confusing I should not have to look up guides I will say that now I should never ever have to look up guides but I did I would play the game for a little bit be like I dont know what any of this is open up a guide spend a half hour hour just reading through beginners guides keep playing like its that silly to me the game should at least be a little bit better showing you if not telling you what you should be doing just the basic concepts fortunately I did eventually start to get it and part of that is because of me you know figuring it out being like yeah like okay Im starting to kind of get this I wish that was the only thing because then I would just be like I accomplished it but no its because its also because the game finally threw me a bone the game stopped being such a jerk I reached a good area I think you are seeing it here in the footage nice little hub area where I had a campfire that I hadnt had one a long time so there was a new one oh whats this a blacksmith that just sells me items and and lets me upgrade them and gives me the item I need to upgrade them I get this I understand this oh Im making myself stronger by upgrade yeah this is not something that was really easy early on this was not something I had access to very much or knew how to do very well there was this one guy who could upgrade a little but I needed titanite shards and I just didnt have any and there was the whole thing this this was good nice little hub lots of different places to go from here so I felt like cool I got a lot of different places to explore oh not that way no not that way and now the further I go the more I get into it the more I understand it the less helpless I feel I am still not enjoying trekking back to boss areas or between regular areas um I dont think I will ever enjoy quite how much time this game wastes and its one of those things where like people are like oh eventually youll reach a point where you want to start a new character Im like whoa I dont want to start a new character I want to just play the game the way I want to play it now build my character into something I dont want to feel like oh no no you you got to do it the right way and eventually you figure out how youre doing it wrong and then youll restart like I dont want to put another 20-30 hours into a new character once I figure out the right way I want to just play the game and all of the wasted time in this game its not so bad in this one file but I definitely dont know if Im gonna want to start another file and do all of that tedium again and again and again you know what I mean but I am feeling more powerful Ill go into an area Id be like Oh new guys theyre gonna kill me no I killed them whoa boss is it gonna just totally destroy me oh no I kill them in a couple tries pretty good Im feeling good and Im its its really getting fun Im really Im getting that that feedback loop its its you know its finally starting to click I mean Im obviously having a good time with it I stayed up till 2:00 last night playing it I played it for like six hours and it felt like two hours so its its definitely getting its hooks in me Im just worried that I will come across another situation like the Bell gargoyle or the Capra demon and not have an easy way to just cheese it to death I dont know Im basically sure that I will and I dont know if I like if something comes along thats just a little too hard I might just be like all right I think I might be done because Im really not that good of a player so its very possible they will reach a point where its just like this is getting too hard and I dont know if I leveled my character wrong and I didnt know how to make him strong properly and Im not gonna want to reset but I hope that doesnt happen coz Im having fun Im moving Im unlocking new areas and Im fighting guys and Im getting it Im getting it pretty good before I wrap up small stuff youve probably heard this in other videos a lot but you cant say and be youre switched B is the confirm button and a is the cancel button and all the menus and its extremely extremely annoying when I sit down with an Xbox or a PlayStation the confirm button is the bottom one all the time and thats fine because its across the whole system in every game and to get that on my switch I cant Im switching back and forth between this and other games in the switch menu and every time a and B switch and its really really aggravating and theres no way to change it and that is so stupid another thing Im not okay with and Im sure everyone will just call me a noob or whatever but you cant pause this game and thats thats inexcusable you cant pause I cant always just keep playing and playing and playing sometimes I need to pause the game even when Im fighting a guy because theres a badger attacking my foot or something just an example but you cant if you go even if you go to the menu like the which menu the game will keep playing behind you I guess you could put it to sleep but that takes a little longer sometimes I just need to pause and I cant I kind of understand this because theres the online component and you needed to be kind of like in real time so that if someone invades your world then you know pausing would kind of mess that up I dont do that though I play offline I dont want people invading my world I dont want to invade other peoples world I dont want an annoying messages all over the place maybe thats hurting me in the long run I dont really care I dont want that especially because the first time I ever booted up the game it was just like connecting to server server lost kicked me out of the game crashed the whole game and went back to the menu so shes like okay not doing that not playing online so the fact that Im playing offline I should be able to pause I dont like it when games are that precisely controlling of the exact experience that Im trying to have you know what I mean like give me something here give me like the basics so I dont know thats just really annoying and easy to forget I do also wish there were more Maps again Im showing my noob colors here but like I understand if you want to get I think there are maps theres a little section the menu I maybe there are if you get them give you specific areas I feel like at least getting a map of every place youve been to just so when youre like I want to get to this area you have to keep it all in your head at least at this point in the game that is annoying I will often run around in circles fighting lots and lots of little guys trying to figure out where to go and remember where to go because Ive unlocked a million shortcuts and there are a million ways to go and I cant always remember where to go I feel like just a basic map of where Ive been only would make sense so thats Dark Souls I am still not a hundred percent sure that this is a game for me or that I will be able to go to completion or if Im just too lame or too impatient or what but I am interested enough to keep going like I said stayed up really late last night probably stayed up late the night before to I want to play it and thats always a good sign of a game when Im just like I want to get back to it I want to keep playing it thats good and the further I go the more those hooks getting me the digger they deep the digger they deep I just said the digger they dig the deeper they dig and the more they get so its very interesting I cant suggest it for everybody I cant a lot of people are just like no its the best you just gotta be patient its about I cant necessarily say that because its a very particular takes a lot of patience and a lot of time Im struggling with how much time it wants me to give it but Im still trying I do not want to sound like a big huge jerk because I love all of you and I love you guys have to comment but please try to refrain from leaving a comment about like what Im doing wrong from what based on what Im saying what how Im enjoying it wrong or Im wrong about a certain thing or like what Im doing in the video that you see wrong what I could be doing better Im learning Ive even learned past this footage you domain I just I dont need a big huge flood of tips I got the internet for that I got my own learning process for that so I I will at least politely ask you to refrain if youd like to leave a comment maybe just like what do you think about the game whats your opinion on it you know do you like you do not like I know in the end you can leave whatever comment you want I just dont know I dont I dont necessarily need a lot of tips but thank you for watching if youll excuse me Im gonna go deep a little digger into this game goodbye how to play steam games on oculus go I am prepared to die. 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