Asmongold Plays Dark Souls 3 Cinders Mod for the FIRST TIME

Steam mgsvbest emulator games for steam deck DARK SOULS™ III review two years have passed and today we return today we return to dark souls 3 to attempt the cinders mod ive heard its a lot harder well that means its gonna be that much better to beat him gentlemen are you ready yes indeed it is called lothric where the transitory lands of the lords of cinder converge im so badass dude thats a little little venturing the pilgrims discover the truth of the old words Music the fire fades and the lords go without drones there aint no fire anymore  __  thats it thats a dead ass turtle they cant all make it this game is so good man Music when the link of fire is threatened the bell tolls Music its so good guys a  __  ill kill him easy ill kill him easy its not a big deal at all thats a joke boss undead legion easiest boss in the game you just kill him easiest boss in the game not worried about it at all badass Applause Music only in truth the lords will abandon Music thats me thats your boy Music nameless a cursed undead unfit even to be cinder thats me and so it is thats the good  __  right there now what okay um im gonna do uh my name my name is long dick johnson gender male age young mature age okay were gonna go with young i like that class deprived okay so we have all the different these are all the different things that you can do oh my god theres so many of these holy shits all right lets go up to the top lets start the top deprived okay were not going to go with that a knight i like the idea of being a knight that sounds really good to me im a big fan of knights uh thief this ones kind of stupid i dont like thief uh sentinel this one is oh hes even using this y-hander already so hes got dude i might actually go sentinel bro but hes literally he already has the sword he already ha i mean he already has it and weve got mercenary as well this is a little bit stupid i dont want to be a mercenary wayfarer who seeks riches upon the roads uh this is kind of dumb im not a big fan of this i the armor is cool but the shield is too small and the sword is not long enough ass asin weve got intelligence and dexterity with luck nobody cares about that samurai level 18 this is decent enough i kind of like the way this looks but its not really my type of thing lets go ahead and look at warrior now this is obviously the main one that i would probably go with but i dont know if its really the uh the right decision um bandit do i care about bandit he has attunement i dont even know what attunement is for a stat so im not gonna go with the tournament soldier a forgotten soldier left to rot after the war ah this is stupid i dont want to be that acolyte this is for losers okay lets go to the next one harold a former herald who journeyed to finish a quest undertaken this is really cool except for the fact that he has points in faith which is a complete waste captain this guys got a spear i kind of like the spear can i can i spin this around oh i cant uh peasant okay were obviously not gonna be a peasant hes got 19 luck thats stupid explorer uh hes got a whip okay like i dont im not into any of that bdsm  __  so were just not gonna go with him a brawler uh this guy literally doesnt even have a weapon thats embarrassing were not gonna go with that a hunter uh guy doesnt even have a pet either uh if he doesnt have a pet theres no reason to to to play with a hunter thats stupid um lets see here sorcerer no not its not my kind of thing pyromancer i know pyromancer was really good in dark souls 1 but i dont care about it because im not a loser uh cleric this is also uh this is a loser class uh priest another loser class uh heretic another loser class is wearing a dress uh outcast okay this could be good oh dexterity and faith okay yep thats loser class uh skeptic this is also loser class paladin now its really hard for me not to want to pick this one like look how big the sword is number one you see how big the sword is its really big however i think that lets look at that that ones not uh these for some reason are not uh these are not working i dont know why it doesnt matter theyre both uh caster uh one so it doesnt make a difference i think i should go with sentinel i feel like this is the right decision big dick uh lets see yeah is this big dick okay good lets go with it burial gift im just gonna go with a oh wait theres new ones i thought i could just get a life ring okay i guess not tabret tablet of legends enables hard mode okay  __  that skeleton key that will open almost any door thats good young white branch i dont care about that soul of a crest fallen knight thats just more souls does it matter black firebomb i dont care about that radio oh this game has life gems like in dark souls 2 holy  __  i think i should just go with the master key the master key seems like the right decision isnt it i say i just go master key yeah  __  it face presets lets go and look at it uh physique lets see musculature uh standard im gonna be very muscular of course body hair oh dude i do im a bearer of a man all right lets see here build detail head uh lets see im gonna give him a little bit of a bigger head