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Steam not finding gamesteam games online stats DARK SOULS™ III review what do you expect from me no, seriously, this is already 7 reviews of games from software, not counting lords of the fallen and sultansin of chili, which are made according to the same patterns, my fingers are already smeared to write different text about the same gameplay features, little changes in the concept souls games before, all this was new, and now we already know perfectly well what to expect from the next hardcore project of the Japanese conveyor, I hear a cry from the comments and steam, it’s hard to argue, but is it bad in this particular situation, we will try to find out, as you probably guessed on now there will be a review of dark souls 3 and I have something to say in defense of the game regarding such attacks, I will not now describe to you in a new way what souls are, how hardcore they are, that you die there all the time, and so on, I won’t talk about the plot either, because, well, you you know, he is being searched on YouTube all now, I will try my best to compare this part with the past ones to speak out why it was done it’s better and why it shouldn’t be blamed for the self-copying of which elements and you will listen to me together and then go to the comments, both pour __ , but if you want to, of course, as a result, I deceive the Internet for this, and it was invented for this to humiliate others with a similar approach, probably dark souls did to reduce the players, although of course now the guy who is already sitting somewhere who got acquainted with the Japanese version, which was released two weeks ago, will issue his verdict saying that with each part of the game it becomes easier and 3 straight in general easy peasy but it’s not like games become easier, but you already got used to them when demon souls came out it was a shock that they do n’t lead you by the handle don’t give you a checkpoint you don’t care about the casual audience at all now everyone already knows how souls games work the wall behind the opponents is seriously developed is from software, I understand that you want to deceive the player, but know better, I know so now all these are already known things and all this you have learned used to become not so difficult the concept starts to become boring and what do the developers do they say that this part will be the last and they want to further move away from such mechanics as far as it is true we only in the future we will be able to learn about the swan song of the dark souls series in front of us and now closer to the point and to the facts, these games are built from four main things the world in which the action takes place, the enemies against which the combat system must be fought and the bosses, of course, there is lore, but this is not to me, and so the first location here is great both in terms of appearance and in terms of geography, the feeling of linearity has disappeared from the second part, there is always an eye to return where to turn to go in the other direction, and in the most obvious dead end, find the passage of a full-fledged new zone, and if we return to comparison with dark souls 2 then v-track or pieces of the world are interconnected more smoothly there is no such thing that the conclusion went around brightly flooded city and then went through some building abruptly got into a dark port village with a ship after the poisonous location immediately shalagina lava castle such a feeling was created as if different pieces were simply glued together somehow without dealing with gaps in the third part of this no, it is more like the first dark souls in front of the poisonous swamps will definitely be slightly flooded, and then a long dungeon, and only then you find yourself in a winter city, it is this dungeon that creates the feeling that you have moved far from the past place and the transition does not turn out to be sharp, but what can we say about beauty is not so all it’s understandable, yes, of course, some will notice, but with this one from bloodborne, what can be written down and the minuses in they say they deceive and sell the same things to us again, as for me, I don’t care, but there is a cart also from another game, and now it’s better to look at it, it’s much more important to watch on the picture as a whole, as they say, you can always find a muddy texture and you can stare but you can look up at her and see this is much better isn’t it borrowed from bloodborne and fighting styles, well, remember, probably there weapons could be changed on the go, so you walk with the ball for a couple of seconds and now the giant dark hammer like this doesn’t work like that instead, additional blows appeared that differ from the classic sword strikes not much, but we throw the enemy up with twin blades, you beach with your deadly dance from supports allows you to yell at enemies, yes, because we are cool, but basically you won’t notice much difference compared to the previous parts and if you don’t want to use all these chips, then no one forces you, but did the magic change, although how to say it changed, mona was still in deman souls, now she is there and in darks more we have an unfixed number of spells, it all depends on the level noticeably blue stripes and a flask with estus can be