that way he can see whats going on and chest is gonna hes gonna have a big chest too hes a big boy abdomen very very thin now im looking like a  __  pimp arms absolutely dude absolutely  __  massive dude this guy that thats just like me in real life exactly okay good and legs uh lets go ahead and make this lets skip this down a little bit were gonna make it a little bit more realistic good all right this has been accepted base skin color ill just do my skin color i guess uh this is probably about as good as it gets lets see apparent age uh were gonna go with a little bit younger uh im not that old guys not that old facial aesthetic uh the literally the most i am the most manly  __  there is form emphasis uh were gonna go with extremely strong form i am an aggressive wild animal okay lets go back and then face shape lets fix this around oh my god i dont know how much im gonna do this jaw i gotta fix his jaw jaw protrusion okay hes gonna have a big jaw and he cant have a narrow jaw either thats gonna be thats so weird i dont wanna go with that okay good and then were gonna give him a very very wide jaw there it is perfect okay i actually look so good right now uh i need to do something with the nose though the nose is a problem okay give me a second weve gotta fix this and wait its going longer again its making his nose longer again jesus i look like a oh god how did i do oh my god yeah dude i look like a guy thats had too many  __  plastic surgeries whats uh its getting smaller bro this is literally like it ive got a beak bro like arent there like default noses that i can use like what is going on oh my oh my god this is just i guys im this is really embarrassing i cant dude i cant get the nose right it looks good at the side but like if you look at him from the front bro it looks like he dude this guy cant smell  __  what is the thing that makes it wider what what makes it wider because theres obviously something wrong here its under the nostril tab or wait theres a nostril tab oh my god nostril size okay okay now were fixing it all right that should be a lot better wait oh my guys im im not good at this im jesus i just im about to just give up on this nose thing like im actually about to give up on the nose thing its so bad nose protrusion can we make it protrude less thank you okay now were making it smaller he doesnt tell as many lies now i swear to god if this looks stupid never i turn him around im not gonna do his nose anymore all right dude oh we gotta play the game look this guy this is about as good as its gonna get okay lets be honest chin protrusion chin size all right im gonna give him a big chin okay lets see how it looks up  __  it  __  it  __  it man okay now lets look at hair okay all right this is just this is  __  sad guys this is absolutely  __  jesus christ bro like the bosses are gonna die just because they dont want to look at me anymore all right my eyebrows lets do lets do eyebrows oh i think i should go with this one here unibrow man come on man dude come on like what the  __  like youre really trying to give me the unibrow jesus this is who is this guy okay it doesnt even matter beard all right lets give him a beard i think that one that ones basically oh this ones pretty much like mine i like that yeah why dont we give them like this one here what do you guys think does that look good and then beard color ill do my beard as reddish because thats the color of my beard i look good i look like a light bulb man shut up no i dont i look  __  good dude i am a fierce warrior i will ill save it okay bro dude i look good dude what oh dude man tell tell me you  __  with this guy theres no way i i do im a monster man im a bat dude the mall walker yeah this is long dick johnson right here gentlemen were going with the sentinel with the master key all right okay lets practice okay good one two three all right good and then this is control for the knockback alrighty company of champions what the  __  is that lets go back over here its a covenant item okay nobody cares about that covenants are for losers oh im head im fat where wait wait i gotta change some  __  okay this is good all right i just take off the shield okay guys lets go 70 yeah it should be fine all right lets go all right where are the enemies is this what i think it is its already playing boss music okay first boss lets go  __  suck my dick suck on my dick suck on my dick got him come at me what holy  __  this is the first boss what oh my god dude maybe its my wet maybe its my weapon thats broken its my weapon that sucks its not me its my dude i cant believe this weapon sucks so much okay lets go lets go go again why does he have the back  __  on there okay dude he he dude all he does is shield all he does is shield all he did bro dude he oh he does his shield Music i gotta i gotta make them run at me Music Music jesus  __  okay all right focusing focusing focusing no deaths bro i cant  __  get him Music this is the worst weapon for me to possibly have on jesus christ okay who do i have to take the hit i dont even understand Music stupid stupid shouldnt have done that huh yeah thats right cant beat the literal god overleveled i swear to  __  god guys i swear