replaced with a mana flask a little additional management although if you play it’s not worth it to fill your head with all this only in close combat, it’s not worth it to heal the creep more, otherwise there is always a lack of them because the enemies, oh, these enemies, you know again and you can see borrowings from past games, tattered dogs, skeletons with a wheel, and even some former bosses who have become ordinary rivals nevertheless, it is also a single universe and the presence of such creatures is quite justified in all parts of the dragon age and mass effect, we met the same races and the same enemies, so the worse the sauce is, the more so since the percentage of new adversaries is large, it turns out rather just a reference to there are a lot of past creations like that here and its nice to meet again the sigmaier the bow of the lone knight gwyn the dragon on the bridge these are the same recognizable chips as the bazooka in the final resident evil but the most important thing is the bosses and I want to separately highlight this aspect because after the first dark with the leaders somehow was not asked in the second part used old models, remember Ornstein, for example, about dil se, I’m generally silent there, copy-paste on copy-paste, even without this, most of the leaders were only people in armor, well, that is, yes, they have interesting movements and the armor is drawn beautifully, but damn it, these are people in armor in bloodborne, the situation was better, but you also know the ideal is not bad me rushing with claims, only there were too many woolly wolves of similar creatures that somehow didn’t differ much from each other in scale, so the amygdala was cool, and a few of her other colleagues, but 3 dark in this regard is beautiful at first, of course you go see this the first arena and in the center there is a dude in armor and you think yo-mine again for the old one, okay, we’ll blame you, what else remains to be done, oh my mother, what kind of black man is this, how did you put him at the very beginning, the bosses here know how to surprise either they themselves look interesting or somehow change during the fight, or they need to be killed in a special way and either some unexpected thing will suddenly happen in the arena, not much spoilers I allow myself to warn you immediately go to the next leader and its just a frisky swordsman that does not portend any surprises go bucks resorts to his ally bale 1 think near matte and smoke all the same and then he claps 3 runs and starts to beat his own guys Im heroes here you have to fight with me, what do you agree on there already outside, I also want to, and like this here, always here, in general, ever dreamed of marking and a huge eggs, and welcome dark souls for all such chips, you can immediately see that this time in unlike the second part, the main ideologist of the Miyazaki series took an active part in the development, they simply controlled the process, not the same Miyazaki that draws cartoons, if anything, the main thing else, I think that dark souls 3 should not be blamed on Nastyas conveyor because the game has not departed from its concept, this is very it is important when a popular series is put into permanent production, they begin to lose ownership and the promise of remembering find an assassin and his idea and such a hitman in the era of the crusades with complex combat and social stealth elements and that we now have pirates revolutionaries apples of edema cyber god and other the same school of duty everyone adored the series in the days of modern warfare homeland 2 and look this colorful circus is now dark souls and true to itself, this is still a complex action in a dark and gloomy fantasy world, she is always trying to deceive you, outwit you, sometimes with old tricks, the constant expectation of a trickster, this is beautifully more beautiful than this, only a counter trickery can be and it doesn’t feel like anything something unfair when youre cheating on this game like for now but should stick to the chosen path for the series its very important the second part tried a little bit on you but not enough to not go back so all those who didnt like dark souls wont like them eh those who are fans of them will be in complete and indescribable delight, and even if with look at the game from the point of view of innovations, there are few of them you have already seen in neighboring projects from software, only the third part managed to incorporate all the best of them to get rid of not the most smooth elements beautiful world and original bosses feeling of loneliness and a long difficult adventure more dense connection with past games and of course the fact that this finale is the best part of dark souls at the moment and I hope that this will remain the sense that this will really be the last part at least this last part that will receive amazing from us now if it turns out that all statements about the finished the trilogy were only ostentatious and if there is a fourth part and it does not offer big and noticeable changes in its mechanics, then I will no longer be as supportive of the game itself as it has been com all these years best light games on steam Странный парадокс: все мы не очень радуемся, когда какая-нибудь серия кардинально меняется. 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