to  __  god are we really gonna do that already over leveled jesus okay let me just check over here see if theres anything good all right it looks like theres not all right lets lets actually move and were gonna go do the first boss first boss is a joke and wheres the wheres the guys theres like no npcs around here theres nothing here what kind of a mod is this yeah theres nothing here okay fading soul and a green blossom okay thats a big deal for me with these ones too there we go awesome okay now lets go for the first boss what an easy game okay and theres nothing here i hear a sparkle what huh what purchase items what is he gonna yeah whats he selling okay this is just ritual incense this is all for companions i dont really care too much about that okay um let me go back yeah this is a very interesting vendor were gonna have to keep keep track of him let me light the bonfire okay level up let me go ahead and do this real quick and im gonna just get more points into vigor there we go nice okay let me go back and im gonna leave all right lets keep moving let me go over here i think the the the katana guy used to be over here and now i guess they moved him i wonder whos over here yeah literally okay lets go the four what the  __  i i couldnt see anything holy  __  i didnt know i thought he only did three okay let me try that again im gonna just try to sneak up on him hes doesnt know a  __  thing dude hes so stupid okay see whenever you you have to learn how to you have to learn how to get them okay now lets go back over to firelink shrine lets actually start playing the game now now that ive been goofing and  __  around wheres this girl welcome to the bonfire unkindled one what up  __  im a fire keeper i tend to the flame and tend to thee oh you tend to me okay i like this under there the lords have left their thrones and must be delivered to them so we gotta put them to this end i am at thy side we gotta play musical chairs lets level up very well okay then take nothing touch the darkness inside of me i will do that im gonna get two points in vigor obviously let me see here so i can warp around travel i think i should do this one right this one seems easier lets go there lets see what were doing where were going here uh it seems i ive been here before i know what this is this is not really that hard should be very easy to do and this is just the first area in the game see this guy thinks hes gonna come at me hes not okay neither is he okay oh wait wait we get some free damage okay g  __  g dude good mod good mob by the way really good mod uh do i even want to go for this i feel like i dont i feel like i dont want to go for this okay kill these guys kill these guys come on please okay there we go good kill them oh no i had to do that myself dragons are actually friendly bro this ones not friendly i guarantee you or something ill go after this one wait thats fire okay so i cant go through the fire right because its fire i dont know how i get across there oh this is fine i can do it oh i thought the fire was gonna hurt is this what i think it is please dont be what i think it is please dont be what i think it is please dont be where i think it  __  Laughter outplayed once again boys out played once again this weapons so slow man its so  __  slow let me see if i can go down here there might be something better down here okay it seems like everything should be clear up here at least thats good and then lift chamber key oh oh okay i can use this for the for the teleport wait what huh what are these this is such a mistake i should not be doing this this is so stupid okay oh wow what the  __  oh my god what did i just get damage against demon who the  __  cares about demons dark damn who cares about dark damage either this is all garbage whatever okay well i if i have dark damage i guess i can use it cracked red eye orb oh who cares demon slayer asthma gold yeah i know okay that wasnt too bad im hoping i can get another bonfire soon spend my points well see if i can do that though i dont know where the  __  it is oh nice okay actually i did get a bonfire holy  __  i didnt actually expect to get one uh lots of strength im gonna get two more points of strength okay that seems fine to me oh this is good i guess ill just keep going down this way okay just go through here i cant  __  see anything dude okay there we go we got it all right whos this dick boy what up ah you know jayla are you no this isnt shadowhands youre from far away yes and judging by the bell you must be some of that unkindled ash yes i wait remarkable what happened to my helmet if thats true then i have a favor to our what is it what do you want below the high wall is a musty little town okay not the home of any lord just a very old settlement of undead all right an old woman loretta lives there please give her this ring uh it depends wheres the statue im not asking for charity in fact if you do this for me ill be sure to repay you in kind i may be a petty thief but i have more wits than most royalty what do you say then uh yeah very well im gonna do it i humbly place my faith in you i am gray rat of the undead grey rat what a dumb name an idiot promise to assist you give this ring to old loretta at the base of the high wall okay do your part and ill do mine wait whats your part whos your stone ring all right and lets see damn thanks bro i appreciate that okay i guess well go up and try to oh  __  i cant even do that because im all the way down here now whatever ill i can beat the other guys its not a big deal the big boy is not that hard big boy is not that hard his backseat uh not allowed the pursuer wait what what what i was not expecting a quadruple there can i go up okay ive got to go up now quickly quickly quickly okay yeah i i dont know what hes gonna do so i wasnt sure ill use my last life gem and i think im gonna use my flask too im gonna use everything i have im gonna use everything i have to beat this guy yeah its not looking good boys okay okay all right lets focus okay that was a miss thats how its done right there  __  okay im gonna try and get him to do the overhead again i literally could have hit him there okay i couldnt do anything there look at my health okay we got him all right am i gonna get anything good pursuers ultra great sword is physical 184 to 73 and it requires 50 strength yeah 50 yeah its a garbo its complete garbo okay um okay can i heal yeah okay that might have hit me i have to wait for the overhead how do i get out of here oh i cant okay okay okay okay i can lead him through the fire maybe uh alrighty so i just i think i just need to expect i need to expect three or sorry i need to expect four swings it feels like every  __  um it feels like every guy that i go up against does four swings wait wait wait a second wait a second wait a second oh my god are you kidding me are you  __  kidding me like i are you  __  kidding me and hes got a two-handed sword okay what does he do i could have hit him there is this all he does he just jumps hes a hoppy boy okay what an idiot dude imagine using a big two-handed sword that every single time that you attack with it it just leaves you massively vulnerable to attacks like what a stupid  __  imagine that like hes so dumb like you should definitely use like you should use some sort of like other item or or whatever else i mean imagine that where the quick step easily i dont really use quick step but i might as well put it on and this is where theres a theres a lot of knights up there i need to get all the way down there  __  okay this is not looking good yeah i dont know why i just i ive never really been good at dealing with them wait what the  __  the  __  was that yeah i dont even know what the hell that was okay um yeah the kick of doom yeah i did i didnt mean to do that uh what should i do here i guess i kind of have to fight these guys now  __  okay ive got to heal up again this is so bad this is oh wait thats bro thats auto aim thats 100 auto aim everybody knows it jesus what is going on holy  __  god damn im getting my ass back bro hes auto-aiming what okay okay all right focusing i cant see i cant see okay uh i im just gonna run in i dont want to get backed into a corner with like eight different mobs like its not thats annoying now im just gonna try to run down this time okay im not gonna waste my time with any other  __  im just gonna run down and get to the boss nothings going to hit me or attack me or anything im gonna be totally fine i probably should try to get my souls though okay all righty and okay all right lets get the  __  out of here wheres the boss wait wheres the boss wait what oh okay all right hes dude hes got my mace hes got my  __  mace man lets see it come at me  __  come at me  __  i want you to come at me you should watch the part about norway it will give some perspective thank you hes so dumb hes so big fat and dumb man why do you do this fort you think youre gonna beat my ass you think you can beat my dick mort get the  __  out of here get the  __  i dont have time i dont even want to look at you check if you need to oh well look at you get into software trolls probably one of the best career paths in terms of roi right now and it wont stay that way forever thank you i appreciate that thats easy thats a e thats a easy ass  __  i just  __  killed his ass dude wheres my bonfire i need to go back up to the top now that was easy what the  __  boss is super easy oh this is a bug this is the most judgmental stream in history oh really never seen so many pepeggs put in their place in one day it has given my soul life and you thank you osman also i am in the u.s and took six weeks off last year try working hard worry can i bug him out he cant follow me in here kenny its a bug hes bugged out its a boss area turn around turn around turn around baby vort turn around it doesnt matter what build you go youre going to die to my guards the first time you fight them you collect brothers but i collect tears pontiffs right eye we got it thank you okay cheating dude cheating i you know what i like about cheating is it makes things so much easier if you guys ever noticed that why would i die wait oh my god how much health does this thing have what the  __   __  turn around okay come on jesus oh this guy is lick it no why would i want to lick it its disgusting got it okay good oh thats why it was it was so powerful it had the buff oh i didnt even realize that yeah i had the  __  buff okay thats not good thats a big boy all right lets turn back around here did we actually aggro any of these no i can kill this guys because we super easy to kill come on bro my days are numbered like my days my days are numbered and i think that number is one uh im kind of nervous right now ill be honest oh theres a bonfire right there theres a bonfire right there oh dont dont dont dont dont dont aggro please dont aggro please dont aggro yes can i actually just go around these guys can they can they follow me through here they cant right okay nice they cant okay ive gotta go talk to uh this girl ah the wait has been long kindled one it has been i am emma high priestess of lothric castle hello emma allow me to speak frankly okay frank you will not find the lords of cinder here they have left Music through the great gate and raise this banner to proceed okay this farewell gift is for you yeah it is the insignia of an old covenant is it a picture of it dark spirits drawn by the embers then etch this upon your heart and the old concorde will beckon noble blue sentinels to hunt these foul spirits as for  __  what is wrong im kindled one im going to tell you whats wrong are you not a lord seeker is this not the calling of your kind since age is possible im going to tell you whats wrong you want to know whats wrong grandma whats wrong is my chat wants me to kill you grandma listen she would have died of chronovirus anyway what on earth what is wrong wait why i gotta do it again well now it now its awkward this is ah  __  man okay uh do i do it or not all right chat poll chat poll 80 say killer wait 80 percent want me to kill her im sorry grandma i had to do this to you its about chad they made me do it what is wrong wait what are you dead now it must be my dear prince lothric all right i had to do all three of them basin of vows i put this right in here wait oh youre guilty this is not yeah yall made me do this i dont want to hear about this uh oh uh oh whats gonna happen now oh oh no whats that  __  im really really really under leveled for this boss okay im gonna give this like two attempts and then i want to go ahead and do the rest of the of the game normally okay dude shes a thot man a hundred percent if she was on twitch shed be in a hot tub all right lets go youre not gonna do that  __  out of here what i cant see anything im not used to fighting this boss man okay all right lets pay attention to that next time all right bro im literally getting  __  slapped okay all right focusing lets get it lets get it okay should not have done that does this do damage okay all right uh well try one more well try one more well try one more and get so bad i forgot what she does man its been a long time what can i say okay okay thats the one that always gets me man oh i dont know how i didnt get it by that im dead okay get away get away get away get away oh man all right all right lets go lets go lets play the game Music all right i cant see her okay oh what the  __  Music i yeah dude i uh all right all right i dont want to do it anymore i dont want to do it anymore uh i could kill this boss would take me too many attempts i mean as i said i could do it if i sat there and i beat my head against it 100 i still want to okay so lets get this right here oh that look okay lets transpose wheres warts hammer okay now now i need to get i need to get some souls all right im just gonna im gonna play the rest of it and ill eventually get it okay and now we should go to the next level you can re-fight bosses and cinders and get multiple of the same soul oh yeah i remember there was something about that yeah i do remember that use boss tomes for more souls i dont want to use it yet this place thanks for the great streams you truly are one of a kind personality on the internet i try to do whatever watching your stream and videos has become a regular thing for me and my gf and its a wonderful way to spend time together stay you stay awesome i will thank you very much okay asthma is a  __  listen man like i understand i i know how the game plays and this is like a mid to year boss its just not worth doing oh wait i didnt even notice it takes me over there yeah thank you okay thats crazy all right here we go and lets go to the next area so how many other extra bosses did they add into the game thats what im kind of curious about like did they add a lot of them or is it just like a handful 27. holy  __  thats like dark souls 2 level wow whos this whos this whos this  __  out of here let me open this up alrighty boys lets go its time oh okay can i walk up on her will she see me no she wont stupid  __  get the  __  out of here get the  __  out of here on time for that okay there we go awesome oh i got more gems too  __  yeah okay lets just run and well go right to here okay that was actually really bad for me that was really really bad for him i cant see where hes supposed to be man i i cant see them man its so annoying its so annoying okay um lets go back over here were gonna go up to the top lets go right to here lets go right through here wheres the bad boy here there he is okay i took some damage it doesnt matter okay and im just going to break this around okay good and now we have go over here ill with this is she gonna be able to hit me no shes not okay looking around focusing paying attention knowing where i am knowing where im not fading soul and fading soul great its just like my health ah  __  can i what what jesus okay Applause jesus i was almost bad oh okay boys its oh time god oh my god oh my god all right let me let me put it on oh ive just got ive got to put it on yes and then i hit him right there and i do another one and then oh my god this is just like how it used to be because i would go one two and then theyd be dead oh my god do the special uh its control for special right yeah uh the special uh just uh it increases your poise im pretty sure watch this watch this stupid  __  oh my god now the way this boss works is hes a boss and you have to attack him its basically the way it works lets go okay good start very good start okay please kill these guys for me just kill them for me mr tree save me mr tree so i can kill you thank you what im literally hitting it Music always hes hes dropping birds give me a minute i gotta kill these first Music okay oh i didnt know he did damage that way okay yeah that was a mistake on my end Music what hes gonna roll backwards no okay how dude how bro what bro what Music there there you like that huh im gonna get right in your  __  dick let me beat your dick off im literally gonna beat your dick off right now wait what i thought i was going to go was going to knock me down okay knock me down wait what the hell is going on oh there we go there we go okay were good got it okay lets go around through here lets get out of there good that was my fault i shouldnt have done that so was that that was really my fault that was like super my fault oh he puts that down so its harder to hit him i see okay whens this gonna go away okay lets go around through here okay a little bit of a learning curve there for the fun got his ass i got his uh got his  __  ass got his  __  ass soul of the rotted great wood nice and i got amber nice okay thats a easy clap boss yeah it is lets travel and were going to travel over to the which one do i go to i go to this one right yeah cause thats the one i have to take the thing are you using controller uh no i dont like using controller map i actually really prefer using uh a mouse and keyboard uh i have much more control over the way my character looks and moves around what the hell are you doing dude what are you doing bro you want it you want to come at me too  __  bad i dont want to deal with you let me alone let me okay okay dude okay dude there we go were fine i guess ill kill this guy too might as well since hes gonna try to  __  with me anyway okay now we have to deal with this guy okay hes not going to see me he saw me what are you doing dude what are you doing what whats happening whats happening whats happening uh whats happening wheres the boss im so scared okay what is going on we go up to here maybe i should be safe up here right yeah im safe Music okay lets trade that guy hes dead got him come here sparky got him nice okay and now i guess ill just go ahead and look around before i do the rest of this the music is kind of funny what what how do i get out of here okay lets go i dont know how it didnt hit me no no no no no okay dude that dog  __  me that dog actually  __  me wow that scared the  __  out of me lets go ahead and just go through this way actually should i go down there what do you guys think yeah should i go down there okay yeah lets do it ive got to use the life gem first though dont go talk to the guy okay hmm another one of those unkindled are you yeah its me its me oh you faces undead behaving as if you deserve respect what now youre poking around in peoples cells how very noble thank you thats a nice guy ah taking an interest in her review i dont know who her is but yes but shes a lost cause couldnt even become a firekeeper she should have stabbed out her eye since shed be able to i thought i brought her all this way and got her all ready shes beyond repair i tell you damaged goods yo yo whatever womans a lost cause couldnt even become okay do i jump down or not do i jump down or not gentlemen yes all right im gonna do it lets go jump roll bro im not im not taking any more risks im not taking any more risks okay and theres no way he can go in here right okay come on siegward bro im im so sorry that almost happened Music Music pardon me i was absorbed in thought i know that i am zegvert of katarina to be honest im in a bit of a pickle have you ever walked near a white birch only to be struck by a great arrow yeah about 15 minutes ago actually well if im not mistaken they come from this tower what whoever it is im sure i can talk some sense into me too im using the thing that i talked since but i have to find a way up and thats just the trouble this lift only goes down you see and yeah well that doesnt get me anywhere true ive played the game before okay there it is i need to go to the middle area first though can i talk to him who are you what up i help anytime wait what oh so were boys now thats it we good bro we good now all right awesome let me just get my heel up and then well go down to the middle area where are you at where you at big boy there it is Music yeah ah oh dont disappear like that you had me downright worried its okay but thanks to you an epiphany has struck me square in the head ive unraveled the riddle of this inscrutable lift really what is it hes a funny guy he really is a funny guy on some days i begin to doubt myself i dont i went up the tower so i thought then somehow ended up here im not exactly sure what happened what happened anyhow do you see that that humongous beast yes i see him im no coward and i have a steady hand but that thing makes my skin crawl thats an easy easy boss man how now think twice before you go down that road its easy i could try talking some sense youre really gonna try to talk to him youre gonna talk to big boy no i think not hes far too overheated hes very hot ive got to use my head and think lets think how about we kill him why dont we kill them why dont we kill the guy i could try i im just gonna kill him how do you guys feel about killing him uh yeah lets go kill okay thats that is obviously a very big boy help me bro no you should have waited well its too late now i seek word of the knights of catalina right by your side attack him bro attack him got him okay there it is and whatd i get a fire seat okay cool that was a good fight man we beat his ass good job bro like hes tired of my  __  let me go ahead and get some heals im not going to use my last escus yet but i can use old radiant life gems i bet thats going to heal me for a while uh do i care about killing him not really escus yeah yeah and lets use this here and then this should bring the one up that i need to do now if i remember right theres something at the bottom of this that makes me really upset i could be wrong but i dont think i am lets find out am i wrong no way dude no way dude there it is oh my god yes i want to get enough endurance to where i can get a four swing i want to hit something four times uh with my mace and then ill be okay with endurance use the flynn ring why is this a bad thats a bad point okay let me try and circle around them theres no way hes going to see me theres no  __  way hes going to see me the case on me all right i hate this boss so much i literally cant see what im doing im dead i absolutely i hate these  __  things i hate these  __  things so much and this one i hate this one more than any of the other ones this is the one that i hate it gets you up against the wall you cant see whats  __  happening god lets just do it again lets lets do it a  __  again it doesnt matter lets go come on come on just die just die just die just die there we go i hate these  __  mobs so much okay so now we need to go down this way okay two big boys wow holy  __  jesus these things are hard to kill what the  __  and lets go down to there perfect and poison bite ring this one should hopefully not be too much Applause oh thats a lot oh that is a lot that is a lot okay that was close boys and do i go down there no i dont okay i didnt see what that was initially oh  __  theres no way this has enough points to deal with me so bad im actually so bad doesnt matter to me boys doesnt matter to me boys i do what i need to do oh did it drop anything oh it did butcher knife and a blight ring nope you did not hear me you did not hear me you did not hear me im just chilling man im just chilling dont worry about me dont worry about me okay lets run away jesus bro that guy that guy doesnt have dude he he was not having any of my  __  okay dude i just i dont know what it is about like the uh those slash abilities or the impale abilities like theres something about my brain that just doesnt dodge them got him okay that was better much better much better that time yeah like no its just theres something about it like all the other abilities i can do just fine but any impale ability in this game like theres just some sort of  __  like mental block i have against it i dont know what it is theres another one probably coming to me okay gonna ignore him kill this guy there should be another guy right here dodging him okay and youre dead perfect okay that was see dude its that one its that one type of ability i swear to god like every other ability in the whole game i have literally no trouble and no trouble with but thats the one type of ability that i just completely shut the bed and ive never understood why either whats this cool oh hello how do you do unkindled like you this is horace a friend and traveling companion are you too insane not much of a talker yes we are well along the road of sacrifices below us is the crucifixion woods beyond the flooded woods lies farron keep home of the undead legion further yet is the cathedral of the deep we seek the cathedral home of the grim aldrich oh well kill his ass we may go our separate ways now oh werent they like kids that got away from aldridge i remember that a little bit across paths one may find the other thing yeah i remember the original game uh if you killed these guys uh it gave you like either a storage sword or like a ring i forgot which one dude these guys are the bane of my existence dude oh oh for a second i thought i wasnt able to one shot him well come on stupid ass  __  what a joke im pretty sure it is i dont know where the red guy that spawned is oh wait what the  __  oh no okay i tried to jump on him that didnt work can i break these yeah i can but it doesnt matter oh that does a lot of damage okay let me go down here where is he i cant even see him jesus christ okay okay all right there it is there it is twin spears of the forlorn armor and everything like that okay good so what does this give me armor of the foreworn uh it seems like its a lot lighter armor lets see item info oh thats more dark damage because like im assuming his weapons do dark damage since they have like you know dark  __  around them im just assuming okay ill go in through here whats in here whats in through here okay theres a bad boy just killed this guy here too got that guy shooting at me from the top okay is there anything over here no theres not oh i didnt think that would hit me i thought i moved out of range apparently not just hit him through the wall okay apparently not thats not gonna happen either i feel like half of the mob kills that ive gotten today have all just been through exploiting like some sort of like weird  __  attacking something through a wall or some  __  random  __  that i figured out how to do but yeah its all just been like some cheesy ass trash come on lets go up here first isnt there something bad up here yes there is i think im gonna use the radiant life gem that i run in yeah there she is okay where she at where she i have a hack that allows me to know whichever the right one is every single time whenever i fight them its called being 300 iq wait where are the other were out the other ones wait what the  __  whenever youre an elite gameplay uh an elite gameplay enthusiast becomes very easy i have to show that just because i dont want people to i dont want people to get angry can lets just heal up Music i knew that was gonna be the wrong one i knew that was gonna be the wrong one too i know its the purple one i i know it is i was just showing off thats all i was just showing off ego andy yeah okay easy so lets see i guess i can go down this way amber restored good but yeah i could see it getting harder definitely oh its godzilla one oh wow thats right i remember this its okay lets run away come here godzilla oh my god dude my roll timing is so bad what is going what is what is wrong with me let me just move out of here move out of here oh my god im so bad i thought i could get out of that okay hes dead elder guru tree okay nice awesome let me go back to the the true weapon has the mace move set yeah so the tree weapon if i remember right you can summon those like red spirits and  __  let me go ahead and show you like this one here it does huge  __  damage like this is a massive big dick  __  tree the problem with it though is that its a big tree and if youre swinging around a big tree its going to wear you out really fast thats why its not good let me go back over here and im going to uh s on strength yeah yeah it beats your strength yeah its good it is definitely good let me go ahead and do one thing i think im ready i think i could be ready im not sure im ready but i think im ready let me see if im actually ready okay wait a second let me make sure that i know im the right spot yeah okay here we go should stocks a gop weapon well the thing is like im going to of course use a good weapon like ive never liked the idea like a lot of dark souls players like handicapping themselves i like beating the  __  out of the game and going as hard as i possibly can thats what i like no mistake Music thats gonna hit me okay okay its avoid time im stupid im stupid im stupid i shouldnt have done that i cant see anything i didnt know that was even an attack okay okay Music okay i might die here Music that was not expected thats really bad for me oh man okay ill try ill do one more attempt ill do one more attempt i didnt even think about the life gem man i didnt even think about it just use a shield yeah i mean im sure like playing with the shield does make it a lot easier its a hard boss its not a hard boss its just a boss its like its very its like uh it like it baits you into thinking somethings gonna happen and then it doesnt i think thats what makes the boss really hard is you think one things gonna happen and then it makes you think something else is gonna happen like i dont know what that is i just keep getting hit by there jesus uh okay lets move away lets just play this safe and move away dont just heal myself up i probably shouldnt have healed there but i did okay Music cant see anything Music thats really bad i dont know how i got out of that its a double all right im out im out im out im done all right uh thanks a lot for watching guys i really appreciate it uh we had a good time and i uh im done and i im not gonna im not gonna make myself mad thank you guys all very much for watching i really  __  appreciate it ill be back online tomorrow im gonna run some ads and then after that were gonna call the day peace Music you free horror games in steam THE LITERAL GOD IS BACK! 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